TOP 5 Vehicle Soundproof Floor Mats For 2020

For certain older cars out there, everything can get a little noisy when trying to talk inside. While a lot of newer models have handled some of the noise, it starts to get louder and louder as things age.

A lot of this noise comes from just driving down the road, and it gets progressively louder the faster you drive. Are there ways to fight against this? One way is to use soundproof floor mats for the car. They can make a pretty big difference right away, and it does not take that much effort to find the right set up.

What are the best options out there? A few options stand out for sound control over the rest, and most people will find at least something that works for the car. At the end of this article, learn more about other ways to reduce road noise, and other common questions people may have about keep in the car a little quieter.

These are the five options right now that are a cut above the rest when looking at different price ranges.

The first two are considered entry-level solutions, with the next two labeled as mid-tier. Finally, the last option is for those who want the ultimate amount of soundproofing inside their car.

1. Noico Black Car Sound Deadening Mat

Noico Black Car Sound Deadening Mat

For people looking to try out a sound deadening mat that is very affordable on any budget, Noico (Amazon) Solutions has that exact option. It is a pretty simplistic soundproofing mat, using a combination of affordable materials that get the job done.

They are going to provide the same level of sound control that other options might, but it is worth a price for those who might just need a little bit of assistance.

The major thing that jumps out is, of course, the price, but these have some pretty good specifications as well. It is pretty lightweight, mostly because it is not all that thick. There are some thicker options out there from the company, but the standard option is about 80 mils automotive butyl.

The one drawback to going with a cheaper option initially is that some people might feel like it is not enough later on. It can be a little bit of a hassle taking it all up, and putting something else down in the end.

If a person opts just to add another layer, it might be too bulky for some. However, it is the perfect option for those people who have a pretty new car overall. Maybe just a little bit of extra protection can make a big difference, and ultimately improve the car even more.

For such a small investment, it is worth trying out in at least a few areas. If it seems like it is making a big difference, covering more and more of the car is the move.


  • Very affordable.
  • Perfect for a few problematic areas.
  • Holds up well for such an affordable price.


  • Not going to provide the same level of sound control.
  • The application process could go a little more smoothly.

2. Guteauto Car Noise Insulation Mat

Guteauto Car Noise Insulation Mat

Like a lot of the other companies to make this list, Guteauto (Amazon) has very strong sound insulation and absorption option for people to choose from. They have a few different solutions that all work well, and it looks like a very professional, expensive mat when first applied.

The first thing that people will notice when using these mats is that they can hold up very well in a lot of different settings. It functions well in different temperatures and can help in that department if you have this issue.

The mat itself is also very durable and scratch-resistant, so it looks really good even after a lot of use. Applying it allows the mat to go down smoothly, which is another huge benefit for people who want a slim type of fit.

The lesser quality material is about the only thing that keeps it from being the best of the best. It is not going to provide quite as much soundproof qualities as other options out there, but it is definitely great for its price.

Do not be afraid to put it in a few different areas and see how much of a difference it makes. Some people may only need the mat in a few areas to start with, and then additional fixes are necessary.

3. Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmat Car Sound Deadening Mat

One of the best overall options out there comes from Kilmat (Amazon), as they have turned into a very trusted company online. People love the different options they offer, and the combination of butyl and foil sound deadening is very affordable. It feels like what they offer is better than the competition, while still being considerably cheaper.

The concept is simple, as the mats can be cut to specific sizes to give a full amount of coverage. The normal thickness is 50 mil, but different variations are depending on what a person wants.

It is a very lightweight option so that the car does not feel any heavier, and it is also pretty durable as well. It needs to be covered by something else once it is put down, but these mats should be able to hold up after years and years of abuse.

By saving a little bit of money, people can cover more of their car without feeling like they are running any risks. It also holds up well and just about any type of weather conditions, so people around the globe should be able to benefit from it just fine.


  • Easy to install.
  • Handles all types of temperatures.
  • Value priced.


  • Comes in smaller sheets, forcing people to install a lot of them at once.
  • Smells a little weird after initial installation.

4. SOOMJ Sound Deadening Mat

SOOMJ Sound Deadening Mat

An excellent sound deadener with a heat shield is the option from SOOMJ (Amazon). This helps people fight off several problems that they are dealing with inside the car, which is always a good thing for those who are looking to keep a low profile.

By combining thermal insulation and noise reduction with the same mat, people do not have to worry about two major issues, especially with older cars. It might be a little thicker than what some people are looking for, but it is really not that noticeable once everything is installed.

Getting everything set to a certain size is pretty easy with these mats, and the pricing is not too bad considering all it can do. There might be cheaper options out there, but it is an excellent value for people who do not want to have to worry too much about what might happen.


  • Combines sound deadening with thermal insulation.
  • High-quality tri-layer.
  • Easy to install.


  • A little thick.
  • Does not apply as smoothly as some of the other options.

5. Dynamat Sound Deadener Mat

Dynamat Sound Deadener Mat

The premium option for people looking for the best type of car mats come from Dynamat (Amazon). They are one of the most trusted companies out there, and they offer some unique solutions that are meant to be just a little bit better than the competition. While the competition is continuing to get better, are they still the best of the best?

The short answer is yes, but only for people looking for that extra touch. For example, it seems to bring music to life so much better than other mats out there.

Instead of having to rely on simply sound deadening, it feels like the acoustics are perfect just by adding this mat to the equation. Get the right fit, and everything lays perfectly, which is what people want in the end.

They have various sizes, thicknesses, and so much more for people to choose from. Each option comes with a roller as well, so it gets the tightest fit possible, so there are no gaps.

The acoustics are a step up from the competition, and they have a quality warranty and customer service to back up the product as well. For the extra bit of money, people who play their music a lot might feel like it is worth it.


  • Best mats for bringing music to life.
  • Cut down vibrations well.
  • Multiple options for any type of vehicle.


  • A little expensive.
  • No additional options compared to the competition.

What Causes Road Noise?

It is hard to identify one major reason why there is a lot of road noise when driving in a vehicle. The truth is, it comes right through different sources, and each car will be a little bit different on what source makes the most problems.

Mechanical Components

The car has a lot of working parts, and some of the sounds might be coming from those components on the car. There is a normal amount of noise that people should be used to by now, but if anything sounds particularly loud, it might mean that there is a repair necessary.

Do not overlook something if the sound levels increase quickly. This could mean that there is something seriously wrong, and it could lead to a lot more problems than just sound.


A car becomes a lot noisier when the weather is less than ideal. Wind plays a big factor in how much sound a person hears inside the cabin, but the same can be said for rain, snow, and other adverse conditions.

There is not really that much that can be done to control the sound in this case, other than to only drive during great weather conditions. Even with something like soundproof car mats installed, it is still going to be quieter on a nice day compared to the sounds during a storm.


People think of tires not making too much noise unless they are put under some stress. However, there is a constant amount of noise that tires make when they are on the road.

Using soundproof mats are a nice way to eliminate tire noise pretty much. It will still be audible if a person comes to a screeching halt, but everything else will be a little more subtle, to the point that it might not be noticeable.

Other Ways to Fix Car Noise Issues?

If mats are not reducing road noise enough, there are other solutions out there that people can explore. They are a little more intricate, and it might cost more money, but people will notice a pretty big change.

Reflective Insulation

By putting reflective insulation under the foam, a lot of heat will be blocked from ever entering the car. It helps not only with heat control, but soundproofing as well.

It might not seem particularly thick, but it has more to do with reflecting everything as much as possible.


There might be some tight areas in a car that need a special type of treatment so that things stay quiet. A spray (source) can go places that mats are simply unable to. It is a good way to fill in the gaps and feel like everything is covered a bit more.


Some people prefer dampening mats, while others will go with foams. They go over car panels and absorb vibration, and maybe the biggest difference is that they are available in sprays or sheets.

They are both just about equally effective, so do not think too much between the two.

Treating Other Parts of the Car

Remember, there is soundproofing material that can go on any part of the car. In some cases, people will use this type of mats for just about anywhere, as it is versatile enough for inside treatment. It is normally built for the outdoors, as it will not hold up in extreme temperatures, but people can do that as well.

The floor is just one of the most vulnerable spots, and it is easy to hear the sound through the flooring as well. If there are other vulnerable areas in the car, treating them right away will make a big difference as well.

Do Soundproof Car Mats Make a Difference?

It is important to remember going in that these help out with controlling sound (source), but they are not going to make everything completely silent. This is actually by design in some cases, because driving in a completely silent car would be a little risky for the driver.

They would not be able to hear any warning signs from other vehicles (ambulances, cop cars, and more). It is beneficial to know a little bit about what else is going on around a driver, so being in a completely soundproof bubble would not make sense.

Most people will notice a reduction of around 25% to 50% of the sound they were doing with in the past. It is noticeable almost right away, and the percentage is usually a bit higher for older models. Not only do the mats work better than anything that was on there before, but it is like pressing a restart button and sending the car back to its original state.

Soundproof Car Floor Mats Worth The Investment?

Soundproof vehicle floor mats are worth the investment for anybody out there who might be struggling to find a solution to noises coming from the road. It is never fun driving down the road and not being able to have a conversation or listen to music as it is meant to be listened to.

Getting the right mats are important, which is why the starting points above are all great. Making a small investment can make a bigger difference than some of the other repairs out there that are a lot more expensive. Since the floor can be such a vulnerable spot for cars, it makes sense to go this route.

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