How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Car?

Even with a brand new car, there are some unwanted sounds that no one wants to deal with when they are driving around. It gets particularly noisy on highways, but it can be a bit of a problem in residential areas as well.

One way to kill those sounds and have a much better experience overall is to soundproof a car.

While manufacturers are doing quite a bit to make sure that the car sounds pretty good right off the lot, there are others who are going to want to take it another step.

In this article, you get an opportunity to see exactly how much it costs to soundproof a car in various ways.

Some will work for specific situations better than others, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all setup. It’s important to try a few things and see if it ends up being best.

Soundproofing Doors

Doors can be one of the most frustrating parts of a car when it comes to sound. It’s one of the easiest ways for sound to enter, and manufacturers don’t always put the best type of material to kill sound in there automatically.

Soundproofing material that is very popular for doors includes using a mat, spray, or some type of foam.

All of the solutions work to a certain degree, but it’s recommended to opt for the latter two, since it can be hard to lay a mat down just right.

Keep in mind that it is generally recommended to treat all four doors in a traditional car. If there are any compromises, at least soundproof the front two doors.

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Soundproofing the Trunk

Another vulnerable area for sound is the trunk. Since it’s not shaped the exact same way as the other parts of the car, it might not have the same type of soundproofing materials already installed.

That’s when a person needs to take it upon themselves to make sure that the sound is not too much to handle on a regular basis.

A trunk is a much easier spot for people who want to use mats since the whole area can be lined with the sound deadening pieces.

If it is done from the very beginning, it can make for a very easy process in general. They are going to mostly stay in place, but use some adhesive that’s easy to clean up to put it up against any sides that need extra treating.

Mats are easy to put all around the trunk, and they stay mostly hidden during regular use.

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Soundproofing the Interior Floor

Road noise coming from below is one of the biggest complaints people have when they are driving.

A brand new car can be a little problematic with the interior floor, as there is so much noise coming from below.

Road noise and heat will do a lot of damage, so that’s when reflective insulation options are the way to go.

Soundproofing car mats will be very effective in controlling sound. As well as the mat, using reflective insulation underneath is going to help even more.

It looks a lot like tinfoil, but it’s going to help with deadening the noise that is inside the vehicle. Not only that, but it also helps as a way to control temperature even more with another barrier.

That means the car will stay warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

The great thing about applying anything to the ground is that gravity can be used as a pretty convenient way to keep everything in place.

All it takes is a little bit of adhesive or Velcro to keep it all in place as well so that everything is not moving around.

Treat it well, and sound-absorbing mass insulation will last for a very long time. They need to be a little bit durable since so many people are stepping on it all the time, but it does the job the way it should.

Make sure not to leave any gaps on the ground, because it will really hinder the soundproofing performance of the material.

Try to cover the entire area and use up as much material as possible so that everything is protected. That way, there is no need to go back and make any changes along the way.

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Best Vehicle Soundproofing Mats Available?


Since soundproofing mats have so many different uses, most are going to research at least one or two for certain spots inside a car.

Since a lot of brands put out some popular options, it’s very hard to pick the best. Fortunately, after going through all of the different options, these three stand out as perfect choices.

Dynamat Sound Deadener

Dynamat Sound Deadener Mat

There’s a reason why Dynamat Sound Deadener (Amazon) is synonymous with soundproofing in general. They do a great job of producing something that is affordable, effective, and easy to put down for just about anyone.

It is the original aluminum front, all black product that drivers have relied on for years. It does great controlling sound and vibration, and since it’s made of butyl material, it’s also heat resistant.

Another bonus is that it is completely odorless, so a person never has to worry about breaking it in before actual installation.

Noico Sound Deadening Mat

Noico Black Car Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats from Noico (Amazon) are a very high-quality sounding mats that people have been counting on for quite a few years.

What makes them pretty good is that they are very durable, and they don’t really add much bulk to the car at all.

They just simply slip in just about any car out there, and from there, people won’t have to worry about anything at all.

The brand is pretty affordable, which is good news for people who are trying to help with controlling sound without breaking the budget.

The versatility of the mats make them a perfect solution for just about any car owner out there. Even if they get a new car, they can then decide to make a change.

Kilmat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmat Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats from Kilmat (Amazon) company price their soundproofing option as one of the best for those who want high-quality mats that will last a long time.

They try to keep prices down as much as possible as well, which is excellent for those who are shopping on a pretty tight budget.

Flexibility is a huge part of any type of soundproofing mat in a car. In order for them to work in so many different locations, they need to have flexibility there so that people do not feel like they are not getting a close fit.

This material is very durable, extremely waterproof, and obviously helps out a ton with noise reduction.

Many people say this is the best value out there as far as empathy mats are concerned right now.

They are worth checking out for any type of vehicle, and they should be able to last a while without being compromised at all.

Best Vehicle Soundproofing Spray Available?


Simply put, a soundproofing spray can go in places that other materials can’t. It is a very tough situation at times to take care of soundproofing, but a spray is very flexible and can be pointed just about anywhere.

Most people will only end up using soundproofing spray in particular locations. Trying to use spray all-around a car can be pretty tedious, and some of those bigger spaces are better served by a mat.

Design Engineering Boom Mat Spray-on Sound Deadening

Boom Mat spray (Amazon) is great with noise and vibration control, but it also does a superior job of handling any type of temperature change.

On top of that, it’s very durable, which means that you won’t have to be constantly putting new spray-on in order to get everything treated.

All it takes is one single can to cover a pretty good area. On average, a person should get about 20 to 25 ft.² of coverage with a single can.

This is with one coat, but some people might want to put an extra coat down if they really seem to have a noise issue.

LizardSkin Sound Deadening

This sound deadening spray from LizardSkin (Amazon) might seem a little bit different compared to some of the other sprays, simply because it comes in a bucket.

You’ll have to put the material in a spray gun to start using it. It is a ceramic-based option, which means that it will be very hard to finish with excellent protection.

Like some of the other sprays out there, it helps with sound as well as controlling temperature.

It’s also a non-toxic option and environmentally friendly, which is great for those who are worried about that.

It might be the safest option to apply, which is great for those who are doing everything by themselves. It gets a little costly, but some people swear by the setup and will not use anything else.

3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

3m car deadener

There are a decent amount of similarities between this spray and the others to make this list, but the 3M version (Amazon) is asphalt-based.

This is great for putting under the vehicle, in the wheel wells, and even in the engine compartment.

There is superior protection with an asphalt-based spray, and with some rubber as well, there is a bit of a barrier that will help stop any type of corrosion to some of the most fragile parts in a car.

The only drawback with this spray is that it doesn’t seem to go on as uniformly as for the other options out there.

It takes a little bit of practice to get that consistent spray that will look good for years to come. Make sure to use protection on the hands, because the product does stick to the skin and is very difficult to remove.

Best Vehicle Soundproofing Foam Available?

Foam is a happy medium at times when it comes to soundproofing. It is a little more flexible than putting down mats, but might not be as good as a spray.

There is a time and place for all these options, but it really just comes down to what type of set up a person is most comfortable with.

You might end up really enjoying soundproofing foam, and it can be use all around the car to help out. It’s extremely lightweight, flexible, and affordable when purchased in bulk.


From Dynamat is Dynaliner, a very popular insulator that comes in foam form. It is very lightweight and can be used on top of Dynamat Xtreme for even better soundproofing in general.

Not only does it help to control sound, but it reduces heat and can be used in multiple locations. No matter if it goes on the roof, the floor, the doors, or anywhere else, it works exactly as it should.

With three different levels of thickness to count on, everyone can have a customized solution that works for them.

With a trusted name like this, that’s been in the industry for so long, many shop here before going anywhere else.

SOOMJ Soundproofing Foam

This is a very affordable, heat-proof foam that is perfect for the car. A lot of people like the fact that it is great at insulating noise, and has the same properties as typical rubber foam.

The sound deadening material used by the company will allow proper usage in the heat and cold.

More people are going to offer this in warmer climates, but it really is a matter of how much effort a person wants to put into everything.

Everything is self-adhesive, and the foam is a little lighter than a typical mat that can be used for soundproofing in a car.

The versatility makes it usable in other areas as well, which is always nice.

Mega Zorbe Pro

Mega Zorbe Pro is a perfect solution for great soundproofing inside a car. It is lightweight, flexible, completely water resistant, and fights against any type of fire risk.

Not only is this used in cars, but is trusted in aircraft, marine vehicles, and other extremely important locations.

This solution ships in the form of panels, which is very convenient for working with a car. There is also a cheaper non-pro version, which provides a lot of similar qualities.

Those wanting the best of the best should spend a little bit of extra money for the pro, but either option works well.

Is Soundproofing A Car Worth It?


Every single improvement to a car is going to cost a little bit of money, but the vast majority of people are going to realize that it is worth it.

Not only will it sound better than complete silence, but any music that is played will be clear as well.

The more sound that is deadened the better off someone will be, but there comes a point where people don’t want to spend a ton of money to get minimal increases.

Budget Should a Person Have For Soundproofing Vehicle?

Most people will be able to accomplish a noticeable difference in sound by investing a few hundred dollars.

It really doesn’t take too much as far as materials are concerned, since there are a lot of competitors in the soundproofing industry that are all trying to outdo each other.

Shopping online is always the best bet, as the top deals are usually available. Not only that, but it’s very easy to read reviews and see what others are relying on.

Saving money is really pretty easy if you decide to install everything without getting a professional to help out.

There are definitely some professionals out there who will charge a good amount of money, but they aren’t exactly doing anything too crazy.

Putting some soundproofing material into a door cavity might seem a little tricky, but everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

Quality matters with soundproofing, because no one wants to have layers and layers of material that ultimately shrinks their car.

Less is more as far as making the car feel very spacious, so paying a little bit more for dense material that does its job might be the way to go.

How Much of a Noticeable Difference Is There With a Soundproof Car?

As mentioned earlier, the two main reasons why people soundproof their car is to enjoy fewer distractions coming in from the outside, and making the music sound better.

Even just a little bit of change will go a long way towards improving both, but it is important to have realistic expectations.

No, the car is not going to sound like a soundproof Recording studio by any means. There’s still going to be sound, and that is actually a benefit for drivers since they need to hear sirens and other alerts that might be happening outside.

It is so much easier to talk with soundproofing material installed, which is definitely a relief for a lot of people out there.

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are constantly yelling to each other even though they are sitting next to each other inside the car.

If you want to have a normal conversation like what would happen in the living room, that’s much more achievable with soundproofing material put down.

Anyone really looking to enjoy music will definitely benefit from soundproofing. One of the reasons why people have to turn up their speakers so much is because there are so many distracting noises drowning out what they want to hear.

You end up being the distracting driver that everyone else hates because the music is way too loud.

This benefits both the driver and everyone else, because the volume doesn’t have to be as high to get even better sound.

Way too many people invest in brand new speakers for their car, only to skimp on something like soundproofing.

It makes very little sense, as the speakers usually cost much more than the soundproofing material. Just a little bit of added layers will help out.

Soundproofing a Car Today

Anyone still debating on whether or not to soundproof their car should really go ahead and see what is out there.

Even a small investment is going to make a big difference, and everyone likes to see their money well spent.

It can be very frustrating to go with the latest trick to controlling sound only to see minimal improvement, which is why sticking with the best solutions matters.

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