Top 3 Quietest Aquarium Pump Options Available

Own an aquarium? One of the best investments a person can make with an aquarium is to purchase something that will help with water circulation, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. For a pretty inexpensive investment, every living thing in the aquarium will live a much better life overall.

Of course, anything motorized is going to add a little bit more noise to what many consider to be a peaceful set up in their home or office. Aquariums aren’t supposed to make noises, so even a little bit of noise can make a huge impact on a person’s overall enjoyment.

A lot of companies understand that when everything else is similar, the quietest option will be the one people want the most.

We break down the quietest aquarium air pumps on the market right now, and tips on how to keep them running as quiet as possible for years to come. No matter what size the aquarium is, there is a dependable solution out there for consumers. This is another great adition if you’re well on your way to soundproof a room.

Quietest Aquarium Air Pump For Small Set Ups

Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Ultra Silent High Energy Saving Oxygen Air Pump


For people looking to save money and only needing something for a small aquarium, this is the perfect air pump to consider. Mylivell is very focused on providing something that people can use and move around if needed.

The pump, which has a stingray type of shape to it, has a suction cup on the back that makes it easy to place anywhere on the tank. This helps with efficiency, but also helps to keep things quiet.

If the initial location sounds a little loud, move it to somewhere else in the tank. Some people will need to do a bit of trial and error before they finally decide on where to keep it permanently.

As for the pump itself, this is a very energy-efficient model. It has very good airflow for not using much power at all, and it’s durable thanks to the materials used as well. The easy electric ceramic plate used in a set up is perfect for creating wind currents instead of just a bunch of noise. Even the bubbles emitted by the pump are very fine and consistent.

There won’t be a better value out there for people who have smaller aquariums. Just keep in mind that anything over about 40 gallons will need something a bit more powerful than this. There is the option to add a second pump to a bigger tank, but most will want to stick with only having an appropriately sized pump to use.

Quietest Aquarium Air Pump For Midsize Set Ups

Tetra Whisper 100 Easy To Use Air Pump

One of the leaders in the industry is Tetra, as they have been putting out several quality air pumps for a while now. This one might be the best for anyone who has an aquarium that sits in about the 100-gallon range.

It is extremely powerful for its size, dependable daily, and above all else, quiet enough that it almost seems like there isn’t a pump actually in use.

A big reason why it stays so quiet comes down to the design of the pump. The dome shape of the pump encloses what little sound it makes, dampening the sound and making for a quiet operation overall.

The mounts used by the pump also help to reduce the sound, as they are all made out of rubber to cut down as much vibration as possible.

On top of all of that, two air outlets on the big pumps allow for more versatility, and a better way to stay as efficient as possible. At times, a person might not want to run their pump, especially if they want things completely quiet.

Everything is easy to control by using the Tetra My Aquarium App, which is downloadable on any smartphone.

It’s important to make sure that each air pump purchased is actually for the right size aquarium. Most people get away with using this for any aquarium in size ranging from 60 gallons to 100 gallons.

Some people might be able to get away with a little bit of leeway overall, but try to stay in that range for ultimate performance. As long as regular maintenance is kept up with, there is no doubt that this will provide value for years to come.

Quietest Aquarium Air Pump For Large Set Ups

Tetra Whisper EP 300

For people who have really large aquarium setups at home, they need an air pump that can handle everything with relative ease.

The Tetra Whisper EP 300 is the perfect solution for people who need just that. Not only is it large enough to handle so many gallons at once, but it’s able to work as deep as 8 feet. That means that air bubbles are capable of being pushed deep, deep into an aquarium for full coverage.

In an ideal world, most people only want to have one air pump in their aquarium at all times. Not only is it more efficient, but it helps to keep things quieter overall.

The Whisper AP 300 is the only one needed, and it is versatile and durable enough to last for years as long as regular maintenance is kept up on it.

Much like the smaller options available from the company, they continue to use a very dependable design that keeps the pump quiet overall.

People don’t have to worry about all that much sound, as it is set up to cut down on vibrations and muffle as much sound as possible. With a big tank, there are more opportunities to hide this pump so that it is pretty quiet as well.

One thing that a lot of people love to point out is just how many bubbles this can produce. Not only are bubbles produced at a higher rate, but there is no worry about concentration in one area of the tank either. In a big tank like 300 gallons, it’s important to have bubbles going everywhere so that the entire tank has proper amounts of coverage.

With a pump this powerful, most want to make sure that it is extremely durable as well. This is especially true for people who have aquariums outside in unpredictable elements. It is capable of holding up in any type of weather, and the company offers a guarantee if something is to go wrong down the line.

How To Reduce Unwanted Noise Related To Aquarium Air Pumps

No matter what air pump a person has for their aquarium, it might seem like it is still too loud to run consistently. That is why there are other methods to keep sound down and not have to worry too much about it becoming a distraction. The great news is, a lot of this isn’t really going to cost any extra amount of money. It just might take some effort, and willingness to try out a few different things.

Place The Air Pump In a Cabinet

When putting a pump in any type of cabinet or storage area, it will help to deaden the sound coming from it. Some people already own a cabinet that can be used for this purpose, while others might go out and buy something relatively inexpensive. It’s not going to completely silence the air pump, but it’s amazing what a cabinet is capable of doing.

Inside the cabinet, try to avoid placing it directly on a flat, hard surface. That is the easiest way for the pump to cause additional vibrations and noises when in use. Even if it is placed on a thin blanket, it goes a long way towards deadening the sound.

Use a Soundproofing Blanket or Panel For Underneath The Air Pump

As just touched on above, this tip is useful for any placement of the air pump, even if it is not in a cabinet. Having something soft and able to absorb noise and vibration underneath an air pump can make a pretty big difference.

Some people will spend the extra bit of money to get something that is designed specifically for soundproofing, like mats, blankets or panels. Others might use something around the house, such as a sponge or old clothes. Anything soft will make somewhat of a difference.

Have The Air Pump Above The Aquarium Water

If the air pump is above the aquarium, a person can change the back pressure on the pump. Back pressure can cause a decent amount of noise, so having that reduced will make everything a little quieter.

Of course, the placement of some pumps is more versatile than others. Generally speaking, the smaller the acquarium, the smaller the pump. That means the pump can go virtually anywhere.

Is an Aquarium Air Pump Needed?

At the end of the day, an aquarium air pump is considered an added benefit, not something that is needed. With that being said, so many people are happy to rely on a pump, just as long as the noise is handled the right way.

If investing in a new air pump, make sure to look for something rated very quiet overall. Most people can do without any type of serious noise coming from that part of the home. Aquariums have designs meant to be peaceful and relaxing, not something that adds so much sound that it distracts for everything else.

Why Invest In An Aquarium Air Pump Anyway?

The number one reason why a lot of people end up investing in an aquarium air pump has to do with making life a little bit easier every single day. While an aquarium can survive without an air pump, there are some things a person has to do manually if they do not have one.

Air pumps help with water circulation, keeping things fresh and moving around in the aquarium for a better living environment for plants and fish. Water circulation also helps with oxygen and

carbon dioxide levels. The water must have certain levels so that fish and plants can survive, or otherwise, they will have a lot of trouble.

Quiet Aquarium Air Pumps: Worth the Price

For all they provide, aquarium air pumps are worthy of the small investment. It is usually a one-time purchase every few years that will help out an incredible amount.

Most of the top companies understand that noise levels are a huge concern for consumers. It is hard to even find loud air pumps today unless they are really old. Just one more reason why no one should overthink it too much, and just invest in an air pump.

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