Do Soundproof Sleeping Pods Actually Work? 3 Best Options

Getting quality sleep usually comes down to finding a quiet area to eliminate as many distractions as possible. For those who are struggling, turning to a soundproof sleeping pod or chamber might be the way to go.

There are some fancy options out there for people who want to spend a lot of money, but not everyone has that capability. For those who want to sleep in peace without spending a ton, there are some cheaper alternatives as well.

Even though some gimmicks are out there involving soundproof pods, the truth of the matter is, they do work for the most part. There are different levels of noise control out there, but the quieter each night is, the more sleep a person can enjoy.

Not only can soundproof sleeping pods help with controlling sound, but they can help with temperature control, light, and overall protection (source). Some people even get high-quality air pumped in to allow for perfect breathing.

One of the most important things is to shop around and see what all is available. There are a lot of companies trying to capitalize on sleeping pods becoming more and more popular, so they are showing up more than ever. Just about all of the ready-made options are pretty expensive, so before spending a lot of money, make sure that the right one is found.

There are not a ton of options available right now since soundproof sleeping pods are still very much a novelty in a lot of cases. People are starting to see the benefits, and they could eventually start to take off. Right now, these are a few of the best options that help out in so many other ways besides just controlling sound.

1. The Tranquility Pod

The Tranquility Pod

The main selling point of this soundproof sleeping pod is to help with reducing stress, boosting relaxation, and enhancing sleep overall. It is very much soundproof, and some people may initially think that they would feel a little claustrophobic inside.

However, it controls the temperature well, provides light if a person needs it, and there is even a way to play some music to help with relaxation.

Tranquility pods are a little expensive and bulky, and it might seem a little weird to get inside them at first as well. The good news is that they are constantly making tweaks to the design of the pod, so people will begin to see some changes overall.

Overall, this might be the top option at this point. It is the one pod that is designed specifically for soundproofing first and foremost, and it helps in so many other ways that people will get better overall sleep.


  • Customized specifically for sleep.
  • Control other factors that play into a comfortable sleep.
  • Durable enough to last a long time.


  • Expensive.
  • Tough to adjust to at first.

2. Framery Acoustics Pod Options

Framery Pod

These pods might not be explicitly designed for sleeping in mind, but there are three different sizes for people who are looking to try things out. Framery Pods are versatile enough that they can be used for meeting rooms and offices as well, but some people want to sleep in them and benefit from having sound completely controlled.

This modern pod fits into a lot of different designs out there, which is always a good thing for people who want to make sure that their room still looks pretty good.

Everything is completely sealed off, but the downside is that a person does need to bring their own bed as part of the process. This makes the soundproofing a little expensive, but some people believe that it is well worth the extra money.


  • Versatile enough for many types of uses.
  • Eliminates sound extremely well.
  • Three different sizes.


  • Not built specficially for sleeping.
  • Light comes in a little easily.

3. SlumberPod Privacy Pod

SlumberPod Privacy Pod

Adults are covered with the two above, but what about children who are having trouble sleeping in a very private and quiet area? If that is the issue, these privacy pods are the perfect set up. It is pretty small, inexpensive, and works at home or on the road to provide a customized experience.

Children can have a hard time getting a lot of sleep if they are not in the right environment. The SlumberPod is designed to not only provide ultimate privacy for a child but eliminate sound as much as possible as well. If they are not distracted with everything else going on, it could be challenging to get the sleep they need.

Parents can put just about any type of bed up to a specific size inside, and it will be just fine for children to sleep comfortably. It allows them to enjoy their own little setup, and it is something that almost makes it seem like camping out every single day. A lot of kids like it so much that parents will go ahead and decide to allow them to sleep in the pod consistently.


  • Portable.
  • Provides sound and light control.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Does not kill as much sound like some of the other part options.
  • Not particularly durable.

Sleeping Pod or Chamber Alternative?

Since the price of a soundproof sleeping pod is still fairly expensive, a lot of people are looking for an alternative that will help them as well. They might not always be the same as buying an actual sleeping pod, but it does help to a certain degree.

People do not have to spend a lot of extra money to get a similar type of effect, although it will not come with all the bells and whistles that a permanent pod setup comes with.

Canopy Bed With Drapes

This is probably the most practical option for people who want to have something similar to a soundproof pod to sleep in every single night. The canopy bed is pretty cozy, and if it is surrounded by heavy drapes, the sound is completely controlled.

The canopy bed (Amazon) is pretty easy to set up, so all that is left is hanging the heavy drapes from the right areas for full overall coverage. The thicker the material is, the better it will be overall.

Try to find something that keeps everything cozy, but not to the point that it overheats a person inside. Remember that it is going to close off the bed from the outside world, so anything that is too heavy might raise the temperature to the point that makes it frustrating. If that might be an issue, also look into as big of a bed as possible. That will make the drapes a lot more spread out.

Heavy-duty drapes (Amazon) are going to work best against high-frequency sound for the most part. It struggles a bit with low-frequency sound, but people will still notice a pretty big difference. All in all, it is an affordable way to simulate a soundproof pod.

Bed Tent Dream Tent

Bed Tent

A bed tent (Amazon) is something that would work great as a sleeping chamber alternative. The tent makes an isolated pod in it self. Of course they don’t have the soundproofing capabilities of an actual sleeping pod but that can easily be fixed using a bit of imagination.

The best way to make a bed tent soundproof is to cover it with a couple of moving blankets (Amazon). This would be the most cost effective way by far. Moving blankets are reletively innexpensive and are thick enough to give some good soundproofing.

Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets

If a person does not want to install soundproof curtains, a more temporary solution is to use moving blankets. These heavy blankets are not only going to help with soundproofing, but they can help with light issues as well. The best thing is, they are easy to move just about anywhere, so they can be used for temporary problems.

Moving blankets are designed to help with protecting furniture during a move, and they can be used for that when soundproofing is not needed as well.

They are usually made a very similar material to soundproofing curtains, so a person can pretty much use them the same way overall. The downside is that they do not really have anything that can allow a person to attach them to a wall easily, as they might be draped over for some sound absorption.

Furniture Arrangement

The layout of a bedroom can play a pretty significant role and how much sound a person here is when they are trying to sleep. The most obvious move at first is to put the bed in an area that is not closest to where all the sound usually comes from. It just makes no sense to have the bed near a wall that lets in a lot of sound, because it is going to be that much more noticeable.

Once the bed is in the right area, rearranging furniture to have a quality sound absorption lot as well. For example, if there is one vulnerable spot in a room where sound like to come through, go ahead and put a thick piece of furniture there to help kill the sound.

A bookshelf is just one example that goes right up against the wall and can help add mass. To help even more, putting some mass loaded vinyl or some other soundproofing material behind the bookcase can really help out with sound.

The important thing is not to have a lot of bare area in a bedroom if sound is an issue. There are sound waves that can easily bounce off of the walls, floors, and ceiling if a person is not careful.

Earplugs (I use them!)

There is the option of using earphones or earplugs (Amazon) that a person feels like they do not have any issues having something in the years. It is not for everyone, as it can be very uncomfortable to sleep on a person side with them in. It also just does not feel that natural, which some people can never get past.

The good news is that this is a very inexpensive option, so a person can try it out and see if it works for them. Those who can sleep with earplugs in should always have them around, because they could come in handy if there is a lot of unexpected noise.

Are soundproofing pods worth it?

If a person finds that a soundproofing pod fits in their budget, and they can’t seem to figure out what to do when handling sound, this is a perfect solution for great sleep. There are so many different options out there these days, and people can get something that specializes in different results as well.

If it does not fit into a person’s budget, there are plenty of alternative options out there for people who do not want to sleep with a lot of sounds bothering them. It might not always work exactly how a person would like, but it does come in handy for the most part.

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