Top 7 Quietest 2000 Watt Inverter Generator – 2020

No two generators are created equally. For some people, they need a lot of power to get through a day, while others might not need the same amount of wattage. A 2000 watt generator is usually sufficient enough for something like running a freezer, an electric stove, a microwave, a few lights, and more.

Why do people look for generators that are only 2000 watts? Portability is one thing, as they are usually very small and can go to different areas without a problem. The other major selling factor is that they can stay relatively quiet, compared to larger options.

For those wanting something that runs extremely quietly, these options below are perfect to go with. They are highly rated, affordable, dependable, and portable.

1. Honda EU2200i

Maxing out at right around 2200 watts, this option from Honda is one of the best out there. It is a bestseller online and receives very favorable reviews from everyone who has made the purchase.

One of the major reasons why people fall in love with this generator is that it does everything the right way. It is very compact and lightweight, making it easy to take virtually anywhere. Having that level of portability is perfect for those who do not want to be limited to one particular area.

It is quiet, but there are some generators out there that are a little quieter. It starts to get a little noisy when it is working at higher loads, but when sitting around a quarter load, the decibels get barely above 50 while standing 20 feet away.

Honda is a company that has been trusted for years, and they have a number of generators that have been very high selling. They have excellent customer support if something goes wrong, and they are always very eager to troubleshoot with people as well. It is a very reliable option to go with for those who might be looking for a generator for the first time.

Do keep in mind that it runs a little more expensive, mostly due to the name. There are some cheaper options further down this list, but some people really enjoy having Honda by their side instead of going with a company they might not be as familiar with.


  • Trusted company with a three-year warranty.
  • Very portable.
  • Fuel efficient.


  • Gets a little loud at large loads.
  • Expensive.

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2. WEN 56125i

They are certainly a lot of people who trust WEN for all they do as a company, and their 2000 watt portable inverter generator is a perfect solution for those who only need that amount of power.

It is known for being one of the quietest on the market, and while it is not the most compact option in the world, it is still is lightweight enough to move anywhere.

This is a perfect option for anyone who really wants to make sure that they keep noise levels down as much as possible. Some people have reported that they have experienced measurable noise levels at under 50 decibels around 20 feet away.

This makes it equivalent to a pretty quiet conversation inside at home if the generator is sitting behind a wall to the outdoor. Most are not going to notice the noise level, as long as it is kept at a quarter load. Even when handling large loads, it does not ramp up nearly as loud as other options in this price range.

The inverter on this generator minimizes a lot of spikes and drops, so that is always a major selling point for those worried about that. All in all, a great option for people that want a generator that just works efficiently.


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Very efficient.


  • A little bulky.
  • Lacks a fuel indicator.

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3. Generac iQ2000 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Any generator that has quiet in the name should be able to live up to the billing. The company has done a very good job of producing one of the quietest options out there, and it is at an affordable price that people can get behind as well.

Anyone who loves to have as much data as possible when operating a generator is going to be very happy with this option. People can monitor runtime, current wattage, fuel levels, and more very easily. There is a lot of information located on generator, so people never have to play the guessing game went out and about.

Of course, the last thing a person wants to do is have to monitor the generator because there might be something going wrong all the time. This is a very good option to just simply set up and allow things to work out as it should.

There are three standard settings to set everything to include economy, standard, and turbo. This allows for some of the best fuel efficiency, but things can also be tweaked a bit for a more customized fit.

Since it is a rather small generator, it is nice to have it set up for the fact that it is parallel ready. That means if a person wants to bring another generator on and use it as part of a dual set up, it is pretty easy.

It has a very similar look to any of the WEN models, so do you keep that in mind at first glance. The companies share in law similarities beyond their color and look, but there will be some people who gravitate towards more ones in the other. All in all, this is a great option for those who want to stay under budget and have something that is pretty easy to even begin her to use.


  • Three-year warranty.
  • Parallel ready.
  • A lot of great, helpful information.


  • Not as durable as some of the other options.
  • It only runs comfortably up to 1600 watts in many cases.

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4. Atima AY2000i2000 Watt Small Portable Inverter Generator

At first glance, this does not really seem like the same as all the other portable generators out there. This is one of the lightest weight options out there, making it very portable and capable of going in certain situations.

Beyond is looking good; it is also something that provides quite a bit of value. The brand might not seem that recognizable at first, but it is powered by a Yamaha engine, which is one of the most consistent options out there for people who know a lot about generators.

Like a lot of the smaller options, the company has a goal of making things as easy as possible for first-time users. This might be the first generator anyone has ever used in their life, so it is obviously worth putting in some extra time to get everything situated.

The levels of sound are about what one would expect in this price range, as decibel levels only get to about 52 at a steady usage. It does pick up in noise level a bit when the load increases, but it still does as much as possible to control everything.

The 1-gallon tank can operate pretty well for a while, so there’s not really that focus on getting something bigger than this if it handles everything just fine. Most people are shopping in this range for a specific reason, and anything bigger is going to be that much more cumbersome to carry around.

Not everyone is going to care that much about how a generator actually looks, but Atima does a great job of doing as much as possible to make this stand out in the crowd. There are different versions of thisG generator, including a camo version for those who are going to spend a lot of time outside.


  • Very portable and lightweight.
  • It is powered by a Yamaha engine.
  • A sleek look in multiple color options.


  • No warranty.
  • Lacks some of the information others provide.

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5. Yamaha EF2000i Portable Inverter

The option above my have a Yamaha engine inside, but some people will want the actual generator from the company as well. For those who might want to spend a little more and not have to worry as much about looks, Yamaha has this option for people to consider.

Some people will like the retro look that this generator has, and it certainly stands out in a pretty crowded field. However, no one is going to be that impressed with how a generator looks, if it is not performing at a high-level as well.

The one great thing about this generator is it has a little bit more fuel capacity, which helps things last a little longer as well. 1.1 gallons might not seem like that much of a difference compared to the standard 1 gallon, but it does extend the life, even if it is operated at a quarter load or lower.

The design is retro-inspired, but that does not mean that data is limited. In fact, this has all the information one could hope for, allowing close monitoring of everything so that it is operating as it should.

Even outside of the world of generators, everyone knows about Yamaha. They have done a great job over the years providing quality products, and this is no different. The fact that it has an added muffler and spark arrestor is only going to make it quieter than the competition. It ranks very highly in quietness, and high-quality parts means that it will last longer as well.


  • Three-year warranty.
  • Muffler adds a lot of quietness.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency.


  • Price higher than a lot of the competition.
  • Retro look might not be for everyone.

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6. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Inverter Generator

A cheap option that many people will gravitate towards initially, it is one of the best values out there for anyone needing some power. It might not be the quietest or the most efficient, but there are always some trade-offs required with anything.

The first thing people notice with this generator is that he has a bit of a bulky or look and feel overall. It is still more than portable enough for the majority of people, but it is a little more cumbersome than some people might want.

The power is nice, going up to 2200 watts, but most people are going to stay around 500 watts for a pretty standard load. It can run for about seven hours when at this level, which is good enough for most.

As far as emissions are concerned, it is one that does not live up to the standards in the state of California. Keep that in mind when purchasing, because it goes to show what shortcuts Briggs & Stratton had to make in order to bring this to life.

What else will a person end up sacrificing for the cheap price? There is no fuel indicator, and overall efficiency takes just a little bit of a hit. It is not too much for most people, but do you keep that in mind.

Despite some weaknesses, People should buy with plenty of confidence since it does come with a two-year warranty. The engine is also pretty robust, and there’s a reason why it has some great reviews online. There are quieter options out there, but this one continues to be a top seller.


  • Solid engine.
  • Inexpensive.


  • A little louder than most.
  • No fuel indicator.

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7. Champion Duel-Fuel Inverter Generator

Last but certainly not least is a duel fuel 2000 watt inverter generator from Champion Power Equipment. This generator is another very quiet option running around 55 Decibels from 20 feet away.

The duel fuel feature makes the generator a tab bigger and heavier. Still, it certainly is worth it because it gives you the ability to run the generator using both gasoline or propane. This is a great feature if you run out of gas and realize you have a propane tank attached to your bbq easy to use for power.

When testing this generator, the noise level while using gasoline and propane were the same while running on a load. However,   the noise level was around five decibels higher than gasoline while running on no load. This shouldn’t be an issue because there is no reason for the generator to be wasting fuel running on no load.

Another useful feature is having a large amount of information on the generator while operating. The gas gage is great, but you also get an hour and minute countdown until it runs out of fuel.


  • Duel Fuel Feature.
  • A lot of useful running information.
  • Great customer service from Champion.


  • A bit heavier than the competition due to the extra fuel engine.

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Tips on Making Sure the Generator Stays Quiet

quiet 2000 watt generators for camping

A person can purchase the quietest generator in the world, but there are still ways for noises to be made. This happens a lot for people who might be buying their first generator, therefore not knowing exactly what to do with it.

There are some essential tips to keep the generator as quiet as possible, making sure that that extra money spent goes to good use. (source)

Keep a Distance

It is pretty common knowledge that a generator is going to be louder if it is right next to a person, instead of as far away as possible. There are always going to be some limitations on where a generator can be placed, but try to keep it away from others as much as possible.

Positioning Matters

How the generator is positioned can make a pretty big difference in the overall sound it makes. It needs to be on a level surface that cuts down on vibrations quite a bit. Make sure to create something that is level before putting it down, or else it could move around throughout the day.

If the sound is coming from a particular side, make sure that it is facing away from where people are located to go downtown as well. There are noise your size than others on a generator, and that minor step can lower decibels considerably.

Consider an Enclosure

If the generator is still creating a bit too much noise, there is an opportunity to build an enclosure. It does not have to be anything to elaborate, but I can help absorb sound and reflect it.

The most important thing when building any type of enclosure is also to make sure that there is enough room for the generator and enough airflow. Otherwise, the generator is likely to overheat, and it could rattle around as well. This will actually prove to be counterproductive, so do whatever possible to stay away from that.

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