5 Best Free and Paid Apps to Measure Sound – iOS and Android 2021

A smartphone is capable of doing many different things to keep people as informed as ever before. Many people may not realize this, but a smartphone can somewhat accurately measure decibel meter and noise levels, so people know exactly what they are dealing with.

There are several different reasons why a person might want to measure sound. For starters, a person could be trying to soundproof their home, so measuring sound before and after is a good way to get that information. For others, it might be checking sound levels in public situations, making sure that young children are not vulnerable to ear damage

Best Decibel Meter Apps For iOS & Android

Instead of playing the guessing game, there are a few high-quality apps to turn to. Here’s a closer look at some of the best apps for iOS and Android to measure sound properly.

Decibel X

Available for both Android and iOS

iTunes: Free

Android: $3.99

Many people believe that this is the number one sound level meter app. It is free to download from iTunes, although there are in-app purchases available.

For Android, it is going to cost a little bit of money, but people love the simple interface and accurate measurements.

In a matter of seconds, a person can measure any level of sound from 30 to 130 dB. There are a lot of other added features as well to give people a more accurate idea on just what they are hearing.

One thing many people don’t realize at first is that the intensity of sound matters quite a bit as well.

Since it is free for iOS users, it is an option worth trying out to get an idea of how things work. It is a little limited without making a purchase, so don’t judge it only by the free option. With some of the in-app purchases, it is a professional type of tool to measure everything related to sound.

SPL Meter

iTunes: $0.99

Android: Free

The roles are reversed with this app, as it costs money to download from iTunes, but it is free for Android users.

This is a sound level meter that is at a professional grade. It gives a ton of information for people to sift through if they want to make sense of it all. From traditional sound press level to ranges and decay rates, there is a lot to unpackage in this app.

For people who want to keep it very simple, they have a color-coded display that works very well. It simply indicates whether sound levels are safe by using green, or red if they are dangerous. For a quick measurement, this is a perfect solution for any person out there.

Since this is free or almost free through both smartphone stores, many consider this the most valuable option out there. It seems like something that anyone should have downloaded so that they can have pretty easy access when necessary. Even if a person only uses it periodically, it is still worth having and going back to on occasion.

Too Noisy Pro

iTunes: $4.99

Android: $6.49

Applications that cost this much money must be good to get any positive reviews. It is geared mostly towards people who work with children, giving teachers and childcare workers concrete proof that sound levels are getting too high. Not only does it control a room, but it helps children understand sound levels at an early age.

There used to be a time where teachers would just stand up at the front of the room and demand silence. Now they can turn it into a learning experience with an application.

There are ways to adjust the application for sensitivity, allowing for louder activities in the classroom and anything like that. It turns keeping quiet into a game, and it is easy to justify any punishments if someone is acting out.

Are teachers being taken advantage of a little bit with this application? Perhaps, but it helps to make things a little more fun and interactive for a younger crowd.

When so many things don’t work as far as keeping kids quiet, this is something that many succeed with. In fact, some teachers use this application every single day, making the price very much worth it.

NIOSH Sound Level Meter

iTunes: Free

Android: N/A

This is a really great meter to try out that is completely free on iTunes. With a very high rating, a lot of people love this because it the developers are connected to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Since the organization developed it, everything gears towards measuring noisy work environments.

It is always important to know about noise levels in the workplace, as many people overlook them way too often. It is frustrating when it may sound like noise levels are getting too high, so justifying it with a proper measuring tool helps a lot.

Using a tool can help improve hearing health not only for an individual, but everyone in the workplace as well. By collecting data and comparing it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, people can put together some vital information.

If sound levels at work are really getting out of hand, it is worth taking that data and talking to someone who can do something about it. In some cases, a company might not even know that they are putting workers in a difficult situation.

They are merely going about their business, and don’t realize that what they are doing could be detrimental to everyone involved.

It is extremely frustrating to have to deal with something like this, and some might feel it is awkward to approach a higher up. In the end, it could prove to be beneficial for all.

Sound Meter and Noise Detector

iTunes: N/A

Android: Free

For the best Android only option that is free, the Sound Meter and Noise Detector is a simple app that works very efficiently. A person can view the decibel level very quickly, getting a brief understanding of the current noise environment.

It includes a beneficial history function that shows just how long a person might expose themselves to extraordinarily loud noises. This helps to paint a picture on what needs to be improved with hearing health.

Android users really like the simplicity of this app, and since it cost nothing, it is worth checking out. There have been talks in the past about possibly making it available for iOS, but nothing has come of that just yet. Stay tuned to see if they will bring the simple platform over for others to enjoy. It is one of the true values in this section of apps on the Google Play Store.

Are Smartphone Apps Worth It For Measuring Noise Levels?

Since most of these apps do not take up much space at all, it is worth downloading at least one to a smartphone for quick measurements to see what is going on.

So many people take for granted that loud noises from time to time are just a part of life. Measuring sound can be beneficial in several different ways, which is why it is an underrated use for any smartphone.

With the most inexpensive app still costing way below $10, this is the cheapest way to measure sound without having to carry around any other device.

Everyone has their smartphone with them at all times, so it makes it very easy to measure a moment’s notice. Some of the applications do not even require an Internet connection, which helps speed up the process even more.

Play around with a few of the free options first, and if those are not sufficient enough, the paid versions all have very high ratings. If it is an app that is used frequently, spending a few dollars can help out a lot to get all the metrics necessary. (Source)

What Should a Person So If Noise Levels Are Out-Of-Control?

No one wants to be forced to deal with sound levels that are simply out of control. If it becomes a huge hassle, and first focus on taking care of things personally. Use earplugs, headphones, etc. to control the sound. Step away from the noisy area, or avoid certain parts of work altogether.

The next step is to let someone know about the situation. A noise level application can work in a person’s favor to get the point across that something needs to be done. A lot of companies do not properly measure sound, so they might not even know the level is getting out of hand.

If work doesn’t do something about it, there are ways to take action to force a change. Don’t be afraid to stand up for handling the noise levels the right way. Too many people feel extremely frustrated when this all goes on. There are ways to get help, whether that be approaching management with other workers, or taking steps beyond management.

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