How Effective is to Soundproof a Room by Using Egg Cartons?

Throughout time, people have tried to use different materials to soundproof a room without spending a lot of money. There are so many different options that are very inexpensive these days available that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to spend a little bit of money to do it the right way. However, egg cartons are very prevalent, and some believe that they can help out significantly.

Do Egg Cartons Properly Soundproof a Room?

Unfortunately, it’s not going to soundproof a room, but it will have at least some effect on the overall sound. It certainly isn’t the most efficient way to go about things, regardless of what people have said in the past.

Why Egg Cartons are Not a Good Option for Soundproofing a Room

It seems like, in theory, egg cartons could work to soundproof a room. So why don’t they actually work? Here are a few of the main reasons why.

1. They don’t line up without gaps

Egg cartons are shaped very much like some other solutions for soundproofing a room. However, while they do absorb sounds, the structure is just not there for them to provide added value. There are gaps within the construction using egg cartons, and that limits the ability for noise insulation.

No matter how much a person tries to line everything up perfectly, there will still be some leaks where sound can get out, or be let in. It is just one of a few reasons why they should not be taken seriously for soundproofing a room.

2. Egg Cartons are Not Safe

On top of all the other reasons why people should avoid using egg cartons in a room for soundproofing, they are also a fire hazard. If something was the spark up in the area, it’s only going to make matters worse. The good news is that fires usually don’t spark up in soundproofing rooms, but why have a fire hazard if there is no reason to?

3. At the End of the Day, it’s Just Shaped Cardboard

Besides the obvious answer of holding and protecting eggs, for audio purposes, they do help in some ways to reduce echoes and kill off some noise. However, since it is just cardboard shaped uniquely, it’s not doing too much more than just a sheet of cardboard would.

This would actually be the preferred method, because it would allow for more thickness on the wall compared to the cartons, which only stack up a certain way. Standard cardboard can be layered more easily, and also cut to size.

Understanding the Difference Between Soundproofing and Acoustic Treatment

A lot of people confuse soundproofing and sound treatment, but they are two entirely different things. Soundproofing is a way to insulate an area to eliminate the passage of sound. That

means that sound can’t come in, or go out. They sound treatment is something that absorbs sound to reduce echo and vibration. Sound won’t bounce all over the room, and it makes the acoustics a little bit better.

Egg cartons are without question, not a good soundproofing solution. They do provide some sound treatment properties, but they are still lacking compared to many other options out there. Maybe it was a slightly better solution for sound treatment years ago, but advancements have made egg cartons virtually obsolete. Instead of only recording studios having soundproofing technology readily available, it just takes some quick ordering online to get the supplies needed now.

What are the Cheapest Solutions for People Who don’t Want to Spend a Lot of Money on Soundproofing?

Anyone who is considering egg cartons for soundproofing a room is generally looking to save as much money as possible. The good news is that online, it is cheaper than ever to buy materials that are intended to soundproof a room. They do a much better job of not only absorbing sound, but deflecting it and making music, vocals, and more that much clearer.

1. Soundproof curtains

These are easier to install, look prettier and do a better job of actually soundproofing than egg cartons. Soundproof Curtains (Amazon) come in many different sizes and colors, so a person can find exactly what they need.

They go up without any issues, and easy to take down if they are no longer needed. Most people will leave them up at all times, because they understand they might be using a particular area from time to time. It also helps to have the inside of a home or room be a little bit quieter instead of dealing with a ton of outside noise. These curtains kill sound and intense light from coming in.

2. Soundproofing Blankets

Soundproof Blankets (Amazon) work in a lot of ways like curtains, only they are a little more flexible. As long as there is an area to drape the blankets over something, they work just fine.

A lot of people use these when they are on the move because they can be thrown into some storage and fill in the gaps when necessary. They also come in handy when protecting larger instruments like pianos and guitars. They can have a lot of weird angles that are tough to cover at times, but a blanket usually does the trick.

3. Soundproofing Panels

A person can also invest in soundproofing panels (Amazon) if they want to spend a little more money. They do a better job overall, and might be best to use for smaller areas. Since they don’t have to be particularly big, it’s not that much of an investment compared to what some people might be thinking.

Most looking for a truly professional setup will spend a little bit more money on something like these panels. When placed in the right areas, they make an instant difference.

4. Acoustic Foam or Acoustic Panels

Finally, it’s so cheap these days to purchase foam and panels (Amazon) designed specifically for acoustics, that it just makes sense to go with them over egg cartons when looking for a direct replacement. For starters, is going to look more professional than a carton as well. Not only that, but they are more efficient in getting the job done properly.

There is no guessing game as far as whether they work or not, because they have been thoroughly tested to provide value.

Final thoughts on using egg cartons

Do they have some redeeming qualities? Yes, egg cartons can reduce the echoes and cost virtually nothing. It’s not going to dampen the outside noise or absorb unwanted noise in general. There are just too many affordable options in today’s world that make egg cartons worth the hassle.

Invest in some cheap, flexible soundproofing solutions online for better results. These can be completely portable, so people can go to different areas and use them as well. The days of thinking that egg cartons actually work should be over and done with.

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