How to Make a Refrigerator Quieter With These 6 Simple Tips

A noisy refrigerator can be really irritating, particularly during the night. Whether you have a brand new or old fridge, it’s quite certain that some type of noise will be present. Since your refrigerator needs to be working all day and night long, it is only natural that the noise coming from it will be constant.

In many cases, most of the noises your fridge produces are just normal, and they actually prove that your fridge is operating. However, in some cases, there are certain adjustments you can perform in order to reduce the noise coming from your refrigerator or the compressor. So, here are a few tips on how to make a refrigerator quieter.

What Are the Reasons for a Noisy Refrigerator and How to Fix Them

Before you start fixing an issue, you first need to identify the problem. Here are some of the reasons your refrigerator might be making some annoying noises.

  • Hissing or water dribbling noises are mostly associated with the natural flow of oil or refrigerant inside of a compressor.
  • A pulsating noise is usually the result of your compressor or fans inside your refrigerator trying to perform well.
  • A vibration noise may indicate that your fridge is not properly leveled to the floor. Loose handles or door can also, be the cause of some rattling noise coming from your fridge. Screwing those parts of the fridge back in place will usually help you get rid of that problem.

Fixing Noise Coming From the Back of the Fridge

If you find out that most of the noise comes from the back of your refrigerator, you should have a closer look at three basic elements of your fridge: the condenser fan, the compressor, and the defrost timer. The condenser fan is usually situated near the far back end of your fridge, and it is usually covered with some panel. If dust or lint has been stacked between the blades of the fan, then it is only normal that some type of hissing noise can be heard during the day.

In order to deal with such an issue, you first need to unplug your refrigerator and locate your condenser fan. With the use of a soft brush, carefully clean each blade of the fan until there is no sign of any debris thereby. If however, there is no dust present, then it is probably time you consider changing the motor of the fan.

The compressor is usually quite silent in modern fridges. A noisy compressor is a really bad sign for your fridge, and in most cases, it means that you need to replace it as soon as possible. Besides, we should not forget that a compressor is associated with the gas and pressure inside your refrigerator. That being said, the noise coming from that device is probably an indicator that bad gas maintenance or high pressure is present in your fridge.

If you find out that the noise comes from the defrost timer, then the best idea is to totally replace that piece before some more serious damage comes to your fridge.

1. Make the Refrigerator Compressor Quieter

A compressor is usually made within the noise range of 70 dba and 90 dba. A noise level below 75 dba is a good indicator that your compressor is quite silent. That doesn’t mean, however, that it does not make the least noise.

Compressors are usually quite expensive. For this reason, replacing them should be a final choice if you don’t have any alternatives. Fortunately, there are some effective ways that can help you make the compressor of your refrigerator quieter.

The first solution is to place some rubber on the motor of the compressor. Rubber is a popular sound insulator material, capable of both absorbing and dampening noise. If you place some rubber grommets (Amazon) on the motor of the refrigerator, you will help the vibration that is produced by the operating motor to get absorbed.

Another idea is to wrap the part of the compressor that is probably responsible for making all that noise: the motor. Use some type of sound deadening mat to wrap the motor and reduce the noise that it produces. Mass Loaded Vinyl is what I would personally use because it does not only act as a sound deadner but also acts as a sound blocker.

Alternatively, you can build a small room around the compressor with the use of a soundproof material. That solution is a bit more complicated, but it’s really effective nonetheless. If you choose to use such a technique, you need to have two basic things in mind.

The first one is to use high-quality sound deadening panels. This will ensure that proper insulation will be achieved. The second one is to provide proper and sufficient ventilation to the area you are going to build around your compressor. Otherwise, you risk the life of your compressor that may die of overheating.

2. Install an intake silencer

Indeed, one of the primary sources of noise that come from a refrigerator compressor is the intake. In order to reduce the level of noise coming from that part of the compressor, you can install a silencer. A combination makes those devices of two main parts: a silencing device and an efficient air filter.

Can I extend the intake part outside the house?

A cheap yet quite effective solution to dampen the noise that comes from your compressor is to place the intake part outside the house. How can you achieve that? By using a pipe to extend the intake and put it just outside your home.

Surely, you need to have the refrigerator placed in a suitable area that provides the necessary outdoors space if you wish to try out that solution. Although it’s not as effective as the use of a soundproof material around the motor, it can still help you considerably.

3. Consider Changing the Refrigerator’s Place

The place where you have put your refrigerator can affect a lot the amount of noise that reaches you. A simple yet effective solution would be to change that place. Ideally, choose a dent in the wall that can be effectively covered with some acoustic heatproof foam deadner. There is a variety of those panels in the market nowadays, depending on the amount of money you wish to spend.

After you have made the necessary measurements depending on the size and shape of your refrigerator, you can put those acoustic deadeners on the walls and ceiling that surround the dent in order to reduce the sound that comes from your refrigerator.

It is important to have in mind that the role of those deadeners is double: they can absorb to a great extent the annoying sound that comes from your fridge and they can dampen vibrations that are probably coming from the refrigerator’s compressor, as well.

4. Soundproof Your Refrigerator From the Inside

Another good solution would be to soundproof your refrigerator from the inside. Although there are many materials you could use, the most well-known is the so-called mass loaded vinyl (as I mentioned above). Being a material that can effectively block the transmittance of the sound around a place, it can definitely deprive the sound of coming out of your fridge.

For better results, you could place some mass loaded vinyl around the motor of the fridge, as well. If you wish only to use this type of material, you could also, place it on the wall that surrounds the refrigerator, instead of putting an acoustic deadner. Placing a thin piece of the vinyl underneath your fridge will ensure that no sound escapes from there, as well.

5. Regularly Clean the Compressor and the Fans

A dirty fan or compressor can cause a lot of unnecessary noise. In order to deal with that problem, you need to clean the dirt and dust from those two parts of your fridge every time they look dirty. You should also, check the coil and see if it’s working properly.

6. Use Vibration Pads Under the Refrigerator

In case you discover that your refrigerator vibrates or makes some shaking sounds, it is probably time for you to consider the use of some vibration pads. Those pads will help keep your fridge stable, and they will reduce the amount of sound that is created due to unnecessary vibrations.


Reducing the noise that comes from your refrigerator can make a huge difference in your everyday life. Living in a quiet house will ensure that you receive proper rest and that you can sleep soundly after a long and tiresome day. For this reason, if you discover that your refrigerator is making a lot of noise, you need to start identifying the source of the noise immediately. That will help you take proper measures to deal with the source of the problem.

In most cases, there are various things you can do on your own in order to make your refrigerator quieter. However, there is always the case that something really bad has happened to your fridge that is responsible for all this irritating noise. If such is the case, you may need to consider the advice of an expert before you decide to get rid of your fridge and purchase a new one. After all, spending as little unnecessary money as possible is everyone’s goal nowadays.

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