Top 10 Car Soundproofing Materials – 2020

A noisy car can be a massive distraction for people who are driving throughout the day. It might not necessarily affect how well the car works, but it is still annoying if things are a bit too loud.

To fight all of that, getting material that helps with sound is the way to go. Most of the products that make this list are truly soundproofing materials, preventing noise from entering the car in the first place. Others will help with controlling sound and making the ride a bit more enjoyable.

The best news is, they all work. Don’t let a vehicle continue to cause a ton of unwanted sounds. It just leads to a major headache until the noise levels get back to normal.

Some want to just have normal conversations in the car, while others want to hear their music and new speakers as clearly as possible.

1. Dynamat Sound Deadening Mats

There are a lot of different sound deadening mat out there, but Dynamat (Amazon) has to be the top brand right now. They have been producing different mats for different vehicles for quite some time now, and they simply work exactly as they should.

The material they use is second to none, and it is durable enough that it will last for years without having to be replaced.

The build is pretty simple for the sound deadening mats. They have an aluminum front and a butyl back.

The material works well at not only killing sounds but reducing heat and keeping things a little more climate-controlled. This means less wasted energy controlling the temperature in the car during hot or cold days.

The name of the brand does come at a bit of a price, as there are cheaper options that are very similar out there.

Some people don’t mind taking a chance on some of the lesser known models, while others will stick with Dynamat because of its reputation. They usually go in the front or the back on the floor, and buying a set of them keeps the cost down a bit as compared to just one at a time.

2. Noico Sound Deadening Mats For Cars

This is another quality option for people who want sound deadening mats for their cars. They are very lightweight and take up a little space in the car. The secret to the success of the mats is that they contain butyl, just like the Dynamat options.

Along with the foil, it kills sound coming from different parts of the car. It is used mostly for mats but can be cut and placed into different areas for a secure fit virtually anywhere.

The installation process is very easy, as the mats are self-adhesive. It provides some of the best insulation out there for people who understand the importance of this technology.

Keep in mind that Noico and Dynamat both make several products that help with soundproofing and noise control. One of those products is listed below from Noico. All of their soundproofing materials are high-quality options worth considering for any project.

3. Noico Red Liner Car Heat Insulation Pad

The technology with this pad is a little different than what people are used to with soundproofing pads, which makes it just as much of a soundproofing method as it is a heat insulation pad. They market it as something that helps with heat insulation, as some cars can get pretty cold.

Rubber foam is the key to success with this insulation. It is 100% water-resistant and can hold its shape for a long time. It acts a little differently than what people are used to with the other dampening pads, but it works extremely well just the same.

4. Hushmat Ulta Silver Foil Dampening Pad

Road noise and vibrations can be a pretty big deal, especially in older cars. It becomes more and more of an issue as things start to wear away, which is why using foil dampening pads makes a pretty big difference.

These pads are designed specifically to help with handling sound, as well as any heat issues whatsoever. They are very easy to wrap easily around even the tightest areas in a car. It does not take much to see a difference, and it goes just about anywhere a person wants to put it.

Keep in mind that each order has about ten pieces, which is enough to cover the base of the car. If more coverage is needed, investing in another set of 10 pieces or two will help out quite a bit. Some want to put down two layers of the product if they think that the sound is still a bit too loud.

5. Wool Heat Insulation Felt Carpet Underlay (Carpet Felt)

This type of insulation is something used in homes all the time to help with insulation, sound reduction, and more. It might not be explicitly designed for cars, but it works in the same way.

The trickiest part is that it does need cut up a little bit differently. To lay it down, some construction is needed as well, so that there is enough space to place it underneath the carpet. This felt is a little on the thicker side, so it might be tough to get it to lay underneath the carpet the way it should properly.

Most of the other solutions are a little bit thinner, as there is just not as much space to work with in a traditional car. It does not make that much of a difference if a person loses fractions of an inch on the floor at home, but it could mess up how everything lays inside a car.

Use this in only a few strategic spots if it is a little too bulky. The floor is the largest area in the car and therefore needs the most treatment when there are unneeded sounds. If some of the specific materials made for car sounds don’t work, this could be a solution that is pretty simple and easy to implement.

6. Engine Insulation Liner

Any type of engine insulation liner works pretty much the same exact way as mats, as it helps with heat and sound. It can get pretty hot around the engine, sometimes going above 200° F. A solution needs to have the ability to handle that type of heat without compromising the rest of the car. That is why a lot of these liners are extremely heavy duty.

Of course, not all engine trouble with sound is exactly the same. In some cases, it is actually worth addressing the sound that is coming from the engine instead of trying to make it go away or cover it up.

A good liner will be resistant to water, oil, and gas so that there is not any damage done. Make sure to look for companies like SOOMJ and Partsam that have some great reviews on this type of material.

7. Uxcell Car Cell Foam

An alternative to mats that a lot of people have had success with is a product called Uxcell Car Cell Foam. Foam is very common with all types of soundproofing, but for them to be successful, they need to be pretty thick and bulky. Cars do not have nearly as much room for that type of material, which is why it isn’t as common.

Uxcell is a company that spent a lot of time coming up with a foam that is effective, yet thin. It is built specifically for cars, using the same material as the people loving the use of foam at home.

It does an excellent job with sound, and heat insulation as well. Typical foam usually can’t handle the type of heat that is producing in a car, but this is the exception to the rule. Try some out and see if it ends up being better than a typical soundproofing mat that so many people are using.

8. Spectrum Sound Deadening Spray

Using a spray to apply sound deadening material can help quite a bit to get in those hard-to-reach places. So many people find it very difficult to achieve full coverage, especially when they are inside a car. There are so many different areas that are nearly impossible to reach, and a spray closes those gaps.

Spectrum is made up of a viscoelastic polymer that does a great job killing sound. It is very sticky, and it requires no primer whatsoever get the job done. This is an alternative for those who might not want to use mats, or they just need a way to apply soundproofing material differently.

As one would expect, this is entirely waterproof and flame resistant. It is also rustproof, which helps if a person wants to apply this inside the wheel wells of their car, the undercoating, or anywhere else that might be prone to rust. With easy to follow instructions, the application process doesn’t take long at all.

9. Flex Tape

Is rubberized waterproof tape an actual answer for helping with soundproofing? Believe it or not, flex tape is something that people have been using to help fix some issues that could be causing significant noise. It might not always be a permanent fix, but it helps put everything back together and provide a temporary solution.

It just makes sense to have some Flex Tape, or a worthy alternative, around at all times. People never know when they might need it, and the soundproofing qualities are there to work in a pinch.

10. Quality Motor Oil

Motor oil

It might seem a bit odd to list motor oil as material used for controlling sound, but that is exactly what it can do for sound if things are a bit noisy.

Good quality motor while is too often overlooked by people when they are trying to troubleshoot sounds. If a motor is well oiled, it makes far less noise the one that does not have a proper amount of lubrication.

Make sure to always stay on top of everything as far as changing motor oil is concerned. Also look into oil additives that might help with some of the noisier problems. Not only does it make the car a little healthier, but it’s a great way to make sound fade away a bit.

What to be looking for with soundproofing materials before purchasing?

Before spending any type of money on soundproofing a car, it is worth doing some research first. Otherwise, a person could end up throwing away a lot of money because they are not getting the right material.

All of the products listed above are great places to start, but in general, this is what to look out for when researching other products.


Not all soundproofing material is exactly the same from a quality standpoint. It takes time to soundproof certain parts of the car, and the last thing a person wants to do is the same process over and over again because they purchased material that is not made well.

It might cost a little bit more money to buy quality material from a name brand, but it is usually worth it. The lesser-known brands are improving in quality, but unless they have great reviews, it is best to stick with companies that are not cutting any corners.


Every single bit of weight added to a car makes a difference. Don’t be putting a bunch of soundproofing material on the car that weighs a lot. What ends up happening is that the car feels just a little heavy when driving. It does take a bit of material added to make an impact, but lightweight is always the way to go. If more material needs added, something lightweight would not make too much of a big deal.

Water, oil, and gasoline resistant

If there is any type of spill in the car, the last thing a person wants is further damage because the soundproofing material used is not resistant to water, oil, or gas.

This is especially important when looking at anything that touches the more sensitive areas in the car.

Are there any other steps to take beyond soundproofing materials?

For people who want to make more changes to their car to cut down on the sound, there are some more drastic steps people can take. This is going to cost a decent amount of money, but it does help with sound.

One step is to either fully soundproof the exhaust, or get it replaced. There is definitely a lot of sound coming from the exhaust pipes, And fully soundproofing them is time-consuming and a little expensive. It might be best just to replace it if it is causing a lot of noise, and look for something that is as quiet as possible.

Tires also caused a lot of noise, and it is something that people usually do not replace unless they absolutely have to. Think about replacing and getting smaller surface tires if the current ones are making a lot of noise. Maybe they’re getting a bit worn out, or they are just making too much noise because it is too much tire for a car at the time.

Final Soundproofing Advice For The Car

Remember, a noisy car usually becomes worse and worse if nothing is done about it. Take the time to address any noises now to stop the problem from getting out of hand. Soundproofing materials are relatively cheap and easy to install, and it doesn’t take nearly as much to treat a car compared to a room or home.

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