Champion 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator 2020 Review

As one of the most trusted names in generators out there, Champion Power Equipment has produced some high-quality options for just about any fit. That is why expectations are very high when trying out the new Champion 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator.

The company has packed a lot of power and extras into a portable generator that can be used for so many different options. Does it stand up to some of the other outstanding picks in this range? Early results point to yes, and it could just be the best value out there right now.

First impressions

Those shopping for a 2000 watt generator usually have a pretty good idea of their overall power needs. This is something that works best for camping, tailgating, power a big item or two, or even backing up a few essentials. It is not big enough to use as a home back up generator, but it is still surprisingly powerful for its size.

A huge selling feature is that this is a dual fuel generator, which means it runs on gasoline or propane. They have added an EZ Start Dial, which allows for instant operation when power is needed most. A person can decide on whether they are using gasoline or propane, and just a quick switch shows results.

Once on, it is a very reliable generator that can run for a long time. A full tank of gasoline will allow for about 11 hours of run time at 25% load. Using propane, it does not operate quite as long, but still outperforms most of the other generators in this range.

Features, Features, and More Features

Champion 2000 Watt Duel Fuel Generator

The EZ Start Dial is just the first of many features that people will come to really appreciate with this Champion generator. They are all beneficial for those looking to save time, energy, and potential headaches.

Anyone who lives in a cold environment will love the Cold Start Technology that comes with the generator. It is great to know that it always works in any type of weather, as a generator is usually needed the most during extremes. The days of struggling with engines that are impossible to start in the winter are over.

Monitoring the generator is very easy, as there is a digital power panel that includes all the vital information. A person can quickly glance at the generator to see the current oil level, power output, fuel level, run time, fuel life, and more.

People generally will find themselves spending a lot less time standing over the generator to make sure that it is operating as it should. Simply setting it up and turning it on allows for the generator to operate on its own for hours without assistance.

For those who run the generator at night, the Fuel Fill Assist LED is something that seems simple but is a very welcomed addition. It is a push-button LED that is built into the handle of the generator so that a person can see the entire fill area for gasoline.

It dramatically reduces the chances of an accident, and it is just a very convenient option to have instead of using an alternative.

How Does the Engine Stack Up?

Features are nice, but a generator is usually only as good as the engine underneath all the bells and whistles. The 80cc Champion engine is one of the most efficient options in this range right now. Not only does it operate quietly, but it is extremely powerful without needing to warm up at all.

Shortly after starting things up, the engine reached 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts at full capacity. This is when operating with gasoline. When using propane, the numbers adjust to 1800 starting watts and 1400 running watts.

Those looking to be as efficient as possible can switch the inverter to Smart Economy Mode. This mode works very well, while still providing some pretty solid power. It helps to extend the engine life and provide better overall fuel economy. The sound of the generator also reduces significantly when in economy mode, so it might be perfect for night time.

The engine works flawlessly with any parallel kit a person decides to invest in. By simply having two inverters, they are stackable to double the power and give more outlet options as well.

Speaking of outlet options, Champion offers a pretty standard variety so that people feel pretty comfortable overall. There are two 120V 20a household outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and one dual port USB adapter.

If a person wants even more outlets, there are adapters available to push the limits a bit. Just keep in mind that the amount of power needed increases in a hurry when adding a bunch of smaller options.

Just How Quiet is the Generator?

2000 Watt Champion Generator Sound Test

Any portable generator company loves to market itself as the quietest option out there. However, most of them fall in the same sound range for the most part. While there is not a huge difference when testing against other quiet generator options, this definitely is on the quieter side of things.

It measured at just over 50 dB from 25 feet away. When strategically placed, this allows for people to pretty much forget that it is even operating. It sounds like a fairly quiet appliance in the home, such as the dishwasher.

In our test, the generator was producing between 56-57 decibels standing 25 feet away, but that’s normal considering the reverberation of my house, as you can see in the video above.

There is no difference in noise levels between powering the generator with propane or gasoline when the generator is running on a load. If however, the generator is not running on a load, the propane power will be a few decibels louder in our test.

Even though the generator is very powerful, the engine is about as efficient as they come. That is the major reason why it stays relatively quiet at all times.

It also helps that the casing that surrounds the entire generator muffles the sound better than just about any option out there. The finish on the generator is pretty sleek in general, giving it a modern look not seen with many other generators.

Final Verdict

It has been nothing but a positive experience so far using this 2000 Watt Dual Fuel Generator from Champion. In fact, it is a perfect alternative to the very popular Honda EU 2200i that so many people have relied on over the years.

Champion offers a lower price, and it might even be the better option regardless of price at this point. Champion poured a lot of new technology into this generator that will have competitors scrambling.

This generator is reliable, versatile, portable, and quiet. If the power output is not enough, the parallel kit allows any set up to double in power. All the features are protected with a three-year limit warranty, which really is the final selling point. It is one of the best values in this range of generators right now for people to consider.

Currently, Costco is the only retailer offering this particular model. Click the link for a comparable Champion generator from Home Depot or Amazon if you are unable to shop at Costco.

2000 Watt Champion Generator – Home Depot

2000 Watt Champion Generator – Amazon


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