How to Soundproof a Hot Tub Motor Pump – DIY

A hot tub is a place to have a relaxed, enjoyable experience. The last thing a person wants to deal with is a motor that is a bit too loud. It can ruin the entire mood and frustrate people without a solution in sight.

Fortunately, companies are figuring out smarter and smarter ways to handle a hot tub motor in general. Not only are motors becoming quieter, but there are more soundproofing methods for people who want to lower the volume just a bit as well.

What Makes Hot Tub Noisy in General?

The entire hot tub experience is pretty noisy. A lot of that comes down to the motor, but it’s merely impossible to have a tranquil experience. After all, the water will still make some noise as it shoots into the hot tub. With a few tweaks, there is a way to reduce overall sound before addressing the motor in particular.

First things first, address any unnecessary vibrations going on around the hot tub. That may come mostly from the motor. Also, consider the vibrations caused by jets, the material being too close to the hot tub, and how people behave when in it.

The more vibration, the more sound it is going to make. Most of the sound stays contained in the general vicinity of the hot tub, but it can start to spread or be heard at various levels depending on how far others are away from the action.

General Tips on Keeping the Hot Tub Experience Quieter

After addressing the motor of the hot tub, it is still going to make a decent amount of noise when it is on. However, most people who own a hot tub won’t have that much of an issue with the sound. It becomes more of making sure the noise is kept to a minimum so that it does not disturb neighbors.

How can sound be controlled entirely to reduce the risk of a neighbor’s complaint? It might take a few adjustments here and there, but putting in the extra work helps people relax and not have to worry about what others might think.

1. Enclose the Hot Tub as Much as Possible

The most effective way to kill sound coming from the hot tub is to enclose it as much as possible. Maybe it’s just a barrier on one side to control the noise from spreading in a particular direction. It could also be something that surrounds the entire hot tub.

Many different things can help reduce the sound even a little. Some people will go for a fence or wall, while others may plant bushes to provide a barrier. Depending on the type of sound coming from the hot tub, people should consider different options.

Not only do these barriers help control sound, but they can help control the temperature of the hot tub as well. It helps keep the heat in the general area instead of escaping.

2. Keep Everything Secluded

A new hot tub going in will be a lot more enjoyable if it is in a great location. Try to avoid putting a hot tub right next to a property line, making it that much easier for neighbors to hear everything. This is especially a problem if the wind ( more often than not) blows in the direction of the neighbors. When that happens, sound travels much more freely, making it almost required to build some barrier.

Some people can get away with not having to build a barrier if it is in an area that isn’t particularly close to neighbors. Using already existing barriers, along with the home, can help out a lot as well.

The motor is the loudest part of the hot tub, so keep that on the opposite side of any neighbors, if possible. It might not seem like it makes a huge difference, but the rest of the hot tub itself can act as a slight sound barrier. Every little bit helps, especially if the hot tub is in operating in the open air.

Also, see how to soundproof a pool pump. You can use some of those methods to soundproof a hot tub motor.

3. The Surface Make a Difference

Having a base made of concrete or brick can help out with reducing unwanted sounds and vibrations with a hot tub with an anti-vibration mat placed under the motor from Amazon. A beautiful wooden deck might look great from afar, but it doesn’t help

that much in reducing noise. Some people find this out the hard way, which makes it more challenging to have the hot tub on a hard surface.

Before going all-in and working on a hot tub set up, it might be beneficial to consult with a professional for any tips or suggestions. Doing things the right way, the very first time will make everything so much quieter.

Soundproofing Materials For Hot Tub Motors That Work

Hot tub motors respond pretty well to several different soundproofing options (Amazon) out there. Whether it be foam, insulation, or spray, just a bit of insulation can go a long way towards killing the sound.

It is essential to know that caution should always be used around the motor, as proper ventilation is needed when using soundproofing material. If there is not the right amount of ventilation, and the soundproofing material goes right up against a hot part of the machine, it could be a pretty significant hazard.

Also, see the article on How to build a soundproof enclosure box for a generator. This method could certainly be applied to make a hot tub pump much quieter.

Cutting down vibrations is huge for the best way to control sound. Don’t look only at the motor. The older the hot tub, the more chances a few things are vibrating and making noises around the entire set up. (Source)

Replacing a Loud Hot Tub Motor

There comes the point in time where soundproofing material and other subtle tweaks still might not make a difference. When that is the case, looking into a new hot tub motor (Amazon) designed to stay quiet might be the way to go.

Yes, it’s going to be a costly investment for a lot of people, but some will find it completely worth it. Not only will it be safer and quieter, but it may just end up making the hot tub that much more efficient as well.

Some of the best ones on the market today tend to run for just a few hundred dollars. They are easy to install and can result in some instant noise reduction. Every motor has a specific shelf

life, and technology has come along way and just the last few years. It might be time to replace the motor fully, and that change ultimately ends up being for the better.

Making a Hot Tub Experience Quieter

As mentioned above, the motor might not be the only reason why the hot tub experience is relatively lower, but it usually tends to be the biggest reason. Taking a hard look at what exactly is causing the noise and taking away from the overall enjoyment is essential.

Try to do as much self-examining as possible before making adjustments. Usually, it is relatively easy to understand where the sound is coming from and why it is so loud.

Handling Noise Complaints From Your Hot Tub

One of the most frustrating things any hot tub owner can go through is having to deal with noise complaints from neighbors. Not only does is put someone in a tough position, but it could end up being pretty costly as well.

The most important thing to remember is that handling matters rationally is the best way to set up for success. Trying to play the victim and getting into an argument with neighbors is only going to make things worse. Be extremely understanding and work with neighbors to figure out a solution.


The first thing anyone should do when they are receiving a complaint from a neighbor about a hot tub sound issue is to listen.

Even if they are completely unreasonable, a hot tub owner should be respectful enough to listen to their initial complaint. It is fine to provide a rebuttal afterward, but give them that time to explain themselves.


Most people who have a noisy, hot tub motor, or a loud set up in general, already know that they are pushing the limits a bit. Explain steps taken already to reduce the sound, and also any plans in the works that could help as well.

There are so many people out there who will be more than satisfied to hear that there is an effort being put in to reduce the sound a little. It doesn’t need to be resolved instantly, but progress in the right direction will make people feel pretty confident.


While working on a resolution, explain to a disgruntled neighbor how there could be a possibility for a compromise. For example, maybe there is a cut off time for how late the hot tub can be in use. By negotiating, there can be a resolution for the time being, and then that will set up for a good relationship later on.

Final Tips on Controlling Noise Levels

We are still many years away from hot tub motors, not making at least a decent amount of sound when operating. Something that powerful can only be controlled to a certain degree and hot tubs as a whole are relatively loud overall.

As long as people are realistic about their soundproofing goals, they can come up with something that pays off. Just don’t be too surprised about sound levels still being pretty high, especially if several people are using the hot tub at once. Not only will the sound be coming from the hot tub itself, but it forces individuals to talk a little more loudly to hear each other.

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