Acousti-Coat Sound Deadening Paint – Full Soundproof Paint Review

Most of us have heard about soundproof paint and wondered if it is beneficial. Although there are different ways to soundproof a building, sound deadening paint is among the most inexpensive, permanent, and in some respects, practical solutions. The way sound deadening paint is designed makes it perfect for reducing irritating sounds that reach your house and disturb you during the day and night.

There are nowadays, quite a lot of companies that have launched paints that promise to offer customers soundproofing qualities. One well-known product in the global market is the so-called Acousti Coat sound deadening paint. Is it, however, as effective as the company wishes us to believe? Here is an in dept acousti coat review from someone who has actually used the product numerous times.

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What Is Acousti Coat Sound Deadening Paint?

The acousti coat is a famous product in the field of sound deadening paints. The company behind the product’s release is the well-known Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions. The company is based on East Central Florida and its products are distributed around the world. This company has been in the field of producing soundproof and insulating paints and coatings for many years.

Acousti Coat is a water-based formula, fast drying and specifically designed to dampen noises and vibrations that reach your house. The main ingredient this paint is made of is actually a vinyl acrylic compound, known to the public under the name Latex.

It contains chains of polymers that act in a way that the water-based surface the Acousti Coat creates, binds to this material and stays there, leading to the soundproof result. The product was initially designed for porous and thick concrete ceilings. Nowadays, however, it is applicable in a variety of surfaces.

Apart from the above-mentioned compound, this particular product is also, made of some specially designed and innovative soundproofing fillers. Those fillers are capable of absorbing sounds and they are called ceramic microspheres.

Acousti coat, in particular, consists of a sufficient quantity of ThermaCels which along with their vacuum centers, they are capable of increasing insulation, as well as the soundproof properties of the final product. The ThermaCels is actually an insulating ceramic additive that is gradually stirred into the paint before the paint is properly finished and stored.

What are some unique features of Acousti-Coat?

Acousti coat offers customers a variety of unique features that justify its popularity among similar products. To start with, it is a non-toxic and non-hazardous product that is environmentally friendly and safe for your health. It can be easily applied to the chosen surface with the use of a brush, a spray or a roller.

Ideally, for large surfaces, like big walls of a room, you could apply it with a hopper spray gun. In case of an accident or if a portion of it falls onto a cloth or surface, you should know that it is extremely easy to clean it away before it dries. You just need to use some water and soap.

The product generally dries within minutes after applying it to the surface and the result is even and aesthetically nice. Acousti Coat comes in a container that weighs about 8 pounds and it can cover up to 150 sqft/gal per coat.

The actual coverage is affected by the texture of the surface. Since you will normally need at least two thick coats minimum, you should count beforehand the amount of paint you are going to use for your task. The paint comes in the typical white color, but it can be mixed with another color or you can even use it as a primer and apply another regular paint over it.

Is Acousti Coat Sound Deadening Paint Effective?

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Most users who have tried out this product have been pleasantly surprised with the results, myself included. The product is capable of reducing low to medium frequencies of sound up to 30 percent. For this reason, it is ideal for indoor applications, including walls, ceilings, windows, and even wooden doors.

It can be applied to a variety of different materials with good results, including glass, wood, metal, and cement. It can be used to reduce sounds coming from the outside, like loud neighbor’s chats, children’s shouts, as well as echo reduction within shared apartments.

It is also, helpful in situations that involve traffic noise from a nearby road or a dog’s consistent barking. However, as the company claims, it is not useful in case you wish to apply it to concrete in order to dampen the sound of a poor filter.

Does the product have any other unique properties?

Apart from soundproofing which is by far the product’s main purpose of existence, its high ThermaCels concentration gives this product some insulation properties, as well. This actually means that the acousti-coat is capable of reducing both heat and cold loss depending on the weather.

That being said, during the winter period, the tightly packed surface created by the paint prevents heat from leaving your room. During the hot summer days, on the other hand, the ceramics are capable of blocking heat radiation and making your room have a cooler atmosphere.

The high loading of ThermaCels included in the final product also reduces heat intrusion into the shared rooms. For this reason, it is ideal for those living in an apartment or for those who wish to make each room of their house separate (in terms of heat) from any adjoining rooms.

Acousti-coat is also, helpful in sealing and hiding blemishes, voids or discolorations that exist on surfaces, like drywall ceilings, plaster, and wood.

What Are the Main Advantages of AcoustiCoat Soundproofing Paint?

Acousticoat offers customers a variety of advantages that have made it stand out among competitors. Apart from the obvious benefit that it can reduce outside noise up to a sufficient percentage, it has also some insulation properties.

It is easy-to-use and durable. Owners should rest assured that the color is not going to fade away after some time and that it will not peel, flake or dust, as well.

The paint is extremely friendly to the environment and it does not contain any hazardous or chemical substances that could harm the health of yourself or your family. The product provides an even result to the chosen surface even when it is applied two or more times.

What Do You Need to Know Before Applying Acousti Coat?

The company itself has provided customers with some basic tips they should have in mind before they apply this soundproof paint to their home or office. To start with, the surface should be clean and dry. Owners ought to remove any type of previous coating, chalking or lose paint.

Any serious damages, like large cracks, voids or weak surfaces should be properly repaired to ensure a high-quality result afterward. Users should also, avoid the application when the weather conditions are really bad.

For example, you should not apply it during heavy winter days, when the wind is too forceful or the atmosphere is too freezy. If you wish to mix acousti coat, you should do it before usage.

People should also, be aware of the fact that the coverage capability of the product depends a lot of factors, like the specific conditions of the surface, the level of sound production, as well as the amount of paint you are going to apply. Normally, on smooth surfaces, the coverage rate is about 150 sqft/gal per coat.

On uneven surfaces, like corrugated metal, the coverage level is a bit less, for example, 100 sqft/gal per coat.

Are There Any Worthy Competitors?

Nowadays, the high demand for soundproof paint has led to the appearance of a lot of new products in the global market. Apart from the popular acousti coat paint mentioned above, there are other well-known products, such as the Anti Sound paint launched by the Isonem, the

Soundproof paint by Soundguard, as well as the Silent Running SR-500. All of these products have gained some positive reviews by users and have been helpful in soundproofing surfaces of houses or offices.

However, most of those products are not capable of producing the insulation result that the Acousti Coat offers customers, because they are not loaded with a special insulation compound, like the ThermaCels.

It is true that the use of soundproof paint has increased a lot throughout the last years. It is an inexpensive, efficient and easy-to-do method that requires no extra help.

The paint can be easily applied by homeowners themselves. There are nowadays, numerous paints that claim to have soundproof properties. Some of them are truly effective, while others are just overestimated products that are not at all efficient.

The Verdict

Acousti coat has gained a lot of popularity and positive reviews, nowadays. The fact that it combines a satisfactory soundproof result and a good insulation effect has made customers choose this product compared to similar ones launched by competitors.

So, if you really wish to try and achieve a more quiet environment in your house, office or place of work, soundproofing surfaces, like the ceiling, the walls, the windows, and the doors can be a practical and most of all, effective solution. After all, living in a peaceful environment can only benefit us in a positive way.

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