How to Make a Dartboard Quieter – 7 Easy Options

Throwing darts has been a hobby of many for years, but it is not exactly the quietest activity to do at home. When an activity is very noisy, it can frustrate those who are trying to play at any hour.

One way to increase dart playing opportunities is to make it a bit quieter. Some steps are pretty straightforward, but there are actually some changes to the game itself that can reduce the sound as well.

Starting with one of the most simple methods, here is a look at how to play darts a bit more freely.

Before diving into some soundproofing solutions, there are some simpler ways to reduce sound and make darts a little quieter. Sometimes, a small tweak can make a huge difference.

1. Move the Dartboard to a Quieter Location

Before really getting into some soundproofing methods, let us get the most obvious answer out of the way. Moving a dartboard to a quieter location is the easiest way to reduce unwanted sounds.

There’s a reason why dartboards are usually found in game rooms, basements, and similar areas. Try to put a dartboard up on an exterior wall if at all possible. If it is on an interior wall, the other room is going to hear the sounds every single time.

Do not be afraid to explore outdoor options as well with darts. It is not as fun to play when it is windy out, but underneath an overhang or even in the garage are both solid options to consider.

The more a person plays, the more they should start looking into consistent areas that are quiet enough to play at any hour.

Wherever the board ultimately ends up, make sure that the wall can take some abuse a bit as well. It makes no sense to abuse the wall with misfired darts here and there. That is just another reason why they show up often in the more tucked away rooms of a home.

2. Use a Stand Instead of the Wall

Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard stand

It is pretty common to throw a dartboard up on a wall, but it is not the only solution for people who want to play the game consistently. Some people believe that it is better to put it up on a stand instead. It might not be as permanent of a solution, but it helps with sound control.

A stand makes sure that a dart is not going to be hitting the wall directly, which helps contain the sound to just that room.

Some people do not like the way that it presents itself on a stand compared to the wall, but people always have to make at least a little bit of a sacrifice.

Another downfall to this option is that a dartboard stand (Amazon) is not exactly cheap. A person could spend money on soundproofing material and see results in that way.

Soundproofing material will benefit other sounds as well, while a dartboard stand will only help with playing darts.

Finally, there is the fact that not all shots are going to hit the dartboard. Even players who are good at darts will miss from time to time, and when on a stand, something needs to be up for protection behind it.

The whole set up takes up more space than most people initially realize. It is still a solution, but not everyone will be on board.

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3. Switch to Longer Darts

A short, compact dart is going to make a pretty big sound every single time. That thumping noise that comes from darts as they smack against the board is hard to avoid.

Longer darts are a bit softer as far as noise is concerned. It is pure physics, as energy has to travel just a little bit further before it gets to the wall. It might not make that much of a difference to some people, but others will realize the change almost right away.

The trade-off is that some people are very partial to certain types of darts. If a person really likes enjoying the game and playing with a set of darts, there is no reason to switch that up without exploring some other sound controlling options before.

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4. Soundproofing the Dartboard With MDF

Soundproofing Dartboard MDF

When moving the dartboard to another location isn’t going to work, there are several other options to take a look at as well. One method that works particularly well is soundproofing a dartboard by using medium density fiberboard (Amazon).

It is pretty inexpensive to shop for MDF, but it helps to reduce sound right away. Preparation isn’t that tough, and most will be able to do it themselves.

The important thing to keep in mind is to try cutting the MDF board to the same size as the dartboard itself. This is so the soundproofing material doesn’t distract at all from the look of the dartboard.

All it takes is using some adhesive pads to attach the material to the dartboard. Using it is fairly easy to take apart if needed, which is better than a more permanent adhesive solution.

5. Acoustic Panels

Some will stop at MDF, as that will add enough additional padding to the board as well. The more MDF and padding between the dartboard and the wall, the quieter things will be.

An alternative is to use an acoustic panel behind a dartboard. It gives the board a bit of thickness to help absorb any impact. It works the same way as a lot of other masses, but might help with acoustics just a bit more.

6. Pre-Made Backboards

Dart Board Backboard

Finally, some pre-made backboards from Amazon help control sound when darts are thrown consistently. They are sound deadening mats that go behind the board, and they surround a little bit more area.

This is to protect the wall against any major misses, because it just takes one to have an impact on the walls.

7. Making the Entire Wall Quieter

If focusing on the dartboard is not a quality solution, there is the option of using sound deadening material on the entire wall. This is going to take a little bit more time and cost more money, but it could help with acoustics in the room in general.

If more than just dartboard sounds are distracting from the room, it might make more sense to go with something like this. Some people will go as far as making one particular room the “loud” room, so soundproofing the walls will offer a bit more freedom.

Soundproofing a room might be overkill to some, but using the room for other purposes makes the investment worth it. Instead of soundproofing a bunch of individual items, just a single room gets the treatment and will be soundproofed forever.

What type of realistic expectations should people have when soundproofing a dartboard?

It is one thing to feel like sound can be greatly reduced, especially in adjacent rooms. It is another thing to think that darts are going to suddenly be extremely quiet to play.

No matter what a person decides to do, the dartboard is still going to make noise upon impact. There are ways to control the sound a bit, but it is impossible to stop vibrations completely.

The most efficient way to really see a big difference is to invest in a dartboard backboard, or at least a sound deadening mat. Some people will be able to make their own, put some premade options on mine as well. It is a pretty niche thing to purchase, so it usually won’t be available in many stores.

No matter what option a person ultimately goes with, the important thing is that throwing darts is no longer limited. People should ever feel like they can’t play a game day enjoy so much. It isn’t the loudest, and with a few steps, it can be quiet it down significantly.

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