How to Reduce Washing Machine Noise With Anti Vibration Pads and Mats That Works!

In this article, we will be showing you some easy and cost-effective ways to reduce washing machine noise. Washing machines can become noisy as they age. That can be due to many different reasons. Sometimes the motor or the tumbler will make the washing machine vibrate and noisy and can drive someone to the brink of madness. Well, maybe not to that extent but it can surely be annoying. One simple way you can reduce a noisy washing machine is by placing a washing machine anti-vibration pads or mats underneath to absorb the vibrations.

Washing machines are notorious for producing a vibrational sound that travels into the floor joist and cavity and irritates the occupant’s bellow. You can simply place a washing machine anti-vibration pad or mat and should solve the vibration problem completely.

Dryer or Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Mats

Washer and Dryer anti-vibration pad.

Washing machine anti-vibration mats are made from a one-inch rubber panel. Most of these mats are built from recycled car tires, so not only does it absorb vibration, but it is also good for the environment.

The anti-vibration mat decouples the floor from the washer and will help absorb most of the vibration. We suggest that you lay them directly on the floor and then add a layer of wooden board on top of the mat. The wooden board will help support the legs or feet of the appliance and stop it from digging into the rubber. You can easily find a one-inch thick wooden board at your local hardware store.

The washing machine anti-vibration mat is one-meter square and is very dense.  They are resilient to moisture and easy to cut with a traditional saw or jigsaw. These types of bigger mats are also called anti-vibrations pads but usually when you see a product that has the word “pad” and not “mat” it usually means four individual pieces for each leg of the appliance. Click Here for Current Amazon Price.

Dryer or Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads

There are a few different washing machine anti-vibration pads on the market today. Most of these pads are cheap and can be difficult to know which one works as intended.  These anti-vibration washer pads are engineered to absorb the damaging vibrations and reduce annoying noise.

They could not be easier to install. Simply place anti-vibration pads on each corner of your washer or dryer, and you’re done.

The only anti-vibration pads that I’ve used in the past was the “STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Washer and Dryer Pads”. You can buy them for under twenty dollars in most cases. Click Here for the current price from Amazon. You can also buy cheaper versions for around five dollars, but after reading some reviews, I decided to stick with the Steady-Pad.

Official Steady Pad Description

Steady-Pad anti-vibration pads.

Is your washer or dryer wobbly, squeaky, or prone to “walk/skid” away from its spot when in use? STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration/Anti-Walk pads are the most effective solution available. These pads have been designed with premium heavy-duty rubber to fit ALL MODELS of washers and dryers on the market. STEADY-PAD is the key to keeping your washer and dryer anchored to your floor WITHOUT using adhesive. The pads stay put on your floor thanks to the unique micro-grip pattern molded on the underside of each pad. In addition to increased stability, the unique molded bottom and thick shock absorbing rubber provide the ideal buffer to eliminate excess vibration and sound. In each package, you’ll receive 4 STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration/Anti-Walk Pads and a User Guide. Each pad is 3 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches in thickness. The top of the pad features a 1.75-inch indentation to fit the leg on each corner of the machine securely. We confidently stand by our products with a 120-day money-back guarantee. Enjoy!”

When I had moved to my previous house, I had purchased a front-loading LG washing machine. The washer itself was exactly what my wife wanted, and it was working well. The only small problem we found was that it would shimmy across the floor when washing a small load. I first checked to make sure the leveling was correct, and it was. The problem wasn’t the washing machine itself; it was our linoleum floor that was too slippery to handle the washing machine spin cycle.

We bought these little steady-pad hockey pucks, placed them under the feet of the washer and immediately washed some clothes. Not only did the vibration stop but it also reduced the noise. I don’t find that the steady pads lessen the washing machine noise as much as the full one inch thick anti-vibration mats, but at this price, it was indeed worth it. Click Here for current Amazon Price.

Use a DIY Appliance Lifter When Lifting Washer and Dryer

I would strongly recommend using an appliance lifter when you need to lift your washer and dryer to place the pads underneath. If you’re older like my parents, these appliance lifters can be a back saver. You can also use these lifters to lift all sorts of furniture when you want to move stuff around.

The VibrationBloc is something I stumbled on when I was researching different ways on how to reduce my washing machine vibrations. I could not find this product on Amazon (where I do most of my online shopping).

VibrationBloc For Washing Machine Vibration Reduction.

I went on a Reddit message board and specifically asked about this item, and someone told me that they initially bought the vibrationblock for a 29″ stacked washer/dryer combo. They claimed that it helped a small amount with reducing vibration (but not much, even carefully following all recommendations). The house still shook a lot when it was in use. The machine was almost too big for the stand, and the feet barely fit within the depressions for them.

After researching and trying a couple of different washing machine anti-vibration products to reduce the washing machine noise; I have to say that my favorite one is the full square anti-vibration mat. If you have a smaller budget, the Steady Pad is another good choice.

I would skip the vibrationblock. I find the vibration block a bit too gimmicky and high tech to fix such a low tech problem.

Please leave a comment below if you use any of these product or any other anti-vibration products that you beleive work better than the ones Ive suggested.

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