Quietest Air Compressors Review Small to Large – 2023

Many companies out claims to have the quietest air compressors on the market or the most silent and quiet compressor out there. These adjectives can be thrown around pretty freely, but there will always be that perform better than others.

Not only is the dB level focused on, but their overall productivity also makes a big difference. Ranging from very affordable quiet air compressors for smaller areas to commercial grade solutions, there is something for everyone to take a look at.

The best way to break this down is to go by the size of the compressor. After all, it does not do anyone any good if there is a very quiet air compressor that is meant for small solutions.

To get full coverage, it would need to be much noisier, and it is better to go with a bigger option in an industrial setting. These are all high-quality air compressors worth putting on any shortlist.

California Air Tools 8010SPC


One of the smallest and quietest air compressors out there right now is from California Air Tools is the California Air Tools 8010SPC (Amazon). It will not be the biggest by any means, but it can run many different tools with ease.

Being able to fit into just about any location also helps considerably, as people working with smaller places do not necessarily want anything too big.

The standout feature of this compressor is the powerful, yet quiet motor. There is no oil needed, which cuts down on the overall maintenance of the machine.

The motor will operate at about 1400 rpm, which is pretty powerful for the level of sound it produces.

Helping with the sound of it is a soundproof cabinet that has a good amount of insulation to reduce noise and vibration.

It also helps with durability in a lot of ways, as the 8-gallon tank is very well constructed, yet protected to help cut down the sound.

If any accidents occur when moving this around, it will not break down like some lesser built options out there.

California Air Tools 8010SPC

The air output of the machine allows for maximum psi of 115. This is going to run most tools that a person needs just fine, but there might be some people who want something a little bit bigger.

It is pretty lightweight for an air compressor at 125 pounds, and the wheels on the device make it easy to move around the house without having any problems whatsoever.

All in all, this is a solid option for those who want something that is pretty compact and extremely quiet. The cooling fan is the only thing a person ends up hearing a little bit, but even that stays at a low level.


  • Very durable.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Very little maintenance needed.


  • Cooling fan gets a little loud.
  • Not big or powerful enough for some.

Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Twin Tanks


A lot of people who have done just a little bit of research knows all about Kobalt and what it brings to the table in the industry, especially this Kobalt Quiet Tech 4.3 Gallon Compressor (Amazon).

It is a very high-quality option for anything from power tools to toilets, and their air compressors are no different.

This is one of their most popular compressors, and a lot of it comes down to being very quiet and portable.

With a strong motor that can get the job done in many different ways, quite a few people have relied on this for a while.

The motor on the Kobalt Quiet Tech is pretty impressive, as it works off 120 V. Like a lot of quiet options, there is no oil needed for the pump, so there is less of a risk of the motor burning out too early on.

It will stay strong throughout, and with very little maintenance, it is perfect for those who do not want to have to hassle with that.

Air pressure is also solid for this heavy-duty constructed option. It can get up to levels of 150 psi with the 4.3-gallon twin tanks. That means a person can run just about anything they need to without having any issues.

Kobalt Quiet Tech

Despite seeming very quiet and portable, there is some heavy-duty construction connected to this device.

It is made up of solid metal that will last a long time, and even the tires make it easy to move around and not worry about it breaking down.

Some people believe that they should not move around an air compressor too much or run the risk of breaking down. That is not the case at all with this air compressor by any means.

For people who do not want to deal with a less than stellar option, Kobalt is one brand name that just about anyone can trust.

The negatives of this compressor are few and far between, which is about as convincing as a person can ask for when shopping around.


  • High quality construction all around.
  • Motor is surprisingly powerful.
  • Limited maintenance required.


  • Brand-name carries a bit of a premium.
  • While portable, there are lighter and smaller options.

California Air Tools 8010


Another California Air Tools option that is well worth checking out is the California Air Tools 8010 (Amazon). With a 1 hp oil-free motor and 8 gallons available, this is a great and powerful air compressor overall.

People have been counting on this for a few years, and it is perfect for those who need a little bit more power added to the mix.

The standout feature obviously comes down to the very strong motor. With 1 hp, it is still very strong and durable for a variety of uses.

A little bit of oil is needed for the run, but it is overall pretty easy to maintain. Being able to operate consistently for a long time helps quite a bit, and if a person really wants to push the motor, they can get it up to 2 hp and not feel too overwhelmed.

Air output is among the best in its class, as it takes just a little bit of time for a tank to fill properly.

California Air Tools 8010

It is one of the annoying things about some of the other air compressors out there, as the time it takes to fill and be ready to go can be a little off-putting. This is one of the fastest options, with just as much durability overall.

A long-lasting air compressor certainly helps out quite a bit, and with a runtime of over 3000 hours, it is a great option to have people who do not want to worry about having to make any replacements anytime soon.

Being able to run at the dB levels that hovers right around standard chats helps out considerably as well.


  • Lasts a long time.
  • High air output.
  • Lightweight for the power.


  • Air pressure can be a little unreliable at times.
  • Despite being lightweight, can be a little cumbersome to move around.

Stealth 12-Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor


The Stealth 12-Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor (Amazon) runs very quietly despite a 1.5 hp motor, and it is easy to set up and operate right away.

In fact, a lot of people will gravitate towards this one simply because of its ability to be put into use almost instantly.

There is no reason for people to have to worry about having to set things up every single time to move things around, and that is why people will count on it every time.

Having an air compressor that is powerful and durable certainly helps. Most are looking for a very stable structure overall, and the steel housing of this air compressor certainly helps.

It is much better than some of the aluminum options out there, which means that if something is to hit it or it is compromised somehow, it is going to be just fine.

Stealth 12-Gallon Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Most air compressors that jump up to 1.5 hp with the motor become a little bit loud. Stealth can keep the sound down a little bit, as it runs in the high 60s as far as dB is concerned.

Most people will be able to use it just fine without any ear protection, as it will be just a little bit louder than a normal conversation indoors. In an outdoor setting, it is going to be easier to utilize when it is time.

Need power at the right time? When that is the case, this motor produces as one might imagine.

It takes just over a minute for the tank to fill, and they can put out for CFM at 90 psi with these. It has a peek of 150 psi, which is just about all the people could ask for.


  • Quick and easy to connect.
  • Reaches high air pressure.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • A little bulky to move around.
  • Some get frustrated with just 12 gallons in size.

California Air Tools CAT 30020C-22060


For a 30-gallon air compressor, this is one of the quietest options on the market right now. With no required oil and many other setups that help reduce the sound, people love the fact that they can operate this in just about any location.

For an air compressor of the size, hovering around 70 dB is certainly impressive. Many people use this either at home or at a shop, and it can do well in just about any setting.

The motor is pretty powerful, operating at 1680 rpm, but it is durable as well. It can last over 3000 hours with minimal maintenance required, and that makes it well worth the cost if people are worried about spending too much money.

The power of the air compressor is certainly one that impresses a lot of people out there. It has a 2 hp motor that starts up with ease.

California Air Tools CAT 30020C-22060

This works especially well for people who might have trouble with other air compressors in the past because of the temperature.

There is nothing worse than dealing with an air compressor that just does not want to start because of the weather.

Holding 30 gallons of air, fortunately, means that it will be perfect for those who might have larger projects in place.

Sure, people may need to sacrifice portability a bit and deal with slightly louder motors overall, but it is well worth the trade-off for those who have quite a bit to operate. In this range of options, there is nothing quieter and better overall.


  • Works well in cold weather.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Very powerful motor.


  • One year warranty could be longer.
  • Some might want a better CFM.

California Air Tools CAT 60 Gallon -60040CAD


Jumping up to 60 gallons, this is where an air compressor is starting to get pretty serious. Whether a person has a pretty impressive garage set up, or they run a shop of their own, this is one worth looking into.

With a higher capacity and an outstanding CFM output, most people who need something like this but do not want to go too big will settle for an option like this.

California Air Tools 60 Gallon (Amazon) put a 2 hp oil us motor in this air compressor. This is perfect for those who want a lot of power, but do not necessarily want to spend a lot of time keeping up with maintenance. It is an oil-less motor, which is always going to help out.

The motor operates pretty quietly, which is good news for those worried about larger units making a lot of noise. Overall, it sits in about 75 dB when running normally, which is considerably less than others in this size.


  • Quiet for its size.
  • Powerful, oil-less motor.
  • Better portability than most.


  • Some small reported issues online.
  • Some might need a larger option in a commercial or industrial setting.

EMAX E10V080V1


It might be frustrating for some people to look at large air compressors and find that they are pretty loud overall.

It is frustrating for those trying to keep sound down, but the Emax 80 Gallon Quiet Compressor (Home Depot) makes it realistic.

Capable of holding 80 gallons of air and operating with a 10 hp motor, this can handle just about any job out there. The best thing is that it is one of the quietest in its range.

Getting an air compressor like this under 80 dB is certainly impressive, to say the least. Most of the time, it is going to operate right around 75 to 78 dB.

This means that while it will be louder than a normal conversation, it will not overwhelm people who are trying to have a fairly quiet workspace.

It is really not that much louder than some of the smaller compressors out there, which is crazy impressive for something so powerful and large.

Since this is mostly recommended for professionals in an industrial setting, it is even easier to deal with the sound.

Most of the time, people are going to have larger spaces to work with, so they can have it in areas that will allow it to not be as overwhelming with the sound.

The longevity of this air compressor is something that will be very impressive for owners out there.

Due to the high-quality build and low amount of maintenance, this is built to last for over 70,000 hours of pretty steady use.

Being able to operate in extreme temperatures also helps considerably, as people get very frustrated with dealing with compressors that struggle in the cold.

Overall, this is perfect for those who need an air compressor of this size. It is not for everyone, but there are cheaper and more affordable options out there for a reason.

For those who need the best in power and a very large tank, the quiet options can feel few and far between. This is an exception to that rule.


  • Very high CFM.
  • 10 hp motor is impressive.
  • Works in all types of temperatures.


  • Not a portable air compressor.
  • Warranty is limited to five years.

Why Are Air Compressors So Noisy?

The goal of an air compressor is to be a very easy to use and convenient machine to have for multiple purposes.

Whether it is filling up some tires or operating some tools, it serves a purpose and is readily available at all times. However, if it is too loud, people will not be thrilled with using it that much.

It is not the end of the world if something is very loud, but a quiet air compressor makes it much more enjoyable to use. What causes an air compressor to be noisy? These are some of the reasons why.


Whenever something is hitting up against the hard parts of the machine, an air compressor will make a decent amount of noise.

That is why some of the quietest air compressors have very small and minimal moving parts, so there is less chance of being noisy.

Some of the older models might start to have more friction as they are coming apart very slowly.

Also, be on the lookout for any other materials near the air compressor, as when it operates, it can vibrate a little bit and rub against something that will cause friction.


There are two main options for an air compressor, as it can be either gas-powered or electric.

The gas-powered option is always going to be louder when doing a direct comparison, as it operates on combustion and having metal parts move around.

Since electric air compressors are going to run off the voltage, it will be very similar to how new electric cars run. They are much quieter, and they will smoothly operate as they should.

A Clear Environment

It was already touched on a bit about how friction can cause a lot of noise. Where an air compressor is put inside of a specific area can largely dictate the sound.

Try to make sure that the environment an air compressor is put into is clear so that the chances of sound problems are greatly reduced.

How Quiet Can an Air Compressor Realistically Be?

Everyone wants the quietest air compressor, but just how quiet are they capable of being? A lot of noise measurements are done in decibels, and it is the best way to do direct comparisons.

When talking at a normal tone, the decimal levels tend to hover around 60. That can give people a pretty good idea of what to expect with an air compressor, as quiet units will be about 10 dB higher or a little bit more.

Yes, an air compressor, even at the quietest levels, is still going to be a little bit noisy overall. It just operates at too high of a level for sound to be avoided entirely.

The good news is that people will still be able to talk to different people and have a way to function without it being too overwhelming.

The sound of the compressor should stay pretty consistent from the first time it is used, to years later. If there is something troublesome, that usually means that it might be compromised a bit.

When hearing a rattling sound, there could be a part of the air conditioner that has come loose. If there is a loud humming, the capacitor might be starting to fail. The motor could need repair as well.

The sound might be tolerable to a certain degree, but remember that it should be repaired early on if there is something going wrong.

The sooner it is repaired, the easier it is to fix. If it gets to be too bad, there might be a chance that it needs to be completely replaced, and that will frustrate a lot of people out there.

If you already have a loud air compressor and want to just make it less noisy, video to show you how!


The Need For a Quiet Air Compressor

Not everyone will see the importance of a quiet air compressor, but it is definitely worth investing in if it is going to be used regularly.

Overall, having a quiet workspace makes a lot of sense, and they are not really that much more expensive than the cheapest options out there.

As long as the person knows what to look for, they could find a quality option that will produce at a high level. Air compressors can be extremely valuable, and investing smartly makes all the difference in the world.

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