Soundproof Window Panel Sound Test & Review! Do They WORK?

There are a lot of different ways to handle some of the issues that come with less than stellar, single-pane windows. For people who are trying to control sound, inserts can be a pretty simple, effective solution for all types of homes, apartments, office buildings, and more.

Indow windows are one of the top choices out there for people who are trying to make some changes on a budget.

However, it is only worth giving them a try if they actually work. How do they help with noise reduction? This is a look at how Indow stands up in some tests, and whether or not they are worth it in the end.

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How Indow Windows Work

The inserts that come from Indow are covered with unique compression tubing on the edges. This will help everything stay in place, and it also allows for a customer to get the best fit possible.

The company offers a variety of colors and other various options so that a person receives exactly what they need based on what is the most fitting for the property.

Some people will look at Indow to block drafts, control lights, or even add a little bit of privacy. However, this is a focus on noise reduction and controlling sounds much as possible.

One of the great benefits of the inserts with the window is that it requires no adhesive or hardware to install. This means there is no damage whatsoever to the window frames, and people can pop the inserts out if they want.

Some people will do this because they only want to have the inserts in if it will be particularly noisy, but then they take them out later.

It is really up to each individual on what type of setup they want. Since they do not take up any additional space and they are hard to even realize they are put in place, most will opt to keep them in for any situation (save for wanting to open windows up on a nice day).

To take them out, each insert comes with a small ring at the bottom corner. It is as easy as breaking the seal and giving everything a pull. They pop out very easily, and they should last a long time as long as they are stored properly.

Since these are customized solutions, it does take a little bit of time to get them ordered and ready to go. Most of the time, people can place their orders and receive them in just a few weeks.

While some might feel it is a bit of an annoyance to have to wait that long for a solution, the good news is that they will fit exactly as they should.

Getting that perfect seal will improve how effective they are, and they will also be that much more durable. It is nice that shoppers can get an idea for how much things are going to cost by getting a free estimate on their website.

The Challenge of Soundproofing a Window

Anyone who is trying to soundproof a window knows that there is not a ton of opportunity to control sound without making serious changes.

There are some alterations a person can make to their home, but that might not be feasible for those renting a place. To make matters worse, windows are notorious for being extremely vulnerable for sounds.

The other option is to add something else as a layer covering the windows to kill sound. For example, soundproofing curtains will undoubtedly help to a certain extent, but at the same time, some people want to enjoy their windows without having to cover them up all the time.

The Indow Windows Difference

It seems like out of most of the companies out there, Indow seems to really take it a step beyond to offer something very unique to their customers.

For example, they are very focused on making sure that with having an insert, the window can work exactly as it should.

There are no compromises that people need to make to still get everything working the way it should. Since everything fits and is in one piece, each window needs one insert for easy setup.

Who are Indow Windows Designed For?

As great as window inserts might be for soundproofing, these are not exactly designed for every single house out there.

Simply put, people who already own triple-pane windows are probably not going to notice much of a difference at all if they add an insert like this.

This is designed more for single-pane windows, and maybe some very lightweight double-pane windows that show their age a bit.

A lot of people who have older homes are really turning to this as an excellent option. Most people do not want to get rid of the windows they have already installed, but there is nothing wrong with putting an insert in.

Worst case scenario, a person decides they no longer need the insert, and they take it out. It will always be available for when things get loud outdoors again.

Putting Indow Window Inserts to the Test

A lot of people who are investing in window inserts are going to be looking to handle very specific sounds. The vast majority will fall under one of three categories: yelling, typical traffic noise, and music.

How does the insert stand up in these situations?


Perhaps the most annoying thing for any person living in a neighborhood is dealing with a lot of yelling. It might be from kids, neighbors getting mad at each other, or anything else for that matter.

The great thing about the window insert is that it works well even by itself, but it really shines when it is stacked with a decent window. Those looking for something that is very reliable can eliminate the yelling right away.

These inserts work very well for people who might live near a park or playground. While it is convenient to be so close to an outdoor space, a lot of noise comes from that area. The yelling is virtually eliminated with Indow.


Music can be a massive distraction for a lot of homeowners. The music can be coming from a passing car, or somebody who is enjoying music outside in their own yard.

No matter what pitch the music is in, Indow windows do an outstanding job of controlling the sound. For very loud music, it can reduce the sound to something that is lower than a normal conversation.

Another added bonus is that Indow works pretty well in reverse. While musicians might want to take other steps to control sound leaving the home, these inserts ensure that the neighbors do not hear music coming from indoors all that loudly.

Street Noise

Street noise is always a bit of a hindrance when people are living their life. Some roads will always be busier than others, but annoying traffic noise can hit at any moment. It also happens at the most inopportune times of the day.

It might not seem like that big of a deal during the normal flow of a typical day, but an insert can help significantly reduce it to a low hum.

In some cases, Indow windows completely remove any street noise whatsoever, making it a peaceful time at all hours.

Indow Windows Maintenance

The first time Indow windows are installed, it takes a little bit of time to take the film off and remove any fingerprints or other bits of debris that have accumulated before installing.

It is best to take care of these things before putting it on, because it reduces the chances of taking it off again and cleaning a hard-to-reach place.

Once inserted, the maintenance for this type of window is the same as any other window type except you can only use certain types of window cleaners. Luckily, Indow sends a bottle of concentrate window cleaner, and there’s enough to last quite a long time!

Unless there was an incident, the window has a chance to last years and years, providing great value. Many are still enjoying Indow windows from the first round of releases roughly a decade ago.

Benefits of Indow Windows Beyond Noise Reduction

The noise reduction options will be very specific in the way they are built, but there are still some added bonuses that come over from the other choices available.

There is a level of light and UV protection that people can add to any in the windows on a custom order. Some people are looking to take care of light and UV rays first and foremost, and then add noise reduction on the way.

When getting an estimate, it is best to point out how much light and UV protection is needed in a particular area.

If there is any type of outdoor air leaking in, it could alter the temperature inside. This means that to stay comfortable, the heat or the air conditioner needs to run on a more consistent basis. Closing up that little bit of a draft can help save money in the long term.

Creating a perfect seal is perfect for controlling the temperature as much as possible. It adds another layer of tick protection in one of the most vulnerable areas for any home.

Are Indow Windows Ultimately Worth It?

From a noise reduction standpoint, Indow Windows are hard to beat. They work for any type of owner or renter, and not having to do any damage to the frame itself is certainly beneficial.

The customization aspect ensures that every person gets exactly what they need, which is crucial in the sealing process.

The only downfall is that a bit of planning is needed to ensure that there is time to place a custom order. Try to order sooner rather than later, as certain times of the year are busier for the company than others.

They have solutions for home and commercial projects, but this combination of a better insert for the interior of any area is quick, easy, and pretty affordable to pull off.

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