About Us

The story of how Soundproofguide.com came to be is quite simple.

My name is Martin and I work in construction, and now I mainly work on noise isolation projects for new homes and also many homes remodel. I know the do’s and dont’s and what works best when it comes to soundproofing.

I have been working on new ways on how to improve noise isolation and noise blocking in new construction and also remodeled homes for almost 15 years now. I would certainly call myself an expert when it comes to soundproofing.

There is so much misinformation out there regarding this subject and I wanted to create a website and Youtube channel to share my expertise on noise reduction. I also wanted to help people chose the right silent products that would work best for the type of soundproofing job that’s being done.

My wife is an Interior designer and is a helpful contributor to the website. Soundproofing isn’t just what’s behind the wall but also what’s on the walls and the floors and ceilings. The furniture also has a significant impact on noise, and as an interior designer, she knows what works best when it comes to acoustic treatments of a home.

I hope you enjoy Soundproof Guide and that you visit us often. We also have a YouTube Channel so make sure to visit that as well if you like this type of content.

Here is my LinkedIn account.

Thank You.


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