Quietest RV Generators – Top 7 Quiet and Reliable

An RV generator can be one of those true necessities for anyone who spends a lot of time exploring the outdoors camping. From providing electricity to handling the temperature, a generator makes life a bit more comfortable for everyone.

While they are a virtual necessity for many, not all generators are created equally. One of the major selling points happens to be finding a generator that is powerful enough to assist, but also quiet enough that it does not cause any type of noise issue. This matters not only to the owners of the RV but any neighbors who might be frustrated as well.

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Understanding the Types of RV Generators

  • Qietter Type of Generators; Generally speaking, an RV generator is one that runs a bit quieter than standard generator options. They are also more reliable, which makes them slightly more expensive. Some companies specialize in RV generators, and finding one specifically for this reason is an excellent way to go.
  • Parallel Jacks; There are a few things that will alter the price of an RV generator. For starters, having its own enclosure or parallel jacks will usually up the price a little bit. This helps to make a generator more efficient and usually quieter, but people need to balance between the level of quietness and price.
  • Fuel Tank Option; Fuel is also something very important to keep in mind when buying an RV generator. Not only does the right tank need to be purchased, but the quality of fuel efficiency also needs to be examined. Make sure that the tank is large enough so that it does not need to be refilled continuously.
  • Better Safety Features; Finally, some generators come with several safety features to benefit from. Accessories like a muffler, an adapter, or other cords can all help make a better experience overall with the RV generator.

Below, we take a look at some of the quietest generators for an RV out there right now. Starting with the most expensive, there is an option for any size so that people can stay under budget without getting too noisy.

1. Yamaha EF2400iSHC

As far as premium options are concerned, this might be the best RV generator out there that is still very quiet. People need to pay a pretty good price for this option, but it comes with a lot of features that people feel are true necessities with larger setups.

To start out with, this generator is very powerful. It can run 13,500 BTU RV air conditioners, microwave ovens, convection ovens, and even beauty equipment. Everything is very efficient coming out of the engine, and it comes down to having the ability to adjust the engine speed to match the load.

From a noise perspective, this machine stays in the low 50 decibels at 25% load. That is simply remarkable for such a powerful generator. The sound is tough to hear if it is placed strategically around the RV. It can also operate at a low load, which is very beneficial for controlling sound.

Weighing in at 75 pounds, this generator is just powerful enough for even the biggest RVs out there. It comes with a three-month guarantee, which is always nice for something that costs a decent amount of money. Not all premium RV generators are worth a price, but this one certainly is.


  • Very versatile
  • Clean power
  • Sits at just over 50 decibels for average sound at 25% load


  • Expensive
  • Heavy for one person to move around

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2. Champion 3400 Watt RV generator

There are various generators out there that have a wide range of final cost, but for under $1000, it is hard to find a better performer than this one.

First, people love the fact that this is a dual fuel option. It runs on both gas and propane, which allows people to have options to keep everything operating as expected. It averages right around 59 decibels for sound, which is a little higher than the Yamaha above, but still nothing too crazy.

Starting it up is very convenient as well, with a three-position ignition switch to count on. All the access to controls are in one spot, so a person does not have to put much effort into anything. It is about as easy to operate as possible, making it extremely user-friendly.

People should expect to get about 7.5 hours of use out of the generator on a full tank of gas. With a 20-pound propane tank, a person can get roughly twice the amount of use. To really stretch things out, working off of economy mode makes things quieter, adds fuel savings, and extends the life of the engine.

All in all, people love having this generator for not only their RV, but various uses at home and work as well. It is one of the most versatile options out there, and it will last a long time as long as it is not abused.


  • Options make the generator extremely quiet
  • User-friendly
  • Dual fuel comes in handy


  • Gasoline capacity is a little small
  • Heavy for some people to maneuver

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3. Westinghouse I GEN 4500

This very quiet portable inverter generator has 3700 rated whites and 4500 Pequots for people to benefit from. Despite significant power, it is extremely quiet, sitting in the low 50s for decibels while staying very fuel-efficient. This makes it a significant player as one of the best RV generators out there right now.

Like the others to make this list, this is a very versatile generator for any type of use. A lot of RV owners use this, but it can also operate for a lot of different tasks.

The LED Data Center on the generator comes in handy for people who want to have control over the entire operation. In one location, A person can check the fuel level, power output, runtime remaining, voltage output, and even a lifetime hours. No one is ever in the dark when they are trying to understand how everything is going with the generator.

Weight is always a bit of an issue with a generator, but this feels surprisingly light for something that is just around 100 pounds. The built-in handles give people options when it comes to moving to different areas.


  • Outstanding LED data center on the back
  • Feels lightweight for the size
  • Durable build


  • Slow customer service responses from Westinghouse
  • Instructions are a little complicated

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4. WEN 56200i

WEN makes a few generators that are good enough to make this list, but the 2000 Watt version might be the best value at this point. People can find these for under $500 now, and it is usually a sufficient amount of power for any type of RV.

As is the case with every generator making his list, this is a very quiet generator that people can have a normal conversation around without an issue. That is the best way to describe the generator and the amounts of sound and puts out.

The power the generator puts out is very clean and safe in any setting. It can power some very heavy-duty items, but also sensitive electronics that do not need much power at all. Stay connected with technology by hooking up phones and tablets to the generator just fine.

If people do need more wattage, these are parallel connections capable to do exactly that. Just one of them weighs under 50 pounds, which makes it extremely portable to move around. Even if two are needed, it might just take an extra trip to load everything up.

The final nice feature is that there is an eco-mode offered by WEN with this generator. If a lot of watts are going unused, the Eco-mode will automatically adjust everything. This means that there will not be gasoline unnecessarily used.


  • Eco-mode comes in handy
  • Very lightweight
  • Parallel connection capable


  • Might not be powerful enough for everyone

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5. A-iPower SUA2000iV

For an affordable option for those who might not go in their RV as often, this is definitely a generator worth considering. For under $400, a person can get a very quiet generator that provides up to seven hours of run time when looking at a 50% load. It might not match up with some of the more powerful options, but it is still worth looking into for many.

To start with, this is another generator that sits in the 50s for decibel levels. Noise is never going to be much of an issue at all using this generator, as it does not get particularly loud even on high settings. When it is running at 50% load or lower, it is very efficient with fuel while keeping things extremely quiet.

The gas-powered generator weighs just 50 pounds, so it is a little easier to take everywhere when needed. Many people use this for their RV, but also other projects at home or work.

It is small enough that if it is just about anywhere, and matches up with some of the more well-known brands out there as well. Some people might not be that familiar with A-iPower, But there is no reason to spend more if this matches up the way it should.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very portable
  • Quiet on all settings


  • Not powerful enough for some
  • Not a name brand

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6. Honda EU7000 Inverter Generator

I knew I’d receive a lot of hate mail if I didn’t have at least one Honda Generator on this list. Honda generators, in general, are much more expensive than it’s competition but you do get more for that added cost.

This generator is very quiet for its 5500-watt power output ringing in at around 60db. It will run for around 12 hours at half load. This long-running time is because of its almost 6-gallon tank!

Let’s face it, the reason people buy Honda’s is because of its unmatched reliability. One thing to consider when paying for such an expensive unit is how often are you actually using the generator to power your RV? If you’re only using it a few days a year then you’re way better off buying the same type of generator at a fraction of the price.

The only way I would buy this gen is if I would be using it frequently or if I had an abundance of money, which I don’t.


  • Exceptional Fuel Efficiency
  • Quiet compared to other 7000 watt generators
  • Clean, Easy to start and Reliable


  • No Digital Fuel Gauge (For the price)
  • No optional tank upgrade in case you want to use it all day on one tank.

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7. Harbour Freight Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator

I really like this generator from Harbour Freight. It’s one of the most popular while I searched online for suggestions on quiet and reliable RV Generators and after spending a bit of time with the Predator 3500, I know why.

Consumer reports rated this generator almost as high as the Honda Gen of the same type. Honda only won by a razor-thin margin and frankly, at 4 times the price, I would go with this generator any day of the week!

A lot of the reviews online about this particular model are all saying the same thing, its quiet and its reliable. Both of these aspects are very important to most consumers including me.


  • Very quiet for the amount of power output.
  • Easy startup with instructions permanently printed on the Gen.
  • Clean and Reliable


  • No gas gauge with the fuel tank.
  • Wheels are of poor quality.

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What Makes a Generator High Quality?

For people who are searching for quality as well as quietness, make sure to pay attention to a few small details when shopping.

Emission ratings

A lot of emission ratings are based on emission compliance, which is the minimal number of hours a portable generator can keep up with meeting the emission requirements.

The number should be as high as possible, as that usually means quality components are used to make the generator. Something that’s in the 500 range is always solid. Click here for more information on the EPA Tier Ratings for Generators.

Long warranties

At a minimum, people should be looking for a warranty that lasts at least two years long. The longer the warranty, the more faith a company has in what they are producing. It just gives people that extra bit of assurance so they are not worried about what might happen.

You can double a two-year warranty if you pay for the generator on a credit card that offers an extended warranty. You should inform yourself if your credit card offers this perk since a lot of people might not know that this sort of thing exists from their credit card company.

Expensive Does Not Always Mean Better

The reason why articles like this are put together is to find the best value possible. Just because the generator is expensive, does not mean it is going to provide the right amount of quality and sound control. Make sure to research any new generator before putting money down.

Why Invest in an RV Generator Over Other Options?

Some people try to get by with using either a 12 V RV system, solar energy, or other alternative options. While they all have a time and a place, a quality generator can add that different level of comfort. A person does not have to worry about ever running out of power, and they are inexpensive enough to justify the price.

Sound has been an issue in the past, but there are quite options out there that are not any louder than a normal conversation when running. Most people will find the investment to be well worth it in the end, now that there are so many advantages with a few drawbacks.

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