Best noise canceling headphones for kids and babies

It is becoming pretty common to see parents throw headphones on their young children when they are in noisy environments. The investment is worth it to a lot of parents because the last thing anyone wants to do is cause permanent damage to ears that are so young.

The best solution to dealing with very loud sounds around kids and babies is to simply avoid areas that will be loud. That means finding a babysitter instead of taking a youngster to a concert, not taking them everywhere, and maybe even toning down the lifestyle a bit.

However, there are times where loud sounds pop up that are a little more unexpected. In that case, what are some of the best noise-canceling headphones for kids and babies?

Below, we take a look at some great headphones that provide outstanding coverage, plenty of comforts, and even a little style. They are all built specifically for kids roughly four years of age or younger and make a huge impact instantly.

1. Elecder i37Headphones

Elecder i37Headphones

There are plenty of cheap headphones designed for children floating around online and in stores, but it can be tough to find just the right fit. For the best overall option when staying on a very tight budget, it is hard to argue with this option from Elecder.

The company offers over ten colors for children to choose from, and they are cheap enough that parents can carry them around and not worry too much about damage.

Affordability is one thing, but no headphones in the world are worth anything if they do not operate properly. These wired options fit into any standard headphone jack, and they do a great job of controlling the sound to a certain degree.

It is not going to have the same noise-canceling capabilities as the more expensive options out there, but that is the sacrifice some parents have to take to stay under budget.

Another negative is the fact that there is no noise limit on these headphones. It is something parents need to watch out for and teach their children not to increase sound to ultra-high levels. Take advantage of any settings on a device to control sound if possible.

All in all, it is worth having a set of these around if headphones are only used from time to time. Not everyone wants to invest in a more expensive option, so getting some solid headphones here is one option to consider.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Multiple color choices
  • Soft and comfortable fit


  • Noise-canceling is subpar
  • No volume limit

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2. Lucid Audio Earmuffs

lucid audio ear muffs

The headphones above are very inexpensive, but they do not offer true noise canceling that some parents are looking for. To truly achieve some noise reduction, this very reasonable option from Lucid Audio is the best way to go.

These look bulky at first, but the design is lightweight and comfortable enough for young children. In fact, they are so comfortable that parents will put them on while their child is sleeping.

One of the most critical aspects of noise reduction is full coverage around the ear. The large earmuffs should be able to completely cover any child four years of age or younger. There is also the ability to adjust a headband accordingly if the sizing is a little off.

Keep in mind that these headphones are not capable of listening to any music or watching videos. The design is strictly to block sound from getting to a child’s ears. Some parents will use these while their child sleeps, while others will reserve them for loud events.

They might lack a little versatility, but since they are designed for such young children, there is usually no need to use them as traditional headphones anyway.


  • Very affordable
  • Fits infants to four-year-olds comfortably
  • Great noise canceling capabilities


  • No audio-in option
  • A little bulkier than other options

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3. JBL JR 300

JBL JR 300

JBL puts out a lot of quality audio products, so buying from a trusted company like them is a perfect solution for a lot of parents. These headphones are designed specifically for kids, and they are even some customizable options for them to have some fun.

Available on two different colors, some stickers come with each pair of earphones as well. There is no reason not to let children have some fun making the headphones truly one of a kind.

Parents love these headphones because they are very lightweight, portable, and comfortable. They have several different sizing options so that a child can get a good fit without feeling too restricted. It allows for a full range of motion so they can continue to look around, and that is perfect in public places.

Getting his headphones under 4 ounces is truly remarkable. They are easy enough to fold up and go into a bag or purse, so they are with owners at all times. They are wired headphones, so they need to plug into something, which might be about the only negative out there. Of course, for the price, it would be a little unreasonable to think that they are wireless.


  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely customizable
  • Comfortable enough to wear for hours


  • Wired option only
  • Volume limiting capability might still be a little too high for some

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4. Puro Sound Labs BT 2200

For those who are really looking for high-quality options for their child, these headphones have everything a person could ask for. They fit on here for any child four years of age or younger, and can even go up a bit for older children as well.

The most significant advantage of these headphones over any other option is that they are Bluetooth. This allows for wireless use, which is perfect for children who want to move around. They do not feel like they are restricted and plugged in, which can make a huge difference between keeping a child happy or not.

This does come with a price, but Puro Sound Labs provides perhaps the best value amongst Bluetooth headphone options out there. Not only do they look premium, but they have studio-grade audio quality with a safety limit of 85 dB. That means even if a child tries to turn the volume up, even more, they will not be able to.

Battery life is excellent with these headphones, so parents will not have to charge them up after each use. Each full charge gets about 16 to 18 hours of battery life, and standby time is over 200 hours. They also come in a few different colors, which is always nice for picky children who want an exact look.

Parents might be scared to put somewhat pricey headphones on a young child, but these are durable enough to hold up over time. They might take some abuse and start to show their age, but they should function properly for quite a long time.


  • Studio-grade sound quality
  • Excellent comfort and fit
  • Premium look


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t hide wear and tear too well

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How do Noise Canceling Headphones Benefit Young Children?

Most parents buying headphones for small children are doing so to help with noise reduction. It certainly is beneficial to have noise-canceling headphones for loud situations, but they are versatile enough to help in other ways as well.

If a child is restless and can’t fall asleep, one of the easier ways to quiet things down is to put on headphones. As long as they are comfortable enough and adjusted to the child’s head, they are perfectly fine to sleep with. Headphones can put a child in their own world, which helps kill any distractions that might be keeping them up.

Headphones that can connect to devices also help with learning. Again, it comes down to isolating certain noises and eliminating distractions. If a child can focus on exactly what they are working on, it becomes that much easier for success. (source)

What is the Best Type of Headphones to Purchase?

As one can see above, all of the solutions are over-ear headphones. It is not recommended to use in-ear headphones for children at a young age. There are a few reasons why that is the case.

For starters, any in-ear headphones are a little tougher to adjust to for the first time. Even adults can have problems getting just the right fit, so children could easily complain about things feeling a little painful.

Isolation and noise-canceling is also an issue, as it is harder to get that full coverage with any ear options. By going with something over the ear, everything can be sealed off, and the fit is usually better as well.

Finally, they stay on much better when out and about. There will always be children who try to take any type of headphones off, but as long as they are not actively attempting to remove them, they should stay on during activities.

When going with an in-ear option, they slip out much more quickly. When they do fall out, it is an unnecessary distraction that parents will have to handle. (source)

Purchasing Options

Headphones are a pretty personable item, which is why some people prefer to go to stores to make a purchase. However, the best prices are online, and there is a lot more variety as well.

The good news is that a lot of these leading companies offer not only free returns but a 30-day money-back guarantee if the headphones fail to live up to expectations. Customers should take advantage of that, as it allows for some testing to see if the children accept the headphones or not.

Certain headphones are just not going to feel that comfortable to children, and it does not make sense to hold onto them if they do not work.

With plenty of options out there and more popping up all the time, if something doesn’t work, there is another solution just down the road to try with children. Eventually, parents find something that works, but the four options above are all great starting points.

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