Quietest Ceiling Fans – 5 Whisper Quiet Ceiling Fan for Bedroom 2019

” What is the quietest ceiling fan made” it is undoubtedly the first thing that came to your head when you thought of an alternative to cool your home in the hottest seasons and of course you could sleep peacefully, however, when you started to see that there were thousands of available alternatives you panicked.

But, do not worry, because I have made a detailed guide, to publicize the best silent ceiling fans that are available in the market, and the considerations you must have before buying one, so you can make a safe investment in your next ventilation device.

It is important that the appliances inside a room you’re attempting to soundproof are as quiet as can be! Otherwise, what’s to point of soundproofing a room?

Top 5 Best Quietest Ceiling Fans

1. Westinghouse Turbo Swirl: The quietest ceiling fan on the market

With its attractive and compact design, the Westinghouse Turbo Swirl is ideal if you need to quietly and efficiently ventilate rooms of up to 10 square meters, as the quality of its materials provides ultra-quiet operation, although sturdy, with a unique relationship quality-price.

This silent ceiling fan can rotate its six blades in three different speeds, allowing adapting the air flow to the size of the room or the level of freshness that the situation requires.

It is vital to note that in its initial ventilation speed, only the sound of the blades is heard when moving the air, because, at that level, the Turbo Swirl produces only 36 decibels of noise, while at its maximum speed it is capable of delivering an air flow of up to 145 cubic meters per minute .

Also, the Westinghouse Turbo Swirl can be used as a lighting source for the room as it has the possibility of installing an E14 LED bulb. Said light can be controlled by the chain switch that includes the apparatus.

In case you want to control all the functions of the fan remotely, I regret to tell you that this does not include remote control; however, if you consider it necessary, you can buy it here.

Finally, I tell you that this is a quiet ceiling fan with low consumption since its annual electricity consumption is estimated at 12.92 kWh.

Featured attributes;

  • It is one of the quietest ceiling fans because it generates only 36 dB of noise.
  • It’s six blades are resistant and has a modern finish.
  • It can work in 3 different ventilation speeds.
  • It can offer quality ventilation in rooms of up to 10 m 2.
  • It has a chain switch, but you can also buy the remote control if you want to handle it more comfortably.
  • It is a fan with a LED bulb, so you could even remove the lamp from your room since the E14 bulb will offer more than enough lighting.
  • It has the switch mode winter and summer, to provide ventilation according to each season.

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2. Westinghouse Bendan R7s: The best silent ceiling fan for large rooms

If you are looking for a silent ceiling fan for large rooms, with unparalleled power that can generate large air flow, and also allow you to sleep, then the Westinghouse Bendan R7s is what you need.

With its sober and sophisticated design, the Bendan R7s is qualified by many as the best silent ceiling fan with light and remote control on the market, because its motor produces virtually no noise while working.

Well, despite its imposing size, this is an ultra-quiet ceiling fan, because it emits noise of 50 decibels in its lowest ventilation speed, and contrary to what you may think, its energy consumption is not high, It has a class D energy certification.

This silent ceiling fan has a satin chrome finish, five blades with different finishes (depending on the model you choose), and three speeds of air circulation, which together with its 80-watt motor, are capable of generating a flow of 159 cubic meters per minute air.

Unlike many ceiling fans, the Westinghouse Bendan R7s includes a remote control for easy use from anywhere in the room, allowing control even the halogen bulb that integrates, as well as the modes and speed of ventilation.

Featured attributes;

  • It is a very silent ceiling fan because it generates only 50 decibels of noise at its minimum speed.
  • It has five blades and three-speed levels
  • Includes remote control for easy use
  • Integrates a halogen bulb
  • It is a silent ceiling fan for bedroom or rooms up to 25 square meters
  • Has a class D energy efficiency certificate
  • Its annual electricity consumption does not exceed 18.64 kWh
  • Its satin chrome finish gives it an elegant look.
  • Best for use both in summer and winter, due to its inverter switch.

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3. Faro Lantau Lighting Lighthouse

If you need a device that refreshes during good weather, but that you can also use during the winter to improve the performance of your heating system, this model can be an excellent option, since it is considered by many users as the best ceiling fan in the world today.

The Lantau Lighting Lighthouse is a powerful enough machine to refresh a room of 17 m2 and even more significant. It has three speeds regulation so you can adjust it according to the need of the moment and it also works in reverse to use it during the cold season.

In addition to the excellent functioning, one of the characteristics that the user’s highlight is its appearance, because it has a simple and classic design at the same time, with wooden blades of matt finish that combine very well with any decoration.

The Faro Lantau Lighting ceiling fan is manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure its durability.

Featured attributes;

  • Adjustable: This is very important in this type of equipment, especially in areas where the weather varies a lot, and we do not always need high power.
  • It has three speeds (90, 140 and 180 revolutions per minute respectively).
  • The inverse function will be the perfect ally of your heating system during the winter.
  • Silent: Another of the most relevant features when it comes to acquiring a ceiling fan is if it is silent since many tend to be noisy, but in this case, users report that their engine is not.
  • Materials: It is made of stainless steel and dark walnut wood, which not only makes it very durable but also gives a combination of modern and rural that adapts to any environment.
  • Control: It has a remote control that facilitates its use. You will no longer have to get up off the couch to change the fan level when the temperature rises at noon.

4. Orbegozo CP50120: A massive silent ceiling fan with light and remote control

If we talk about a silent ceiling fan and suitable for large rooms, you cannot leave out the Orbegozo CP50120, because it’s spectacular metallic design, its incredible construction materials, its features, and its quiet operation makes it impossible to ignore it.

It is important to note that this is a very silent ceiling fan, particular to mitigate the heat of the increasingly scorching summer, even allowing you to take a nap and enjoy a relaxed and comforting sleep due to its incredible ventilation and low noise level.

The Orbegozo CP50120 integrates six blades of 120 centimeters in diameter with a metallic appearance, as well as three speeds of ventilation, making it the ideal alternative to cool large rooms, ideally of a size around 25 square meters.

Among the features of the Orbegozo CP50120, it is essential to note that it is a silent ceiling fan with remote control. This command is simple in appearance, but very comfortable and intuitive when regulating each of the parameters of the device, including its lighting led by a led bulb.

Similar to Westinghouse, this Orbegozo ceiling fan integrates a reversible ventilation option, which allows it to be used in winter, which can cause the blades to rotate in the opposite direction to regular, to distribute the accumulated heat in the areas near the ceiling.

On the other hand, this fan must be installed with an extension rod (included), which will provide a separation of 44.5 centimeters of the roof, and which is strong enough to support the 7.47 kilograms of this device.

Featured attributes;

Among some of the best attributes of this ceiling fan with light and silent remote control of the Orbegozo brand, are highlighted here:

  • It is a quiet ceiling fan because it generates a minimum noise level during its operation.
  • It has six large blades.
  • It has three different ventilation speeds.
  • It integrates a reversible ventilation mode that allows its use in winter.
  • It includes a remote control to handle it comfortably.
  • It has an LED bulb that provides light for the room.
  • Due to its size, its use in large rooms is recommended
  • Its installation is using a 44.5 cm extension rod.
  • It weighs about 7.47 kilograms
  • The power of the motor is 65 watts.

5. Hunter Fan Builder Deluxe: An ultra-quiet ceiling fan

In case you want a noiseless, elegant and efficient ceiling fan, the Hunter Fan Builder Deluxe is without a doubt your best alternative because it’s excellent construction materials make it capable of delivering powerful ventilation without you having to be exposed to annoying noises.

This silent ceiling fan has an elegant design available in 3 different color combinations, which will enhance the room in which they are, as the quality, nobility and durability of their building materials are evident from the start.

Also, the Hunter Fan Builder Deluxe stands out pleasantly for the operation of its engine because its WhisperWind technology can deliver powerful, but super quiet ventilation, giving the possibility of enjoying a cooling of the first level, without hearing annoying noises.

To the above, we must add that the Hunter Fan Builder Deluxe has a diameter of 132 centimeters and five blades, in addition to 3 speeds of ventilation different, resulting in a supply of fresh air at convenience, and best of all, quietly.

On the other hand, it is essential to note that it has the possibility of adding two bulbs to provide lighting to the room; however, it does not include a remote control.

Featured attributes;

Among the features and specifications of this quiet ceiling fan, highlighted here:

  • Its WhisperWind technology makes it a quiet and powerful ceiling fan.
  • It is capable of delivering a flow of air capable of refreshing any room.
  • It has five blades and three ventilation speeds
  • The quality of its materials is evident from the first moment
  • There is the possibility to choose between the three different colors in which this model is offered.
  • It has the option to install two light bulbs to illuminate the room
  • The remote control is not included in the factory.
  • It is quite robust, weighing about 9.8 kilograms.
  • Its diameter is about 132 centimeters.

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Things to Look for When Choosing a Quiet Ceiling Fan

Here are a few things to keep in mind when researching for the quietest ceiling fan on the market!

The noise of the fan

It is undeniable that many ceiling fans are exaggeratedly noisy, instead of making you feel calm, makes you end up hating the room and prefer to melt to continue listening to that annoying noise they generate.

The reason for choosing a ceiling fan without noise that has a silent motor is a basic necessity for those who want to enjoy long afternoons in their room sleeping, without the fan interrupting you.

And to achieve that, the best recommendation would be that before buying silent ceiling fans to sleep, verify the number of decibels they emit in their minimum ventilation speed, which is often indicated as dB (A).

Remote control

Another feature that is important to verify silent ceiling fans is a remote control; it will allow you to control and operate the fan from anywhere comfortably and without the need to get up to turn off the light of the same or to deactivate your functioning.

Led light

Nowadays, many silent ceiling fans, rather than artifacts to cool the room, fulfill the added function of complementing the lighting, for which they usually have LED bulbs, and can even replace the primary light source depending on the power Support for the light bulb.

It is worth mentioning that not every silent ceiling fans with light uses the same cap to install the bulb, so it is crucial that you verify which one is suitable for the fan you want to buy.


I hope you found this article helpful in making your decision of which quiet ceiling fan to chose. It can be quite stressful when researching online among the hundreds if not thousands of ceiling fans on the market.

You do not only want a quiet ceiling fan but also a quiet ceiling fan that is reliable and will last for many years to come. Check out our other articles and YouTube channel for many DIY soundproofing projects!

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