How To Temporarily Make a Car Exhaust Quieter – Easy & DIY

For some people, they do whatever possible to increase the sound of their car’s exhaust. When intentionally done, it might be loud and annoying to some, but it gives a car character. However, there are plenty of people who have to deal with a car exhaust that is way too loud and not intentional.

When that is the case, there are permanent solutions, as well as temporary solutions. Permanent solutions will give a very long-term answer, but it usually takes a bit more time to fix.

That is why people rely on temporary options if they are short on time. Not only that, but temporary solutions are cheaper, and might work out without having to go to a shop.

What are the best ways to temporarily quiet down a loud car exhaust? Let us take a look at what causes the exhaust to be loud, and solutions to those problems when they pop up. Identifying specific issues is essential before trying to do anything too crazy.

Examining the Exhaust

Examining a noisy vehicle exhaust system.

One of the very first steps any person needs to do when trying to quiet their car exhaust is to check what condition it is currently in. Older cars are much more prone to having a worn-out exhaust that might have some leaks.

If it is too far gone, there might not be any other solution then to go to a shop to have things repaired or replaced. If it is just mildly bad, temporary solutions are available.

Small holes are fine to fix with any type of epoxy filler or sealant. This is available at most stores, as well as online. Not only does this repair work temporarily, but it makes an immediate difference in sound.

No, it will not make things sound completely silent, or even as good as new, but it is a solution to take down the noise by a few decimals.

Once the holes get bigger, it becomes harder to use a sealant to do the job. It might work for a short amount of time, but then it continually needs to be patched back up. That is when using repair patches for larger areas might be the way to go.

They are a little more expensive and harder to find at stores but order them online to save some time.

Some might be hesitant to do the hole repairs themselves, but there really is very little to worry about. Covering holes up will not have a negative impact on a car’s performance, but it should only be viewed as temporary solutions. Leaving them on for months or even years at a time is just not going to work.

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How Easy is it to Identify an Exhaust Leak?

Checking a car exhaust is not the easiest thing to check out on a car regularly, but it is important to watch out for any warning signs.

Some are easier to spot than others, but there are a few tips on early identification. The earlier leaks are identified, the smaller the hole. The smaller the holes, the easier they are to fix without taking it to a shop.

If there is a suspected leak, put the car in park and check underneath for any drips. The exhaust system runs across the bottom of the entire car, so even people who are not very auto savvy should be able to spot it. It is important to check for any type of fluid leaking, and identifying where that hole is located.

Leaks towards the back of the exhaust are the easiest to repair, and most people do that without any issues whatsoever. The deeper they are underneath the car, the harder it is for a person to pull off the task themselves. It still might be reachable, or there might be a need for a lift to allow a person to get underneath.

Rusty Car Exhaust Issues

Rusty and Noisy Exhaust system repair

A car exhaust will inevitably start to rust as they begin to age. They become louder and louder in most cases, and they get to the point where they might crack or develop several holes that fuse. When that happens, significant repairs are needed temporarily to kill some of the sounds.

There are products such as heat resistant glue that is made specifically for the exhaust. Search online or ask for exhaust paste, and also use a few bandages to help seal things up as well.

This is a very temporary fix, as it is not recommended to go too long with a patched-up exhaust like this. Cracks become worse and worse, and the noise is well inevitably come back.

Understand that rust is hard to ultimately hold off from developing. The longer a car is around, the easier it is for rust to start causing issues. (source)

Other Exhaust Noises

More often than not, loud exhaust sounds are caused by holes or rust. However, some other issues could lead to loud noises. If there are no leaks whatsoever, there is a high chance that something else is making all that noise, and it could cause some complications down the road.

From time to time, a car exhaust might start to rattle around and make some disturbing noises. Maybe something hits the bottom of the car, or there is just a loose bolt or two not holding things down as they should.

The easiest way to test is to try to tap or move around the exhaust with a hand. If things move a little too easily, there is some tightening that needs to be done.

This might seem like a simple fix, but it once again comes down to how easy it is to get underneath the car. If it is in a tricky area, it might just be easier to take it to a mechanic.

They will at least have the set up to get underneath and fix everything, and they might be nice enough to charge little to nothing for a fix.

Even though this falls under a temporary fix, it might be the only necessary fix to quiet things down. Do not always assume that it is something terrible going on with the exhaust, because this does happen occasionally. Surprisingly, it just takes the right accident to knock things off just enough.

The Exhaust is Still Too Loud. What Should a Person Do?

Now that we’ve identified some of the most common problems with a loud exhaust, some might still be left unsatisfied. The car still sounds way too loud, and it becomes a significant distraction. Is there any solution out there that is a relatively quick fix?

A muffler is something that makes the most sense, and it is relatively easy to add one temporarily or permanently. Most cars already come with a muffler fitted already, but maybe it is not doing the trick.

Another solution that is out there is fitting a silencer to the car. It is the most permanent solution out there, but people can take it off if they do not want it on all the time. Most people opt to keep it on, especially if they are someone who doesn’t really want to deal with a loud exhaust at all.

Mufflers and silencers are certainly much more affordable than they ever have been in the past, but it can get expensive if a person really wants a quieter ride.

The ones that work the best at killing sound and making a drive a more enjoyable experience not only costs money, but they might need professionally installed as well.

The final option a person might want to consider is a variable muffler. This muffler comes with an exhaust silencer that can be turned on or off. This means a muffler can make the car sound loud, or it can quiet things down quite a bit. It all works with remote control, and it helps people control sounds depending on where they are driving.

For the vast majority of people, they do not need this type of customization to enjoy driving around. This comes in handy for those people who might want a loud car, but maybe they do not want to be too loud in residential neighborhoods.

A Final Look at Quieting Down a Car Exhaust

There is a challenge to trying to fix the car exhaust quickly, but solutions do exist. If a person is really worried about sound, they can purchase material to fix holes and rust to have stored in their car at all times. This makes quieting the car very easy, but it will need to be done over and over again as things worsen.

Remember, no matter how effective temporary solutions are, do not view them as an alternative to permanent solutions. Professional mechanics are going to do the best job of making sure everything is operating as it should.

It is not the news that most people want to hear that they need to take their car to a professional, but in the end, it is better than riding around and drawing unwanted attention because everything is so loud.

Temporary solutions are very affordable, and no one should be too worried about spending an excessive amount of money if things start to go south. Just do not be afraid to get a little dirty by checking underneath the car, and everything should be fine in the end.

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