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6 Quietest Lawn Mowers – Gas & Electric 2021

Having a quiet lawn mower can be very beneficial for people who want to tend to their lawn at any hour of the day. There are a lot of people who would like to get around without making too much noise, and this is the best way to do it.

Whether a person is shopping for a push, gas, or electric lawnmower, there are solutions out there that make a ton of sense. These are the six best, with three options in each category for shoppers to consider.

Best Electric Lawn Mower

Electric seems to be the way to go for those who are thinking more towards the future. They are more efficient, quieter, and get the job done just the same.

The trade-off is that for the most part, electric options tend to be a little bit more expensive. Some people look at buying a lawnmower as a multi-year investment, so they are not worried about spending too much more.

Others want to save as much money as possible, and that is why they are holding onto their gas lawn mowers. For those who want to experience the benefits of electricity, these three options are perfect.

Shoppers will get an opportunity to see just how far companies have come in developing quiet lawn mowers that can be operated throughout the day.

1. Snapper XD 82V Max Lawn Mower

The Snapper XD 82V Max Lawn Mower

Snapper offers one of the best values in electric lawnmowers right now that runs very quietly with the XD 82V Max (Amazon). Despite having a good amount of power, this mowing deck can do it all.

Whether a person is looking to mulch, bag, or discharge grass to the side, they can get exactly what they need at an affordable price.

First things first, the default battery offers 45 minutes of run time for those cutting a lawn. This is a good amount of time for just about anyone out there.

But those with very big lawns might need to either upgrade the battery or look somewhere else.

There are some alternative options for those extreme cases, but it is important to keep that in mind so that a person is not disappointed right away.

Once operating, the efficiency of the mower is something that grabs the attention of a lot of users. It takes less effort to get more done, as the blades of the lawnmower operate thanks to a 1200 W brushless motor.

With a push-button start option, it is as easy as setting it up and cutting right away.

Quiet options like this exist for a reason, as people do not want to have too much dictated as far as what they can and can’t do with their lawns.

Something like this can be used during times that older, louder lawnmowers might be a bit too much of a hindrance for everyone else.


  • Designed to mulch, bag, or discharge grass cuttings.
  • 1200 W brushless motor.
  • Option to have multiple batteries for extended life.


  • The default battery only lasts 45 minutes.
  • Wheels could be a little bit better.

2. Razor Sharp Mini Mower With Catcher

Razor Sharp Mini Mower With Catcher

A small, electric lawn mower might be the perfect option for people who have a tiny yard. The one constant issue that a lot of people run into when they are shopping around is that every mower feels a little too big.

For those who have smaller lawns, they do not necessarily need to get something that is built for acres and acres.

The size is the first thing that captures the attention of a lot of people who first look at the Razor Sharp mini mower (Amazon).

This Lawn mower has a 13-inch cutting deck, but it is not much bigger than that. This lawn mower is easy to pick up, as it weights under 30 pounds, and that makes it easy to store just about anywhere also.

It might seem perfect for some situations, but obviously, these are built for smaller lawns overall. It is going to take a lot of time to cut bigger lawns with something like this, as it is just not that efficient for bigger spaces.

Still, those who are looking to get into the electric game and not have to spend much extra at all will love this price overall.

The features are a great bonus as well. It is the perfect solution for a lot of people who live in urban areas where green space is a bit limited.

Why spend more money on something that is more powerful, when this gets the job done extremely well?


  • Very efficient.
  • Foldable for better storage.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Tough to cut bigger lawns.
  • Battery starts to last a shorter and shorter amount of time as time goes on.

3. EGO Power+ LM2000-S

EGO Power+ LM2000-S

The final electric option to make this list might be the most powerful of them all. The EGO Power+ (Amazon) is going to last up to 90 minutes with the standard battery, and it has the most options to fit nearly any type of lawn need in general.

It all starts with a 56 V lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough for fairly big lawns. It is not going to cover acres and acres efficiently, but for the vast majority of people, this is going to get the job done in a timely manner.

The weight of the powerful machine is only 56 pounds, so it is still easy to maneuver for those who are worried about that.

There’s nothing worse than buying a powerful mower, only to find that it is next to impossible to move around as efficiently as it should.

Finally, the option is perfect for those who want a customized look with their lawn. They can change the current height anywhere from 1.25 inches all the way to 3.5 inches.

It is fordable when it goes into storage, which is great to save space. There are even helpful guides when pushing the mower along that helps everything go in the right direction.

People who have had struggles in the past using a mower will find this to be extremely user-friendly.

As far as push mowers are concerned, this is powerful enough for just about anyone. Anything more powerful is going to need a riding lawnmower, and that is a whole new shopping experience overall.

Those who still want something that is pretty quiet and affordable will go with the option here.


  • Powerful for a push mower.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Good range of cutting height.


  • Might be a little bit heavy for some.
  • The motor is a little louder than some of the less powerful models.

Quietest Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers are considered a bit old school these days, but there are still quite a few people who rely on them every single time they are getting ready to do lawn work.

It is very easy to set up, and they are also pretty affordable. Some companies might be trying to really push electric options these days, but a gas lawnmower does not necessarily have to be extremely loud.

These are the best quiet options for those not wanting to frustrate those in the area.

1. Craftsman M105

Craftsman M105

There are a lot of added benefits to using the Craftsman M105 (Amazon). It has a variety of options so that operators can get exactly what they want, and the cutting deck is large enough to get bigger projects done fairly quickly.

At 21 inches, it is a very efficient mower with a good amount of adjustable options so people get the exact height they want the very first time.

As for the sound itself, it has a good muffler on it that ensures that it never gets too loud. The motor is pretty strong, but not to the point that it is annoying people because of the sound as well. There are not many options out there this powerful, yet this quiet.

The only real downfall of this mower is that the wheels could be a little bit better, and a little bit bigger.

Some people found it a little bit difficult to navigate in thicker and wetter conditions, but they usually find some way to get the lawn done just the same.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Durable.
  • Cuts through all lengths of grass.


  • The bag could be a little bit better.
  • Wheels could be a little more durable.

2. PowerSmart DB8621P

PowerSmart DB8621P

If a person has a slightly smaller lawn than average, one compact option that is quiet and efficient comes from PowerSmart (Amazon).

This is a company that surprises a lot of people with their gas-powered option, as it will be very efficient with cutting smaller lawns overall.

It does only have a cutting deck of 21 inches, and at 66 pounds, it might seem a little on the heavy side.

However, it is very easy to move around, and it can even fold up a bit so that it is not too much of a hindrance when dealing with storage.

A total of five positions available with the height makes this a versatile option for those who want to get things looking exactly as they want.

It also comes with a two-year warranty, which is very good for people who might be a little bit afraid that it is not going to hold up over the long term.

There are so many people out there who are going to be mowing regularly, and they do not want to be replacing their mowers too consistently since they do get expensive.

The quiet factor is very solid, and it seems to be the quietest when there is a bag in use. There is still an option to spread the grass around on the side, or to mulch things when necessary.

All in all, it is an affordable solution that should be good for any yard that is up to half an acre. Anything more than that, and a more powerful option might be necessary to cover all the ground at once.


  • Very easy to maneuver.
  • Compact.
  • Mulches well.


  • Wheels could be better.
  • Does not work particularly well in wet grass.

3. Lawn-Boy 17734

Lawn-Boy 17734

A rear-wheel-drive self-propelled gas lawn mower can come in handy for those who might need a little more assistance getting everything cut properly.

It can get a little tedious and even challenging for some to push around a lawnmower the right way, so this is where a person can get exactly what they need at an affordable price.

The rear wheels work as they should on this Lawn-Boy (Amazon), as it helps to self propel the lawnmower efficiently. It is very easy to start and put to use, and the large wheels help even when there is a little bit of elevation in a yard.

It is a great option for people who might be getting a little bit older or are not as strong as the average person.

All of the typical features are available with this mower as well, which is good news for those who do not want to make any sacrifices.

Even though it weighs in at 72 pounds, since it does have some self-propelled attributes, it certainly does not feel like that in operation. It is very easy to start, and it is built to last a long time as well.

If there is any major complaint about the lawnmower, is that it has a fairly small bag overall. It might need to be empty a little more than the average lawnmower, but that is not too much of an issue for the bass majority of operators.


  • Helps out on different terrains.
  • Easy to start.
  • Large wheels.


  • The grass bag is a little too small.
  • Can sometimes seem a little smelly.

Tips on Getting the Right Mower

Now that some of the top options have been covered, it is time to look at features that might matter more to some users than others.

Understanding and purchasing the right options for a mower can make all the difference in the world, and no one wants to waste a good opportunity when they are making a purchase.

Do research beforehand, and the lawnmower is going to last years and years.


For people who are really looking for a quiet mower option, electric is going to provide more benefits than just silence.

It is also going to help cut down on the amount of maintenance needed, since less can go wrong.

A user will not have to handle anything like oil spills, oil changes, replacing filters, and more. It is pretty much set up and go, and as long as it is stored properly, there will be very few issues.

Obviously, there are things that can go wrong with any type of mower out there, and blades will become pretty dull as time goes on.

These replacements are impossible to avoid, and that is why they are not really considered as part of maintenance.

Electric might still be a little bit more expensive overall, but people can start saving money when having to do less maintenance.

Cutting Deck Size

Having a large cutting deck can make a huge difference for people who are trying to be as efficient as possible.

However, getting some of those mowers that are too big is not only more expensive, but it takes up more storage space as well. It might just not be worth it in the end for people who have small yards.

Even if the quietest mower is being run for an hour, that might be more annoying to neighbors than having a loud option run for 15 minutes.

There is always a bit of balance that people need to consider, and understanding how that goes about can really help people make the right decision.

Adjustment Options

Having ample height adjustment options on a mower is going to be very beneficial for people who want to get just the right cut.

During different times of the year, a person might want to cut grass at a different height. Even in a yard, there might be times where a person wants to cut the front yard one length, and their side and backyard another length.

Adjustment features do not need to be too intricate, as long as they work. Even push mowers can come with high adjustment options, so it is really not too much of a limitation when shopping around.

Attachment Options

Attachments for mowers can help complete a job and make everything look as good as new. There are a few attachments used for all types of mowers out there, but electric attachments are more important.

That is because every new purchase needs to come with a battery and charger, as well as an accessory to help complete the job.

Having to go out and buy a battery and charger can be a bit of a hassle for a lot of people out there.

They are going to last a long time if they are taken well care of, so make sure that they are stored properly and do not get wet.


Mowers come in numerous weights and sizes, and it depends on what type of task a person is facing when they make an ultimate decision.

A lawnmower that has a bigger deck overall is likely going to be bigger and bulkier, so those who are transporting it to somewhere else may find it too difficult.

A lot of people who are only mowing their own lawn will offer something that might be a little smaller, as a compact mower does serve a purpose.

Keep in mind that compact mowers will sometimes take as much is twice the amount of time to get the same lawn cut.

People who want to be extremely efficient with their time might need to look for something a little bit bigger, as long as it fits in the budget.

If a lawn is particularly huge, jumping up to a riding mower is likely the best option. Most people who own acres and acres of land will still have a push mower for the smaller tasks, but the riding mower does the bulk of the work.


This applies to electric lawnmowers only, but the size of the battery and how long it will last is an important factor to keep in mind when shopping around.

There are way too many people who will buy a brand new lawnmower, only to find out that the battery is not going to last as long as they originally thought.

When that happens, they need to make an instant investment, or they might even need to replace something altogether.

Gas-powered lawn mowers usually have a big enough tank that there will be no need to stop in the middle to fill back up. Make sure to double-check on the recommended use time to make sure the right size is purchased.

Ways To Make a Lawn mower Quieter?

If a lawnmower is starting to make a little bit too much noise, or it is an older option that has always made a good amount of noise, there are some ways to quiet things down a bit.

It takes a little bit of effort and some patience, but overall, people will find that they can get things down to a level that they can appreciate.

First things first, look at the muffler on the lawn mower. If it is showing a lot of age, or is damaged in any way, it needs to be repaired properly.

A muffler can make a pretty big difference, so do not be afraid to invest a little bit of money in this area.

When an aged muffler gets cracked up just a little bit, there are some spray options that can fix things. If it is more than that, a full replacement is probably necessary.

There is also the option to use an engine silencer, just like what is used for car mufflers in some situations.

Unfortunately, there really is not anything to do in order to quiet a lawnmower down if the noise is coming from the blades operating, or the engine itself.

In this scenario, the only way to get a quieter lawnmower is to make a new purchase for something that might stay quieter. Generally speaking, newer mowers operate at a quieter level.

Why a Quiet Lawn Mower Makes Sense

Quiet lawn mowers have certainly served a purpose throughout the years, and with technology improving, many are looking for an option that can be used at all hours of the day.

Even if a person does not plan on mowing at midnight, it is nice to know that there are options out there that will not make the neighborhood upset.

All in all, shop around and see what else is out there, and for the most part, quiet lawn mowers will operate at a high level.

Why is My Charger Making Buzzing Noise & How to Fix It

A constant yet subtle humming noise can drive a person insane if it goes on for long enough. This is especially true if it seems to be coming from their phone or computer. For some people, they have experienced plugging in their phone to a charger, and then hearing a high-pitched buzzing noise that just can’t seem to go away. Others can’t charge their laptop without hearing a noise.

Why is a charger making buzzing noises? There are a few reasons why this could be causing a problem, and the good news is, it is fixable one way or another. Troubleshooting the actual source of sound is the first step, and from there, people can finally get their peace and quiet back.

What Type of Noise Can Chargers Make?

Cell phone chargers can make a fairly dull humming noise, but it can even squeal at times. There are plenty of YouTube videos that have been put together by individuals to document this happening.

The truth of the matter is, even the faintest of sounds can be extremely nerve-racking. Not only are they annoying, but people may be worried that they are doing damage to their phone.

Laptops are even more expensive, and the chargers are larger. That means the noise might be a little more annoying.

Laptop owners never want to fear the possibility of losing everything, so they will always troubleshoot as much as possible.

When Can Chargers Make Noise?

Noise can start coming from a charger at different points in time. In fact, this might help a person identify whether it is a problem with the outlet, the charger, or the device.

Sounds when plugged into the wall socket

This means that either the charger is causing an issue, or the outlet itself.

Sounds when the device is plugged into the charger

This usually means that the problem is coming from either the charger, or the phone.

Sounds when the device is fully charged

Most of the time, this is due to a change in how the device is delivering power, or the device itself.

Getting Professional Help for Humming Sounds

Before going into a repair shop to see if there is any way they can help, make sure that it is clear where the sound is coming from, and where it starts.

The more information the person can provide these professionals, the better off they will be. However, sometimes, these professionals are not even needed, as people can troubleshoot on their own.

Breaking Down the Sound in Charge Components

Noisy Charger

Every single electronic has the chance of making noise, and if the person listens closely enough, they can probably pick it up.

However, as technology gets better, the frequencies will be well above what a typical human can detect.

Humans can really only process noises that go from about 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Most of the time, the electricity going through a charger can be up to 30,000 Hz or more. (Source)

One of the biggest culprits when actual noise is heard by humans is when the power adapter converts AC power to DC power.

It uses an electromagnetic coil as a transformer, instead of inductor. This makes the lower voltage power convert DC in a diode bridge rectifier. Power goes through the capacitor, which keeps the flow going before sending it through the power cable.

Every step of the process can create a little bit of noise. A high-pitched noise is usually going to be originating from a transformer, as it will make a noise when electricity is passed into the coil.

This causes the component to start to vibrate, and there is a resonance frequency associated with it. In fact, it happens so commonly that there is a term called coil whine, which has affected the chargers to an old television.

Switch circuits can also produce high frequency noises, including a ticking sound that can be annoying.

There are other more obscure issues that could be popping up, but it is never entirely known as far as exact issues are concerned.

Overall, a laptop cord is going to have a higher chance of something going wrong overall. That is because they are depended on a little bit more, and they are more powerful.

That means more can go wrong, and there is a chance that sound ends up being more noticeable.

Are Chargers Making Buzzing or Humming Sounds Something to Worry About?

If the charger has always made some type of noise, and it does not get any worse, it is probably functioning just fine.

Make sure that it is charging the phone as it should, and it is not unusually hot. It might just be a cheap component that makes a faint noise, but if a person is fine with it, they do not need to make any other changes.

The problems really start to pop up when the noise level changes. If the adapter starts to make more noise than usual, and it overheats, there is a chance of it becoming a fire hazard. It might also start to malfunction, and it could even affect the phone itself.

How to Fix a Loud Charger

There is really no simple way to fix a charger that is making a lot of noise. For the most part, what people do is use some type of soundproofing material to go around the charger, and hope for the best.

There still might be some sound heard, but it will not be that annoying. However, adding additional material if a charger is prone to overheating might not be a smart idea at all.

If it is overheating and makes a noise, It might be time to make a full replacement.

These are the steps to take if the charger is humming and it seems to be causing too much of an issue overall.

Do not be afraid to take the time to go through all the steps and ensure that the right decisions are made before ultimately deciding on a course of action.

Step 1 – Unplug the Charger

Never examine the charger while it is plugged in. It is one thing to plug it in and see what is causing the sound, but messing around with it while it is plugged in can be asking for trouble.

All it takes is one slip of the fingers, and there could be some electrical issues that are not fun in any way.

This goes for anything that plugs into an outlet. It is better to just leave this up to professionals. At the end of the day, saving maybe $100 at most and messing around with wires while everything is plugged in is not a way to go.

Step 2 – Examin the Charger For Damage

One of the most common ways sound can start coming from the charger is if it is damaged. Take a look around the charger and make sure everything is in good working order.

If it just started making noise, there is a chance that it was physically damaged. This can be from a drop, an animal getting a hold of the charger, or if it is dragging on the floor for whatever reason.

Some people do not even realize that the charger is damaged until days after the damage was done.

Make sure to specifically look at the most problematic areas of a charger as well. Chargers can start to show some wear near the end points, as that is where they usually fray a bit.

There could also be cracks or dents in the plastic, and although it does not seem like much, staying on top of everything matters.

Step 3 – Try a Different Outlet

In some cases, the outlet could be the problem. A great way to test everything is to simply use another outlet.

This does not mean using the bottom outlet on the same location, but moving to another part of the home altogether.

This is a pretty simple step to try things out, and it could save a lot of time and energy figuring out what the problem is. Maybe it is an overpowered outlet, or underpowered outlet.

Not all outlets are created equally in a home, contrary to popular belief. In fact, a lot of older homes have outlets that are all over the place as far as power is concerned.

Step 4 – Make a Repair, or Replace a Component

Chargers are pretty much throwaway items for phone users these days, but if it is a simple fix, it still might be worth it. There are some repair kits out there that can help a person fix their charger and get back to normal.

The best way to get a good price is to shop online, but there are also some local electronic shops that might have options as well.

Just make sure before buying anything to research how much a brand new charger would be. If a charger is fairly inexpensive compared to everything that needs purchase, it is better to just go that direction.

Laptop chargers are generally more expensive, so a repair makes more sense. There is always the option of shopping for a used laptop or swapping out components from a laptop charger that no longer works, but still has some functional parts.

Step 5 – Troubleshooting Computer Chargers

While most people seem to have problems with their phone chargers, laptop and computer chargers can be an issue as well.

The bad news is that these are usually more expensive to replace, but the good news is that there are additional ways to test if something is going wrong.

In fact, there are programs that a person can run on their computer to see if they need to replace anything, or if the charger is beyond replaceable.

Step 6 – Running an Adapter Test

There are a lot of companies these days that have diagnostic tools that will help a person see if their components are working as they should on the computer. This can be very helpful with a charger, and the steps are pretty straightforward.

Once the tests are run, it will spit out the details as far as efficiency is concerned. If the device is not working as it should, it will fall below the recommended metrics.

With this type of proof, there are some people who will have a laptop that is covered under a warranty. It is as simple as making a return and getting a replacement, or the money back.

In other situations, an adapter test really gives a person the truth on whether it is toast, or if it needs replaced.

Step 7 – Cord Output

There are some cords that become a little bit frustrating as far as output is concerned. These usually only occur in cheaper chargers, but it is worth checking out before making a final decision.

Measure the cord outlet before making any changes. A charger needs to provide the right amount of watts at the very minimum to power a device.

For example, most laptops will need anywhere from 35 to 45 watts to be powered properly. If a charger is below that, it is not going to provide value at all.

It is better to get a full replacement instead of trying to force something to work in a certain situation.

What Is the Lifespan of a Charger?

charger making buzzing sound

A charger is built to last a decent amount of time, even if the cords might not have quite the same shelf life.

The reason why so many cords on a charger wear out quickly is that they are constantly pulled, dragged, and abused in general.

Even those trying to take decent care of their charger for their phone or laptop will still end up doing a little bit of harm.

Think about a charger as having a lifespan of at least two years. If treated properly, they should be able to last that long without any problems.

If they are used every day in a certain environment, the charger might start acting up sooner than that.

How often the charger is rolled up and moved around can also play a factor. Maybe a part of the charger moves around, and that can cause some noise when under normal operation.

Should You Use a Charger That Is Making Noise?

If the troubleshooting part of fixing a charger seems to be too much, it is ultimately best to just go ahead and get rid of the charger altogether.

It might not be the information that a person wants to hear, but it is much better to replace a charger than to replace the entire phone.

There is just too much that can go wrong with a charger if it is constantly causing problems. Aloud, disrupting sound might be a sign that there is something else going on. There is no reason to let that get in the way.

Top 5 Quietest Mechanical Keyboard 2021

Quite a few people have opted for mechanical keyboards over the last few years, and they are not losing popularity by any means. People like them because of their stability while being very precise playing games. They also offer a level of speed that when in the right hands, can give players the right amount of skill to succeed.

Unfortunately, what has kept mechanical keyboards in the shadows at times has been just how loud some of them are. It can be very distracting, especially when a person is trying to play a game and they want to hear all the audio.


The way that mechanical keyboards are set up makes it impossible to eliminate all sounds. However, there is such a thing as quieter options that a lot of people can get behind.

The technology is always getting better and better, and that means quiet mechanical keyboards are becoming more affordable and more prevalent.

These are the best of the best currently on the market. They vary in price, so people can find exactly what fits in their budget. All are meant to last for quite a while, so take good care of them and they will stay quiet for a long time.

1. SteelSeries Apex M750 Mechanical Gaming keyboard

Apex M750

A lot of gamers who take gaming seriously and do not mind paying a little bit of money have turned to this mechanical gaming keyboard from SteelSeries (Amazon).

It is pretty flashy overall, and has the ability to be customized in as many ways as a person could imagine.

It is one of the best gaming experiences out there overall, and it seems like the company is always trying to deliver new and exciting features.

There are a few things that make this mechanical keyboard worth the money, as it stands out in the crowd.

For example, the software that is included with the keyboard allows for a few different lighting options for people to get exactly what they want.

It looks impressive and it is perfectly fine when using, and a lot of people love making it feel like it is their own.

There are also the floating keys that are used, as it is a great way to feel lightweight despite being a mechanical keyboard.

That is one complaint that a lot of people have, as mechanical keyboards can get pretty heavy if a person does not search around.

Not only do these keys feel lightweight on the fingers, but they are still sturdy enough that they are not going to make much sound.

The packaging says that it is guaranteed up to 50 million keypresses, which does add up for serious gamers, but it will last a long time well.

It is also something that will likely last well past that time, but the company only guarantees the keyboard to be working properly up until then.

As far as sound is concerned, the only real sound people here is if they are pressing some of the big, main keys.

The space bar and enter button are two examples of that, but the click is also meant to provide some feedback to gamers.

In that case, it is actually a good thing that it is not completely silent, because then people will not be able to gauge exactly what is going on.

All in all, gamers love the overall performance of the keyboard, and the bonus features are always nice as well. There are not many better overall options out there right now, so it is worth the extra bit of money if people can afford it.


  • Gamers love the overall set up.
  • Plenty of bonus features.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Pretty expensive.
  • Audible clicks for bigger keys might the annoying.

2. Cherry G80-3000 Keyboard

cherry G80-3000

Cherry is a very trusted name in the mechanical keyboard world, and they have a few different models for people to choose from.

Out of all that they offer right now, this is the best overall value that one can find. The Cherry G80-3000 (Amazon) has been around for a while, but it keeps on delivering because of its durability and overall versatility.

It is a keyboard that can be used for multiple things, and it never looks out of place by any means.

One thing that does keep some people away from a mechanical keyboard is that it stands out as so much different from a standard keyboard.

That is not the case at all with this Cherry switch option, as it really looks like a standard keyboard one can also find in an office.

In fact, some are going to go ahead and use this mechanical keyboard for tasks, as well as gaming or anything else they can think of.

This versatility makes it easy to transfer from work one minute, and gaming the next. The keyboard is very silent, and it is built to stay silent for a long time.

While a lot of other companies will try to take some shortcuts with manufacturing a keyboard, the little things are what makes a little bit of a difference with Cherry. The biggest example is that the letters are lasered onto the keys. That might not seem like it is


that big of a deal at first, but when a person is using a keyboard for hours and hours each day, it certainly comes in handy.

While other companies will have the keys rubbing off, everything looks as good as new even after some pretty heavy usage.

The recommendation is this Cherry keyboard, but it is not to say that all the others are bad by any means.

If this one seems close to perfect but maybe missing just one thing, take a look around their entire line and see if anything else stands out.

Chances are, Cherry has something that will fit just about any person who is a mechanical keyboard user.


  • Trusted brand.
  • Well-rounded option.
  • Built to last a long time.


  • Name brand comes with a slightly high price tag.
  • Not that portable.

3. Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard

Yet another trusted name that most people are going to recognize is Logitech. They are not quite as well-known in the mechanical keyboard space as some other brands, but the Logitech G513 (Amazon) is a versatile option that allows for work and play.

The comfort of this keyboard is one that will really stand out to a lot of users out there. It has a wrist rest that will certainly come in handy for people who need it.

The wrist rest is something that might not seem like it is that big of a deal at first, but it ends up being perfect because they use memory foam in the area.

This is certainly no cheap material, as Logitech understands that no one wants to feel fatigued in the end.

If a person wants to make this a very customizable, flashy keyboard, they can do that. There are plenty of customizable lighting options, and it can stand out in a way that many love.


As far as quietness is concerned, this is certainly not the best of the best. However, for some people, they are still going to be fine, because they do want that little bit of feedback and sound that comes with clicky switches.

There is not any excessive noise, but it provides that necessary feedback that some players are looking for so that they have a great time playing every single time.

Not every gamer needs this amount of tactile feel and feedback, but those the deal will appreciate what it brings to the table.

Logitech has a few other options for people if they do not feel like this is the mechanical keyboard for them, so keep an eye out for that as well.


  • Works very well for gamers.
  • Plenty of customization with lighting.
  • Blends in for work when needed.


  • Keyboard is fairly loud thanks to the clicky switches.
  • Memory foam takes a little bit of time to mold to a person’s wrists.

4. Rozier Black Widow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

Rozier Black Widow Elite Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboard options come in many shapes and sizes, and Rozier feels like they have one of the best with the Black Widow Elite (Amazon).

It is a mechanical keyboard that still has a tactile feel, but it is one of the quietest one can find.

Instead of relying on something audible, the way the keys are shaped provides the feedback someone needs to make sure that they are always lined up correctly.

The way the Rozier takes care of things is that they have very sharp edges on the keys. It is a little bit of a different feel than some of the other brands out there, but it works well for people who are trying to find where they need to place their fingers at all times.

Beyond the standard use, there are some ways to make this keyboard stand out and be a little flashy overall.

It has some design features that really make a difference, and customization is always going to be available for those who want it.

Players who are really into games do not have much fear when it comes to the keyboard moving around either.

There are rubber pads on the bottom that do a great job of keeping everything in place so that a person is never having any issues in that regard.

Like a lot of mechanical keyboards, there is a wrist rest, and it works pretty well. It is not quite as comfortable as some of the other companies have, but the technology in the foam will allow a person to get the customized feel that they are hoping for.

The final standout feature is that there are dedicated media keys for gamers. In certain game scenarios, this makes a very big difference.

It helps with the overall performance, and it will also make the keyboard a little more durable as well. It is also made of some high-quality material, so do not expect to see a breakdown anytime soon.


  • Very quiet.
  • Durable build.
  • Plenty of customization options.


  • Very heavy.
  • Tactile keys take a little bit to get used to.

5. ROCCAT Vulcan 100 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

ROCCAT Vulcan 100 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The final option to make this list is one of the most beautiful looking keyboards out there. It is a sleek and modern mechanical keyboard that a lot of people will be drawn to from the very beginning, and then fall more and more in love with when they find all the features out.

The ROCCAT Vulcan 100 Aimo (Amazon) looks the way it does because of the brushed aluminum used.

Inside each key is a high-quality LED light that lights up as it should. It is a nice touch for players who are trying to really get the most out of their set up.

Gamers who are also working on the same computer can use the keyboard just the same, as it is quite enough to do exactly that. There is no need to switch things out, as a person will not lose any type of productivity.


The Vulcan 100 does a great job of figuring out how to make a keyboard that is tactile, yet also quiet. It is going to fit right in with an office keyboard, but the gamers will be able to transition as well.

The materials used cut down on the shaking and rattling that often occur with some cheaper mechanical keyboards, and the one trade-off is that it is a pretty heavy option.

It would be great if this keyboard was completely wireless, but most people are not going to need to have that option anyway.

As long as a person is willing to take a little bit of time to get used to a set up like this, they are going to be more than satisfied with this investment.


  • Very elegant design.
  • Great stability.
  • Built last a long time.


  • Wired keyboard.
  • Heavy.

Buying guide for mechanical keyboard

Anyone reading this article understands that the amount of sound it makes is a big factor worth considering when shopping around. These are some of the other buying attributes to keep in mind.


The overall sound of the keyboard makes a big difference, but so does the pitch of the sound. If it is a higher pitch, the sound travels further and can be pretty annoying overall.

That is why so many people are looking for the lowest pitch possible when it is making sound.

This is the best way to have a little bit of sound that does come from the keyboard to be blending in and fairly unnoticeable overall.

Switch Type

There are three types of switches that are the most popular for mechanical keyboards. Linear, tactile, and clicky switches are all options that bring something slightly different to the table.

From a sound perspective, the type of switch will also make a big difference as well.

If people are looking for the quietest keyboard overall, they should look for linear switches. They do not give quite as much feedback to users, but some people are willing to make that sacrifice.

For those who want to have a good amount of feedback and are not afraid to get a little bit more noise, tactile switches might be the best way to go.

If sound is really something that bothers users, clicky should be avoided at all costs. As one might expect from a name like that, these are not quiet by any means.

The switch types are for people who do not mind having a lot of sound when they are using them.


Mechanical keyboards come in all types of quality, and price usually is dictated by the materials used and the overall construction.

Something that costs a lot of money should not be rattling around by any means, even if it is used intensively during gaming.

Try to avoid plastic keyboards if the goal is to be as quiet as possible. They are not as stable as something made out of steel or aluminum.

The simple thing to keep in mind is that if the material is light, it will carry a good amount of sound.

Most of the top options are going to be made of some type of metal, or maybe an acrylic. Pay attention to the material used and double check to make sure that it fits in the right of the description.


Stabilizers are a big part of the mechanical keyboard, as they need to reduce any rattling around and overall movement.

These are mostly going to be located under the largest keys on the keyboard, and since they are used a lot, it can dictate the sound.

If the stabilizers are smooth and secure, the keyboard will perform very well. However, not all companies do a great job with the stabilizers, and there might be some rattling around.


Every single keyboard needs a little bit of maintenance so that they are performing at a high-level. Some mechanical keyboards make it easier to maintain than others.

For people who are going to try to be a big stickler for cleaning and maintaining a keyboard, they might want to offer something that makes it easy for the user.

There is nothing worse than investing in a quiet keyboard, but then something gets stuck underneath.

Maybe it is a crumb of food, or it could just be a random piece of debris. Whatever the case is, it needs to be dealt with or it is going to get worse.

Try staying fairly routine with regular maintenance so that the keyboard never gets too crazy. A lot of people put off cleaning a keyboard for longer than they should, and it ends up coming back to bite them.

Final Thoughts on Mechanical Keyboards

Like any type of keyboard, most people are looking for something that is as quiet as possible. It might not always be achievable to hear absolutely nothing, but keyboards that start out quiet can remain quiet as long as they are maintained well.

Finding a new keyboard is challenging, but it definitely makes a difference in the end.

Most people are very satisfied with their first ever mechanical keyboard, and upgrading to something new is a way to speed up everything just a little bit more. They are well worth the investment, especially for gamers.

Top 5 Quietest Generator For Camping With a Tent – 2021

Going camping is a pretty enjoyable experience, but there are times when a generator is needed in order to function properly. The problem is, when people think about generators, they usually think that they are going to be extremely loud and tough to be around when trying to sleep.

It doesn’t always have to be like that. There are many camping generators out there that are meant to be small and efficient, so a person is capable of a good night’s rest without constantly waking up.

They might not all be that powerful, as most are around 2000 Watts, but that is perfectly fine for doing enough tasks in a tent.

What are the best & quietest generators for camping? The five generators below are perfectly sized for tents with a few people. They do not have to be set up far at all to run all night and not be a nuisance in any way. Even light sleepers will find them incredibly easy to be around.

1. Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Inverter


Honda has a few nice options for quietness, and the 2200 Watt version is perfect for those who are going to spend a night or so in the tent.

It is a pretty portable option that weighs under 50 pounds, and it provides a good amount of power in an efficient manner.

The runtime ends up being about eight hours or so with a gallon of gasoline. What is pretty surprising is that it sits right around 50 dBA during typical use, which is one of the quietest inverters on the market today.

With this inverter, people will get to do some of the basic necessities that they need in the morning such as make coffee, refrigerate food, or run a computer.

The Honda EU2200i is perfect for smaller trips, as one individual will be able to easily carry this around and have this ready right next to a tent.

It doesn’t need to be located particularly far away either, as it stays quiet and provides quite a bit of high-end value overall.


  • Very trusted brand.
  • Perfect size for tent use.
  • Lightweight.


  • A little higher than some of the competition in price.
  • Might not be the best for really high usage.

2. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Another very portable option that’s just a little less powerful than the Honda EU2200i comes from Yamaha with the EF2000iSv2 (Amazon).

The EF200iSv2 has a 2000 Watt maximum AC output, 120 Volts, and sits just over 50 dBA when running at a quarter load.

It’s one of the most efficient gas-operated camping generators out there, with a noise level that is sitting right at a conversation level.

Why is it a little bit different from the Honda option? A lot of people like how the Yamaha option does a great job getting all the fuel out of the system when running things down.

This can be very helpful when about to throw things into storage, as fuel hanging around can cause start problems later on and gum up the interior workings of the generator.

It is also gear driven valve train instead of a belt-driven valve train, which some people prefer. It really comes down to personal preference in that regard.

In reality, most of the reason why people pick the Yamaha over Honda is that it is slightly cheaper. Realistically, the two are very comparable options, and a person can’t really go wrong with either.

In the end, whatever makes the most sense for an individual should be the choice.


  • Very quiet even on higher loads.
  • Runs the fuel out completely.
  • Gear-driven valve train.


  • Not quite as powerful as the Yamaha solution.
  • Feels a little clunky to carry a long distance.

3. WEN 56200i

WEN 56200i

Those who are on a pretty tight budget can always look at the options from WEN that are out there. The Wen 56200i (Amazon) comes in at almost half the price of the Honda generator, and people don’t really have to make too many sacrifices.

It weighs a little bit more, doesn’t have quite as many Watts, and runs just a little bit louder, but it’s still considered quiet and something that a lot of campers will truly benefit from.

Campers who don’t go out too often might not want to invest in something that costs close to $1000. For half the price, WEN certainly offers something for those who still want to have power but don’t want to go broke.

It really seems to be built for those who want to make sure that they are getting the best value overall, and the economy mode is just another benefit.

With the economy mode, it allows for a slightly longer run time while using smaller loads. Some people use multiple generators at once, but that should be sufficient for running near a tent.

Even when running throughout the entire night, the fuel gauge may only be at the halfway point.

WEN might be the lesser-known of the three brands, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not able to live up to expectations. Many are surprised more than anything that they have an option that certainly comes in handy.


  • Very affordable.
  • The economy mode works well.
  • Convenient.


  • A little heavy.
  • Borders on too loud compared to other solutions.

4. Westinghouse iGen 1200

Westinghouse iGen 1200

Of all the generators to make this list, this is the one with the fewest Watt output. However, the iGen 1200 (Amazon) it is also the lightest and might be perfect for those people who don’t need much power at all while camping in a tent.

It comes in at just 35 pounds, and it runs right around 32 dBA, which is perfect for those who are trying to get some rest and relaxation along the way.

Don’t underestimate 1200 Watt generators and what they are capable of. In fact, many are surprised by the Westinghouse iGen 1200, as they are still able to get what they need to be powered while in a tent.

There are going to be some people who might have to make some sacrifices, but those who are trying to be pretty careful with the amount of power they use anyway will find that they have enough juice to get their gear running. 

Westinghouse has really built up their reputation over the last few years as one of the trusted brands in the industry.

They might not quite be up there with Honda or Yamaha just yet, but people certainly like what they bring to the table. There are different options for people who might be a little bit more power, but this affordable solution is great for tents.


  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Lasts a long time.


  • Might not be enough power for some tents.
  • Westinghouse generators generally do not last as long.

5. Briggs and Stratton 30651

Briggs and Stratton 30651

Another alternative to some of the more stand-out names in the industry is the Briggs and Stratton 30651 (Amazon). It’s a gas-powered generator that is 120 Volts and 2200 Watts, which is going to be the perfect size for those camping out in a tent.

It ends up being just a little bit louder than some of the other options out there, but still nothing that’s going to keep people up all night. It still is under 60 dBA, and it has some other features that might persuade people to go with this option.

Even though it weighs 55 pounds, it feels lighter because of its size. It is a little smaller than most people realize, and it is pretty easy to carry around as well.

There is a collapsible handle and wheels that make it easy to take to the campsite and beyond.

Briggs and Stratton also does a great job with customer service, which helps in case there are any issues that might pop up from time to time.

Most are going to be just fine, but it is always nice to have a supportive option if something does go wrong.

All in all, it should be something on the shortlist for a lot of people out there. It is a generator that continues to rise up the ranks, and it fits in as a mid-tier option so people do not have to spend a ton of money.

How to Pick a High-End Portable Quiet Generator


There are a few things to keep an eye out for when shopping for portable generators in general.

While the quiet factor is always going to be high up on the list, have these qualities as well to make sure that the right decision is made.

Emission Readings

More people than ever are worried about emissions with any type of generator. A lot of the time, the higher the number, the more quality components the product is made of.

Yamaha generators are usually the best with emissions, but Honda and WEN are both pretty close as well. All the options above are great with emissions, so just make sure to take a look before spending money.


Generators that are fairly high in price should always come with a good warranty.

If you’re using your generator on a daily basis, make sure you have a good warranty in case your daily power maker breaks down. Because it does happen more often than people realize, especially with the cheaper gens on the market today. 

Most generators are going to offer either two years or three years for a warranty. It might not make that much of a difference to some shoppers, but that extra year could make the difference between the two if they are roughly the same in every other category.


Even the lightweight options are somewhat difficult for people to carry around on their own. Going over 50 pounds and carrying a generator can be difficult, and companies are trying to do whatever they can to make it better for all.

Take a look at the carrying options and see how everything looks before making a final decision.

There are some people who will just refuse to go with a generator that doesn’t offer handles and wheels to make it easier to lug around.

If you’re going to be using a generator for backwood camping, you probably don’t want to carry a heavy generator for too long a distance. 

The size also plays a role in the weight, as weight can be distributed pretty differently to make things more awkward to handle.

If you’re unsure of which generator to go with due to weight and size, it might be best to buy it in-store rather than online. At least this way you can carry a few options around to give you an idea of what you can handle.

Is it Worth Buying a Smaller Generator for Camping in a Tent?

The more a person needs a quiet, portable generator, the more sense it makes to invest in an option like 2200 Watts or even less.

They are going to be more affordable than bigger options, and they will be quieter and more portable. It really just comes down to what you need, and what fits your particular uses.

All in all, generators can save a lot of time for anyone who is going camping and needs a little bit of extra power overall.

Since they are becoming more affordable than ever, you don’t have to necessarily spend a ton of money to get a little bit of power.

In all, they can start to pay for themselves after just a few trips of not having to rely on other power sources to get by.

Soundproofing Insulation – What, Where, Why, How

Insulation for the home can make a big difference. While it is essential to have as part of a home, different types make sense for different situations.

This guide is meant to help people understand the different types of insulation materials, as well as the value each provides. Other information such as handling different variables, and even the health impact of insulation, also makes sense.

No one wants to be in a tough situation later on after spending so much time and energy getting things set up. By the end of this guide, homeowners can have a better idea of the best insulation for them.

Different Insulation Materials

All in all, there are four general types of home insulation materials used at this time. There are different qualities to these materials, making sure that there is an option for just about every situation.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation For Soundproofing

Fiberglass insulation is made from glass cullet, as well as other materials that are put into fibers that look much like wool. When a person purchases fiberglass insulation, it comes in a few different forms such as batts, rolls, or loose-fill.

Fiberglass is usually found in places such as attics and crawl spaces, as well as basements and even floors.

A lot of people believe that it takes a decent amount of time and attention to install fiberglass installation just right. It is important to follow guidelines so that there is very little chance of having to redo anything in particular.

When done the right way, fiberglass will last a long time, provide any additional benefits are detail below, and allow people to feel like they are getting excellent value for the price.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral Wool Insulation For Soundproofing

This insulation option, also known as rock wool insulation or slag wool insulation, comes from a combination of rock, blast furnace slag, and additional raw materials.

These materials are melted and spun into different fibers to look a lot like wool. Like fiberglass, it also comes in batts, rolls, or fairly loose-fill forms.

A lot of the locations this insulation is found in is where people others use fiberglass as well. The two options are pretty interchangeable in a lot of different attributes, which is why they have so much overlap.

There are two different types of mineral wool insulation that people tend to gravitate towards. Slag wool is a little bit different in they are only about 15% of the content is recycled.

When looking at mineral wool, as much as 90% of the content can be recycled. There are a few other differences, but people like it because it is pretty easy to install and get right the first time.

There might be some minor challenges if things are not done exactly as they should, but most people will figure it out if they have professionals who can take care of everything.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation For Soundproofing

This is a chemical base insulation that people create on-site to get ready for certain areas around the home. Most of the time, a sprayer is used to put this insulation in attics and other wall cavities.

With spray foam, there are two types of insulation, as people will go with open-cell foam or closed-cell foam.

The challenge of spray foam during the installation process is that it needs to be the right time and atmosphere to make it work properly. Things such as temperature, humidity, and the overall cleanliness of the area make a difference.

It is also challenging for the installers to see any particular gaps during the application process to get everything evenly applied. There are times when the first run might not work out exactly as planned, and more effort needs to be put into the situation.

Cellulose insulation

Cellulose Insulation

Created by using cellulose fibers from paper or wood, this is a great installation option to resist fire. Creating this insulation means using binders in some situations, and avoiding them in others.

There is still a lot to learn about cellulose insulation, which is why it might not be quite as popular as more traditional methods. There is enough promise to leave people intrigued, but it might take a while for cellulose to take off.

Before You Begin Your Insulation Project

Still unsure on installation options available? There are a lot of questions people might have before making any investment. A look at some of these answers can make the decision slightly easier.

The insulation material is not going to make too much of a difference with energy savings. However, there are a few factors that do make a difference.

People need to make sure that they keep these factors in mind so that they are getting the most out of their insulation.

Proper Installation

Do not cut corners and have subpar installation with insulation. It can be extremely frustrating for people who do not get the little things done correctly. It will need to be redone, and it can become pretty costly to handle all that.

Most of the time, the only way to get the correct insulation is to make sure that it is installed properly by professionals.

They will know exactly what is needed, they can usually get things done quickly, and it is not all that expensive compared to all of the hassle that it might take to make corrections. Even if that means starting a new project over from scratch, it might be worth it in the end.

Considering R-Value

The R-value of insulation material is going to explain how well it can resist heat flow. If it has a high R-value, it provides great insulating power.

This is a better way to measure everything instead of the material itself. All our values are created equally if everything is done correctly during the installation process.

Air Sealing

This goes along with installation in general, but air-sealing is extremely important and making sure that everything works properly.

There are a lot of people who might get most of the installation process done correctly, but there is just a little bit of air seeping through. It might not seem like that big of a deal at first, but it becomes more and more of an issue as time goes on.

What Insulation Has the Best Quality Control?


From a quality perspective, fiberglass and mineral wool insulation is usually the way to go. They are both produced in manufacturing facilities with a lot of quality controls in place to ensure that it’s done properly.

These companies know exactly what is needed to provide proper installation, and they must live up to standards before ever shipping out.

Cellulose insulation is pretty high-quality as well, but the process to apply this insulation is not as standardized as fiberglass in the wall.

There is also the thought that the ability to be fire resistant wears off as time goes on. People need to stay on top of everything so that they are fully aware of what to expect in that regard.

Finally, spray foam insulation might be the most unpredictable as far as quality is concerned. That is because everything is manufactured on site, and a professional needs to know what they are doing to make it great.

If done incorrectly, spray foam insulation can fail to live up to expectations. This can be anything from mixing the chemicals at home incorrectly, using old chemicals, not storing chemicals properly, and even the air quality around not being the best. It is a very delicate procedure, so keep that in mind.

Can Insulation Help With Acoustic Performance?

There is a rating system for insulation materials when it comes to acoustic performance, noise reduction, and sound interference.

For those who really care about the type of sound that they hear around the home, it is important to pay attention to these numbers and take the right action.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient is on a scale going from 0 to 1, with a higher number being better. There is also the Sound Transmission Coefficient, which is based on how much noise transmission goes through a particular barrier. The higher the STC number, the better it performs.

Fiberglass and mineral wool insulation rate the highest, as they both have a 1.0 NRC, as well as around 43 STC. Spray foam and cellulose insulation are a little lower with an NRC a .75, and spray foam has an STC of around 37 to 39.

Does Insulation Have Safety and Health Concerns?

In the past, there have been a lot of concerns about health issues with fiberglass and mineral wool. In particular, there was formaldehyde in a lot of insulation in the past, and people complained about skin irritation as well as respiratory issues around it. Things have evolved where it is much safer these days, and a lot of people have no problems whatsoever.

The good news is that these installations are now assessed regularly so that if there are any health issues, there will be ways to sniff things out.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has officially labeled fiberglass insulation as having very little impact on formaldehyde levels in a home.

Spray foam, on the other hand, is still a bit of a concern just because it is being evaluated. The best thing to do is to investigate further and see if there is any type of chemical impact going on in the home.

There is one particularly worrisome ingredient, known as methylene diphenyl diisocyanate. There are a bunch of issues with this ingredient, as there have been studies that show that it can damage lungs, cause asthma problems, and more.

Not only have states declared it an issue, but the US EPA has concerns over spray foam safety as well.

Manufacturers are being a little vague on helping out people when it comes to staying safe while using this foam. It is something people need to consider if they are trying to stay as healthy as possible while still benefiting from the foam.

Installation Safety Regarding Fire, Moisture, and Mold?

There are a lot of concerns people have in regards to insulation each and every day. It is natural for people to be scared about what happens during a fire, but smaller issues like moisture buildup and mold can be frustrating as well.


Flammable Insulation

There is nothing to worry about with fiberglass and mineral wall insulation. It is naturally non-combustible which is great news for people who are trying to stay safe.

Spray foam insulation can fight off fires up to 700°F. At that point, there is a chance of the insulation igniting. Cellulose insulation has some level of fire resistance, but it requires fire retardants to keep the majority of people safe.

As is the case with all fires, there are a lot of different factors that can lead to things getting out of control. Most insulation is not going to cause any true additional issues, but if it gets bad enough, it is not going to matter.


Moisture In Insulation

It is very difficult to keep moisture from causing harm with any type of insulation. In fact, no insulation is going to stay completely dry, so it is all about managing the issue as much as possible.

This is one of the many reasons why people will only use professionals to install insulation. It is worth asking them about what type of approach they will take to managing moisture overall. Most people know what areas are the most vulnerable, and it is important to consider those things.

If there are already a lot of moisture issues at the home, try to fix as much as possible before putting new insulation in. This is going to make life a little easier overall, and everyone wants to feel like they are starting in a pretty good place before something new goes in.


Moldy Insulation

Mold and moisture go hand-in-hand, and that is just one of the ways that it can get pretty messy with insulation. If there is any food around or organic material in any way, spores can start to form, and it can get pretty serious.

The only insulation that is a possible food source is cellulose. It needs to be properly treated if there seems to be any chance of mold forming.

Spray foam, fiberglass, and mineral wool are not food sources, so they are a little less vulnerable. However, there is an opportunity for mold to grow on just about any surface with the right type of scenarios.

Be on the lookout for any insulation that promises that they are 100% resistant to mold. This is impossible, because mold can form in so many different ways.

The best way to cut down the opportunity of that happening is being proactive, but sometimes it just happens even if people are up on their cleaning and monitoring.

Why Insulation Matters For Soundproofing 

Insulation makes a huge difference in so many different ways for any home. Some people think that all insulation options are the same, but there are definitely variables to keep in mind.

Anything from cost to effectiveness can play a role, and people should be capable of doing their own research before jumping into anything in particular.

Take a look around and consider the pros and cons before jumping in. There is no reason to hurry a decision only to regret it later. Most end up with mineral wool or fiberglass roll, but the other options have benefits as well.

How To Soundproof A Wall – 9 Ways That Actually Work!

Walls can be too tricky for people to soundproof if they have never done it before. It might seem like it is relatively easy to put in the necessary work, but not every technique works as effectively as it should. The good news is that there are a few soundproofing methods out there that people can try to see what is most effective for sound proofing walls.

How to soundproof a wall? The most effective way to soundproof a wall is by adding a second layer of drywall. You should use a 5/8″ drywall as this is more effective for soundproofing a wall than the standard 1/2″ drywall.

Most of these other tips aim to be effective and cheap, as no one wants to have to spend a ton of money soundproofing a wall. It can be pretty useful to make some subtle changes, but there are times when people need to go ahead and spend the extra money for peace and quiet as well.

Here are the best ways to soundproof a wall as effectively as possible. These are in no way in order of effectiveness. One thing to note is if you’re using more than one soundproofing method this will increase the STC rating of the wall. 

1. Strategically Placed Furniture In The Right Areas

Soundproofing walls with furniture

This might be the cheapest and easiest way to notice some benefits of soundproofing a wall. A person does not have to spend any additional money, and it just requires a little bit of moving around to make it all work. It is also pretty useful, especially if a person has furniture that really comes in handy.

Perhaps the best piece of furniture to help soundproof a wall is a large bookshelf. This can act as another barrier for the wall, so it automatically becomes thicker. Some of these bookshelves can take up most if not all of a wall, and it does not even make the rest of the room look out of place.

The general rule of thumb with furniture is that a room needs to be filled to not risk an echo. If the room is entirely empty, it will be very easy for sound to bounce off the walls and become an issue. The same can be said for a lot of hard surfaces only. That is where actual furniture that we will sit on comes in handy.

The best thing to do is to have a few softer furniture pieces balanced out throughout the room. This helps to absorb sound so that it is not bouncing around nearly as much. This also works to a certain extent when right up against the walls, but at the same time, people do not want to put their seating areas right up next to a noisy wall.

If the other side of the wall belongs to a person, the same furniture concept is applicable. The goal here is to use furniture as a semi-permanent layer to make the wall as thick as possible. It makes a pretty big difference once everything goes into place, and a person might not even have to spend any additional money to get it to work.

2. Use Decorations Strategically

Most people are not going to leave their wall completely bare, as it just makes no sense to have a few things up to make everything look complete and moved in. While doing that, they can also act to soundproof the walls to make them a little quieter.

Wall art and decorations by themselves might not do a world of difference, but it does help with noise reduction and soundproofing in general. There are ways to enhance this to work as well.

The first thing to do is to look at wall decorations that have good bulk to them. If they are pretty heavy by themselves, they will create a barrier that helps block sound from coming and going.

Think of something like canvas art, decorative quilts, or even sticking on wallpaper. They all will help to a certain degree, and they can play off of each other in balancing out the room.

Sound can bounce off of walls pretty easy, so it is essential to have some ways to reduce that from occurring. By balancing out the walls with some art and decoration, the chances of noise going around are significantly reduced.

Another way to make wall art and decorations soundproof is to put some material behind them. This will be entirely out of sight so that people are not distracting people from what is placed on the wall, but it adds some bulk if it is not there already. This works very well behind the artwork, and using some pretty thin material will not make people question anything.

The wallpaper idea is the best for full coverage, but there is only going to be so much wiggle room as far as thickness is concerned. If the wallpaper is too thick, it is going to look unnatural and stick out. Some people will go as far as using thicker paint and a thicker wallpaper to make the walls thicker overall.

3. Acoustic Foam Panels

The first couple of ideas are pretty affordable for anyone who is on a strict budget. Maybe there is not much of a need for soundproofing either, which is another way to make life easier.

However, if they do not work out, there is a way to start installing soundproof foam panels to help balance out a room filled with noisy walls.

It might seem like soundproofing professionally is another way of saying that it will be an expensive endeavor. The good thing about foam panels is that they are pretty affordable to make, and there are enough competitors out there that a person can find exactly what they are looking for and still stay under budget.

In fact, soundproofing panels are now so much better in today’s world. A lot of companies offer very versatile options that come in different colors and even patterns.

People can start to incorporate these panels into their home design so that it does not stick out. They are doubling his wall art in some scenarios, even if it might not look quite as fancy.

The installation process of soundproofing foam panels is where things get a little tricky. As long as people are willing to put in some time in researching where everything goes, they could probably do it themselves.

Having professionals install these panels also helps tremendously. The key is putting them where the reflection points are throughout the room. This makes it possible for people not to fill the entire room with a bunch of foam panels, making it that much more efficient.

4. Fabric Panels

Foam panels are pretty popular these days, but fabric wall panels can work in many similar ways. They are a little more expensive than foam, but many people like the way they look and the way they perform. They do a pretty good job of absorbing sound, and they can be made it look pretty nice as well.

The key with fabric panels is to look at the NRC rating to see if they are living up to expectations. It is one thing if they look great, but not all fabric panels are created equally.

Some companies are even going as far as exploring customers because people automatically think that it is better. It is still very much part of the solution to research everything and find out just how great it is at soundproofing.

What type of fabric do people use with fabric panels? The two to look out for are jute and microsuede. Microsuede is indeed a little more expensive, but people like the fact that it gives off a slightly classier look. Either option tends to work pretty well, but microsuede fabric panels are definitely worth considering.

5. Sealing Cracks, Holes & Crevices

acoustic caulking

It is pretty surprising to some people just how quickly walls can form cracks and even holes. It does not take much for everything to happen, and when it does, it gets really frustrating.

The good news is that there are many ways to make fixes without ever having to hire a professional. With a few solutions meant to make things pretty easy, the drywall can easily be spruced up.

Out of all the different types of sealants out there for cracks, perhaps the best of the best in acoustic caulk. It is still a relatively new product compared to others, but as the name implies, it does a much better job with sound in general.

The way acoustic caulk works is that it is a rubber type of material that is pretty easy to apply for anyone who has given it a try. It does not change shape, as long as it is properly put onto a wall.

It is a permanent type of solution that will still stay flexible, which is precisely what a person wants with a wall. Most importantly, it will not shrink or even crack during the entire time.

People might initially realize that they need to use more acoustic caulk and other forms of cracks that start showing, but they will not have to be going over their previous work again and again.

Some companies call it acoustic caulk, while others will refer to it as noise proofing or sound sealant. Whatever the cases, the application process is certainly not tricky by any means. In fact, a lot of people will start the planning process and begin on the very same day.

These are the keys to ensuring that the first application of acoustic caulk will be the last. By following a simple guide, people will see better results that will encourage them to use this process for other troubles as well.


Acoustic caulk is not the most toxic material by any means, but people still need to be in a well-ventilated area with protection. The smell can make people a little dizzy at times, and there is also a chance of the caulk getting on hand.

Make sure to invest in some gloves and maybe even some eyewear for added protection. Of course, only apply the acoustic car while wearing clothing that might not make that much of a difference if it is ruined or not.

Clean Off The Wall

The wall needs to be as clean as possible when applying to keep the caulk. If it is dirty and a person tries to fill in cracks anyway, it will not be nearly as effective.

Take the time to clean the wall off in the very beginning. If done correctly, there will be no need of having to fix things later on.

Invest In A Caulking Machine

Caulking Tool

It is technically possible to apply acoustic caulk without using a caulking device (Amazon), but it just makes life so much easier to use one instead. By having a fine nozzle to get into any crevice, it makes life a whole lot easier.

Put in a good amount of caulk in the beginning and do not worry about putting too much. It is better to get everything appropriately filled instead of having to go back and doing it again.

Clean Off Excess Caulk

It is better to put too much into an area instead of too little because it is pretty easy to smooth things out. Just use a tool that usually comes with caulking set to ensure that the wall goes back to being as flat as possible.

Some people even use their fingers if it is still pretty fresh and easy to scrape off. Some people go the extra mile and sand things down, but it is not always necessary depending on where a person is situated.

6. Curtains and Blankets For Soundproofing

It should be clear by now that thick fabric can help with soundproofing just about any area. People have been using different fabrics as a way to soundproof where they live for quite a while now, and two pretty easy ways to go about it is to utilize soundproofing curtains or blankets.

They are both made of similar materials, and they are pretty easy to put just about anywhere. Curtains obviously make a lot more sense around windows, but either option can help complete a wall.

Soundproofing curtains (Amazon) are beneficial for people who are trying to not only control sound but the light that comes into their home as well.

There is nothing worse than having a lot of distracting sun coming into a home and really causing trouble. No one wants to have to deal with super sunny rooms that it becomes impossible to sit in during certain parts of the day. That is when the curtains can be pulled, and light can be all but eliminated.

The same goes for sound, only it can act as a sound barrier 24 hours a day. Windows can be a pretty vulnerable area for the home compared to the rest of the wall. Having curtains that are easy to pull adds an extra layer of protection that everyone can count on in the end.

The great thing about using blankets is that they will do an excellent job of being moved where every person needs them.

Some people will put moving blankets or soundproofing blankets up on a semi-permanent basis, while others will use them when necessary. For example, if there is sound coming from an area that is going to be only temporary, it can go over a particular part of the wall to add some layers.

It is a little tricky to hang moving blankets to a wall, but some come with grommets that make it a little easier. When that is the case, they go up the same way that curtains go up in many instances, and can be pretty valuable overall.

With a person ultimately decide to go with curtains or blankets, keep in mind that even adding both can provide some temporary value. Most people will not go with both since they look a little weird on a permanent basis, but it is always worth trying out if nothing else seems to be working.

7. Mats

Mass Loaded Vinyl From Amazon

People are pretty well aware of soundproofing mats from a floor standpoint, but there are actually options for the walls as well. They will be made up of some quality high-density materials that can help block the sound coming from all angles. It is usually pretty easy to install since they are so thin as well, making it not stand out as much as some people might think.

The good thing about adding these types of mats is that they can go over or under drywall. If a person is installing drywall, it obviously makes more sense to go underneath to hide it. If it is going over drywall, there might be a chance to put something else over the top so that they do not stand out as much.

The drawback is that most of the mats are only going to come in the color black. It is definitely not the best for a designer look and feels, but they are effective.

A lot of people use them because they are one of the most effective options out there without having to break the bank. Mass loaded vinyl, in particular, is what a lot of professionals will use if they will need to make sure that their walls are as soundproof as possible.

8. Treating The Most Vulnerable Areas

A lot of people would love to have a room with just standard walls from a soundproofing perspective. It would make no sense controlling sound, but that it is never the actual set up.

There are many obstacles that people need to overcome if they want to make sure that their room is as soundproof as possible. The walls might actually be the easiest part, but those weaker areas need treatment as well.



When does the first thing that most people will pay attention to, as even thicker window panes are thinner than a typical wall. Just about every room will have at least one window, and some will find it to be a real issue when it comes to controlling sound. Sounds can come from interior walls or exterior walls, frustrating people to no end.

The best ways to make a big difference with windows are looking into a higher quality piece of glass or installing curtains. Windows can be pretty expensive if they have a build specific for controlling sound. Some people are able to afford it, but others do not want to waste that extra bit of money.

The good news is that a person might only need to invest in a new window or two in specific areas.. The whole house might not need the same level of soundproofing so that a person can save a little bit of money there.


So many people think of curtains as the only way to control the light coming in and out of the room. If it is made of thick, dense material, it can also be beneficial for soundproofing.

They make so many different options as far as soundproof curtains are concerned that they can find what they need without breaking the bank.

Pay attention to thread count, how tightly woven the curtains are, and even the layers provided. It is best to make sure that the curtains are able to cover the window fully, as even a little bit of exposed area will let lights and sound in.

Insulation is just the same as any other set of curtains. Some people will do it themselves, but others will rely on past rods left from previous curtains. Ensure that everything is measured properly and that it matches the way the rest of the room looks, and people should be good to go.


In order to get into a room, every place needs at least one door. These doors are usually not the greatest for controlling sound, especially if they are an interior door.

A lot of designers will skimp on interior doors, making them mostly hollow and pretty lightweight overall. Couple that with the space in between the door frame and floor, and this can be a vulnerable area.

If a person wants to treat the door directly, there are a few different solutions. If a person has the money, they can replace the entire door and go with something built for control and sound a little more.

Look for something that is thick and not hollow, providing people with a lot of the same material that they can get from A wall. It will make a little bit of difference right away, but there is still something to be said for those areas where the sound has a chance to leak through.

In those areas, look to put a doorstop or sweep at the base of the door. This is going to close that gap while still allowing people to come in and out. These are usually pretty affordable to invest in, and they are inexpensive enough that people are not going to be in too tough of a situation.

Not everyone wants to install a brand new door, so there is either installing soundproofing material inside or outside the door, and giving it a bit of a redesign.

If this door is leading into a room that constantly has sound problems, it is usually worth putting in the extra effort to make it a permanent solution.

Moving blankets really come in handy when trying to soundproof a door as quickly as possible. There are a lot of people who will make sure that they have blankets readily available so that they can be put onto the door as quickly as possible.

It may not be a permanent solution, but it does do the trick if nothing else is working at the time. There are way too many people who do not give this option to try, simply because it might not look as nice as some of the other options. However, there is not always a need to have a permanent solution.

Air Vents

It is important to have air vents in a room to help with temperature control, circulate air, and so much more. The bad part is that they are not the best for controlling sound, and people are constantly trying to fight against them so that they do not become a distraction.

No one should be recommending that air vents are completely blocked off or even removed. Since that is not a solution, most people are looking for something that is a little bit temporary to be quieter when it needs to most.

The best way to do that is to count on moving blankets. They can be put up for a short amount of time, and then easily removed when the air vents need to actually work.

If the air vent itself is making a lot of noise throughout the day, it is worth repairing or totally replacing instead of just trying to live with it. There are way too many people who do not put in that extra bit of effort to fix everything, and it can be frustrating, to say the least.

If the room has too many air vents or does not really work at all, it is worth blocking it entirely. It will not compromise how the room operates at all, and it just becomes a place for sound to become a nuisance. There are way too many people who have air vents that are no longer working, and they do not seem to make any changes to get them out of the way.

9. Soundproofing Methods That Do Not Work as Advertised?

Since so many people are looking for ways to improve their homes from a soundproofing perspective, it is easy to fall int the trap of using some methods that do not exactly work that well. While they may help out some, most people need to do more than just the bare minimum to really see (and hear) results.

Some of these tips have already been discussed above, but they should only be looked at as an additional option instead of something to really provide soundproofing assistance.

For example, if a person does plan on painting or using wallpaper, it is worth the extra effort to invest in something to help with soundproofing. Just do not expect it to make much of a difference by itself.

Soundproofing Paint

If this sounds like it is too good to be true, that is because it actually is. Soundproofing paint is going to work in a lot of the same ways as regular paint, and that also means it is not going to do much for noise.

Putting on any layer of paint is only going to add a little bit of mass to the wall, and no paint is strong enough to make any type of significant difference.

Yes, thicker paint or multiple layers of paint will technically make some of a difference, but none of the people should be thinking of this as a true solution.

Only invest in this type of paint if the goal was to put new paint on the wall in the first place. Otherwise, it is a waste of time to paint everything the same color.

Acoustic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is meant to be thin so it can go against everything to get a really heavy and thick option on the wall. Not only will it look weird, but there is a chance that it will not be able to hold up for long periods of time. The reason why wallpaper is lightweight is so that the walls can keep things up for a long time.

Between paint and wallpaper, wallpaper might make slightly more of a difference. However, people should ultimately go with whatever option they want from a design standpoint.

It is not going to make any type of difference that a person should change exactly how their home looks for very minimal changes.

Rubber Foam

Not all foams are created equally, and a common misconception is that rubber foam is going to actually help with soundproofing.

Think about the type of foam used for an exercise mat, a mouse pad, or other uses around the home. It does not have the type of materials needed to help with noise reduction, and that makes it worthless to install.

There are foams that do work but make sure that they have an NRC rating and are meant for soundproofing walls. It needs to be able to absorb sound and also add some mass to the flat surfaces. Just collecting a bunch of foam rubber around the home and hoping for the best is not going to work.

Soundproofing Everything But The Walls

Soundproofing everything but wall

Adding carpet, rugs, and many other options out there can help to a certain degree, but their walls will still be a huge noisemaker. They are one of the most essential surfaces to treat in every single home, so blowing that part off does not make any sense.

Yes, it is easier to throw a few things down the ground and not have to worry too much about anything else. Soundproofing the floor is important to a certain extent, especially if there is sound coming from below.

However, walls produce sound from all angles, and no one wants to have to deal with the huge hassle that is going on at all times. Having bare walls does not make sense in the first place, so putting something up will make at least somewhat of a difference.

Think of every single thing added to other flat surfaces as a bit of a bonus. At the end of the day, it all comes down to making sure the walls are covered, and that sound is not becoming a huge issue.

There are way too many people out there who think that they just have to live with what type of walls they are dealt with. Trust in the products that do work, and do not fall in love with fixes that seem too good to be true.

Why You Should Look Into Soundproofing Walls

Most people would love to have a quieter home or business when inside. It is easy to limit distractions, it allows people to hear the sound they want to, making the area that much more welcoming.

There used to be a time when people did not really have much to fix a noisy area, but now the materials are out there to make changes without spending a lot of money.

Whether a person ultimately wants to do all of the fixtures themselves or hire a professional team to take care of things, it is worth soundproofing walls in every place else inside.

No one should be putting up with poor acoustics, especially if a room is designed for entertainment, recording, or other sound-related activities. It might be worth giving smaller solutions a try before investing in more serious solutions if it does not seem to work.

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