5 quietest motor cycle helmet options – Video Reviews

Millions of people love riding a motorcycle, as long as they’re able to stay as safe as possible. That, of course, means wearing a helmet, but sometimes a protective helmet is just not enough. There are some out there that protect the head well, but make it way too noisy for riders to enjoy the ride and stay focused while on the road.

While keeping that in mind, the motorcycle helmets listed below are the quietest on the market right now.

People should be able to ride fast in windy conditions and still be able to hear of the important things around them. It not only keeps the rider’s safe, but aware of everything else going on.

1. Shoei Neotec Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The company put a lot of work into this motorcycle helmet to make life on the road as easy as possible. There are so many different hazards that can pop up to put a rider in harm’s way, and each one seems addressed with this helmet.

How was it able to stay so quiet? For starters, the stainless steel locking mechanism that they use is stronger than most of the plastic options found from other companies. This locking mechanism allows for a very secure, sealed off fit that reduces the unwanted sound inside.

It also has a great sun shield and anti-fog system for improved vision, which is always extremely important when on the road. What many don’t realize is that great protection for the eyes can also help with sound control as well. If there are any leaks whatsoever, that can make for a noisy ride. A high-quality shield is much less likely to have anything like that.

Finally, this is one of the best helmets from a design perspective for an arrow dynamic look and feel. Not only is it’s stylish, but it truly does cut through the wind and makes for an enjoyable experience. This means a smoother ride for any motorcyclist who might feel frustrated with their current set up.

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2. ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 full Face Modular Helmet

Scorpion put a major focus on using the best materials to produce something that every single motorcyclist can enjoy. Premium parts seem to be the major difference between a fairly quiet helmet, and a truly quiet helmet that is also extremely comfortable.

The polycarbonate shell is the main reason why this helmet is so quiet. The design makes it extremely lightweight, yet strong against all the elements. It has maximum impact displacement if there is an accident, but that also helps with normal riding. It simply stays in place and does what it needs to every single time it is put on.

Another great feature is dual-density EPS. The multi-layer EPS helps with energy displacement, which contributes to what a rider hears as well. They might not market it as something to help with sound, but those who try it on understand the difference right away.

The company also designed this helmet to be very easy to clean when the time comes. How does that contribute to helping with sound? Well, some helmets need to be taken complete apart just to properly clean them. It is not only time-consuming, but frustrating for the person

doing it. The more a helmet comes apart, the more that open spaces can start to grow and develop. Even a little bit of a leak will contribute to a much noisier motorcycle experience.

Currently available in five different colors and several sizes, this helmet is worth exploring for anyone who wants a quiet, safe experience on the road. Scorpion spent a lot of time designing something that makes the ride as enjoyable as possible for every single person.

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3. Shoei RF-1200 Full Face helmet

Another offering from Shoei, this helmet has a slightly different fit and look compared to the Neotech option. It’s also, generally speaking, a little cheaper for people to consider, which is always a good option for those who are on a budget.

This is one of the most compact and lightweight helmets out there that also provide amazing protection on the road. Anyone who feels like their current helmet is just too much to handle will be pleasantly surprised with what this brings to the table.

People are blown away with the quality of build on something like this, and it even convinces older people who don’t usually wear a helmet to finally give me a chance.

Some people understand that a lightweight helmet is not always the quietest, because there is less material to muffle the sound. However, it seems like the company put a huge focus on keeping everything quiet inside the helmet for people to properly enjoy.

It has an amazing ventilation system, but the vents are placed in areas that won’t allow for a ton of wind sound. Instead, it will allow people to hear what they need to, and ignore any other distractions that might be going on.

it is particularly important to make sure that the proper size is purchased with this option. It relies heavily on sealing off certain areas for a quiet ride. If the helmet is too big or too small, it might not seal properly, and that will severely impact just how quiet it is.

The helmet is something that many people seemingly overlook when trying to address sound issues. A properly sealed helmet will provide all the value a person could ask for when staying quiet on the road.

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4. HJC RPHA 11 Pro Chakri

This has long been a fan favorite for a lot of people who are having trouble with the sound around them. It seems like the company is very focused from an early stage to make this a quality option, and they certainly don’t disappoint. As long as a rider uses the right posture on the motorcycle, it will work to perfection.

Unlike a lot of other options out there, HJC offers so many different colors for people to choose from. In a lot of ways, people get bored of the same black, gray and white that dominates the industry. There are some loud colors out there for people to use, as well as some more traditional designs.

The vents at the front of the helmet help out quite a bit with sound and communication. They are designed to help keep the wind from entering the helmet, but also allow people to speak without taking the helmet off. There isn’t a ton of time when people need to talk when they are riding, but when it is necessary, it is pretty frustrating to have to take the helmet off to do so.

The shell and all the moving parts on the helmet lock in very well, which helps people out quite a bit. If these parts moved around just a little bit, it will cause additional sounds and distractions while on the road. It’s also a huge safety concern, which is why so many people are willing to put in the time and effort to make sure that is all squared away.

The only real complaint people have with this helmet is that the design seems a little busier than others. The look is not as streamlined, and that could leave some people a little frustrated. If that is an issue, there are other similar options. Other than that, the performance and everything else that goes into it is great.

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5. Schuberth C3 Pro

The standard that Schuberth has set is pretty amazing overall. The company has always understood the importance of a quiet ride, and this helmet certainly fits that description. Riders can reduce sound to the low 80s in decibels thanks to this helmet, and it is extremely comfortable as well.

Out of the five helmets listed in this article, this is the only one to put in the time and effort to make everything as quiet as possible. It shows that they are aware of just how noisy things can be on the road, and they don’t want people to have to deal with that.

The first big difference-maker is the number of turbulators on the visor. This helps to reduce turbulence, and make riders feel more comfortable in general. They also seal off the neck area very well with its unique design, which will cut down on sound coming in from below.

Schuberth has a few different helmets out there that will help keep things quiet, but this is probably the best value right now. No one should go without at least trying on an option from this company. They have a great reputation for making the motorcycle riding experience quieter. On top of all of that, the protection offered by the helmet is second to none.

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What impacts the sound level of a helmet?

The quietness of a helmet comes down to aerodynamics. If a helmet can easily slip through the wind, it’s going to be much quieter. So many people think of something being aerodynamic, and therefore focusing only on how fast it can be. That resistance impacts speed without question, but it also soils the experience from an audio perspective.

To properly measure the impact of an aerodynamic helmet over one that isn’t, a side-by-side comparison works. Some of the top companies in the world have their own wind tunnels to measure everything, and that certainly helps with their production.

Of course, people are now at the point where they can tell what some of the determining factors are for an aerodynamic helmet. In a lot of ways, just looking at a design will give a person a pretty good idea.

To optimize and aerodynamic helmet, turbulence must be dealt with. Turbulence is anything that can disrupt the wind flow. That means visor sealing issues, poorly designed vents, too much space between the helmet and the chin, and more.

What type of fit is needed for a quiet helmet?

The right fit is extremely important for any person wanting a quieter helmet. A helmet that is too big will simply have more places for air to leak into the helmet, which will cause some significant sound. If the helmet fits as it should, it will go right up against a person’s head and cut potential wind areas off.

The outer shell design should be simple and smooth. If there’s too much going on with the design, it’s likely not going to perform that well, the goal is to prevent as many things that could hinder the helmet as possible.

If between two sizes, it is recommended to go with the smaller helmet. The good news is that any helmet can be loosened a bit for a customized fit. If the helmet’s shell is too big, nothing can work to reduce the size enough to make an impact on noise levels.

Justifying the cost of an expensive motorcycle helmet

Most of the helmets featured above are on the expensive side, and that can frustrate some people who are on a pretty tight budget. However, there are very few things as important as a motorcycle helmet.

An initial investment might be costly, but no one should ever go cheap when trying to protect their heads. Motorcyclists are taking a big risk every single time they step on the pedals and take the road. A quality helmet can make all the difference in the world for people, and it keeps everyone safe as well.

Are there any additional ways to make a helmet quieter?

Some people love everything about their current helmet, except the level of sound when they ride. If that is the case, there are some steps a person can take to get their helmet sounding better.

One of the easiest solutions is to start wearing earplugs with the helmet. This is going to muffle some of the loud, consistent sounds, while still allowing riders to hear sirens if needed. They fit very easily into that ear, and they are extremely inexpensive.

Most people go for something that might not be the most powerful because there is a reason to still be able to hear if something important happens while on the road.

Wind protection around the chin also helps if that area is problematic. This seems to be the one area that is vulnerable to wind coming into the helmet if it is a bit too big. Fortunately, some comfortable padding and foam solutions are easy to add to existing helmets to seal everything off a bit more.

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