Soundproofing a CrossFit Gym – DIY

The sport of CrossFit brings in millions of people each year, helping athletes get in better shape, train for other sports, and have an enjoyable time working out in general. Much like any type of gym, it can get pretty loud with everything going on.

While athletes may love a new CrossFit gym going in near their home, neighbors in densely populated areas might not be so happy. CrossFit gyms are very noisy neighbors, and owners have picked up their fair share of noise complaints.

To make it a better experience for all, soundproofing a CrossFit gym is one of the best ways to go. It’s impossible to eliminate every single sound coming from the gym, but with a little bit of effort, noise complaints will go down, and the gym will be better prepared for daily use.

1. Soundproofing the walls

It may not seem that important to soundproof the walls of the facility, but it does make a difference when compared to the current setup.

Not only are people talking and weights drop at all hours of the day, but music frequently plays at gyms as well. The noise spreads all around the facility, especially if there is nothing to absorb the sound.

The main focus must be on the shared wall with any business. It’s the same thing as living in an apartment complex and having noisy neighbors. The CrossFit gym is the neighbor who is seemingly always having parties.

With the walls in a CrossFit gym, there are two ways to go about soundproofing.

The first is more for new construction since doing it the right way from the beginning makes the most sense.

Installing soundproof material will hide it from both businesses. It is more aesthetically pleasing, and more material can fit between the two walls as well.

The downfall is that it makes the initial construction a bit more expensive, but that isn’t that big of a deal if the gym plans on being in business for a while.

If the building is already constructed, soundproofing material (Amazon) might need to be installed on the existing wall. It can be disguised as mats or boards that fit into what the gym looks like in general, which is pretty easy to pull off.

The downfall to this is that it slightly shrinks what might already be a small area to work out in. It is, however, easy to take down or enhance when the time comes.

2. Building a quiet, durable floor

The walls might play a pretty significant role, but the floor is the most crucial part of any CrossFit gym that needs soundproofing. This is the part of the facility that will take a ton of abuse, and also be very noisy.

Fortunately, most CrossFit gyms call the first floor home. This helps with the sound a little bit, but some additional steps are needed before it is CrossFit ready.

There have been quite a few advancements in gym flooring over the years that have made it very affordable. Most will go with some type of rubber since it does the best job of absorbing shock, creating thermal insulation, providing a non-slip surface, and overall durability.

The best way to invest in CrossFit flooring is to go with tiles, mats, or rolls.

No one wants to have one giant piece of flooring, because it’s going to make it very difficult to replace any worn out areas.

Perhaps the easiest method right now is to use tile, since they can easily pop in and out in a matter of seconds if a repair is needed.

With plenty of CrossFit options, no gym is going to be taking that seriously without a properly soundproof floor. Not only will it make it noisy in the gym, but there are bound to be complaints outside the gym as well.

If the gym is in the middle of the complex, no one wants to hear constant weight dropping and shaking the rest of the building.

Handling Other Unique Situations

Every CrossFit gym is slightly different, and adjusting to that particular area is a big key to soundproofing success.

For example, if a gym has high ceilings, something needs installed panels up there helps dampen the sound. The same goes for any large windows.

It can make it very difficult to completely soundproof an area if there are large windows, so people need to get a little creative with sound control.

The best thing to do is traditional soundproofing work on the walls and floors, and then do a sound test around certain parts of the gym to see if anything else needs fixing.

It’s usually easy to tell just by listening, but an acoustical engineer could also help provide insight.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Installing Specific Flooring for CrossFit?

Consider flooring to be a necessity for any new gym before opening up. It provides so many benefits for everyone that no reputable gym will go without it.

The professional installation of CrossFit flooring is relatively expensive, mostly because companies know how important they are.

Fortunately, it is becoming easy enough for people to do themselves if they want to save money.

CrossFit flooring (Amazon) is so versatile that it doesn’t matter if the building is owned or being rented. If it is time to move or close shop, the floor is easy to pull up for use down the road. That’s why it’s a no brainer as far as an investment for the future of the company.

How Often Does Flooring Need Replacing at a CrossFit Gym?

Take relatively good care of the flooring, and it will last for years. That means regular cleaning, maintenance, courteous clientele, and more.

Maybe some heavy traffic areas will need some care here and there, but the flooring material is very durable and dependable in today’s world.

Feel free to be creative with different flooring in different parts of the gym. For the cardiovascular section of the gym, a thin layer of flooring might be perfect.

For weights, some added thickness will make a difference in absorbing everything.

Where Should Speakers go in a CrossFit gym?

While a lot of people rely on their headphones for music, most CrossFit gyms have some type of sound system as well.

To fully enjoy it around other businesses, soundproofing the gym is a must. However, putting the speakers in the right position will help out as well.

If there is a shared wall, don’t have a speaker directly against that wall. There will be enough vibrations that even a soundproofed wall won’t do enough. Make sure not to point the speaker directly at that wall, because that is not going to work either.

If possible, putting speakers in the corners above the action is the way to go. It will fill the room more naturally, without overwhelming any particular area.

If there is just one speaker and it needs to be tucked in the corner, make sure that it is away from any doors that open and close consistently. Whenever somebody is stepping in or out, the sound can get pretty crazy.

Final Tips

At the end of the day, every single CrossFit owner is going to get at least a few looks from surrounding businesses once people hear who is moving in. It’s important to be as kind as possible with noise, but at the same time, there is only so much a person can do.

The better the gym is soundproofed, the more relaxed the atmosphere can be. Instead of worrying about noise complaints, everything who uses the gym can focus on getting the best workout possible.

It might not seem like that big of a deal, but it’s the little things that make one CrossFit gym stand out from another.

If the acoustics are very good in the gym and everyone has a great time working out there, it’s going to become one of the more recommended places for people to check out.

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