Top 5 Quietest 4000 Watt generators

When the electricity goes out, or there are no options readily available for power, a generator can be a true lifesaver. They can provide consistent power for a good amount of time, and they are generally inexpensive for people to have when they are needed most. Just using them a few times makes it a worthwhile investment for most.

There are different generators for different tasks, and generally speaking, the more watts, the louder and heavier they are. There’s always going to be some noise associated with a 4000 watt generator, but quit options do exist as well. You could also even build a generator quiet box if you can’t afford a quiet generator.

Out of all the 4000 watt generators on the market right now, there are five that stand out just a little bit more above the rest. They provide a good amount of value as far as price is concerned, and they are extremely durable. This makes them great buys overall.

Is a 4000 Watt Generator the Right One for You?

Not all generators are created equally. There are many different sizes available for people who need them for different reasons. Most homeowners who are looking for a backup generator usually want to have something that falls in the 2000 watts and 3000 watts to 6000 watts category. That’s a pretty big range, so what makes a 4000-watt generator a great option?

Most who opt for a 4000 watt generator generally have a more modern type of set up. Gas or oil forced air heating systems don’t need very much wattage at all. The same goes for water heaters. It’s more expensive to get a high power generator, but if it won’t make a difference, there’s no reason to invest in one.

A 4000 watt generator can also be used in an industrial setting, or even while camping. They are small and versatile enough for them to work, and most importantly, they don’t run too loud that it becomes a major issue.

Along with huge appliances and power hogs, 4000 watt generators handle smaller tasks as well. Many come with settings to maximize their use in these situations.

I don’t need anywhere close to 4000 watts right now. Is it still worth buying one this powerful?

The short answer: yes! The reason why 4000 watt generators are so popular is that they sit right in the middle as far as power is concerned. That means they are usually one of the best overall values.

Even if the higher wattage is only used a handful of times, it beats having to work with something that is underpowered.

Not only does a generator with limited power prove to be frustrating to use, but it can also be dangerous if it is pushed too much. A 4000 watt generator will handle virtually anything needed in a home, on an RV or even in most industrial settings.

The five quietest 4000 watt generators

1. Pulsar PG4000iSR

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Why buy?

  • Outstanding portability
  • Long run time at 50%
  • Handles practically any situation

Every person is going to have different needs for their 4000 watt generator. Some just wanted to sit at their home for emergencies, while others want it to go everywhere with them. If the purpose is to have a generator to use for a recreation vehicle, tailgates, and more, this option from Pulser is perhaps the best one to go with.

It’s not extremely lightweight, weighing in at around 92 pounds. However, it is designed to move around pretty easily, with built-in wheels and a rugged design. The wheels never go flat, so it’s never too difficult to move the generator around, even after a long day.

Another thing that impresses many people is the fact it has a 15-hour run time at 50%. That’s maximizing the amount of power from a 3.4-gallon tank. Even if the plan is to be away from any type of power for a while, this generator is built to last a long time.

Noise level is pretty solid at 63 dB, which puts it safely in the middle as far as noise is concerned in this category. It’s pretty impressive considering it has 4000 starting watts, and 3500 running watts. To put the sound level in perspective, it’s going to be very similar to an AC unit at a home.

Anyone who is looking for portability really can’t go wrong with this option. If 4000 watt is what is needed, this will do the trick for many years. Don’t be afraid to mess with the settings a bit to make sure that everything is working efficiently.

2. Predator 3500 Watt

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Why buy?

  • Great LCD screen with high amount of controls
  • Solid construction
  • Very quiet, even at high capacities

There is no doubt that Predator is really starting to make a name for itself as a true contender in the generator industry. They offer several very quiet solutions, and it seems to be developing into their number one quality.

Of course, a generator can operate extremely quietly, but if it doesn’t do its job, it is still worthless. The run time is a little short with just 11 hours at 25% capacity, but it is a somewhat compact solution overall. It comes with wheels that make it very easy to go anywhere, and the different settings come in handy to maximize power usage as well.

Predator does a great job with not only their settings, but the whole layout on the back of the machine. The digital LCD screen allows people to see if it is low on oil, overloaded or something else. Some buttons are easy to use and make adjustments with. No one should ever feel like they are playing a guessing game with certain adjustments.

The pricing might be a little higher than some people are willing to spend, but it does come with more technology than the average generator. If a person enjoys making adjustments at all times, this is an option to consider.

3. Westinghouse iGen4500


Click here for the current price for the Westinghouse iGen4500 from Amazon.

Why buy?

Westinghouse is known as one of the most reputable brands in the generator industry. They are willing to provide quality products at affordable prices, and they have one to fit just about any need.

Falling in the 4000 watt generator category is the Westinghouse iGen4500. It is strong and durable enough to go on the road, and dependable enough to handle most homes as well. It’s truly the only generator a lot of people own, and the gas-powered up machine is a true crowd-pleaser.

It’s a little on the heavy side, but Westinghouse designed the generator so that it is still pretty portable. The wheels help out a lot, and the design makes it easy to take on the road as well. Most should be able to handle everything themselves, but getting a little extra help could be beneficial when carrying it for long periods.

So what makes it a true crowd-pleaser? For starters, it’s one of the best with fuel efficiency. One of the reasons why it is so efficient is that it has different modes for people to use. If a person is using a generator for smaller things, eco-mode is a very popular option. All that means is a person can get 12 to 15 hours of power with just one gallon of gas, which is pretty remarkable.

It’s also one of the quietest options in this category. Some people are noticing just a 52 dB with this machine, which is truly remarkable from a sound perspective. Having the ability to have such a quiet machine means it can be put in different places without it being a hindrance in any way.

4. WEN 56380i

Click here for the current price of the Wen 56380i from Amazon.

Why buy?

  • Dependable WEN quality
  • Fully shuts off to help with fuel maintenance and overall lifespan
  • Extremely clean power

WEN is a great option for someone looking for a generator bringing a ton of technology to the table every single time. Not only that, but the modern-looking option is portable, durable and ready to tackle virtually any situation thrown their way.

What makes this option so popular is that it is a happy medium for many. It’s not the most powerful generator in the world, but it still going to handle a lot of things thrown it away. Anyone who owns a home should be able to power most of it for several hours, and that’s all most people are looking for.

The technology in this generator helps to maximize the run time as long as possible. There is a fuel shut off system that helps with the lifespan, making it very easy for people to not waste too much. It might not have the best run time in the world, but this setup helps things out.

The power is also extremely clean from this option. The company spent a lot of time making sure that all the power can be used in a variety of ways, and it never fails to live up to expectations. This clean power will not do any type of damage to sensitive electronics that need just the right amount of power.

It gets to about 57 dB, which is below average. That’s great news for people who want to put this generator somewhere close to the living area. It runs very quietly, and it just sounds like a great, high-performance generator. It’s hard to describe until a person hears it in person, but it does make a difference.

WEN is another one of those trustworthy companies that do a great job with every generator they offer. They get outstanding reviews everywhere online, and seem to balance price and functionality better than any other company. For a great looking generator that also provides a ton of value, it’s hard to go with a better option than this one.

5. Champion 4000-Watt

Click here for the current price of the Champion 4000 from Amazon.

Why buy?

  • Offers one of the best extended life solutions on the market
  • Handles different sized electronics with ease
  • Power adjusts are easily adjustable

Overall, Champion gets a lot right with their 4000 watt generator. It produces some of the cleanest power out there, which makes it a very safe option as well. This is one reason why it is the choice of many who want to travel with their recreation vehicle.

It’s extremely lightweight for something so powerful, weighing just over 80 pounds. This makes it pretty portable, even if some plan on keeping it at their home at all times.

As a home back up, the main features include 17 hours of run time, 2.9 gallons of fuel capacity and a noise level of just 64 dB. Put this in the right area of the home, and it’s nearly impossible to hear, even when it is doing a lot of heavy work.

Champion is one of the most affordably priced companies in the generator industry, while still providing quality. There is an opportunity for some shoppers to save a few hundred dollars in some instances. That’s why many consider it to be the best bang for your buck out there in many different sizes, including the 4000 watt generators.

If there is one limitation, it’s that this particular model isn’t quite as portable as some of the others listed above. It’s still doable, but it shines as a stay at home option for people who constantly lose their power or want to be prepared for disasters.

Final opinion

All five of these options bring something slightly different to the table, and at that point, it comes down to how a person plans on using it.

Some people are all going to be about portability above everything else. Others want to make sure that they are spending the least amount of money. Finally, something that has different modes is always going to come in handy to save on power and get the most out of a few gallons of fuel.

If there is a downside to shopping for generators, it’s that it’s pretty hard to buy and return later on. A lot of companies offer it, but anything that weighs over 50 pounds becomes a major hassle with shipping. It is best to do as much research as possible in the beginning, so that it all comes together at a later date.

A good way to find the perfect option is to simply go with suggestions from people who use their generator for the same things.

Most people who go RVing frequently will have other friends who do the same. Chances are, at least somebody has purchased a generator recently, and can give first-hand advice.

Have comfort in knowing that all five options above will do the trick. For most, that’s the hardest part. Some generator companies don’t exactly have the best reputation, and should be avoided at this point. There are just better options at the same or lower price, so it doesn’t make much sense to take a gamble. All five

listed above offer great solutions for 4000 watt generators, as well as smaller and bigger options.

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