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Honda has officially released some information on a new portable generator to the masses with the EU32i. The main selling point with the generator is that it’s equipped with a newly designed dedicated engine with a maximum output of 3.2kVA. The initial launch takes place in Europe in March, with other regions around the world getting the option later on in 2022.

The general use of generators is starting to change with each passing year. One of the biggest changes Honda has seen is that people like to use generators for even more standard and obscure uses than in the past.

Having something that can be a power source for fun activities outside, as well as for emergency use when the power goes out, its nice to have.  To be versatile, it must have a lightweight feel and portability so that it can move around wherever it’s needed.



What’s New With the EU3200i

The EU32i (EU3200i) brings all of that to the table and more. It has a new GX 130 engine with a sine wave inverter, and it all comes in a very portable form.

With the EU32i, customers will be able to get a smooth electrical output with a smooth waveform for them. This means the EU32i will be good enough to use with even more options than ever before.

No one was sure if Honda could make a more versatile option capable of handling so many different uses, but that’s exactly what they’ve done. It’s meant to trump every other option currently on the market for them in this power range.

How Much Does the Honda EU32i Weight?

Honda EU3200i

At 58 pounds, adults can carry it one-handed for short stretches as long as they have a good grip. This Honda inverter generator will weight almost 100 pounds lighter than the model it replaces, the Honda EU3000i.

Honda also spent time making some changes to the exterior of the generator which makes it look like a slightly larger version of the EU2200l. The colors are pretty standard with a black base and some red trim, but it’s really about durability and sleekness that makes this one stand out.

They’ve rounded the corners of the generator so that the chance of damage has decreased. Users no longer run as high of a risk of bumping into things and showing wear and tear.

It’s a rugged generator that will be able to withstand a lot of carrying around if necessary. The handle is strategically placed and works well so that most people will be able to carry it without any issues.

Honda Inverter EU3200i Bluetooth Capable

The smartness of this generator also fits in perfectly with 2022. There is an app designed by Honda that works on all smartphones through Bluetooth. Users will be able to tap in and check on the EU32i generator whenever they need to.

Vital information such as fuel level and remaining operating time is easy to see. There’s even a remote control option to turn the engine off and on at any time.

This generator will only have the “remote shut-off” option and will not be capable of turning on by using the app. Only models equipped with electric start will have this option. This new Honda Gen comes only with a pull start.

This comes in handy if a person doesn’t want to necessarily go over to the generator to control it. Ultimately, using a smartphone with this generator will make your life just a tad simpler and easier. 

Why Purchase the New EU32i?

Honda EU32i Inverter Generator

As the new generator with electronic fuel injection hits the market, some wonder if it’s worth investing in the EU32i over what they already own. Maybe people are looking for their first-ever generator, and this will instantly be added to the mix as well.

Why purchase the new EU32i? These seem to be the major selling points as reasons why this one sticks out from the crowd. Every shopper is different, but it’s already looking like a possible best-seller given its versatility.

Ultimate Portability

Portability seems to be a major focus from Honda with this release. The generator is very lightweight, yet still packs a powerful punch.

It will be interesting to see if more good news comes from this release, as it’s still unsure what the runtime will be.

Many hope that it can get past that six-hour mark thanks to the electronic fuel injection that’s included. Fuel prices are getting more and more out of hand across the world, so having a good run time with an option like this helps out tremendously.

Seamless App Use

The future of generators is here, and not having remote access seems like an inconvenience more than anything.

When purchasing a brand new generator in today’s world, a seamless smartphone app that does a lot of the heavy lifting makes such a difference.

The EU32i generator from Honda comes with everything a person needs to make life easier with a couple of button pushes.

It saves time and energy controlling the generator from afar. This ultimately will help people maximize the usage of their generators.

Judging from other Honda generators, connecting virtually anywhere is never an issue. Once a generator gets up and going, people won’t need to get close to it again until all the power runs out.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Hinda Inverter Generator

Finally, the electronic fuel injection looks like a heavily pushed feature from Honda as a great addition to the EU32i. This is the same type of option that’s available on the EU7000i generator, and it’s received a lot of positive reactions since its release.

Many people are starting to worry about the price of fuel, as there seem to be no signs of the increase slowing down.

That means that having a gas inverter that also has great run time is pretty much essential. It’s a generator that will be specifically very popular in California, as it will provide value while also being approved by their strict regulations.

Solar generators just can’t match what electronic fuel injection can do right now. Until that happens, these portable options make sense in the long run.

Solar might be coming after traditional generators at some point, but that’s still somewhat far off for any heavy use. (Source)

Honda EU32I Pre-Sales


Pre-sales are starting to kick off in the United Kingdom for the EU3200i, which means that consumers are starting to get their first look at additional details.

The first thing that is noticeable right away is that the Honda EU3200i is priced at £2900. That means that the United States could be looking at a price tag of $3800 or more when converting the price.

For a lot of people, this news comes as a disappointment since that’s a pretty steep price to pay compared to what else is on the market.

Nothing will be set in stone for the price in the United States, but it usually gives a pretty good idea overall.

Why is the Honda EU3200i so expensive? A lot of the specs have already been covered, but it mostly comes down to the Honda name and some of the new technological features added. It has some of the best options out there as far as Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone usage is concerned.

People can be much more efficient with how much they use the generator at all times.

The compactness of the generator also is a huge selling factor for a lot of shoppers. Compare the 3200i directly to the 2200i, and the size isn’t really that much different. If a person can easily carry one, they’ll be able to carry the other.

Other Specs Updates

We’re still waiting to hear what the actual tank size of the Honda EU32i will be. It does have a run time of just over 7.5 hours at 1/4 load.

That’s a solid amount that will help sell the generator in general. It’s also unclear if there is any minor tweaking as far as the back of the generators are concerned.

There’s a rumor that some little features could be added last second to make it even more valuable. Something simple like a charger on the generator to handle personal items could be a positive overall.

Continue to stay tuned to learn more information on the Honda EU3200i. A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this generator, as if it’s a sweet spot for a lot of consumers.

The sticker shock of the price tag might have lessened the popularity a bit, but all the different features still have people locked in and curious about what they can get their hands on.

When Will The Honda EU3200i Come Out!

Shipping delays have made it very difficult to predict almost anything. Generators from most of the big names have had shipping delays due to COVID-19, and there’s still a lot of catching up to do.

The prediction right now seems to be sometime in the summer, but that could change at any time. The safe bet is to count on the end of summer as the most realistic timetable.

Final Thoughts

There are still some people curious to see how this generator will hold up with consistent use. Like any new release, that won’t be known until much later.

However, Honda’s one of the most trusted companies when it comes to generators, and they likely aren’t going to put their reputation on the line with a subpar release.

The EU32i is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022 across the board. It has the chance to be much more portable than the EU3000i, dropping all the way down to 58 pounds from around 140 pounds.

If it can have power that’s good enough for most people to use whenever they need that extra bit of assistance, it’s going to sell very well.

Stay tuned to learn more about the price, availability, and everything else about the new EU32i generator when it becomes available. As more and more people learn about the release, the hype surrounding the generator only increases.

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