Soundproof Curtains vs Soundproof Blinds: What is Best?

Soundproofing a window can prove to be very problematic for any person out there attempting a bunch of different things. It is one of the most vulnerable spots in any room, and while there are solutions out there, it is tricky, to say the least.

Two solutions that a lot of people turn to to help the process out include soundproofing curtains and soundproofing blinds. Both of these options are great at blending in and making the room look completely normal. Unlike some soundproofing material, nothing stands out in particular when using either option.

Does one work better compared to the other? It really depends on each situation, but more often than not, curtains have a slight edge. Below is a closer look at both solutions, and when it might be best to pick each one.

Soundproofing Blinds

soundproof blinds

The first thing to keep in mind when shopping for soundproofing blinds is that there is some convenient marketing that goes into this solution. Acoustic resonator blinds are not particularly made for soundproofing, even when marketed that way. The reason why they work to a certain degree is that they add a layer of mass that reduces noise from passing through a vulnerable area.

The best types of blinds for soundproofing are cellular, honeycomb blinds. They get their name because they are made from tubes of hexagon fabric. Most people buy these shades to help insulate heat, but it also works for sound insulation as well.

Even though these are the best of the best for blinds, they still are going to make a huge impact by themselves. Think of soundproofing blinds as a complementary piece to a bigger solution. Just throwing on some cellular shades isn’t going to do much all alone.

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Soundproofing Curtains

There are a few reasons why soundproofing curtains work just a little better. For starters, when they are close, there are no gaps whatsoever for sound to leak through. Blinds are always going to have little spaces for sound, which reduces their effectiveness.

The material used for very heavy drapes and curtains also works better from a soundproofing perspective. Even though the fabric isn’t particularly well known for soundproofing characteristics, adding a thick layer of anything with some mass is going to make a difference.

On top of providing help with noise, it does a great job of covering up other soundproofing materials used on the window. If something temporary is added for additional mass, it is completely hidden by pulled curtains. (source)

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Shopping for Soundproofing Curtains and Blinds

The Internet has made it very easy to find soundproofing curtains and blinds that are just as stylish as anything else out there. There might be slightly fewer options compared to normal, everyday curtains without focusing on the soundproofing qualities, but people should always be on the lookout for a good deal.

Soundproofing mostly comes down to providing great coverage overall. If the curtains or blinds do not cover the entire window, they are going to allow for some sound to leak through. On top of that basic advice, here are a few other tips on picking the right options.

Go longer and Wider if Possible

Full coverage is nice, but go above and beyond that as well. In fact, one of the best ways to go is for floor to ceiling length with curtains specifically.

Blinds are usually a bit more limited, but they still should go as far as possible with coverage. This has to do with containing sounds and making sure that they are dealt with properly.

With Curtains, Opt for Two Sets

Curtains can be doubled up and still look very sharp, so if possible, go that way for additional soundproofing. It is not going to add that much extra bulk, and when they are not pulled, it can look pretty normal.

Doubling up does not work with two sets of blinds. However, it does work to use a combination of blinds and curtains at once.

A combination provides a set up that helps add mass without messing up the aesthetic of the room. It is worth exploring, even if it is a bit more expensive to buy essentially double for every window.

Use ceiling mounts instead of wall brackets for curtains

Again, this is going to help with better coverage and more noise reduction. The goal should be to have as much coverage as possible without looking ridiculous. Hanging curtains from the ceiling do exactly that.

A lot of the same principles are used when creating blackout curtains and blinds, and helping with noise reduction. Blackout options are great from a marketing perspective because people love being able to make any room feel like it is night time for better sleep.

Since more people care about sunlight compared to sound issues, not every soundproofing option will be marketed that way. That is why looking at blackout options is another way to go. This opens up more creative designs for people who want to make sure that they get something that looks good.

Are soundproof curtains and soundproof blinds worth investing in?

Even though they are not ultra-effective with controlling sound, many people are satisfied with their investments when they put money towards these options. The reason is that just about any window needs curtains and/or blinds anyway. It makes no sense to not go with an option that

helps as much as possible with soundproofing. They do not cost very much more in the end, and there is the bonus of controlling light better as well. Some blackout curtains are so effective that people forget what time of day it is.

Sure, not everyone is going to be satisfied with just these to help with soundproofing an area. It would be crazy to think that is the case. Combined with some other ways to control sound, this helps for sure.

Can a window be treated to help with soundproofing?

This article mostly focuses on ways to control sound with window coverage, but there are options that work to treat the windows themselves that work as well.

There are some steps a person can take to make sure the window is as soundproof as possible before adding curtains or blinds. This will help with overall sound control, and some of them are pretty easy to pull off. Keep in mind that there are also more expensive options, depending on just how annoying the sounds are. It the sound is rather minimal, some will just live with it in the end.

The first step is identifying any small leaks and making repairs if necessary. It is important to control sound as much as possible.

A more expensive option is to add another layer of glass with space in between for some sound control. Plexiglass works very well in this scenario, and any added layer will have some type of impact.

If just one panel is added, it could be done by most individuals without having to put in additional effort to get a professional. The project is pretty straightforward, with the toughest part being cutting the glass down to size.

Finally, there are options available for people who want to use a soundproofing method temporarily. A window plug is one advanced option to consider in that regard. A person can either purchase a window plug that is already made, or make one themselves. These plugs fit right into the window itself, sealing things off so that sound is temporarily controlled.

The downside of this is that it is not a permanent solution, and there is also the storage issue when not in use. People who make them themselves do have the luxury of using material that they know will work.

Where can a person find the best deals on soundproofing curtains and blinds?

The best deals are almost exclusively online these days, although if a person has long enough, they might be able to find some options locally. With online shopping, it is just easier to get everything picked out and delivered instead of having to go to the store.

There are still some advantages to shopping in person, especially for something that needs to match other parts of the room. A shopper gets a better sense of the color scheme, and they can make sure that the sizing is just right.

Make sure to take all measurements before getting started with shopping for window treatment. Windows come in many shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing worse than ordering the wrong thing online and having to figure out a way to fix the mistake.

The Verdict

Do not be afraid to ask questions and read reviews on curtains people of use in the past. They are always solid recommendations online that help with figuring things out. Many people invest in blinds and curtains to help with sound control, even if they aren’t marketed that way.

If the soundproofing doesn’t really work, try a few other methods until it is sufficient enough. The good news is that these curtains and blinds usually do not cost that much, so buying a set or two will not end up costing that much in the end.

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