What Is A Sound Blanket & Do They Work? All The Facts!

When looking for some type of sound control in any type of space, there are plenty of materials to turn to that end up making a difference.

One of the most versatile solutions is to use a sound blanket. Many have heard about these before, but few know just how valuable they can be in virtually any type of setup.

You are not the only person who might be wondering what exactly makes a sound blanket different from, say, a standard blanket used for warmth and comfort.

While they share many similar characteristics, looking for just the right fit will ultimately help out any shopper. This is a closer look at a sound blanket.

What is a sound blanket For Soundproofing?

A sound blanket is a very simple solution for any noise control in an environment. It’s usually made of some type of composite material that adds mass that will help create a noise barrier.

Blankets can be customized to fit specific areas or be very universal in size for a variety of uses.

Other names for sound blankets include acoustic wraps, noise blankets, noise covers, and more. While they can be used to provide some heat in a pinch, they aren’t necessarily a blanket in the most traditional sense.

Since more and more people have realized just how valuable these are as a way to control noise, they are becoming more prevalent just about everywhere.

Some companies are producing sound blankets that are very aesthetically pleasing, so they can go into virtually any room and not stick out.

Companies are also constantly trying to figure out ways to make them more and more effective in a way to kill sound and keep things from getting out of control.

Why Are Sound Blankets So Popular?


Sound blankets are continually some of the most popular solutions for noise control in any area. It might initially seem like they aren’t anything too special, but once they are actually installed and doing work, it becomes apparent why they are so popular in the first place.


Every single sound blanket is easy to move around at a moment’s notice. There is virtually no installation process whatsoever, and they can literally drape over certain areas in a matter of seconds.

That makes them not only removable, but reusable. There’s no lengthy installation process, and people can go about their day shortly after putting them in the right place.

Having versatility around the home or office is hard to come by in the noise control world. Blankets do not always have to be in use, but they are there when a person needs them.

Some Can Be Inexpensive

It’s likely that a sound blanket will cost a little more than a standard, run-of-the-mill blanket found at the store, but this is not an expensive soundproofing solution at all.

Most people can find pretty good deals for blankets, and they are even available in bulk orders as well to cut down on cost.

On top of them being inexpensive, they are easy to move around if soundproofing is only temporarily in a certain area. That adds to the value even more, because you will not have to invest more money into getting something else if a new sound issue arises.

Blending In

There’s something to be said for having a soundproofing solution that actually blends in with everything else that’s going on inside of an area.

No one wants to have soundproofing material that sticks out like a sore thumb, even if it does actually do its job. There are more important things to a person than just having sound properly controlled.

Soundproofing blankets are available in so many different types of designs, colors, and more. As long as a person does a little bit of shopping around, they should be able to find the exact fit for them.

Even some companies will custom design soundproof blankets so that they fit exactly the aesthetic a person is looking for.

Zero Installation Solution

Soundproof Blanket
How to soundproof a door with a Soundproof Blanket

While some people will opt to install sound blankets by hanging them or doing something else that’s very easy, there is the option of going with zero installation whatsoever.

Simply throwing up a blanket in the right spot is going to help with sound, which it is why is the easiest solution a person can ask for.

These blankets are easy to use without having to teach family members anything. Even kids are capable of throwing them up and realizing the benefits.


If there is some sort of soundproofing or noise control that is needed in a remote area, a sound blanket is one of the best ways to get that solution right away.

Instead of setting up an entirely new solution, just taking a couple of blankets can make a huge difference.

This helps in so many different scenarios that the average person might not realize at first. For example, some people even take soundproofing blankets on the road with them so that they can use them in hotel rooms or even their car to give some added peace and quiet.

Sound Blanket Alternatives?

Moving Blankets

The best alternatives to sound blankets are pretty similar in look, but they are designed to stay up a little more permanently.

Soundproofing curtains can be put up just like regular curtains, and they act in a lot of the same ways. The same materials are used in many instances, and they can even be switched out if needed.

One of the advantages of going with curtains instead of a blanket is that they look a little more aesthetically pleasing.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to throw up soundproofing blankets in order to get some help near a window, but it might not look that great on a permanent basis.

Is Using a Soundproofing Blanket With Other Solutions Worth It?

As great as soundproofing blankets are by themselves, they do an even better job when helping out other solutions. That’s why so many people look for blankets to add something a little more permanent.

There’s never such a thing as too much soundproofing, especially if the goal is to make an area as quiet as possible. That’s why there are so many people who will use them in just about any scenario. It really is a universal solution.

Where To Buy Sound Blankets

The most important things to pay attention to with sound blankets when shopping is to read reviews from users, and look at their colors.

Reviews are going to tell the story as to whether or not they are actually effective the way the manufacturer says. Color choices are important so that these blankets actually fit where they are going.

Price will always be somewhat of a factor, but most people are fine paying a little more if they get exactly what they want. Online shopping is the best bet to find good deals, but some local shops might also have options available.

There are many different selections of these types of blankets on Amazon. If you’re looking for a cheaper option click this link. If you’re looking for a more advanced but pricier sound blanket option click this link.

Starting With Sounds Like it’s Today

There’s really no reason that every single person should not own at least one or two sound blankets to help when needed. Investing in them now and finding a use for them later is perfectly fine.

In the end, they are one item that will likely never go untouched. Even if it is stored in an area that might not necessarily need soundproofing, they are still doing some type of work to keep everything quiet.

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