Soundproofing Car Trunk Ideas

The trunk of the car can be a pretty noisy place. Some people may not realize it, but it is the source for quite a bit of noise, and it can be annoying to the point that it affects a person‘s driving experience negatively.

The good news is, soundproofing a trunk is very similar to soundproofing a specific area in a home, only easier. With a little bit of material and some basic do it yourself knowledge, a trunk can start sounding much quieter at all times.


Why Are Trunks So Noisy?

First things first, not every trunk is particularly noisy. New models have done a pretty good job of making trunks fairly soundproof, but it can start to become more and more of a problem as it gets older.

The goal of many modern vehicles, especially electric ones, is to be as quiet as possible. In fact, some of these cars have to add sound to their cars so that pedestrians can hear them coming down the street.

What people hear in the trunk specifically usually come from one of three things. The problem comes from either mechanical parts of a car, the tires, or mother nature. Specifically, wind and water make a good amount of noise that is noticeable even through the trunk.

If the sound is a recent issue, and only noticeable in the last few weeks, it might be time to go see a mechanic. There is a chance that something is going wrong with the car underneath, and it needs to be addressed. Maybe it is something as basic as a part coming loose, but it’s better to know than to just ignore it and hope it goes away.

If it’s more of a constant issue, it could be because certain areas are easy for sound to get through. A truck is always going to be a little noisier with water splashing around and wind kicking up. If it’s extremely problematic, that’s when soundproofing material comes into play.

Why Do People go Through Such Lengths to Soundproof a Trunk?

Any bit of extra noise and vibration can negatively affect a sound system people spend a lot of money to make their car more enjoyable. Those people who install a sound system in the trunk want to make sure that they have everything soundproofed as much as possible for the best sound possible once it is all set up.

If it is done incorrectly, the music sounds much clearer, and there will be no annoying vibration sounds that everyone knows all too well. Most people can imagine right now those people cruising down streets, playing loud music that sounds awful because there is so much vibration.

There’s also just a case of a person wanting a very quiet experience in their car. Families, in particular, understand that a noisy car can be problematic for those who have to sit in the back seat. If the trunk is noisy, chances are the back seat will be noisy as well, so dealing with that will make an impact.

Finally, soundproofing a trunk in some cases can be a selling point for selling a car locally. It might not add a ton of value, but if the right person is interested, they will very much appreciate

the extra effort to make the car that much easier on the ears. It can help mask some of the issues that would cause the car to not be valued as highly. It is not hiding a major issue, but more so making an older model car more tolerable.

Inexpensive Ways to Quiet the Trunk

One of the most versatile methods to soundproof just about anything is to use soundproofing blankets or mats. Both of these will work just fine in a trunk for some easy soundproofing.

Maybe some people will need this assistance because they are carrying something in particular for a long trip. There is also a chance that some just want a very easy method that works fairly well, and that’s one of the easiest ways to do it.

It is very easy to soundproof the sides and floor of the trunk, but the trunk door itself is a little trickier. That is where some tape or glue might be needed to put some soundproofing foam inside the trunk.

How to Soundproof Vehicle Trunk

Blankets and mats can do the trick to a certain degree, but some people are looking for a little more stability than that. For people who want to completely soundproof their trunk in one of the best ways possible, it involves a little bit more work. Fortunately, preparing a trunk for soundproofing material isn’t that difficult, as long as a person starts with a clean, empty trunk to begin with.

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Initial Preparation

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The first step with a trunk is to remove all the panels that come with a car. These panels help to provide some noise reduction, but not enough for people to truly get behind.

Some panels are easier to take off than others. For safety reasons, look into purchasing a panel removal tool kit, as that will make sure that the panels don’t break when taking them apart.

Once everything is off, start measuring the different areas in the trunk. The bottom area of the trunk is the largest, but there are two vertical side surface areas, the top of the trunk, the top of the inside of the trunk and the front and back of the trunk. By measuring all these areas, a person can realistically purchase the right amount of material when the time comes.

If a person wants to skip that step and be a little less accurate, a standard sedan will usually require anywhere from 85 square feet to 110 square feet of material for standard coverage. For SUVs and vans, it can go anywhere from 115 square feet to 140 square feet.

Choosing the Right Dampening Solution

There are a few different dampening solutions available for trunks, and they all work the same. Most people don’t want to add too much bulk to their trunk, so they are looking for a nice balance between noise reduction and thickness.

Using a glue specifically for noise reduction helps quite a bit as well. This will help to fill in any gaps that might form when cutting the material and putting it into the trunk. Even a little bit of a leak can cause a sound to amplify quite a bit.

Since everything is going underneath the panels that were removed, don’t pay too much attention to the look of the soundproofing material. It’s going to be completely covered up, which is a positive for people trying to do this themselves. Instead of trying to spend a ton of time making it look perfect, the only thing that needs to be focused on is covering everything.

Finishing Touches

After every section of the trunk is covered with soundproofing material, the next step is to re-attach all the panels and make it look as good as new. It is a pretty straightforward process, and most people can do it without any issues whatsoever.

It is also very easy to make any repairs or add additional soundproofing material if the initial application didn’t make a big enough impact. Following the same steps are pretty straightforward, and it will go a lot smoother the second time if it is needed.

Soundproofing the License Plate

It might not seem like a huge deal, but a standard license plate frame can cause quite a bit of a sound issue. It tends to rattle around just enough to drive some people crazy, especially if they install a sound system in the trunk.

To make the license plate fully soundproof, look into purchasing and installing a silicone license plate frame. They are very simple to add, and it will last for a long time on the car. For added sound deadening, consider adding material behind the holder as well. This is just an added touch that some people feel makes a pretty big difference.

Is soundproofing a Trunk Worth It?

If the sound coming from the trunk is noticeable in any way, it is only going to become more and more of a problem. It’s better to deal with it early on than to let it get out of hand.

Trunks are fairly easy and straightforward to soundproof without much knowledge in the beginning. Compared to soundproofing a room or even the interior of the car, it is a lot more straightforward. Every panel is very easy to take off and expose the sheet metal underneath. From there, it is just layering soundproofing material. The process will end up taking a couple of hours, but it is nothing that won’t show huge dividends in the end.

If it seems too complicated, paying someone to soundproof a trunk usually doesn’t end up costing that much. There is no excuse to not soundproof a trunk, specifically if a person spends hundreds of dollars on a quality sound system.

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