Double And Triple Pane Windows – Advantages & Cost

There used to be a time when a single window pane would be all that the vast majority of people would need to feel like they are sufficiently protected.

These days, more and more shoppers are opting for double pane or even triple pane windows so that they can take advantage of all the benefits.

The more double and triple pane windows are examined, the easier it is to see that there are many advantages.

It’s not a matter of if, but when is the right time to upgrade to newer windows? Whether its double pane or triple pane windows, this is a look at the major advantages.

Not everyone will see the need to go from a double pane option to a triple pane solution, but they are always there for people who need them.

Double Pane Windows

Windows Double Pane

Double pane windows (Amazon) are pretty much the standard these days for anyone making an upgrade to windows.

Having just a single layer of glass is not going to withstand a lot of wear and tear on the house in general.

Only people who have older homes and might need an upgrade themselves are still counting on single pane windows.

Nothing more than double pane windows are usually sufficient enough for the average person. They are two panes of glass separated by air (or gas) that can help slow down heat and cold from transferring. It also helps with better sound, better safety, and so much more.

When directly comparing them to single pane windows, these are some of the benefits to going with double pane options.

Later on in the article, we will look at the benefits of going all in with triple pane windows instead of double pane windows. (Source)

Lower Energy Bills

Double pane windows can make about a 20% of 25% difference in energy bills every single month. They do a little bit better of a job during the winter months, but the summer can benefit as well.

The thing is, they only work if every single window is replaced, because otherwise, there will still be some vulnerable areas. Remember, it takes just a little bit of a gap for air to leak through both ways.

Energy bills can get very high in certain locations, especially if there are a lot of windows. Seeing that change will help to offset the cost of making the upgrade in the first place.

It’s one of the major selling points for any shoppers when they consider the update to double pane windows.

Noise Control

Having an extra pane in the windows can help protect any home from additional noise coming from outside.

There are now two layers of glass, and that air or gas in between the two layers helps out with any type of noise that has been problematic in the past.

A lot of people opt for at least double pane windows if they live on a busy road, because a lot of that dull noise can be eliminated fairly easily. Double pane windows also help from the perspective of noise leaving a room.

For example, if there is a setup where a person is trying to record music inside and their going to be loud during weird times of the day, it might make sense to invest in at least double pane windows to help keep the sound from bothering other neighbors.

Safer For The Environment

This might surprise some people to learn that double pane windows are actually safer for the environment. It is just part of the bigger plan to make a home environmentally friendly.

It comes down to double paned windows having to use less energy, which is a positive impact on the environment in general. When less energy is used, that means less greenhouse gases are in the environment.

Since environmentally friendly setups are becoming more and more popular for homebuyers, this is only going to help with the overall value.

There’s also some tax incentives out there that are great for making the environment safer and helping with energy efficiencies.

Since each area is different, make sure to explore any tax savings the next time it comes time to file.

Modern Look and Feel

Double paned windows are the norm these days, which means that there are all the types of designs and looks at a person could ask for.

Getting that modern look and feel is very easy, and no one should ever hesitate on double paned windows because they feel like there’s a lack of options.

Companies know that in order to incentivize shoppers to spend more money, they need to offer designs and styles of fit any area. It all goes into the overall value of a home, as a more desirable look will only increase the price.

Triple Pane Windows

Windows Triple Pane

The beauty of triple pane windows are that they are just like double pane windows, only with an extra layer.

As simple as that may sound, it means that all the benefits of double pane windows also apply to triple pane windows.

There are some additional benefits as well, but it does come at a price. Maybe the biggest decision people have to make these days is picking between the two. These are some of the additional benefits to going with triple pane options.

Extra Savings on Energy Bills

Even with double pane windows, there are some people who just can’t seem to figure out how to lower their energy bill to an affordable rate.

They have tried everything in the book, but maybe triple pane windows is the way to go.

There are now two spacers with the three layers of glass, which makes it nearly impossible for air to leak through and negatively impact the temperature.

It makes everything so much more comfortable inside of a home. With the thermostat having to work less, the energy bill drops another 15% to 25% from double pane windows.

Eliminates Condensation Problems

Condensation on single pane windows

When there is a big difference between inside and outside air temperature, there is a chance that condensation starts to build up on windows.

This is a major problem for anyone who has single pane windows, and can even be a problem from time to time on double pane windows. With triple pane windows, it is pretty much eliminated.

That mainly has to do with triple pane windows being so much better at eliminating temperature transfer.

With so many barriers in between the two locations, the outdoor temperature does not influence indoor temperature nearly as much.

If there is ever any type of condensation problem, it means that the window is somehow compromised. When installed correctly and working as it should, the condensation problems go away.

Increased Soundproofing

Every additional layer of glass when installing new windows is going to naturally help with soundproofing.

People start to see fewer and fewer returns when that happens, but there still is a bit of an increase.

This is great news for anyone living on busy roads, to those who want to soundproof a room to help with recording.

Soundproofing is pretty easy to test out and see how it works in real time. If triple pane windows are still not sufficient, some additional methods to help with soundproofing are listed below.

Better Safety

Safety should always be a major concern for any homeowner looking to put in new windows. Even when just adding an additional pane for the windows, it can make a big difference in safety against anything imaginable.

It takes more effort and time for any type of burglary to happen with triple pane windows. This can be the difference between a burglar successfully getting into a home, and aborting the operation because they can’t get through fast enough.

With natural disasters, safety is a great concern as well. If there is anything kicking up from the ground and potentially hitting the window, a triple pane window will hold up stronger since there is an extra layer.

There have been instances where one pane takes a direct hit, but the integrity of the other two panes are unharmed.

Nobody likes to have to deal with any type of potential issue that pops up when disaster strikes. Triple pane windows just add that extra layer of protection that can help people feel a little bit safer.

They are not indestructible, but it certainly adds a layer of safety.

Pricing Difference Between Double and Triple Pane Windows?

It’s pretty easy to guess that the pricing is going to be different between the double and triple pane windows out there.

Double pane windows are more affordable, as it takes less material to put them all together.

With that being said, there are some pretty expensive double pane windows that get the job done, making triple pane windows seem relatively inexpensive.

Expect anywhere from 15% to 25% lower energy bills comparing double pane windows to triple pane windows.

This might seem like a pretty significant savings, but remember this is just part of what goes into a general electric bill.

A person might only save $20 or even less a year by going through pane windows, so it would take a while to match the total amount of money spent upfront.

Of course, it’s not as cut and dry as that would make it appear. The pricing difference is worth it to some people because they know they don’t have to upgrade anytime soon.

In fact, they actually add value to their home when potentially selling it. It’s one less thing that potential buyers need to have to do in order to update in general.

Are There Any Other Ways to Make Windows More Efficient?

Starting with double pane windows or triple pane windows is a great start, but what if additional help is needed to control temperature and sound?

There are some add-ons that make a difference, and since temperature and sound are more connected than most realize, the solutions work for both.

Moving Blankets

This might be the most archaic way to help with controlling temperature and sound with windows, but they do help to a certain degree.

Moving blankets are cheap and easy to hang up, but they might not be aesthetically pleasing enough for the average person.

They aren’t intended to be up all the time, but they do work if extra soundproofing is needed for a short amount of time.

These moving blankets (Amazon) are made of material that is very similar to what the curtains are made of.

The difference here is that they are versatile enough that they can be over windows one day, and then covering up a door the next.

It’s always helpful to have a few things moving blankets around for any type of tasks that might pop up. It just takes a little bit of effort to put them up, and they will last a long time.

Soundproof Curtains


Installing soundproof curtains are great for a better way of living inside in general. They look very much like regular curtains, but their thickness gives them extra powers that will help out a lot of homeowners.

Curtains are traditionally thought of as a way to block out the sun and therefore, correct the temperature inside a bit.

Since these are soundproofing curtains, they also help with any noise that could still be leaking through the window ever so slightly.

These curtains are very thick, but they come in a variety of designs so that they do not stick out. When the curtains are pulled open, natural sunlight can come in and people can enjoy that set up as much as they want.

When it comes down to business, having them closed will provide all of the temperature and soundproofing benefits.

Window Glazing

Adding a glaze to the windows can significantly impact temperature control, as well as sound. This is just another way to add a barrier for air to pass through a window. Adding glaze might not seem like much, but it does do the trick.

Since adding glaze to a window is a relatively inexpensive solution, a lot of home developers are starting to add it by default.

It might not be the exact look that some people are looking for, but others feel like it adds to the overall appeal.

Window Plug

Think of this as a solution for those who really need to control sound and sunlight as much as possible.

There are times when everything needs to be shut off in the outside world, and that’s where a plug can be inserted to pull that off. Sound no longer penetrates the window, and it basically turns into another piece of the wall.

Obviously, people are not using a window plug permanently so that they never see the sunlight. However, it’s a pretty quick solution that offers superior soundproofing if it’s actually needed.

The people who invest in these are likely doing some type of recording inside of their home, so they want the ultimate amount of protection. Leaving it up and installed for too long can make a room feel very closed off.

Green Glue/Sealant


Just a little bit of a gap near a window can make a huge difference in sound, temperature, and so much more.

Green Glue is maybe the most versatile option right now when it comes to a way to offer protection in the smallest of areas.

Green Glue is treated specifically to help with soundproofing, but it’s an all-around sealant that can work as a way to touch things up.

With new construction, Green Glue is used to separate different pieces so that everything goes on smoothly. They can be used beyond windows, but it’s a pretty common option that many have turned to in the past.

Do Double Pane or Triple Pane Windows Make More Sense?

For the vast majority of people, double pane windows are going to be the better solution for them overall.

They are more affordable, come in many more designs and looks, and are going to do an efficient job over any single pane option.

There are some advantages to going with a triple pane window, but it can take a lot of time to actually take advantage of those savings on a yearly basis.

Double pane windows are sufficient enough and help with controlling temperature and noise. A lot of people believe that it is a step in the right direction, and are the bare minimum as far as getting a home ready for the future.


Make sure to shop around for the best prices for double pane or triple pane windows. There are so many different options out there these days, and some companies offer some pretty good deals for those who are on the fence.

They might not know exactly what they are looking for initially, but then they start to gravitate towards a solution that makes the right amount of sense.

Triple pane windows are still something that seem a little more flashier on paper than actually in daily use.

While there are some benefits for sure, finding a great deal is very tough. More than likely, people will be spending significantly more money on triple pane windows, only to not experience anything too drastic as far as change is concerned.

The most important thing to consider when shopping with temperature and sound in mind is that single pane windows just do not cut it any longer.

They are extremely vulnerable, and are virtually phased out of just about any solution these days.

So many people have spent time and energy getting double pane and triple pane window solutions up to par. The time is now to upgrade if they have not been done already.

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