Soundproofing a Door, Can it Be Done?

There are many DIY ways to soundproof a door!  I found 13 easy ways to get it done!

Door sweeps are essential in soundproofing a door. The very first thing you need to do is seal the gap located at the bottom of the door.

1. Door Sweep

2. Weatherstrip

Now it is time to seal the gap on both sides and the top of the door. 

3. Solid Core Door

Installing a solid core door is an easy fix.  A solid door will help stop noise from coming through. Most interior doors in homes today are hollow core doors.

4. Seal The Cracks Around Cassing

Especially in older homes, cracks tend to form around the door casing leting sound through.  Acoustic sealant is a great way to seal this gap once and for all!

5. Use a Soundproof Blanket

Soundproofing blankets are thick and filled with material to help stop noise. 

6. Soundproof Curtains

Noise deadening curtains are thicker and also has added layers of different materials to help stop and also deaden sound.  Installing one in front of a door will certainly lower the amount of decibels coming through.

The best way to hang the soundproof blanket or the sound deadening curtains is by using velcro.  Use a heavy duty industrial velcro strip and sow one side one around the edge of the blanket and stick the one side around the door casing!

7. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets may not work as well as some soundproof blanets but this is a budgert friendly solution in adding an extra layer of soundproofing in front of a door!

8. Install A Door Gasket

Install a door gasket around the door frame where the door meets the frame.

9. Sound Isolation Tape

Padding tape can also act as an alternative to weatherstrips or door gaskets. Sound isolation padding breaks the sound path. It is handy and inexpensive for reducing sound transfer through walls and door frame gaps.

10. Use Sound Absorbers In Other Room

One thing you can do to make a room more soundproof is to dampen the noise from the room on the other side of the soundproof door.

11. Place Rug In Front Of Door

Try finding a thick runner you could slide underneath the door. A runner will do a better job than an oddly shaped rug when sealing the bottom of the door.

12. Install a Door Seal Kit

Installing a door seal kit is another option that can end up saving you a lot of money when comparing the alternatives. These kits from acoustic geometry are similar to some of the other methods in sealing around the door.

13. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl (MLV) is a thick material made for blocking and also absorbing noise.  Add a layer of MLV on the door to add thickness to the door which will help block sound.

These 13 ways to soundproof a door will certainly help you block noise from coming through!  All of these soundproofing methods are easy DIY fixes that can be done in less than an hour!

Combine several of these methods to maximize the soundproofing efectivness of the door!