About Us

The story of how Soundproofguide.com came to be is quite simple. A couple of friends and I wanted to create a website, but we weren’t sure what it should be about.

After brainstorming, we came up with soundproofing. At first, we were thinking of making a website about things we knew almost nothing about. The research alone would eat up a lot of our time.

After watching a video on YouTube from a blog creator, we decided to go with what we know, and that’s soundproofing. The person in the video said that the best niche to chose for a website is one you’re very familiar with.

I work in construction, and now I mainly work on noise isolation projects for new homes and also many homes remodel. I know the do’s and dont’s and what works best when it comes to soundproofing.

My wife is an Interior designer and is a helpful contributor to the website. Soundproofing isn’t just what’s behind the wall but also what’s on the walls and the floors and ceilings. The furniture also has a significant impact on noise, and as an interior designer, she knows what works best when it comes to acoustic treatments of a home.

I also have a few friends in the field that helps us with our website. We try to post new content weekly but our full-time jobs and raising three young boys can keep us busy.

I hope you enjoy Soundproof Guide and that you visit us often. We also have a YouTube Channel that one of our friends had started for us so check that out as well!

Thank You.


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