8 Best Soundproof Booth For Voice Recording

Anyone looking to round out a home studio understands the importance of having some type of vocal booth to isolate sound. Whether it is a larger, more permanent structure or something reasonably portable, having something to improve the sound by a significant amount just makes sense.

There are options out there for people who want to build a soundproof booth by themselves, but there is also just buying one that is ready to use. This is the preferred method by a lot of professionals, simply because they want to make sure that it is very high-quality.

What are the best of the best out there right now? All the ones listed below are some of the best soundproof booths for sale options out there for people to buy and use right away.

1. Porta Booth Pro

Porta Booth Pro

The first sound booth to make the list is one of the most popular options on the market right now. Many love that the Porta Booth Pro (Amazon) is a solution that can go just about anywhere, and it is affordably priced enough that even people who do not make a lot of money recording can justify the cost.

There are other portable solutions out there, but this is one that makes everything as simplified as possible. Even though it might look a little bulky at first, it is made a very lightweight material that collapses very quickly.

It weighs a total of 7 pounds, and the dimensions are very small once everything is folded up. It is so small that people will take these booths as part of airplane luggage and still have room for other items.

The size of the booth is big enough that it will fit any microphone inside. The entire booth is surrounded by 2 inches of acoustic soundproof foam, which provides excellent isolation while recording. There is also a fleece hood built in to isolate the area even more.


  • Folds up very easily.
  • Acoustic foam works very well.
  • Fleece audio hood allows for better closure.


  • A little on the expensive side compared to the competition.
  • Challenging to achieve full isolation.

2. Tonor microphone isolation shield and booth

Tonor microphone shield

When compared to other sound booths that might be out there, some people are not exactly convinced about this shield simply by looking at the pictures.

However, the Tonor micrphone shield (Amazon) is a budget option that might not provide the same level of value as some of the others out there, but it is extremely affordable for those who are just starting.

The shield might not be a complete booth like many, but it provides enough isolation that it does make a legitimate difference. It is considered one of the best of the best as far as that is concerned, and priced it under $50, no one is going to complain too much.

It is also a very durable solution for people to take on the road with them if they need help. It is easy to set up went on the go, and with 1.7 inches of density foam available, it is not going to break down quickly.


  • Very durable for the price.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Weighs just 1.5 pounds.


  • Not a full soundproof booth.
  • Only works well when combined with other soundproofing methods.

3. Pyle Recording Shield Box Microphone Foam Booth Cube

Pyle Recording Shield Box Microphone Foam Booth Cube

The Pyle Recording Shield (Amazon) is one of the most inexpensive soundproof booths out there, it is easy to gravitate towards what Pyle has put together. However, is it actually worth the price, or does it come up short?

Most people feel like for the price, it might be the best soundproof booth on the market. It gets a lot of things right as far as isolation, quality sound, and portability is concerned. People do have to make a few sacrifices because of the price, but it is worth it for many who want the convenience of everything.

It is pretty small, so it might not fit everything inside that some people would like. However, it can keep its weight under 2.5 pounds, and that is a huge positive for anyone who is always on the go.

Try recording with this sound booth and see what happens in the end. Most are going to be highly satisfied with the booth, even if it is not providing the highest quality of isolation.


  • Most affordable high-quality soundproof booth on the market
  • Quality materials all around
  • Very portable


  • A bit on the smaller side
  • Sags a little once it begins to age

4. ToyStudio Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box

ToyStudio Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box

The TroyStudio Portable Sound Booth (Amazon) is yet another simple box that is pretty easy to use for any type of recording. Simply put the microphone inside the box, and allow the acoustic treatment to provide all the assistance needed. It is 2 inches thick all around, and people can use this for many different jobs overall.

Maybe the trickiest thing to start with is setting things up and playing with different options that work best. They are still going to be that opening that allows for some sound to come in, but it is usually not anything that a person is going to be too upset about in general.

It works a lot of the same ways as the other inexpensive booths out there, which means that it does boil down to just being a formed piece of acoustic foam. That is all a lot of people really need anyway, but it is durable enough that it will last a long time.

The company also offers a full one-year warranty if anything goes wrong, which might be beneficial for those who are a little worried that it gets flimsy. The foam is indeed compressed when they are shipped out, but it returns to form rather easily.

For people who do not want to pay a lot of money, there are very few options out there that are as solid as this one. It is maybe not the best of the best, but people will notice a pretty big difference.


  • Extremely portable.
  • Provides users with a 1-year warranty.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Fairly flimsy.
  • No standout features compared to other options.

5. Porta Booth Plus

Porta Booth Plus

Consider the Porta Booth Plus (Amazon) the smaller and more affordable solution compared to the Porta Booth pro. This is for people who are a little more casual, but still want a high-quality product that is easy to fold and store when needed.

Just as the Porta Booth Pro provides high-quality materials and a build that is second to none in that category, people are going to expect the same thing from this option. It does not disappoint, as it just feels a bit more premium than the rest.

With a premium set up, people will notice a difference when they listen back to recordings as well. It is very easy to hear the clarity, especially if a hood is used over the top opening for additional coverage.

There are still going to be some skeptics who feel like it is not worth spending the extra money, but there is a reason why this is one of the most trusted portable options out there right now.

It is a company that has pretty much perfected how to use quality materials in the portable package. It is something that anybody who is doing voiceover work or other types of recording needs if they are always on the go.


  • More affordable option compared to the Porta Booth Pro.
  • High quality materials throughout.
  • Easy setup process.


  • Still more expensive than almost all the competition.
  • Weighs a little on the heavy side.

6. Steno SR Pro one pocket-size sound booth

Steno SR Pro one pocket-size sound booth

The last two options to make this list are a bit different than the rest, as they serve a specific customer. For this one, a pocket-size sound booth (Amazon) might not be something that a lot of people need, but there is a reason why it is starting to become pretty popular.

Anyone who is doing speech recognition in a public place will find it can be annoying to others. By putting the mouth directly up to the sound booth, a person is isolating what they are saying and not bothering anyone.

Sealing off the opening not only help with speech recognition, but the recording is very clear itself. People will even use it to work on dictation in public places, and there as well as instances where people are singing into the sound booth as well. It might not be the most comfortable way to record singing, but it does a great job as far as voice recording is concerned.


  • Allows people to use speech recognition in public.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Provides confidence to those not wanting attention.


  • Does not work well with singing.
  • Cord gets in the way.

7. ISOVOX 2 Home Recording Booth

ISOVOX 2 Home Recording Booth

As the most expensive portable vocal booth (Amazon) to make this list, it should be expected that it brings something different to the table.

Not only does it feel like a home studio, but it has 360° of shielding to reject as much outside noise as possible. This helps people completely eliminate room sounds from vocal tracks, and allow people to record in peace.

The materials are obviously one thing that stands out, as there needs to be a reason why people are paying this type of money for a portable vocal booth. It just feels like a thicker solution overall, something that people are going to love right away. It is going to keep everything very quiet, as will be able to record even if it seems impossible at times.

It is not the lightweight option that some people might hunt for, but it is not too heavy either. Traveling with it might seem like a pain, but everything comes undone easily enough that people are just fine when packing.

Is it worth the extra money a lot of people? The answer is no, as the majority of people are not going to use their booth as much as they need to justify the price.

However, those who are professionals in the field are very happy to see that there are plenty of options out there to push one another. The technology has improved over the last few years, and that could be even bigger in the future.


  • Provides superior isolating compared to almost all other portable soundproof booths.
  • Stylish.
  • Easy to take apart.


  • Too expensive for many.
  • Gets dirty easily.

8. WhisperRoom


For a full enclosure for recording sound that is still somewhat affordable, there are actual booths that people can step into that resemble a telephone booth from yesteryear.

These might seem quite a bit more expensive than some of these portable options, but it is still cheaper than soundproofing an entire area like some people might consider.

The standard option should be just fine for a lot of people, as it is around $4000 at the low end. Not only do people get the benefit of having a full coverage set up, but it is very advanced to allow for a lot of recording time in there at once. People will not feel claustrophobic because of the built-in ventilation system, and it does not overheat either.

WhisperRoom has a few different options out there, including their premium options that might actually be found in recording studios instead of homes. This will only matter to a select few people out there, but it goes to show that they are are some actual booths for recording as well.

If a person is serious about a full sound control by using a booth, there is always that do-it-yourself option as well. However, since they are coming down in price and already made, it is not worth the hassle to some people to put it all together in the end.


  • Full sound control.
  • Built for home or studio use.
  • Easy to spend time in with ventilation.


  • Expensive.
  • Takes up too much space.

Is a portable vocal booth going to work as well as a more permanent solution?

Professional recorders will say that a permanent solution is the best way to go if a person has the time, money, and space to use them.

It just makes sense, because stronger material can be used, and they can be a bit bulkier as well. On top of all that, a person can actually be enclosed completely, instead of only being partially enclosed.

With that said, it is a totally different set up for a portable vocal booth. They are meant to be carried around from place to place, meaning a person can record just about anywhere. The setup process is very easy, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to much more in-depth options.

The bottom line is that a portable sound booth is not going to replace a room that is completely soundproof and treated properly. This is more of a way to close the gap and make quality recording much more accessible to the average person.

What are some other enhancements for a home studio used for recording?

To make recordings sound even better, there are other ways to make everything sound better without having to spend a lot of money. This is not meant to replace the need to soundproof an entire area, but more of an alternative for people who do not have a lot of money to spend.

Sound Blankets

These can go just about anywhere, and they are easy to hang up for a temporary solution. Many people use these around doors or windows, which can help out temporarily without having to be up there for too long. A heavy sound blanket is going to be extremely solid for those who want to kill sound quickly and efficiently.

When they are not in use, sounds blankets are pretty easy to have stored for the next time. They may not look that great if they are temporarily put up, but it is about all people are looking for overall.

Boom Stops

A boom stop is a pretty simple solution to a problem that happens way too much. If a mic stand is drooping or dropping when it is experiencing weight, having a boom stop will allow people to make sure that equipment is extra stable.

The last thing a person wants is to have a random sound ruin what is otherwise a strong recording.

Pop Filters

These are used by a lot of recording artists as a way to clean up any type of recording. They will help cut down on any breathing noises as a person does not want to have to deal with, as long as random sounds as well.

Is a Soundproof Booth Ultimately Worth It?

For those who only temporarily record, a portable solution is the best way to go. It is going to be relatively affordable, and a person does not have to decide exactly where it goes from the very beginning.

Those who have a bigger need should look into something that is going to be a bit more permanent. It is worth it for those people because spending the extra money will allow for a very well sounding booth that is like a mini studio.

Ultimately, anyone who is looking to take vocal recording seriously should find something that helps out. Booths are pretty affordable these days, especially for those who do not need a full set up. Try a portable box out and see if it is exactly what works best in the end.

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