How to Soundproof a Dog Crate – Quiet Dog Kennel

Anyone who owns a dog would do anything possible to make sure they live a happy, healthy life. Every dog owner feels like they need to bend over backward to make them happy. With that said, even the sweetest dog in the world can be a noisy dog at certain times during the day. Is there a solution to handling all the noise?

For some, soundproofing a dog crate is the solution that makes the most sense. It not only deadens the sound coming out but keeps excessive sound from going in because your pet might be dealing with some sort of noise phobia

This gives dogs in a more pleasant place to hang out in, while also reducing the sound people hear around the home (or worse, in the neighbor’s home).

There are a few different methods that work to soundproof a dog crate. Some of them are very inexpensive, but the best of the best options will cost a little bit of money. If it works, many believe it is worth it in the end. Improving the quality of life for humans and dogs is the perfect solution.

Four Dog Kennel Soundproofing Options For Any Dog Owner

There are more than four options out there, but these are the best for people who are on a budget and want something that isn’t too complicated.

Some dogs might be going through a phase where they are barking more than usual, so soundproofing a crate might be temporary anyway. Regardless, take a look at these options and see which one might work best for the set up at home.

1. Soundproof Dog Kennel Cover

Most people already own a dog crate cover to provide darkness for their dog. While it might just be a relatively simple sheet, they make soundproofing covers that help quite a bit.

The important thing to keep in mind when looking at these covers as they find something that is still comfortable for the dog. If the cover is too thick, it could make the area a little too warm.

Another thing to consider is making sure that the cover does not reflect any sound. If barking reflects off of anything, it will come back louder for the dog. That can cause some serious ear issues if it goes on every single day.

The material used should be fairly breathable. It also helps to find something that might be a little bigger than what the current crate needs, just in case the dog grows and the crate needs changing in the future.

It’s really easy to fold a cover up a little if it is dragging on the floor, but no one wants to have to purchase a brand new cover if they don’t have to.

Finally, make sure that there are easy washing instructions with this cover. It shouldn’t get too dirty, but it’s always good to practice healthy habits with the dog.

If they are left alone, there is a chance that they could put their mouth and paws on the cover. Not only that, but basic cleaning will extend the life in the end.

2. Absorption Sheets

Absorption Sheets

There are a lot of similarities between a soundproofing cover, and absorption sheets (Amazon). The major difference is, these sheets are not as easy to remove when not in use.

There is no actual installation required, as they usually stick to the outside of the crate to provide another barrier.

The advantage of using the sheets is that it is less likely that there will be any gaps in coverage. If there is just a little bit of a gap for noise to leak in the wrong area, it’s going to sound a lot louder. Sheets do a better job than covers and cut to fit exact measurements.

Another huge advantage is that these are very inexpensive like the cover as well. If the sheets go through damage after a while, it’s pretty easy to replace and get back to normal.

On very rare occasions, people will put these absorption sheets inside the crate. They also might go on the bottom of the crate. It’s not recommended, as dogs become bored and start tearing them apart.

There are instances where dogs tear them apart when they’re on the outside, so putting them in the inside of a crate is just asking for trouble.

3. Moving Blankets

Yet another cheap option for soundproofing a dog crate is to use moving blankets. These blankets are very versatile and inexpensive.

Many people like having these around so that any area around the home has a soundproof remedy nearby. That’s right, these are used for many different reasons besides just a dog crate. They come in many different colors, and they can cover just about any area.

If the crate is completely covered, blankets don’t breathe the best compared to the other options above. That might be a bit of an issue for the dog, so make sure there is a little bit of breathing room available. There’s no reason to have a new problem when trying to solve a current one. Moving Blankets (Amazon)

4. Soundproofing a Specific Area of a Home

If all the options above don’t work, it might be time to invest in a more permanent solution. This is mostly for people who have larger dogs that might make a lot of noise, or for those people who live in extremely noisy areas. Reducing the sound inside the home will help the dog and the dog owner feel much more comfortable.

Soundproofing a wall, a specific corner or an entire room might seem complicated, and it is compared to the three other options talked about already. However, once it is done, it makes a world of a difference, and worries will start to fade away.

The first step is to identify where the sound is a major issue. If it’s coming from the dog, make sure to put the crate in that area.

That’s where they are most likely making a lot of sound, and there is no need to soundproof the entire home if that is the case. Some people also soundproof near the door or favorite window, because dogs like to bark when they are looking outside.

Once everything is identified, the next step is to decide what type of soundproofing material is needed. This will largely depend on how much sound needs to be killed.

The more material purchased, the more expensive it’s going to be. It also becomes a bit tougher of a job to complete without some professional assistance.

Combining a soundproof area of the home and a soundproof crate can make a huge difference. Most people are satisfied with this type of change right away, and they believe it’s worth the investment.

Some people might just go ahead and soundproof an entire room for all noisy activities. It’s easier to do the little bit of work all at once, rather than drag it out.

It might seem like overkill just for a dog, but soundproofing a room can also help with practicing musical instruments, finding a quiet place to read/study, and more. Just make sure the dog isn’t in there the whole time barking as well.

Finally, some people who aren’t really that into putting their dog into a crate might just go ahead and do an entire room to give them more of a free-range. This is an excellent way of doing so, essentially making them a dog room to be contained in.

Most dog breeds tend to be much happier with more freedom to move around. It also reduces the fear of leaving a dog at home, because the room still isolates the dog so it is not too noisy, and it also does not tear apart the rest of the home.

What Makes a Dog Kennel Soundproof?

Some manufacturers make crates designed as completely soundproof from the very beginning. This saves a few steps, but they are overpriced at times.

Not only that, but some people might have a perfectly good dog crate already, so it makes no sense to make a new purchase just for some minor changes.

There is no way to completely eliminate sound, but soundproof dog crates can help others in a lot of ways. They do so by reducing the sound, killing a lot of reverberations and echoes, and reducing the sound of a dog’s bark.

The soundproofing materials also don’t reduce the amount of space in a crate, so a dog won’t feel claustrophobic in any way. Anything that covers or attaches to the crate is put on the outside, not the inside.

What Indicates the Need for a Soundproof Dog Crate?

Certain factors push people over the limit with their current dog crate set up. Most of the time, it happens when a dog is barking a little too much at the worst times.

Not only can it affect how a family lives inside the house, but if the dog is loud enough, neighbors might start complaining. No one wants to receive a noise complaint because their dog won’t shut up in the middle of the night.

When this is the case, it might take a few test runs with certain setups to see which works best. No one wants to rush into a situation where they are using soundproofing material that doesn’t work, as it then becomes a game of adding more and more products. Eventually, what was once an inexpensive fix turns into something much more challenging.

There’s also the chance to buy soundproofing material to protect the dog. Maybe a dog is having trouble sleeping, or there is about to be more loud noises in the area (construction, street noise, new baby in the home, etc.).

If that is the case, killing those sounds and giving the dog peace and quiet will keep them well rested and healthy.

What Are the Biggest Issues that Pop Up from Soundproofing a Pet Crate?

As talked about a bit above, there are certain issues when soundproofing a crate that every person should be on the lookout for. This is meant to be an improvement, not something that makes conditions worse.

Monitor the Temperature

In a small place, the temperature can rise pretty quickly if using blankets or a cover on the crate. This is particularly the case if it is put on at night, but then the sun comes out and is shining right on the blankets.

Don’t turn a crate into a furnace for the dog, or they’re going to be extremely irritated. You can also cause a dog to feel sick if they are in warm temperatures for too long. One way to help drown out the sound and keep a dog cool during the warmer months is to put the crate near a fan or air conditioner.

Provide proper ventilation

There is always a balancing act with soundproofing a crate, because ventilation is important, but so is killing any sounds from coming in or leaving. Having a few ventilation spots won’t make that much of a difference, and dogs will be much happier when that is the case.


Just like it is important to let in a little bit of air for ventilation, it also makes sense to let in some light so that it is not completely dark for the dog.

Making the crate dark will indeed relax dogs and make them feel more comfortable when sleeping, but don’t black it out completely. It usually causes a dog to feel stressed out and confused, because they don’t exactly know where they are.

Final Thoughts on Soundproofing a Dog Crate

Dogs bark by nature, and there are always sounds surrounding any home. It might not seem like a huge deal, but soundproofing a crate the right way will make a huge difference in a dogs life.

It also comes in handy if a person has family over, or they are trying to get some sleep themselves.

Just make sure that the comfort level inside the crate is always at a high-level. If something doesn’t seem to be working, try another option on the list. Eventually, one of them will work, and people will be very satisfied with the change.

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