Best Acoustic Panels – Top 7 – 2020

Anyone serious about building their own studio at home or even in an office needs to look at acoustic panels. Not only do they help with any type of sound, but they are dropping in price seemingly every single year to make it a more obtainable goal for everyone to have a professional-level setup.

They might seem like simple panels to invest in, but they are not all created equally to control sound. Some of the best out there are very unassuming, so reading up on reviews beforehand is essential.

Finding brands that are very trusted in the industry will help people get exactly what they need to build a studio that they can depend on every single day.

1. Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam

There have been a lot of positive reviews around this Studiofoam for years, and it is pretty easy to see why. It is not anything too complicated, but it gets the job done and is affordably priced. This keeps people coming back again and again for all of their needs when they need to focus on another room.

Every single panel is pretty small overall, which means it can fit into any room and treat certain areas without having to waste too much. The standard size is about 2 feet x 2 feet, but they also have different sizes available in different colors online.

The thickness is what really helps with these panels. They are 2 inches thick and offer at NRC of about 0.80. It is going to be nearly impossible to find any other options out there that match this level of soundproofing, at this price.

They need that extra bit of thickness since the material is a bit cheaper than some of the more expensive options out there.

This will not be the last option from this brand on his list, so those wanting to spend a little more money should read on if they want to stick with the same company.


  • It comes in small squares for easy soundproofing.
  • 2 inches thick.
  • Inexpensive for what you get.


  • Thickness might be an issue for some people with limited space.
  • NRC is only 0.80.

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2. Auralex Acoustics Sonoflat Acoustic Absorption Farm

Auralex Acoustics Sonoflat Acoustic Absorption Farm

These panels are not nearly as thick as the ones above, but with an NRC of 0.95, they do the trick. For those who want to spend a little more money and dampen the sound a bit better, this is a premium version from a very trusted company.

A lot of people who opt for these acoustic panels are looking to build out their home studio, or even make their business a little quieter. Whatever the case is, this absorption foam does an

excellent job of taking extra care of a very specific area. It is probably too costly to surround the room with these foam panels, but that is an option as well if you want to go that route.

There are three different colors available, which is nice for those who do not want to go with the same boring look all the time. Aesthetically, these panels look a bit more premium than some of the others out there. Not everyone is going to care about looks, but it certainly stands out.

Qualities of these foam panels really stand out for people looking to put the finishing touches on a great sounding studio. It is a very simple design that sometimes does not even look like people are using acoustic panels to help themselves out. Those who do not necessarily like the look of a standard option might opt with this one instead.


  • Only 1 inch thick
  • 0.95 NRC
  • Three colors to choose from


  • A little expensive
  • Not suitable for full coverage

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3. ATS Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels

For slightly bigger options that are affordable and get the job done, the ATS Wedge Foam Acoustic Panels are a great option to go with. Each panel is about 2 square feet, and that means less work putting them up in bigger spaces. They can fill an entire wall right up next to each other, or be used only sparingly to get the job done.

The look of these panels are pretty basic, so some people are not going to be crazy about appearance compared to some of the others.

However, they are very dependable, and no one has to worry about them not holding up over the long haul. Simply hang them up, let them do their work, and everything else falls in place.

The affordability of these panels help people save money so that they do not end up spending too much on the entire set up. Adding a few here and there to add more of a barrier for sound always comes in handy. (Source for Wedge Foam Panels)


  • Easy to put up
  • Durable
  • Bigger than normal panels


  • Do not look as professional as other options
  • Struggles with lower frequencies

4. Siless Acoustic Foam Panels

One of the best values out there comes from this company, as their simple, effective soundproofing panels are some of the best out there. These are studio-grade options at a fraction of the price of some competitors, which keeps people wanting to come back and use them for full coverage.

They might seem simple at first, but these panels do a great job of handling sound from coming in and leaking out. They offer some value packs so that people can purchase them in sets of 12, meaning that they are meant for bigger rooms for the best look.

There is not that much of a difference in weight, but it does help that these panels do not weigh down things too much. That is great news for anyone who might be worried about putting too many panels up at one time. It is a bit of a challenge, but most people can get everything in control without any additional assistance.

With a few different colors to choose from, the style is not the worst. It might hurt home decor a little bit, but functionality can’t be beaten.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes in value packs
  • Lightweight


  • Might not be aesthetically pleasing as other options
  • Need close to full coverage to really see a difference

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5. Auralex Acoustics ruminator acoustic absorption kit

Auralex Acoustics ruminator acoustic absorption kit

It might seem like this brand is dominating the list so far, but it simply comes down to offering so many unique options that stand out in this field.

Those looking for a very simple solution that is easy to set up can’t go wrong with this kit in the beginning. It gives a person everything they need to block sound and keep sound from leaking out of a room.

Some people do this for the very first studio, while others just want something very easy for their home that they can put up in a very fast amount of time.

As far as effectiveness goes, these are not the best, but they get the job done for the price. It is something that can be done entirely by an individual, and can also be combined for a more extensive set up later on. It is meant for people who live in particularly noisy areas, but they want that extra layer to make sure that it stays that way.


  • Very easy to put together
  • Full coverage in one package


  • Tough to handle a lot of noise
  • Might need upgrading at some point
  • Expensive

6. Pro Studio Acoustics Wedge Foam Tiles

Pro Studio Acoustics Wedge Foam Tiles

A kit of these offers pretty good NRC of 0.65, but the reason why people are gravitating towards them comes down to price for the most part. These panels come in a mixture of colors, so people do not have to deal with a wall is all in the same shade.

The fact that these panels are not as absorbent as others might seem like a huge negative, but it all depends on what the plan is to use them for. This is not going to block out a very noisy room in the first place, But they do a pretty good job of fitting into a budget and looking like they belong.


  • Looks good on the wall
  • Provide full coverage
  • Inexpensive


  • NRC rating is just 0.65
  • A bit tedious to set up

Click the link for the current price from Amazon.

7. Toy Studio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

Toy Studio Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel

This final option looks a little different than some of the others out there, which can fit into certain rooms pretty well. With multiple colors to choose from, people can get a very modern and stylistic look that keeps everything as quiet as possible by diffusing the sound very well.

A sound diffuser panel works a little differently than some of the others, as the goal is to spread around the sound evenly to provide great uniformity each time.

It also helps to keep sound out of the room to a certain degree, so there are no distractions whatsoever. These are pretty lightweight panels to put up, and they are only 1 inch thick, so they do not add too much depth to an existing wall.

The installation process is usually fully done by an individual who wants to set things up. They do not have to go through a lot of issues to get everything in the right spot.

They need to be used in combination with some of the more standard panels to absorb sound and block noise. That is because the diffusers simply spread the sound around, without adding that extra bit of protection.

All in all, this is a great finishing touch for anyone who wants to step up how a room performs. Maybe the look of a more traditional panel that only worries about controlling sound does not look as good as this. A combination of both can make a room come together and really perform at the highest of levels.


  • Very stylistic look
  • Diffuser sound well
  • Works well with panels that kill sound


  • Does not absorb sound or block noise by itself
  • The look will not match all types of decor

What are the best acoustic panels made of?

Almost all of the best acoustic panels are made of a type of foam that goes directly on the wall. Not only does it come in many shapes and sizes, but there are choices of color as well. They do not have to look like they are ugly pieces of foam put on the wall, but instead part of the aesthetic.

The most common way to purchase this foam is to buy them in small panels so that everything will be covered. If the panels are too big, it becomes troublesome to block everything as they should.

Certain types of uses and the current atmosphere of the room all play factors into just how much paneling is needed.

What is the perfect amount of acoustic paneling?

There are several websites out there that offer calculators to help with figuring out just how much paneling is needed. All a person needs to do it is put in the measurements of a room, and then it will spit out all that information. It also depends on if a person wants light, medium, or high treatment around the room.

Do not be alarmed if it says that a lot of panels are needed to complete a task. Not only is it pretty affordable to get additional panels, but it does not add too much to the job to make them as well.

How are acoustic panels measured?

The standard way to measure acoustic panels is to use what is called the noise reduction absorption coefficient. In short, the acronym NRC is used. The NRC of anything is measured on a scale of 0 to 1, with zero absorbing no sound at all, and one absorbing all the sound.

A lot of companies know that customers are comparing everything, so they include the NRC rating on the packaging. This is very transparent of the companies and is usually recommended as a great option to turn to.

Where are the best ways to get high-quality acoustic panels?

There used to be a time where people wanted to test out acoustic panels as much as possible in person before making a purchase. However, as prices starting to come down online, More and more people start shopping there instead.

It is nearly impossible to test these options online, but that does not mean there are not countless reviews out there. Any of the panels that make the list above are great options to turn to, and are also pretty affordable.

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