Top 3 Quietest Pellet Stove & How to Make them Quieter

There are a lot of reasons to love pellet stoves. They are extremely efficient, safe for the environment fairly affordable, and safe to use in any home. However, a lot of people stay away from pellet stoves either because they don’t know about all of their benefits, or worry they will make too much noise compared to alternatives.

For those who don’t know much about this way to heat a home, read on for more information. We also take a look at some of the quietest pellet stoves on the market, plus a few ways to control the sound as well.

Old pellet stoves became notorious for being efficient, but also pretty noisy. Technology has helped reduce that issue to the point that the right setup makes them a quiet solution.

What Makes a Pellet Stove Loud?

Two sounds are pretty distinct from any pellet stove. Finding one that operates quietly is sometimes difficult, but there are some options out there.

The biggest issue many people face is how loud a fan blows when in operation. The fan turns on and off throughout the day, and it does make enough sound for people to notice if nothing else is going on in the home.

Another issue is the sound pellets make when they fall. Again, with a lot of things going on at once, some people won’t hear anything as it blends in as ambient noise. When the home is quiet and everyone is trying to concentrate, these types of noise become a little more noticeable.

What Exactly is a Pellet Stove?

There are a few different options for heating a home, and pellet stoves are pretty intriguing for those who give them a try. These heaters are in the style of a furnace, and they use wood pellets specifically made for this purpose.

With these wood pellets used, it provides some of the cleanest solid fuel a person could ask for. They are also slightly more convenient than using wood stoves or fireplaces. This all leads to a more efficient way to heat a home.

Most of the modern pellet stoves also come with the right amount of settings to make them extremely efficient for the size of a home. If a home is only 1000 square feet, it doesn’t need the same type of heat as a home over 2000 square feet.

How Can Someone Make a Pellet Stove Quieter?

If a person already owns a pellet stove, it makes no sense to go out and buy a brand new one if it is still fairly new. Maybe the sound is getting to be a bit too much though, and something needs to be done. Try a few of these tips to quiet the pellet stove, and make for a more enjoyable experience around the home.

1. Move the heat exchanger rod around

The heat exchanger rod in the stove can accumulate quite a bit of debris over time. This can lead to a pellet stove sounding just a little louder than usual. Make sure to take the time to clean

things off every once in a while, especially if there is noticeable buildup. It’s fine to vacuum these parts as well to make them look as good as new.

2. Remove Debris From Other Areas

Whether it be debris at the bottom of the pot or on the burn grate, debris of any kind is bound to happen. It’s sometimes a little difficult to scrape away everything, but it’s worth the extra effort. Try using a screwdriver on the grate if there are problems. A screwdriver is hard enough to scrape anything up that has hardened a bit.

3. Tighten Up the Stove

The stove loosens up a bit as time goes on, just like any other piece of equipment. Make sure to tighten up any plastic ties that secure the motor, or any screws on the stove. This is just some regular maintenance that could reduce the sound considerably. Just a little bit of looseness can lead to a noisier operation.

4. Use Gasket Tape When Needed

if there are gaps or unneeded vibrations, gasket tape can put things back together in a hurry. Use it to reduce noise when in a pinch, and consider a long-term solution if the problem is only temporarily fixed with the tape.

5. Look for a New Location to Have the Stove Set Up

Pellet stoves are easy to place in a few different areas around a home. If it seems like it is particularly noisy, maybe moving it to a different room will change how it sounds.

It becomes harder with smaller homes, but try tucking it in the corner with the fan slightly hidden. This will help to kill the sound a bit, while still providing the same level of efficiency.

If possible, it’s always recommended to put a pellet stove in a garage or basement. These two areas are pretty secluded from the rest of the home, so the chances of the sound issues becoming an issue are minimal.

Finally, if the noise is easy to hear through the walls, it might be worth looking into soundproofing the nearby walls. Some soundproofing panels or foam usually do the trick in these situations.

Quiet Pellet Stoves to Consider

For those people who are currently searching for the first pellet stove, or a replacement for one that they already own, some options are pretty quiet overall. Below is a list of three, in particular, that stands out above the rest. All are available from local retailers, as well as online.

1. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22

There is a lot to love about this pellet stove, including just how quiet it operates. With one of the largest viewing areas on the market, this stove is capable of heating just under 3000 square feet.

Maintenance is also pretty minimal, as there are not a lot of movable parts on the stove. When there is less maintenance involved, that means there is less opportunity for noise to become a problem as well.

About the only thing a person will hear is the fan operating, but many reviewers have pointed out just how quiet it is compared to the competition. If it is put in a secluded area, it won’t cause much of an issue at all. Many people will talk this into their garage as a way to keep the fan even more silent.

2. Castle Pellet Stoves Serenity Wood Pellet Stove


There isn’t a super impressive viewing area with the stove, but it is still something that a lot of people love. Part of the reason why comes down to affordability. Not only that, but it has a smart controller that Willie makes the pellet stove a modern device.

It has an amazing space-saving shape, which people love for a variety of reasons. For starters, it can be tucked into other areas of the home that will keep it away from the quiet areas. Not only that, but it uses less energy and is more efficient overall.

As long as the heating area is 1500 square feet or less, this is a perfect solution for just over $1000. The fact that it is quiet enough to sit in the middle of living areas is enough for people to take a chance on it. The pellets used by the stove are very soft, so it makes a minimal sound when they drop. The fan, like everything else on the stove, is something that runs very efficiently.

3. US Stove Company US GW1949

At first glance, this certainly doesn’t look like a pellet stove most people are used to. It doesn’t have the viewing area that makes them so enticing to some people, but if silent operation and modern design are all that matter, this is one of the best options out there.

For starters, this can go right in the middle of a home as a conversational piece, or tucked away if needed. It takes up very little space in any home, so people don’t have to worry about making room if they live in a small place.

it has a lot of different setting options for people to get just the right set up for their own particular home. This saves money in the end, and also keep things quiet when the heater is not in use.

What are the major selling points is that the set up has a natural gravity feed system for the pellets. That means there are no mechanical parts, which limits the amount of maintenance needed to keep things working properly.

Out of the three to make this list, this pellet stove might be the quietest. One of the reasons why is that there is a less exposed area. No matter how hard companies try to make stoves as quiet as possible, glass exposure won’t kill as much sound as standard casing.

Final Pellet Stove Thoughts

During the winter months, a pellet stove makes a lot of sense for any sized home. In the long run, it can be a great way to save a significant amount of money. Finding one that operates

quietly helps limit ambient noise. Anyone who loves a quiet home overall won’t have to give up that tranquility with this quality heating solution.

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