Top 6 Best & Quietest Inline Duct Fan – 2020

A massive challenge for people looking for a great ventilated space inside comes down to keeping things as quiet as possible. It is one thing to invest in the inline fan, but if it is way too loud, it becomes a distraction more than something that works consistently.

For many people, an inline fan serves a huge purpose, as it helps to circulate fresh air while giving heating and cooling a bit of a boost. Small areas feel much better overall, and they have even earned the label as a grow fan, depending on the use.

What are some of the best inline fan options out there that are as quiet as possible? Going from some of the cheapest options available to the most expensive, here is a look at a few that make very little sound compared to the competition.

Most people agree that one of the biggest selling factors for any fan is overall sound levels being pretty manageable. If the fans are too loud, it just becomes a huge distraction overall.

1. IPOWER 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan

IPOWER 4 Inch Inline Duct Fan

For a small model that is only 4 inches, there is quite a bit of power with this inline fan. It is very efficient with the power it does have, blowing air at a consistently high level with enough power to make people feel like it is worthy of investment. It is one of the cheapest options available, but a person will never know thanks to a sound ventilation system that just works efficiently.

How does it stay quiet enough for people to be very happy with how the small machine works? It comes down to the composite fan blades and the center hub.

IPOWER Inline Duct Fan

All the components are built for quiet operation, and the ceramic coat added at the end makes it very easy to keep operating at a high-level. This fan can be used every single day, and it will still last a long time for small areas.

The limitation with a small inline fan like this is that it will only have the ability to help out relatively small areas. Do not think of it as a full replacement of something expensive, but sometimes, people only need a little bit of help. It has a great CFM rating of 190, and can go in places the other fans can’t.

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  • Durable.
  • The ceramic coating keeps things operating at a high-level.
  • Versatile.


  • Some smaller components are not consistent
  • Has power limits due to size

2. TerraBloom Six Inch Inline Duct Fan

TerraBloom Six Inch Inline Duct Fan

A slightly bigger option that fits in any budget is this inline fan that is 6 inches. It looks like something that would cost a bit more money, and people are surprised that it is as powerful as one can be for a small machine.

Small machines really only make a big difference if they can provide at least some power, and not sound extremely loud all the time. No one wants to invest in a small inline fan that makes a ton of noise. That should be reserved for bigger fans that have no other option.

With operation sound levels below 40 dB, this is about as quiet as one could expect from a grow fan. Some people use it as an intake option, while others put it as an exhaust. Airflow is very efficient, getting up to around 188 CFM.

To top everything off, something that is inexpensive that comes with a two-year warranty is a huge selling point. People can buy with confidence, knowing that if something does go wrong, the company will be right there for people to help them out. For small spaces, this is certainly a fan worth checking out.

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  • Efficient design.
  • Outstanding airflow.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • Periodically jumps up in sound.
  • Smaller parts are prone to breaking.

3. TJERNLUND M-6 Inline Booster Fan

TJERNLUND M-6 Inline Booster Fan.

There is somewhat of a jump in price after reaching this option, so keep that in mind when making a final decision. Some people are probably fine with paying a bit more for a fan that operates very quietly, and has some amazing power at the same time.

The blade designs for this fan is really what sets things apart. It can run for long periods without really slowing down at all. Power output reaches 460 CFM, and there are no real jumps in noise levels at any time.

If a person wants to control the speed a bit, there are options to adjust the speed. It can be done by either using the controls on the fan itself, or with a device that is sold online.

    TJERNLUND Inline Fan

Another reason why this is worth the money is that mounting the fan is extremely easy. It comes with all the brackets needed, as well as hardware that makes the most sense. No one should be playing the guessing game and trying to mount something, which is far too often the case with more budget-friendly choices.

It is not too much more of an investment, and most people will be willing to take that risk if they want. They do offer a money-back guarantee, so if it does not live up to expectations, something else on his list can we try later on.

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  • Very efficient airflow thanks to blade design.
  • All materials feel very high end.
  • Completely controllable with different speeds.


  • Many similar options to cheaper fans.
  • Tough to find any replacement parts.

4. AC infinity cloudline S6

AC infinity cloudline S6

This inline fan operates at one of the quietest noise levels out there, and it can turn into a powerful machine if needed. Even as high as setting, people will be shocked not to hear nearly as much sound as they would normally get from competitors. This all leads to a very valuable inline fan that people are investing in more than ever before.

With 351 CFM, the power is there for the AC Infinity. No one wants to sacrifice too much power just because they want a quiet experience, and this ensures that it never happens.

AC infinity Inline Duct Fan

Everything is completely controllable with and easy to use controller that allows people to adjust the temperature, humidity, fan speed and more. It also helps to have a timer and alarm system so that everything is set up correctly.

The extra investment is mostly due to just how easy it is to control humidity with this inline fan. If humidity is not taken care of, it can do some of this severe damage to any plants for those who use this as a grow fan for plants. Quality air exchange simply matters more than most think.

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  • Power that is easy to adjust and set up just right.
  • A brand with a great reputation.
  • Solid technology to help make things easier.


  • Not as durable as some options after consistent use.
  • Some online have complained about receiving defective models.

5. Can RS6HO hi Output Centrifugal Inline Fan

Can RS6HO Inline Duct Fan

Is this the best overall inline fan for people looking at quiet, efficient options? It is certainly up for debate, but the high ratings and reviews make this stand out in the crowd.

The manufacturing that helps to keep this machine operating a high-level it is pretty spectacular, as the company took the time to make everything work as expected.

A high-quality fan means that a person will spend less time worrying about whether it will hold up or not, and more time enjoying all the benefits. It is as durable as possible, and once it is mounted, most people just let it do its job and do it well. The mounting bracket is extremely sturdy, so there’s no added noise hearing it move around.

The 440 CFM fan is very quiet, spinning as smoothly as possible at various speeds. Some people will crank it up to the highest level, and never look back. Others want a more controlled experience, and that helps with efficiency as well.

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  • High-quality materials all around.
  • Outstanding mounting bracket.
  • Various speed levels available.


  • Occasional housing leaks.
  • A little expensive for some.

6. Terrabloom 10 Inch Inline Fan

Terrabloom 10 inch inline duct fan

The final inline fan to make the list is the most expensive, but at 10 inches, people know that they need to spend a little bit extra money. This fan delivers on a number of levels, including the 1065 CFM of airflow that so many people appreciate.

Despite the incredible amount of airflow, this machine only uses 150 W at full power. People save money on energy, and that is a great way to recoup some of the loss of spending more money.

As one might expect, the options on this fan are a bit better than some of the other choices. People can adjust speed as much as they want, and everything is set up to be as user-friendly as possible.

The fan is something that just looks the part as a very modern type of option for people who want the best of the best. Indeed, most people who invest in this fan won’t need another one for several years. If a fan lasts that long, it is more than worth the extra amount of money in the beginning.

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  • Very efficient energy.
  • Modern design.
  • Handles any type of speed well.


  • Expensive.
  • Initial instructions are a little hard to follow.

I hope you found this list helpfull in finding not only the best inline duct fan but also the quietest inline duct fan at a reasonable price!

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