Soundproof Gaming Console So Your Warranty Is Not Voided!

Gaming is a passion for many, but it can be a pretty noisy activity when stepping back and looking at things.

Not only do games have quite a bit of sound to them, but anything from the keyboard and controllers to the microphone on a headset will cause a lot of noise as well.

To keep things quiet, and keep everyone else nearby satisfied, it is worth investing in the right soundproof gaming setup.

Depending on what is specifically causing a lot of noise, people can focus on aspects in particular. For those who want the ultimate experience, keeping noise in mind with every purchase makes the most sense.

Anyone who has operated a very intense game knows that it can make any system pretty noisy. The system needs to operate at a high level, and that almost always triggers the fan to work extra hard.

It is usually the fan that makes the most noise, and it can be frustrating for gamers as they try to immerse themselves into what they are playing.

The reason why the fan kicks on in the first place is to keep everything as cool as possible. To prevent the fan from kicking on quite as frequently, there are a few steps worth exploring.

Relocating The Console

People do not always have their gaming system located in the proper space. It needs to be in a fairly open area, and as cool as possible.

This prevents the system from heating up as quickly as it does in other cases. This might not always make that much of a difference, but it is a very easy first step to consider.

Cleaning/Dusting The Console

A dirty gaming system is much more likely to start overheating, which makes everything very noisy.

It is going to collect dirt, grime, dust, and so much more just like everything else, so do not ignore cleaning the system once in a while.

Replace Case Fans

These fans (Amazon) can become extremely noisy and downright annoying if they are constantly running.

Since every gaming system needs fans to some extent, installing quieter options might be the best compromise.

They are pretty affordable these days, and it is relatively easy to replace them if a person can follow instructions.

Use a Soundproof Enclosure

For the ultimate amount of noise control, a soundproofing enclosure will help any person who has a gaming system.

It needs to be large enough so that the system does not overheat, but small enough that it does not take up that much extra space.

Not many people are going to this extreme, and it can be a little difficult to keep everything manageable as well.

Quieting Keyboards, Controllers, and More

Another noisy aspect of gaming is the constant use of controllers. There is always going to be some level of noise coming from controllers, keyboards, and other input options, but minimizing them as much as possible will make everything a little quieter.

The first thing to do is to look for options that market themselves as being quiet overall. For example, many quiet gaming keyboards out there will use rubber underneath the keys to kill the sound.

This is also something that can be customized with a gaming controller if a person wants to go that route.

Joysticks on a game controller are very tough to make quiet completely, but perhaps the biggest tip is just making sure that everything is clean and fully functional.

They are really not that noisy when they are brand new, but they do become noisier as time goes on. If they start to hit any metal underneath the casing, that is when it becomes a little troublesome.

Try to either clean the joystick off, open the controller up to manage any metal, or purchase a new controller altogether.

Game Sounds and Chat

More gamers than ever before are playing online, and that means game sounds are also combined with constant chatter.

Most people who use game chat already have some type of microphone and audio (Amazon) set up, but taking things to another level will cut down on unnecessary noise as much as possible.

The first step is to invest in a good pair of headphones that will allow players to become fully immersed.

There are always going to be people who want to have the sound effects filling up the entire room, and that is perfectly fine in some instances.

However, when it is really time to be quiet, headphones are going to come in handy. A proper setup is also going to allow for an easy chat with others during online play.

It is very easy to get caught up in the action and make a lot of noise, which is why some people will go as far as to use soundproofing options for their voice.

Anything to keep the sound down and not disturb others is a path worth exploring.

Treating the Most Vulnerable Areas

In any room, vulnerable areas are the biggest importance in making noticeable changes. If a person chooses to ignore making any changes, they are not going to achieve the type of success they are looking for.

Any doors or windows are going to be the most vulnerable areas for unwanted noises coming in and leaving the room.

Even extremely thick windows are still not as soundproof by themselves as a solid wall, and a door has a lot of space for sound to seep through as well.

To make matters worse, a lot of interior doors are hardly thick enough to provide much soundproofing at all.

Soundproofing Gaming Room Door

There are many ways to soundproof a door but not all of them are particularly effective. One easy way to stop noise from coming through a door is by adding a door sweep.

A door sweep (Amazon) will seal the gap on the bottom of the door and will help considerably stop noise from leaching in or out of the gaming room. 

Another easy fix for soundproofing a door is by adding a weatherstrip (Amazon) around the inside casing of the door.

This will seal the gap around the door where noise would be easily traveling through. It’s an easy DIY fix and best of all, weatherstrips are cheap! 


Building a gaming room with no windows is probably the best solution, at least from a soundproofing perspective.

It will make life so much easier to soundproof walls instead of windows, but the majority of rooms will have at least one they have to worry about.

Treating windows the right way is going to be the best method to really having something that works out long-term.

Not only do gamers usually want to handle sound as much as possible, but they want to make sure that light does not pose too much of a problem either.

Perhaps the easiest solution for windows is to add sound deadening blackout curtains (Amazon) to the mix.  They are going to look a lot like regular curtains, so nothing is going to stand out too much.

They only are activated when they are pulled tightly, and the thick fabric does a pretty good job of making everything sound just a little bit better.

As one might expect, it also means that there is no light coming in, which is not necessarily a problem for most gamers since they do not want to fight against the glare on their monitors.

If curtains alone can’t do the trick, there is also the option of using a window plug that pretty much closes off the window entirely temporarily.

Simply snapping it into place will provide an extra bit of mass that makes it much more like part of the wall.

It does not look as aesthetically pleasing as curtains, but some people use them in combination if a window is particularly problematic.

A more extreme major might be to look into replacing the window completely. There are some soundproof glass options out there that do a pretty good job of helping people out but keep in mind that this is the most expensive route.

It is more of a long-term solution, but it does end up working for most people in the end.

Soundproofing The Entire Gaming Room

For some people, this seems like the ultimate project. It is a little time-consuming for a great experience, but it can be pulled off by getting the right material and following instructions.

When soundproofing the entire gaming room, it can isolate the gamer from everyone else, while also immersing the player into the experience.

Instead of looking at it as a huge task, break things down into different parts of the room. Every corner is slightly different, and the right treatment will go a long way.

Soundproofing the Walls


Interior thin walls can be a huge detriment to anyone trying to control sound in a gaming room. To reduce the amount of sound passing through them, it makes sense to add mass in some way. There are permanent solutions, as well as temporary options available.

Drywall is a very effective technique, and it will help dampen the noise right away. Drywall might seem a little complicated, but some people with experience will be able to do this all themselves.

Keep in mind that adding drywall is a little expensive, and it will need to be removed eventually if it is a rental property.

It is extremely useful and needs virtually no maintenance after it is installed, so that is one positive that keep people from doing it.

Attaching Acoustic Foam to Walls

A lot of professional gamers are turning to acoustic foam (Amazon) to help with their sound issues. They are designed for any type of sound, acting as a way to dampen the noise and enhance everything inside the room.

If walls are left completely untreated, noise is going to bounce all around the room. This creates a less than pure sound, and also perhaps an echo.

Acoustic foam works well, and a person does not even have to fill their entire room with it.

Acoustic Panels

This is more for people who want to enhance the sound inside the room, instead of necessarily blocking sounds from going out.

It can reflect sounds in the right way so that anybody inside the room will be able to hear things perfectly.

When paired with the right speakers, the game and overall experience are truly different than any other.

Treating Floors and Ceiling


The walls are very important in a gaming room, but the floor and ceiling are equally as important.

Think of a room like a box, and not treating the top and bottom means that there are plenty of opportunities for sound to leak in and out.

Out of the two, treating a floor for soundproofing is the easier option. Most people can use gravity to their advantage, which will help out quite a bit.

With the ceiling, things need to be attached to make it work, but it is still just one surface instead of all the different walls in a room.

Underlayment and Mats

The first step with helping with floor soundproofing is to find material that can be placed underneath a rug or carpet.

There are a lot of options out there that work, and the key is adding dense mass that will not be that noticeable once it is all covered up.

Mass-loaded vinyl (Amazon) is one option that fits this description, but there are a lot of companies that put out products that help. The key is to try to find the right material, and not spending too much money along the way.

Using Rugs and Carpet 

Rugs and carpets might not be billed as a soundproofing material, but every little bit helps. It is another layer that is going to prevent sound from finding it that easy to leak in or out.

A hardwood floor might look great, but it is just one option that simply is not going to work in a gaming room.

Too many sounds are going to bounce around, and even a person’s shoes might squeak if they are walking around.

The carpet is going to do the heavy lifting, as the material underneath that is talked about above takes care of that. However, a dense carpet is going to help out more than something that is rather thin.

If soundproofing is the main goal, look for a dense, thick carpet or rug that is made of durable material. People also want something soft, so one solid example the fits all the criteria is a Persian rug.

Shag carpet is also an option worth exploring, even if it does seem like it is stuck in a previous generation.

Temporary Ceiling Options

Gamers can look at treating a ceiling much like treating walls. The key here is to find something that can hang comfortably, without looking like it stands out too much.

Options like a soundproofing blanket, soundproofing curtains, and similar items are one option worth considering.

It might seem like it would be tricky to add to a ceiling, but these all can be attached pretty easily. For most, they will opt for a more permanent solution for the ceiling.

Permanent Ceiling Options


Some of the best permanent ceiling options are going to be acoustic panels, ceiling tiles, or other options that attach flush with the ceiling.

The goal in most cases is to not reduce the actual height of the ceiling in any way, as people are usually cramped for space anyway in a gaming room.

The only time it makes sense to suspend something like acoustic panels is if it is a particularly spacious room.

Perhaps the biggest struggle when dealing with permanent ceiling options is actually doing the work.

It can be strenuous for people to get up there and take care of everything, but it is worth it in the end if there are any problems.

Is Soundproofing a Gaming Room Worth It?

A proper gaming room set up for soundproofing is always going to be worth it in the end if a person is serious about keeping everything sounded great.

This is not only beneficial for the gamer but everyone else within a certain distance. They can certainly get loud at times, but with a few steps, gaming becomes a lot less problematic.

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