Roxul Insulation For Soundproofing – All The Facts

When people start to research different types of insulation out there, Roxul is definitely one that comes up quickly. It is very good at providing traditional insulation services, but people who are looking for soundproofing, in general, seem to gravitate towards this option. Many different people recommend it, and it priced affordably enough, considering all it can do.

Before jumping right into purchasing Roxul insulation (Amazon), it is good to do some research and see why people are so interested in putting money down. This is meant to be an overview of Roxul insulation, and why it might be worth the investment in the end.

What is Roxul Insulation?

Roxul insulation is an option that is designed to go in between wall partitions and steel stud development. A lot of people like the fact that the insulation is very solid at helping close an air cavity, and it is perfect to fit into different types of locations in construction. (source)

A combination of thermal resistance, fire resistance, and soundproofing convince a lot of people to invest in this option. There are other insulation products out there that are beneficial, but very few can live up to the overall value. In particular, soundproofing is a major draw.

Advantages of Roxul Insulation

Insulation is important to a lot of people when they are looking to complete any new type of construction. It is something that people want to get right the first time.

Having to search for the right insulation constantly takes a lot of time and effort, and many people do not want to have to deal with that.


Roxul insulation does a great job of not absorbing moisture like some other batt insulation options out there. This comes in handy for people who live in wet areas, as they might be exposed to water that could cause some pretty significant problems at any moment.

There is no risk of mold forming or parasites making the insulation their new home. Not having to worry about water issues can make an area that much more secure. The insulation will do a great job of informing people that something is indeed wrong, but not actually cause any damage.


If there is a flame of any kind, Roxul inflation helps keep everything safe. Cutting down the spread of a flame is definitely one huge draw to this insulation compared to some of the competition. It is tested up to temperatures as high as 2150°F, which is warmer than a typical house fire.

Even if the insulation does catch on fire, it will not blaze or give off gases that might do more harm than good. It is about the best insulation one can find that is safe to use if the worst happens.

Other insulation options are also heatproof, but the materials in Roxul make it superior. A lot of people have their insulation to thank for a fire not getting out of hand nearly as much as it should have.

Sound Absorbency

Sound control in any building takes effort. Most people think of soundproofing materials as going on the walls, but treating them inside can help as well. This insulation is very popular for people who want to make sure that everything is controlled inside and out.

The insulation can help out walls that face the outside, and inside walls as well. This means anything from TV noise inside to wind from the outside is completely controlled. No one has to deal with any interruptions whatsoever, and it makes for a much more peaceful time indoors.

While trying some different insulation options out there, some people might automatically jump to the thought that there is no actual solution to controlling sound, other than some extravagant setup. The fact that a lot of sound control comes down to picking the right insulation can sell the product itself.

Environmentally Friendly

No one wants to invest in insulation that is not environmentally friendly in today’s world. The stone wool is very friendly for the earth, and it is a reusable and recyclable item.

Roxul, as a company, has focused a lot of efforts in the last few years on making sure that their entire procedure is environmentally friendly as possible.

The stone wool that it uses is perfect for people who want to make sure that they do not have any negative impact on the environment. They are continuing to improve their procedures to do even more to give back and make a positive impact on the environment.

Easy Installation Process

A do-it-yourself installation process for Roxul insulation is very straightforward. No matter what type of scenario a person finds themselves in, they can cut everything so that it is ready to go. A simple blade will do the trick in most cases, since the insulation is fairly easy to cut through. Keep in mind that the thickest options will be a little trickier, but still doable.

Once it is sized properly, installing insulation is about as straightforward as possible with new construction. It is a little trickier to install insulation after the fact, but it can be done as well. Some people will hire a professional to do that instead of tackling that themselves.

What is Roxul Made of?

Roxul Mineral Wool

This insulation is created with a blend of stone and slag. Not only does it provide premium insulation properties, but it is a way to you something that might end up being in the landfill anyway.

Most people find that the stone used does a great job of handling sound thrown his way. It is combined with the very sturdy fibers that overall make for a great option.

Disadvantages of Roxul Insulation

It might sound like Roxul insulation is excellent value, and most people will find it to be exactly that. However, some people should stay away from this insulation if they do not want to spend a lot of money.

It is a more premium option that other insulation out there, which can get pretty costly if used in every single area.

Some people only use this insulation for certain walls, so keep that in mind. It is also a little more dense and heavier than other insulation options out there, so it might not be suitable for some delicate areas. Finding any type of loose form is next to impossible with Roxul insulation.

Questions About Roxul Insulation

Filling Air Cavity with Roxul

People are making an investment when purchasing insulation, so it is important to find the best overall fit. Before purchasing, we have put together a list of common questions people might have about the insulation.

How does Roxul directly compare to fiberglass?

The main competition for Roxul insulation is fiberglass. Some have counted on fiberglass for a long time, so going with a different type of insulation might not seem like a change worth making to some people.

The biggest reason why people change is that it is just a better overall insulation option. Fiberglass, which is commonly referred to as simply pink insulation, cannot provide the same level of water, fire, and sound resistance. On top of all that, Roxul insulation is pretty easy to put in an install, and it is actually healthier for people to be around than fiberglass as well.

Fiberglass is without question the established option when it comes to insulation, but there is nothing wrong with looking at the newer options out there as well.

What is the official R-value for Roxul?

When it comes to resisting heat, most buildings referred to R-value. For example, an R-8 reduces about 90% of heat flow, while R-32 can reduce up to 97%.

Roxul insulation rates around R-15. That is about what people are going to find from any other company out there with insulation. It does an excellent job of keeping people safe from fire breakouts.

What are the best ways to maximize soundproofing with Roxul insulation?

For quality sound set up, Roxul insulation can really help out. Some people will use the insulation specifically for certain areas in a building. Maybe a person wants to have a home theater, an audio studio, or simply a quiet room.

The insulation is a great starting point, but it is not going to do the job by itself. Putting more effort into the room means less sound coming in or leaving. People will use a variety of soundproofing material so that they feel like they are getting the most out of their set up.

What insulation does help with is having that built-in help without having to add soundproofing material for normal rooms necessarily.

Maybe it does not look as aesthetically pleasing as one would like, and there is really no need for extra soundproofing material as well. The insulation works a lot better than any other normal options, and it is hidden out of sight.

What is the difference between Roxul and Rockwool?

The simple answer is that Roxul is the North American division of a larger Rockwool group. The Rockwell group is the largest stone wool manufacturer in the world, and people have been counting on it in construction everywhere.

A lot of people in North America know the Roxul name, which is why they decided to keep it instead of re-branding completely.

Can rodents find their way into Roxul insulation?

Rodents in Roxul?

This is one of the trickier questions to answer, simply because there is no true method on testing for rodent resistance. Some insulation options work better than others, and people have mostly had success with Roxul.

That is not to say that a rodent can’t find a way through certain types of insulation, but it does as good of a job controlling everything as possible.

The thicker the insulation is, the better it will be at controlling rodents from causing issues. Most of the time, rodents are able to wreak havoc by being able to find compromised areas so that they can slip through.

Is Roxul Insulation Harmful?

Most people are going to find Roxul pretty safe overall, especially compared to some of the drawbacks to fiberglass insulation. Roxul does not contain formaldehyde of any kind, nor any heavy metals.

Everything that goes into making insulation is very safe for people to be around and handle, which is about all people can ask for.

Another benefit of Roxul is that there is no issue with gases emitted from the insulation post-production. They make sure to do all the testing necessary so that people do not have to deal with any off-gassing whatsoever.

Roxul Insulation Lifespan?

Roxul is built to last a lifetime, but it is largely up to the installation process. If it is put in the correct way, there will be no chance of any type of decay or other issues with the insulation.

Exposed to the elements, the lifespan is going to go down significantly. It is, but people do need to be aware of doing everything as they should it works well.

The thicker options do tend to last a little longer, and up to 7.25 inches thick for a fat product. This is pretty impressive and takes a lot of time for there to be any type of aging with the insulation whatsoever.

Where to Buy Roxul Insulation?

Since Roxul insulation is so counted on these days by many different setups, it is readily available just about anywhere insulation sold. Some people will shop at a local store, while others will order online. Even though it is not that heavy from a shipping perspective, it is usually cheaper for people to shop locally if they are doing a smaller project.

One of the benefits of shopping in person is that people will have the opportunity to see the different thicknesses and gather the information that way.

There is also the opportunity of starting the project right away, instead of having to wait for a little for the shipment to arrive. Finally, if additional purchases are needed, it is much easier to go locally than wait as well.

Final Thoughts: Justification for Roxul insulation over fiberglass options

It is a bigger investment, but ultimately, Roxul insulation is the best way to go. Four North Americans, this is the premier option for people who want to control sound, temperature, fire issues, and everything else. It is a superior product and should go in strategically throughout any building.

It took a long time to come up with something that could actually outperform fiberglass insulation, but this does the trick. Do not be afraid to try how many combinations to do a quick test.

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