7 Best Soundproof Blankets 2020 – The Only Ones That WORKS!

A quality soundproof blanket can be a very versatile option for any person out there looking to improve an area instantly. They are easy to put just about anywhere, and they are also relatively inexpensive.

Since so many people are looking for quality options, it is sometimes easier said than done finding affordable solutions that also work well. Instead of playing the guessing game, the best soundproof blankets are covered below.

Think of it as a shopping guide for those who are buying a sound-absorbing blanket like these for the first time, and looking to step their game up. 

1. US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Blanket

US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Blanket

Since coming out with this option, US Cargo Control (Amazon) has routinely had one of the best simple solutions for people who need a soundproof blanket. It is designed to protect the door specifically, but it is big enough to cover just about any area the size of a door or smaller.

The Supreme Mover Blanket that they have is excellent in size, yet simple in design. Not only is it constructed to handle moving as well as soundproofing, but the blend of polyester and cotton makes it something that will last a long time. It is washable if it does get dirty, but most people will keep it relatively clean if they are using it for soundproofing.

They do have some lighter versions available on the company website, but the Supreme Mover feels like the best bet. It is still pretty lightweight at 7.5 pounds, and it is going to do a better job of soundproofing overall.


  • Great weight to it at 7.5 pounds.
  • Neutral color and design.
  • Constructed well to last a long time.


  • Feels a little bulky compared to other moving blankets.
  • Hard to shut the door in some cases.

2. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet Sound

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet Sound

For a useful soundproofing blanket (Amazon) that comes in a variety of colors, Audimute (Amazon) has the perfect solution. They are affordable blankets and one of the best-reviewed online, and each one comes with a 0.8 5 NRC rating. Although they are not going to block sound completely, it is going to improve what people can hear greatly.

The blankets are a little oddly shaped at 95 “x 54 “, which may not always work for some people. It does come with grommets, so it is easy to install in just about any area.

What really stands out with this blanket is that it is pretty easy to pack up and go somewhere with if needed. It folds up pretty tightly, and it is extremely easy to pack without ever running the risk of damaging it. All in all, it can be used about anywhere, and picking the right color means it will blend in as well.


  • 0.85 NRC rating.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Durable and built in the USA.


  • Does not block some frequencies as well as others.
  • A little on with the sizing.

3. uBoxes Moving Blankets

uBoxes Moving Blankets

For a very affordable option that doubles as moving blankets, uBoxes Moving Blankets (Amazon) can help out with sound control. They are very lightweight and not as thick as some dedicated solely to soundproof in, but they are still very valuable in their own right.

The blankets are mostly known for helping protect furniture and help with the moving process. They add a good amount of width and depth to the mix, which is what just about any furniture owner is looking for. They do not want to run the risk of possibly having furniture damage, but what people do not realize that they also help protect against sound.

Despite being just 3 mm thick, these blankets do a great job when working together. People might need multiple blankets since they are only 72 “x 54 “, but it is not that hard to layer them if that is what a person wants to accomplish.

Since they are so affordable, it is worth having around for any type of use out there. Some will use these for a few different options, while others will simply focus on the soundproofing opportunity. They are definitely affordable, and might just be the solution for the vast majority of people.


  • Very affordable.
  • Works as moving blankets as well.
  • Durable.


  • Might not have the thickness some need.
  • A little small.

4. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

As if the name is not obvious enough, Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets are extremely affordable solutions for people who need a little bit of soundproofing. Their top model is the Supreme when looking at soundproofing, and it provides a good amount of bulk that does a solid job of controlling sound. Considering the size, it is also going to cover just about anything a person can think of.

Using polyester for the blanket, many are surprised by just how well these do in various situations. Although their main role is to help with moving, they can provide a solid amount of soundproofing without feeling like they are in ever in the way.

One of the unique options that they have is textile blankets, which are a little bit smaller and lighter than the other two.

They are also made of cotton, which is actually a very good material for blocking noise. They are certainly good for smaller tasks, so keep them in mind when looking at a few different options out there.


  • Three different sizes to choose from.
  • Polyester and cotton options.
  • Affordable.


  • Stitching comes undone a little easy.
  • Show age rather quickly.

5. Sure-Max Soundproofing Blankets

Sure-Max Soundproofing Blankets

Their ultra-thick blanket option (Amazon) is perfect for people who need soundproofing and that extra bit of added thickness. It weighs about 65 pounds/DZ, which is sufficient for just about any shopper out there.

They are going to be blown away by what they were able to accomplish as far as soundproofing is concerned, even though they are not necessarily only used for that.

Maybe the most frustrating thing about these blankets is the fact that they do not come with any type of grommets. It is a premium solution that is made of padded virgin cotton batting, and the polyester binding brings it all together as well.

The stitching holds together well, the blanket stays in place for the most part, and it is an affordable option for people on any budget. If a person really wants to, they can decide to make their own grommets to make sure that it hangs the way it should.


  • Very thick and heavy.
  • Stitching is well done.
  • Premium materials for a low price.


  • No grommets.
  • Go in and out of stock frequently.

6. EasyGoProducts Heavy Moving Blankets

EasyGoProducts Heavy Moving Blankets

Available in three packs, these heavy moving blankets are extremely affordable for people who want something that works for specific sizes. The blankets are on the small side, so keep that in mind if a big area needs covered.

The good news is they do come in three packs, so most big areas will still get full coverage, but it just might take two in order to get the job done.

The debate on whether polyester or cotton is better does not get any easier with the heavy moving blankets, as they opt for a non-woven polyester. It is very dense and heavy, which is apparent right away as soon as they go up.

Since these are moving blankets first and foremost, they do not have the grommets that so many people would like to see. That is a little frustrating, because it is a heavier option that they probably use the extra support. Like the others listed above, there is a workaround if a person really wants to install their own grommets and go from there.


  • Smaller option for unique circumstances.
  • Heavy recycled cotton inside is very durable.
  • Works well for layering.


  • No grommets.
  • Small size is not for everyone.

7. Big Boxer Grommeted Soundproof Blanket

Big Boxer Grommeted Soundproof Blanket

The final blanket to make this list comes from Big Boxer (Amazon), and it is built for big tasks. It comes with grommets and even metal loops, so this can be put up just about anywhere for easy setup.

With a size of 78 “x 72 “, one of these blankets can get the job done in most locations. It is made of a non-woven polyester on the outside, and a blend of cotton and polyester inside. This makes it a pretty heavy and dense blanket overall, and still won the folds up pretty efficiently as well.


  • Very dense.
  • Grommets and metal reinforcement rings.
  • Machine washable.


  • Stuffing is not the highest quality.
  • Starts to show a little bit of age quickly.

How to Chose the Right Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof Blanket How to Choose

The best way to shop for a soundproofing blanket is to keep in mind some key features that will dictate price, effectiveness, and so much more.

It can sometimes be a little bit difficult to judge everything online, but reading reviews and looking for keywords connected to these choices will usually make a pretty big difference. (Source)

Density and Thickness

The simplest way to judge some soundproofing blankets is to simply see how much density and thickness they have. If there is quite a bit, it is usually going to do a pretty good job of stopping sound.

With that said, not all thicknesses are created equally. Material matters to a certain degree and some materials are well known for being able to stay relatively thin, while providing a strong amount of sound protection.

A lot of people who are shopping in person will be able just to tell how dense and thick a soundproofing blanket actually is. Shoppers looking at items online can tell a lot from pictures as well.


Weight is strongly connected to density and take this, and the same rules mostly apply. Soundproof blankets that are very effective are going to be somewhat heavy, but not to the point that they are tough to move around.

One of the biggest negatives to any soundproofing blanket out there is to pick it up and feel like it is very lightweight.

Companies are always looking for the balance between being portable and capable of going on any surface, and still being pretty heavy. A soundproof blanket needs to have a good weight to it so that it feels like it is very effective.


Different people have different needs when it comes to getting the right size for a soundproof like it.

It needs to fit the space it is mainly going to cover, and also be a little bit bigger than that. If the entire space is covered, it is going to defeat the purpose in a lot of ways since sound will still be able to leak.

The standard size for a soundproof blanket is 80” x 72 “. There are some smaller ones available for people, but it is generally recommended to go with at least one big one.

There is always the option of folding the blanket if it is not all needed, and it can actually provide more noise control when that is the case.

If it is a really big area, adding multiple blankets to have full coverage is the best option. It is going to take some time to set that up just right, but it is generally worth it in the end.

Hanging Options

Investing in a soundproof blanket is mostly done because people want to have a portable option when the time comes. That is why most blankets come with something that can help with the installation process without having to think too much.

The most common addition is the grommets on the top of a blanket. This allows for easy installation on a rod, and a wire for that matter.

If grommets are there, a person can always decide to install them on their own if it will be put up on a rod pretty frequently.

Another option is to add a hook, or multiple hooks to have everything hang as it should. It might not hang quite as well compared to grommets, but it will do a fairly good job if there are no other options.


The overall look of a soundproof blanket might not matter to some, but those who use it a lot will want to blend in with the rest of the room. A lot of people go for a very neutral color since it might be used for various situations.

If the blanket is used for one specific purpose, treat it a lot like a painting or picture on the wall. It is fine to look for something that is a bit more creative, and maybe able even to stand out. As long as it still does a good job, it is going to be just fine.


There is always a balance of getting a very affordable soundproof blanket, and getting one that actually is effective.

What a lot of people will find when looking online is that the cheapest options are pretty hit or miss. It can be very frustrating for people who might be tricked into getting these inexpensive options, but it can pay to spend a little more money upfront.

On the high end, blankets can get fairly expensive, but people need to realize what they are permanently replacing.

Any type of high-quality soundproofing is going to cost a decent amount of money, so having that portability added to it is actually a fairly decent deal.

Best Places to Put Soundproof Blankets For Maximum Effectiveness?


The most common areas for soundproof blankets tend to be over doors or windows. They are both very vulnerable areas in rooms, and they do not have the same type of soundproofing solutions that standard walls, floors, and ceilings have.

Another advantage is that blankets are pretty easy to put over doors and windows. For a door, it is a simple as hanging the blanket over one side and letting it go do its work. In some cases, it does not even need to be secure in order for everything to be set up properly.

Windows are a little trickier, but there are ways to attach the blankets temporarily, or permanently. There is usually a wire or track system above a window that people can use as a way to hook a blanket up.

If it seems like the window needs permanent treatment, it might be better to go with a soundproof curtain instead. It is going to look a little more natural, and it will be easier to open and close if some light is needed.

Are Soundproof Blankets Worth the Investment?

Generally speaking, soundproof blankets are one of the most versatile soundproofing options a person can invest in. There are some high-quality options out there, including all the ones listed above.

Do not be afraid to shop around for the best prices, and make sure that the blankets are designed specifically for a particular use.

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