How to Soundproof a Gaming Room – 15 Ways that Actually Works!

A gaming room can be a very enjoyable experience for the entire family. Not only will it provide the best sound possible for those enjoying a video game, but it will isolate the sounds in one particular area.

Instead of everyone having to listen to the sound that goes along with video games, just those inside the room can feel immersed.

Much like soundproofing any room, there are some steps a person can do on their own to get everything going in the right direction.

What are the best methods as far as soundproofing a gaming room is concerned? Start with a few of these easy-to-do changes, and the room will start sounding better than ever.

1. Soundproofing The Door


The door that goes into a gaming room is going to be a major focal point for anyone who wants to hear some major changes.

Even with the door closed, it is going to be very easy for sounds to get through the door itself, or any of the space and gaps between the setup.

There are many different ways a person can go about soundproofing the game room door to make it seem more like a wall. It is not as tough as it sounds, and can usually be done without any assistance.

Add Thickness To The Door

Doors tend to be pretty hollow, especially if they are located in the interior of a home. Since most game rooms are not going to the outdoors, they utilize particularly thin doors.

One way to help control the sound is to thicken the door as much as possible.

To start with, simply knock on the door and hear and feel how it sounds. If it is very hollow, chances are it is made of cardboard (Inside lining), or something very similar to that in density.

The bad news is that this is not doing much for soundproofing, but the good news is that it is pretty easy to fix.

The quickest and easiest way to add thickness to a door is to put sound dampening materials over it. Think about options such as moving blankets, foam, and more.

There is also the opportunity to put some soundproofing material inside the door, but it might be a little complicated to access.

The good part about doing that is it is out of sight, but people might call professionals to take care of everything. It also needs to be secured so that nothing is rattling around when opening the door each time.

Cover the Door with Soundproofing Blankets


The beauty of soundproofing blankets is that they can easily be moved anywhere and be extremely effective.

They are very thick in general, and they will not allow much sound to pass through them when they are hanging. One thing to note however is that these hanging soundproof door panels can be quite expensive, especially the ones that are custom made.

Some might want to opt for a more permanent hanging solution, while others will simply put it over the door when gaming is going on. Either option works, as the amount of time it takes to set things up, is pretty minimal.

As you can see in the video above, these types of door panels work very well to not only soundproof the doorway but also deaden the sound inside the room!

Soundproofing Curtains

Curtains and blankets (Amazon) are very similar, but curtains are usually looked at as a more permanent fixture. They need to be hanged in order for them to work, while blankets are usually pinned or draped over an area.

Some companies do not advertise their curtains at soundproofing, as they are really all about offering a great option to block sunlight.

A person can indeed get the best of both worlds with an option that does both effectively. Several companies offer this, and they are usually pretty affordable.

The best part is, they look just like regular curtains, so no one has to lose anything from an aesthetic standpoint.

Seal The Gaps


The spaces in between doors must be dealt with to make a room soundproof when it comes to gaming. Otherwise, even a door with the best soundproofing treatment is only going to be able to do so much.

It might not seem like much space, but sound can really escape with these without a proper sealant.

The cheapest option is to use weatherstripping (Amazon). It might seem a little weird to use weatherstripping for an interior door. But it is going to be a perfect sealant that not only helps control sound but will control temperature a little bit inside as well.

It is pretty easy to do all the measuring and cutting to set up the strips. Simply cover up the gaps from the inside of the soundproofing room to get the best look overall.

It will cut down noise leaving the gaming room, but also enhance the sound inside. Instead of hearing what else is going on in the home, everything is isolated to a particular room.

Bottom Door Draft Stopper


Doors are, by default, pretty easy to open and close. The reason why is that there is a gap between the door of the floor, and most people are fine with that from an operational standpoint.

When it comes to soundproofing, that gap needs to be treated in some way, and that is where a draft stopper (Amazon) can really come in handy.

Draft stoppers are pretty easy to install, and they will slide over any type of flooring. Also known as door sweeps, they will not mark up any floors, and they will be durable enough to last a long time as long as they are installed correctly.

Combine these with weatherstripping to seal off the entire door.

2. Soundproofing Windows


If the door is the biggest culprit for subpar sound in a gaming room, windows are right up there as well.

Soundproofing the door is one thing, but there will still be some struggles overall if the windows go untouched.

Some of the methods for windows are the same as those used for a door, and that is great news for those who want everything set up properly.

Soundproofing Curtains Or Moving Blankets

Curtains are by far the most effective option for soundproofing a window. This is because most people have curtains installed anyway, so using something thick and able to control sound is not going to be an issue at all.

Simply make the purchase and set them up, and they will provide years of protection.

For a more temporary look that might not be all that professional, blankets can do a lot of the same work. This is more for people who want to temporarily soundproof a room to be ready for gaming. They can easily be taken down when needed, and that is always convenient.

There are so many different color choices for curtains and blankets that people will find exactly what they need to fit in with the rest of the look.

This solution also helps with controlling the light that comes into the room, so keep that in mind. The only downfall is that with curtains, they must be closed to prove effectiveness.

In order to keep the room as soundproof as possible, it is probably not going to work to let natural light in.

Soundproof Window Panel


This solution is definitely a little expensive, but it might be the most effective. Single pane window users are going to definitely find it tough to provide quality soundproofing.

Getting a double pane window set up is definitely extremely beneficial. Usually, anything more than that is a bit overkill, as people see diminishing returns.

Soundproofing the Walls

The door and the window setups are extremely important, but the walls also need treatment for the best soundproofing results.

Walls are meant to be a little sturdier than the other two spots in the room, but that does not mean they need no treatment whatsoever. Not only are interior walls usually thin, but any cracks will make them even more vulnerable.

How can walls be treated properly so that they make the room sound as good as possible? Some of the solutions are a little easier than others, but they are all solutions that work.

Add a Second  Layer of drywall


Adding an entirely new layer of drywall might seem like an intimidating process, but it is not as hard as people might think.

It is one of the best and most effective methods to kill sound and make a room extremely soundproof, which is why so many people go ahead and do it instead of using any type of shortcuts.

Keep in mind that there are different types of drywall, so it can get expensive. A thicker and denser piece of drywall is going to be more effective, but usually, it drives up the cost a bit.

Scared of not getting things done the right way? There is always the option of going with a professional to take care of things as well.

Some people have a lot of pride in getting things done on their terms, but it does not really hurt that much to go with a professional to help as well.

Finally, make sure that adding drywall is allowed. A person will not have any problems if they own a home, but renters might not have that flexibility.

The alternative is to ask if they will help compensate for any of the other drywall because soundproofing the room might prove to be beneficial in the end.

It is worth the effort, but most landlords are probably going to turn that down.

Sealing Any Cracks on the Wall

This easy fix is worth the effort if it seems like the room is getting close to being completely soundproof.

The truth of the matter is, walls can crack pretty easily. All it takes is a little bit of a crack for sound to seep through, and going around and fixing things is the best method.

Check all around the room to see if there are any cracks. Usually, if they do not stand out, they are going to be pretty small anyway. Use a layer of Acoustic Sealant (Amazon) to take care of everything, and it will make a difference.

Add Acoustic Foam to the Wall


Walls can be treated with acoustic foam attached, and there are some that blend into the aesthetic of any room very well.

Since acoustic foam is so popular these days, so many companies are doing whatever they can to make it look like it is just part of the room in general.

With acoustic foam panels, all the noises that normally bounce off the wall will be absorbed. It helps to soften echoes that hit flat surfaces, and people in the gaming rooms will love how everything sounds.

Acoustic foam (Amazon) is beneficial for many different uses. The gaming room can become a place to practice a musical instrument, work on singing, or even have a peaceful place to focus.

Soundproofing the Floor and Ceiling

Every setup is different, but soundproofing the floor and ceiling is important to put the finishing touches on a quality game room.

This is especially true if there are any rooms above or below the gaming room, as that will affect the noise overall.

Rugs and Carpet

Area rug sound deadening

Hardwood floors might look nice, but they are bad from a soundproofing perspective. If the game room is not on the first floor, a rug or carpet (Amazon) is especially important to install.

This will be helpful for both the room in general, and anybody who is underneath. Many are surprised by just how much sound can be heard in between.

A rug is obviously much easier to throw on the ground and have it work exactly as it should, but carpet might be a more long-term solution that will provide better full coverage.

Ceiling Treatment

Treating a ceiling in a game room is one of the most difficult things to do without help. However, it is the final piece of the puzzle to getting everything set up just right.

One method is to pin some sound dampening material on the ceiling and go from there. Anything from soundproofing blankets to acoustic tiles can work, but most will opt for soundproofing foam mats like the ones they put on their walls.

If everything is matching inside the room, it can look like a pretty interesting setup overall. A lot of people are trying to be as creative as possible to make the game room feel like it is a fully immersive experience, instead of just something that is easily put together.

Opting For a Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset

If all of this seems like such a big hassle for people, there is an alternative to soundproofing a game room and going for something that is much easier overall.

Although they are a little bit expensive, a proper Gaming Headset (Amazon) can keep things as silent as possible for everyone else.

Gaming headsets are comfortable, provide plenty of features, and come in many different price points. There are noise-canceling options, so the player does not have to deal with a ton of sound either.

The drawback is that it is not a very pleasant experience for anyone else who might be in the game room.

Also, if the goal is to use the game room for other entertainment purposes like watching TV or a movie, everyone wearing headsets might not be the most comfortable thing in the world.

Final Thoughts on Soundproofing Game Rooms

Playing video games is a bit polarizing in most households. Generally speaking, the average person either loves playing video games, or they can’t stand the constant noise that goes with it.

Instead of tucking a gamer into a room and trying to ignore them as much as possible, it is best to invest a little bit of money and soundproof that area.

Not only will it be more enjoyable for the gamer, but everyone else can live a little more peacefully as well.

It does not take a ton of effort to get things set up correctly, and most people are more than pleased with the results.

The good thing is that even as time goes on, there is the opportunity to add more sound material when needed. Not everything needs to be done at once.

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