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Does Foam Wallpaper Block Sound?

Soundproofing is a pretty big deal for a lot of homeowners out there. They are always looking for ways to improve the way that their home sounds, and exploring all opportunities to get the job done makes sense.

Foam wallpaper is just one way to block sound. That is, if it actually works the way it is advertised.

Does foam wallpaper block sound? While claiming it is truly soundproofing is incorrect, it does have a positive impact on creating a better-sounding area. This type of wallpaper is for sound absorption and not meant for soundproofing. 

We explore whether or not it’s worth the investment, and what a typical shopper should expect.

What is Foam Wallpaper?

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Foam wallpaper is advertised as a type of soundproofing option that has gained a lot of supporters over the last few years.

It is a thin wallpaper just like other options out there, but the extra bit of foam acts as a way to kill sound and make it more enjoyable overall.

While the barrier might not seem like much, it is much thicker and more effective at controlling sound than several others that are out there.

With that being said, foam wallpaper WILL NOT soundproof a room. It helps with sound absorption, killing echoes, and reverberations.

It falls under the soundproofing umbrella as a way to signify that it helps with sound in general.

Best Ways to Soundproof a Wall

What Are The Major Positives to Foam Wallpaper?

While soundproof wallpaper might not actually be soundproof, the truth of the matter is it still provides plenty of benefits for all types of setups.

Compared to regular wallpaper, having this foam wallpaper is definitely an upgrade if sound is very important.


Foam wallpaper is a little more expensive than regular wallpaper, but not to the point that it’s going to break the bank.

In fact, compared to so many other soundproofing and noise control solutions, it is a pretty inexpensive investment overall.

The great thing about investing in foam wallpaper is that it’s going to cover the entire area, so it makes it even more valuable.

For other options that are low in price, they might only cover a very small part of the room it goes in.

Easy Installation

Foam wallpaper is virtually the same as any other type of wallpaper out there, meaning it can be installed without needing any professional assistance.

That’s great news for people who don’t want to spend the extra amount of money and get somebody out to take care of things.

Just have a little bit of patience in getting things lined up correctly, and it will be good to go.

Growing Options

Even a few years ago, foam wallpaper was not all that popular. Soundproofing has really exploded over the last few years, and it seems like companies are trying to advertise their own solutions all the time.

This means that there is no need to sacrifice as far as design options are concerned. A person can get a good look that is also going to provide some noise control along the way.

For a lot of people, that’s a major selling point, because making a compromise on looks is just not going to happen when discussing interior design.

Controlling Acoustics

This wallpaper isn’t actually soundproof, but what it does work as is an alternative to acoustic foam. The draw to investing in this wallpaper is that the room will have a reduced echo, as well as reduced reverberation and amplification.

How much of an impact it makes on a room is really dependent on what all is needed. In some cases, this can be a standalone solution that is good enough for the average person.

For others, it might be the start of a bigger project, but there’s nothing better than having a solid base layer.

Fire Resistant

Does it really matter if wallpaper is fire-resistant? While it might not be right on top of a person’s mind when they are shopping for foam wallpaper, the truth is that it is definitely a selling point.

Something to keep in mind is that people look at foam wallpaper in the first place because they likely have electronics in there.

They want to control the sound the best way possible with those electronics. That means that room has a higher chance of something going wrong and potentially catching on fire. This fact makes wallpapers that are fire resistant all that more appealing.

Cons of Foam Wallpaper / Acoustic Wallpaper

Foam wallpaper seems like a good investment in some cases, but not everyone is going to end up being a fan.

Understanding some of the limitations and everything else that goes into it will allow people to make smarter overall decisions.

Failure To Soundproof

This is a big one for a lot of people, but it’s already been touched on a little bit. Even though it’s called soundproof wallpaper as an alternative name, foam wallpaper isn’t actually soundproof.

In order for something to be soundproof, it must add mass to block sound going from one place to another. A person is not going to get that from a thin piece of foam wallpaper.

Not Built To Last

Wallpaper is not going to last as long or look as nice as a paint job. This is particularly frustrating for many people who are considering foam wallpaper because there is such a thing as soundproofing paint.

It works roughly the same, but if the wallpaper is not going to last as long, is it really worth it?

Those who can’t live with some imperfections here and there might want to look elsewhere. It doesn’t take much for there to be a little bit of a snag in the wallpaper, which can be an eyesore if it’s in a certain area.

Needs Additional Help


Most people are pretty underwhelmed when they install foam wallpaper. Yes, there might be some difference in the way the room sounds, but it’s not going to do much of anything by itself.

In order for foam wallpaper to really excel, it needs to be partnering up with at least one other treatment.

Some people go as far as putting mass-loaded vinyl (Amazon) underneath the wallpaper if they can.

While it does add some bulk to the setup in general, it’s going to do a much better job of controlling sound and making it actually feel like a person wants to be.

There are other options available to put over the wallpaper as well, although that can distract from the design.

All The Facts About Mass Loaded Vinyl!

Is Foam Wallpaper Worth The Price?

At the end of the day, foam wallpaper is not going to be a true game-changer in the vast majority of rooms.

With that said, when doing a redesign, it doesn’t hurt to have a base layer that will help with echoes and reverberation.

Since the price is not that much more than regular wallpaper, those already shopping should take a look at some of the soundproofing solutions.

With tempered expectations, shoppers should be mostly satisfied with what they end up getting.

Soundproof Gaming Console So Your Warranty Is Not Voided!

Gaming is a passion for many, but it can be a pretty noisy activity when stepping back and looking at things.

Not only do games have quite a bit of sound to them, but anything from the keyboard and controllers to the microphone on a headset will cause a lot of noise as well.

To keep things quiet, and keep everyone else nearby satisfied, it is worth investing in the right soundproof gaming setup.

Depending on what is specifically causing a lot of noise, people can focus on aspects in particular. For those who want the ultimate experience, keeping noise in mind with every purchase makes the most sense.

Anyone who has operated a very intense game knows that it can make any system pretty noisy. The system needs to operate at a high level, and that almost always triggers the fan to work extra hard.

It is usually the fan that makes the most noise, and it can be frustrating for gamers as they try to immerse themselves into what they are playing.

The reason why the fan kicks on in the first place is to keep everything as cool as possible. To prevent the fan from kicking on quite as frequently, there are a few steps worth exploring.

Relocating The Console

People do not always have their gaming system located in the proper space. It needs to be in a fairly open area, and as cool as possible.

This prevents the system from heating up as quickly as it does in other cases. This might not always make that much of a difference, but it is a very easy first step to consider.

Cleaning/Dusting The Console

A dirty gaming system is much more likely to start overheating, which makes everything very noisy.

It is going to collect dirt, grime, dust, and so much more just like everything else, so do not ignore cleaning the system once in a while.

Replace Case Fans

These fans (Amazon) can become extremely noisy and downright annoying if they are constantly running.

Since every gaming system needs fans to some extent, installing quieter options might be the best compromise.

They are pretty affordable these days, and it is relatively easy to replace them if a person can follow instructions.

Use a Soundproof Enclosure

For the ultimate amount of noise control, a soundproofing enclosure will help any person who has a gaming system.

It needs to be large enough so that the system does not overheat, but small enough that it does not take up that much extra space.

Not many people are going to this extreme, and it can be a little difficult to keep everything manageable as well.

Quieting Keyboards, Controllers, and More

Another noisy aspect of gaming is the constant use of controllers. There is always going to be some level of noise coming from controllers, keyboards, and other input options, but minimizing them as much as possible will make everything a little quieter.

The first thing to do is to look for options that market themselves as being quiet overall. For example, many quiet gaming keyboards out there will use rubber underneath the keys to kill the sound.

This is also something that can be customized with a gaming controller if a person wants to go that route.

Joysticks on a game controller are very tough to make quiet completely, but perhaps the biggest tip is just making sure that everything is clean and fully functional.

They are really not that noisy when they are brand new, but they do become noisier as time goes on. If they start to hit any metal underneath the casing, that is when it becomes a little troublesome.

Try to either clean the joystick off, open the controller up to manage any metal, or purchase a new controller altogether.

Game Sounds and Chat

More gamers than ever before are playing online, and that means game sounds are also combined with constant chatter.

Most people who use game chat already have some type of microphone and audio (Amazon) set up, but taking things to another level will cut down on unnecessary noise as much as possible.

The first step is to invest in a good pair of headphones that will allow players to become fully immersed.

There are always going to be people who want to have the sound effects filling up the entire room, and that is perfectly fine in some instances.

However, when it is really time to be quiet, headphones are going to come in handy. A proper setup is also going to allow for an easy chat with others during online play.

It is very easy to get caught up in the action and make a lot of noise, which is why some people will go as far as to use soundproofing options for their voice.

Anything to keep the sound down and not disturb others is a path worth exploring.

Treating the Most Vulnerable Areas

In any room, vulnerable areas are the biggest importance in making noticeable changes. If a person chooses to ignore making any changes, they are not going to achieve the type of success they are looking for.

Any doors or windows are going to be the most vulnerable areas for unwanted noises coming in and leaving the room.

Even extremely thick windows are still not as soundproof by themselves as a solid wall, and a door has a lot of space for sound to seep through as well.

To make matters worse, a lot of interior doors are hardly thick enough to provide much soundproofing at all.

Soundproofing Gaming Room Door

There are many ways to soundproof a door but not all of them are particularly effective. One easy way to stop noise from coming through a door is by adding a door sweep.

A door sweep (Amazon) will seal the gap on the bottom of the door and will help considerably stop noise from leaching in or out of the gaming room. 

Another easy fix for soundproofing a door is by adding a weatherstrip (Amazon) around the inside casing of the door.

This will seal the gap around the door where noise would be easily traveling through. It’s an easy DIY fix and best of all, weatherstrips are cheap! 


Building a gaming room with no windows is probably the best solution, at least from a soundproofing perspective.

It will make life so much easier to soundproof walls instead of windows, but the majority of rooms will have at least one they have to worry about.

Treating windows the right way is going to be the best method to really having something that works out long-term.

Not only do gamers usually want to handle sound as much as possible, but they want to make sure that light does not pose too much of a problem either.

Perhaps the easiest solution for windows is to add sound deadening blackout curtains (Amazon) to the mix.  They are going to look a lot like regular curtains, so nothing is going to stand out too much.

They only are activated when they are pulled tightly, and the thick fabric does a pretty good job of making everything sound just a little bit better.

As one might expect, it also means that there is no light coming in, which is not necessarily a problem for most gamers since they do not want to fight against the glare on their monitors.

If curtains alone can’t do the trick, there is also the option of using a window plug that pretty much closes off the window entirely temporarily.

Simply snapping it into place will provide an extra bit of mass that makes it much more like part of the wall.

It does not look as aesthetically pleasing as curtains, but some people use them in combination if a window is particularly problematic.

A more extreme major might be to look into replacing the window completely. There are some soundproof glass options out there that do a pretty good job of helping people out but keep in mind that this is the most expensive route.

It is more of a long-term solution, but it does end up working for most people in the end.

Soundproofing The Entire Gaming Room

For some people, this seems like the ultimate project. It is a little time-consuming for a great experience, but it can be pulled off by getting the right material and following instructions.

When soundproofing the entire gaming room, it can isolate the gamer from everyone else, while also immersing the player into the experience.

Instead of looking at it as a huge task, break things down into different parts of the room. Every corner is slightly different, and the right treatment will go a long way.

Soundproofing the Walls


Interior thin walls can be a huge detriment to anyone trying to control sound in a gaming room. To reduce the amount of sound passing through them, it makes sense to add mass in some way. There are permanent solutions, as well as temporary options available.

Drywall is a very effective technique, and it will help dampen the noise right away. Drywall might seem a little complicated, but some people with experience will be able to do this all themselves.

Keep in mind that adding drywall is a little expensive, and it will need to be removed eventually if it is a rental property.

It is extremely useful and needs virtually no maintenance after it is installed, so that is one positive that keep people from doing it.

Attaching Acoustic Foam to Walls

A lot of professional gamers are turning to acoustic foam (Amazon) to help with their sound issues. They are designed for any type of sound, acting as a way to dampen the noise and enhance everything inside the room.

If walls are left completely untreated, noise is going to bounce all around the room. This creates a less than pure sound, and also perhaps an echo.

Acoustic foam works well, and a person does not even have to fill their entire room with it.

Acoustic Panels

This is more for people who want to enhance the sound inside the room, instead of necessarily blocking sounds from going out.

It can reflect sounds in the right way so that anybody inside the room will be able to hear things perfectly.

When paired with the right speakers, the game and overall experience are truly different than any other.

Treating Floors and Ceiling


The walls are very important in a gaming room, but the floor and ceiling are equally as important.

Think of a room like a box, and not treating the top and bottom means that there are plenty of opportunities for sound to leak in and out.

Out of the two, treating a floor for soundproofing is the easier option. Most people can use gravity to their advantage, which will help out quite a bit.

With the ceiling, things need to be attached to make it work, but it is still just one surface instead of all the different walls in a room.

Underlayment and Mats

The first step with helping with floor soundproofing is to find material that can be placed underneath a rug or carpet.

There are a lot of options out there that work, and the key is adding dense mass that will not be that noticeable once it is all covered up.

Mass-loaded vinyl (Amazon) is one option that fits this description, but there are a lot of companies that put out products that help. The key is to try to find the right material, and not spending too much money along the way.

Using Rugs and Carpet 

Rugs and carpets might not be billed as a soundproofing material, but every little bit helps. It is another layer that is going to prevent sound from finding it that easy to leak in or out.

A hardwood floor might look great, but it is just one option that simply is not going to work in a gaming room.

Too many sounds are going to bounce around, and even a person’s shoes might squeak if they are walking around.

The carpet is going to do the heavy lifting, as the material underneath that is talked about above takes care of that. However, a dense carpet is going to help out more than something that is rather thin.

If soundproofing is the main goal, look for a dense, thick carpet or rug that is made of durable material. People also want something soft, so one solid example the fits all the criteria is a Persian rug.

Shag carpet is also an option worth exploring, even if it does seem like it is stuck in a previous generation.

Temporary Ceiling Options

Gamers can look at treating a ceiling much like treating walls. The key here is to find something that can hang comfortably, without looking like it stands out too much.

Options like a soundproofing blanket, soundproofing curtains, and similar items are one option worth considering.

It might seem like it would be tricky to add to a ceiling, but these all can be attached pretty easily. For most, they will opt for a more permanent solution for the ceiling.

Permanent Ceiling Options


Some of the best permanent ceiling options are going to be acoustic panels, ceiling tiles, or other options that attach flush with the ceiling.

The goal in most cases is to not reduce the actual height of the ceiling in any way, as people are usually cramped for space anyway in a gaming room.

The only time it makes sense to suspend something like acoustic panels is if it is a particularly spacious room.

Perhaps the biggest struggle when dealing with permanent ceiling options is actually doing the work.

It can be strenuous for people to get up there and take care of everything, but it is worth it in the end if there are any problems.

Is Soundproofing a Gaming Room Worth It?

A proper gaming room set up for soundproofing is always going to be worth it in the end if a person is serious about keeping everything sounded great.

This is not only beneficial for the gamer but everyone else within a certain distance. They can certainly get loud at times, but with a few steps, gaming becomes a lot less problematic.

Do Cars Get Louder With Age? You Might Be Surprised!

A brand new car can drive off the lot without making much noise at all. It’s one of the best feelings when investing in a new car, as everything runs smoothly and feels like it can last for years and years.

Unfortunately, as cars get older, they seemingly get louder as well. Do cars actually get loud with age? For a variety of reasons, this is exactly the case.

What makes them louder in the first place? It can be a variety of issues, but there are ways to combat the sound as much as possible.

There’s no time machine to go back to a brand new car, but even aging vehicles can stay silent with the right approach.

Engine Wear and Tear

serpentine belt

No matter how well a person takes care of their car, there will be some wear and tear on the engine. A big part of the maintenance process is to keep up with all the different parts that go into the engine.

In order for a car to operate as it should, all these parts start to wear down over time. For example, serpentine belts will start to wear away.

Timing belts will wear down and extend, which will cause the camshaft to time out. When all of this happens, this creates a lot of noise that can be frustrating to deal with.

If noise is coming from an engine that is wearing down, it’s most likely it’s coming from the valve train.

It’s usually louder when the temperature is cold, and it is that much more important to inspect your engine and see what is going on.

Some cars might just need a simple valve adjustment to get things to quiet down. Others might need a little bit more work on the car engine because it has so many miles on it.

Bearings, Oil Level, Torque Converter

You should also be looking out for other issues like bad bearings, low oil levels, or a worn torque converter.

Bad bearings are going to sound a lot like a washing machine that is not operating as it should.

There’s a little bit of knocking around, and that ends up being a pretty big problem. The longer bad bearings go along, the more likely it is for the engine to completely seize up.

Super low oil levels are something that nobody wants to be forced to deal with. If there’s a lot of grinding or a rubbing sound that seems a little problematic, it’s time to check the engine oil levels.

There is usually an oil level monitor that will help keep everything in check. The engine needs oil to stay as lubricated as possible and run smoothly.

When oil levels dip too low, it can cause a decent amount of damage to an engine. A regular oil change should be part of maintenance.

You don’t want to be caught not getting an oil change and causing damage to an engine that could be easily avoidable.

Non-Engine Related Noises

noisy muffler

A car isn’t always going to be noisy just because of the engine when it gets older. There are other parts of the car that can start a breakdown as well, and they need to be fixed so that they operate as they should.

One issue that a lot of people run into is if their muffler is not working as it should. A worn-out muffler will be much louder than one that is 100% doing its job.

As time goes on, the muffler can be compromised a bit, or it could be dealing with a decent amount of carbon buildup.

Not only does it make things louder, but it puts pressure back into the exhaust and causes issues in that regard.

Other parts of the car can also start to become pretty noisy for one reason or another. On really older cars, even the flooring can start to wear away to the point that it is getting a little bit louder.

There’s a good amount of noise coming from the road whenever a person is driving around, and that becomes more noticeable when a car ages.

A simple way to stay on top of everything is to be aware of any new noises that might be causing trouble.

As soon as it becomes an issue, dealing with things sooner rather than later is going to ensure that the problem doesn’t really cause a ton of issues later on.

Too many people try to ignore a sound that is becoming pretty significant, and that is going to be detrimental.

Are Cars Staying Quieter for Longer?

Dealing with a very loud car that is starting to get up there in age used to be a much more prevalent problem than now.

That’s good news for consumers, but what exactly is causing this to be the case? Manufacturers are doing as much as possible to keep a car sounding pleasant, and advances in technology have come a long way.

Better Sound Deadening Technology


Car companies have certainly paid close attention to the amount of sound that an engine creates.

It’s one thing for sound to be noticeable to some degree, but the last thing anyone wants is a major distraction.

That is why a lot of sound deadening technology has gone into the engine area in particular, but in other vulnerable parts of the car as well.

Sound deadening material (Amazon) is thinner than ever, which means that manufacturers can put more and more into small areas without adding bulk or weight.

If people want even more silence in the car, there are options such as sound deadening spray foam and sound deadening mats that will help out.

These usually are a pretty small investment overall, and worth it for those who might be driving a slightly older car that needs a little bit of assistance.

The Rise Of Electric

Electric cars are rising in popularity, and that won’t be fading away anytime soon. There are plenty of advantages to getting an electric car, such as saving on gas and helping the environment. It also makes for a pretty silent riding experience.

The quietness with electric cars is certainly a positive in the eyes of many, but it’s almost to an extreme.

More than a few people have noticed that with a lack of a regular engine in the car, it is actually a little dangerous to be out and about.

Pedestrians rely on hearing a car driving up, and they might not hear it if they are walking across the street.

That’s why a lot of companies have started playing recorded noise to simulate a standard engine running so that there are never any issues.

Electric is without question the future, and that’s great news for quieter cars overall. There will still be a need to use some materials to help kill unwanted sounds, but it’s not going to be anything like it was decades ago.

With all the advantages electric brings to the table, noise is one of the more overlooked.

What Can Be Done About an Older, Louder Car?

One of the biggest keys to keeping a car from getting too loud is ensuring that everything stays up-to-date and regular maintenance is always occurring.

No one likes having to spend some money here and there to keep the car going as it should, but it really does make a difference in keeping an older car sounding as quiet as ever.

Regular maintenance helps to a certain degree, but once the car really gets old, make sure to do full replacements if there is an issue.

Not only does this help with sound, but it will help with making sure that the car is operating as it should.

Cheaper alternatives to fixing sound problems are to invest in some sound deadening material that will help out.

Each part of the car requires different material that fits into the area just right. For tough to reach places, spraying some foam is most likely the best bet.

If noise is coming from the floor, using gravity and throwing some mats down is probably the best way to go.

Companies have made it a pretty easy process for people to install their own sound deadening material, but there’s a way to get it professionally done as well.

It really depends on how much work a person is looking to get done to the car, and how great they want it to look.

Why an Older Car Doesn’t Have to be Loud

Yes, cars get louder with age. Remember that there is no reason why a person has to tolerate this happening.

A little bit of extra effort goes a long way to changing how a car performs.

Why Is My Car So Loud On The Highway? ANSWERED!

There’s always been that thought that cruising along the highway is a fun and relaxing experience when the traffic isn’t too bad.

Drivers get an opportunity to pick up speed a little bit, enjoying the open road. However, that enjoyment can be sullied if a car is too loud on the highway.

Why is a car so loud on the highway anyway? Some of that is attributed to simply going faster, as a car will make more noise going 70 mph compared to 10 mph.

However, too much noise can be extremely distracting. These are the most likely areas where sound is coming from, and what can be done to fix things.


Noisy car tires

There are situations where drivers will feel like they can hear the tire tread on the pavement. If it is becoming a little too loud, this noise can be caused by several different factors.

For example, there could be too much cargo in the car, low tire pressure, worn-out tires, and more.

Make sure to check the tires out and see if there are any problems if the sound is only getting worse. Some cars have a light that comes on if the tire pressure drops.

If it seems to be an issue that will not go away, it is time to go to a shop and see what might be causing the problem.

Tires are pretty durable, but they eventually wear down just like anything else. They are under a good amount of stress on the highway, which can cause the noise levels to jump.

Engine Issues

Just about everyone knows that a car going at a fast speed means that the engine is not only running, but being put through a good amount of stress.

When on the highway, it is particularly important to ensure that all the smaller fixes are probably treated to ensure that the engine is running as quietly as possible.

There are a few common causes for a louder engine, so keep them all in mind when doing any type of checkups without the help of a professional.

Smaller engine troubles can turn into something much more serious if left untreated. That is why it is recommended to get the engine checked out whenever the noise climbs up in decibels.

It does not take any official measuring, as most will notice engine issues by quickly paying attention and listening. (Source)


Bad bearings can cause a little bit of knocking underneath the hood. They can be loud and annoying, and if left untreated, it could cause an engine to seize up completely.

It can be a pretty costly issue if that ends up being the case. Get the bearings treated as quickly as possible, and the loud knocking sound will go away. When treated early, it is a relatively minor issue.

Muffler Problems

noisy muffler

Even though it is not entirelly connected to the engine, people initially might think that a loud muffler is stemming from an engine problem.

Once it is realized that it is the muffler that is damaged or completely malfunctioning, it is time to make a replacement.

It doesn’t necessarily require a fast fix, but it does help with reducing sound and improving gas mileage.

A huge purpose of a muffler is to control sounds as much as possible. It also helps with fumes emitted from the car.

Cars without a muffler on them can still function, but they are going to be extremely loud on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter.

Getting a new muffler is a lot cheaper than having to fix an engine, so that is at least one positive when figuring out the muffler is causing the problem.

A brand new, high-quality muffler has the chance to make a huge impact on sound.


On the highway, there is a chance that you might notice some grinding or rubbing sounds every once a while. If that’s the case, it could be a strong indication that your engine oil levels are a bit low.

A monitor on most cars will allow people to keep track of that without really thinking, but if it has been a long time since an oil change, take it in and see if the sensor is not working.

Engines need oil to stay as lubricated as possible, so they are running the right way. It is very easy to blow off an oil change, but it will become a bigger issue as time passes.

Not only will it affect the engine’s performance, but it could make the car sound louder on the highway.

Torque Converters

Noisy Torque Converter

Any automatic transmission car has a torque converter. It needs transmission fluid to work properly, as it will otherwise cause a lot of grinding noises any time the car is in gear.

It seems to be amplified a bit when it is on the highway and operating at faster speeds, so keep that in mind.

Tackling the Highway in a Quiet Manner


Driving faster is always going to be noisier than cruising along very slowly, but there are ways to make life a little bit better.

Don’t be afraid to explore a few different options and see which ones actually work.

There are plenty of fixes people can do on their own, but there’s also the opportunity to take it to the mechanic at any point in time.

The most important thing is to ensure that it is not an issue that will cause more serious problems in the immediate future.

If that’s the case, some louder noises could be the least of a person’s worries. Most cars will still be able to function just right with some added noise, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Sound Deadening Mats

Using sound deadening mats (Amazon) is one of the most versatile ways to make quick fixes without spending a ton of money.

Many different brands have sound deadening mats, and they come with everything that needs to be installed.

They are most commonly placed on the ground, but they can also be attached to the side of the car if need be.

These mats are pretty durable, which helps people who only want to make one initial investment and forget about it.

Sound Deadening Foam/Spray

3m car deadener

Think of sound deadening foam and spray (Amazon) as a solution for those areas that can’t be reached by using mats.

This type of setup is much easier to put into small cavities, which can be very helpful. It doesn’t take much to put inside of an area like the door to help with sound deadening in general.

Foam and sprays are a little more expensive than mats, but don’t be afraid to use a combination of both if needed.

Sometimes it takes a combination to get everything properly solved with the sound quality.

Fix any cracks/gaps

It doesn’t take much for sound to have the opportunity to leak through one way or another.

It could be a slight crack in a window, or some separation in the trunk area that is causing the problem.

These need to be fixed for several reasons, including sound issues.

If it is a very loud sound that is seemingly coming out of nowhere, this very likely could be the culprit.

It is important to identify where the sounds are coming from and isolate them to make smart decisions.

Regular Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance

It can be a lot for some people to get in the habit of maintaining their car after purchasing.

It might not seem like the biggest issue in the world at first, but constantly having to do things like changing the oil, do maintenance checks all over the car, and more become more and more common as time goes on.

As annoying as it can be, regular maintenance can do a great job of ensuring that the car never gets too loud on the highway.

There are a lot of different ways to avoid loud noises by being proactive instead of reactive.

It might actually end up saving some money as well, because some of the fixes can be rather costly if they get out of hand.

Drowning Sound Out With Music

Music is just one way that people drown out sounds that are a little troublesome on the highway. It is no surprise that people turn up the volume when they ride along, as it’s harder to hear when going that fast.

This is a way to mask the sound, but a noisy car can actually throw off how music sounds in general.

If you really care about music when driving, it is worth investing in soundproofing material to help sounds come through clearly.

Otherwise, it could end up being pretty tough to understand what is coming out of the speakers.

Why a Quiet Car Makes a Difference on the Highway

Ultimately, people enjoy hearing the sounds they want to, and masking those that are nothing more than a nuisance.

There will inevitably be some sounds that are impossible to eliminate when going out on the highway, but it can be reduced to a tolerable level with some simple fixes.

Just remember that any sudden changes in sound are likely a reason to inspect the car in general. It could be a signal that something major is wrong with the car and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

How to Soundproof an Electric Vehicle – Things Have Changed!

The trend of buying electric vehicles is only picking up more steam as time goes on. It seems like every new year, more and more people are making a purchase and enjoying all of the numerous benefits.

Not only are prices coming down with electric vehicles, but they are getting more power and proving to not be any type of burden.

One of the major benefits is of course the fact that there is no longer an internal combustion engine to worry about. That means no gas, no issues that go along with the engine, and much less sound.

That engine used to be one of the main culprits causing a noisy vehicle, but that’s no longer the case. Electric vehicles are indeed extremely quiet, but the downside is that it only highlights and isolates some of the other sounds that can be annoying for drivers.

What are the best ways to soundproof an electric car? Before we dive into that, will take a look at what sounds people will actually hear in an electric car that can be annoying.

We will also answer some common questions that some first-time electric car drivers have so that they can get the best experience possible.

What Noises Can Be Heard With Electric Cars?

Drivers can complain about a bunch of different noises that they hear when they are driving an electric car. A lot of people become pretty spoiled with how quiet the car can be in general. So anything that pops up is that much more frustrating.

It might be virtually nothing compared to the past, but after investing so much money, it is normal for people to expect some peace and quiet.

Road noise is perhaps the biggest culprit, as there’s no way to completely reduce that. There is not much difference between a traditional car and an electric car when it comes to road noise, but it is a bit easier to identify without the engine covering things up.

Companies have been trying to cut road noise down for years, but they know that road noise will still be on just about any surface.

Drivers going fast will hear a bit more noise, and the same goes for going over bumpy terrains like bricks. The older the car is, the more worn the protective areas might be, further amplifying the sound.

If anything goes wrong mechanically, that can also be a noise drivers hear when inside the car. That usually means that some type of service is needed, so the sound acts as a bit of a warning

Finally, there’s something to be said for having to deal with a bunch of unnecessary outside noise. To some extent, it’s worth hearing everything that is going on so that a driver is ready for a surprise.

Being able to hear pedestrians walking or ambulances going by definitely helps drivers stay safe. However, hearing too much outside noise can ruin the peacefulness of driving.

The Best Options to Soundproof An Electric Car


The average electric vehicle is quiet, but maybe not quiet enough. What are the best ways to soundproof an electric car? Using any of these strategies will help out in the sound department.

Everyone will feel like they have the right plan in place, so figuring it out and going from there certainly helps.

Noise Damping Mats and Pads

Vehicle Sound Deadening Material

Putting down noise-damping mats and pads (Amazon) inside an electric vehicle might seem overkill to some, but it makes perfect sense to others.

After all, even though the engine is not making anywhere near the same amount of noise, there are still a lot of frustrating sounds to deal with.

Most of the sounds that cause a hindrance to drivers come from the ground. That’s where noise-damping mats can come into play and also spruce up the car as well.

Most of them are made of durable material that makes them easy to install and not worry about for a long while after.

They don’t even need to be glued down to stay in place, since they can replace the effectiveness of the mats that come with the car.

Instead of fully replacing the mat, some people will go with options that are a bit more hidden. This means that the aesthetic of the inside of the car has not changed at all, and people can still get the look they want.

There isn’t much added bulk at all to the vehicle, which is nice for drivers who don’t want it to appear like they actually did anything. This hidden level of noise control is impressive for any guests who ride inside.

Sound Insulation Foam

Sound Deadening Foam

For material that is a bit more hidden and goes in specific places, sound insulation foam (Amazon) is another option that many have relied on for years.

The same type of material is used in traditional cars with non-electric engines can be used here as well.

There are usually some lighter options that might be still suitable for electric drivers, instead of having to add anything too bulky. The bulky options are mostly for vehicles that need a lot of help.

Sound insulation foam usually is easy to apply without having a professional to help out. However, those who might be a little hesitant to do things themselves can always get someone to help out.

Sound insulation foam can go underneath mats, or they can actually be installed into car cavities so that everything sounds great.

The good thing is that everything is hidden, and the foam will last a very long time as well when installed correctly. It holds up under a lot of normal wear and tear, which is always nice.

Is sound insulation foam better than using noise dampening mass and pads? Some people show favoritism towards either option.

One of the benefits of sound insulation foam is that it also will work as a way to help control temperature.

This is not really needed as much with an electric vehicle as it is with older vehicles that might be showing their age a bit, as most companies do a great job of sealing everything off.

Still, insulation foam feels a little bit more like noise control, while noise-damping mats and pads are a pretty quick fix.

EPDM Panel Plugs

Using EPDM panel plugs (Amazon) might not be something that makes a ton of sense for some users out there.

After all, they can get pretty expensive, but those willing to spend extra money on electric cars might also feel the need to go this route.

Changing out the plugs so that they are EPDM helps with sound control a decent amount. It’s usually a change that is accompanied by other options out there.

By itself, just changing out the panel plugs is more of an aesthetic fix than anything. They are not going to make too much of a difference, but they do help out with sound as well as keeping things clean.

What a lot of electric vehicle owners started to see is that the outstanding sealing ability of the panel plugs are hard to ignore. They also do a good job of blocking any sound from entering the car in the first place.

Tire Tread Changes

Changing tire tread can actually be one way to reduce some of the sounds that is frustrating drivers.

Engineers have been working on different ways to reduce the amount of noise that comes from tires, and they’ve been able to have a pretty good amount of success.

One way that they’ve been able to do that is to create more white noise with tires, instead of something that is instantly recognizable.

There’s a thing called pitch sequencing, and air can get to the point where the sound is hard for the human ear to pick up and really notice.

Along with tire tread, there is a thought that airless tires are coming sooner rather than later. They can start to become mainstream, and that will reduce the sound as well.

Tires cause a lot of noise right now, but that might be a thing of the past sooner rather than later.

It will come at a cost like any type of technology early on, but most people who have the money and have been frustrated with sound in the past will not be afraid to make the investment.

Common Questions about Soundproofing an Electric Car

With some of the methods already discussed, it’s common for people to still have questions about soundproofing.

This might be the first time ever soundproofing anything, and electric vehicles are a little bit different than anything else out there.

The fact of the matter is, there are not a lot of tips and instructions out there for soundproofing electric vehicles just yet, mostly because the average person probably won’t need too much done.

However, those who really want to have a setup that works wonders for them will want to explore any type of option.

What Exactly is Sound Dampening?

Sound damping has been talked about a bit already in this article, but not everyone knows what it exactly means.

To achieve sound dampening, this means to prevent vibrations from hitting vehicle materials and the body. The way to do this is to reduce energy stored in an oscillation.

By slowing down the isolation system, there is less sound actually heard. Both duration and the size of the vibration can be reduced with certain materials.

Is it Unrealistic to Have a Completely Quiet Ride?

A lot of this depends on what a person considers completely quiet. Yes, a car that is in motion is never going to sound as quiet as a soundproof room. 

There are just too many moving parts, and even the best materials are not going to make that much of an impact.

However, it can be very quiet compared to any other ride done before, which is saying something for people who are looking to make a change.

What Changes Away From a Car Help Reduce Noise?

Noise reduction doesn’t just stop at a car. In fact, many local municipalities are doing their part to reduce sound from the road as much as possible.

For starters, brick roads are either getting replaced completely or at least getting fixed up so that they are not extra bumpy and loud.

A brick road can add a lot of class to some neighborhoods, but if they are not kept up to standard, they could be nothing but a hindrance.

Another way to improve the sound coming from the road is going with this new type of rubberized asphalt. This is where recycled tires actually get mixed into regular asphalt to create roads.

Studies have been done that show that there is a significant reduction in noise, which is pretty impressive, to say the least. Even messing around with a grooving method with pavement can cut down on road noise.

How Can Killing Noise Enhance Music, Podcasts, Phone Calls, and More?

An electric vehicle should be clear enough from a sound perspective where people can really hear everything they want.

Some even go as far as trying to get it as quiet as a library. The good news is that more and more products come out to help achieve that goal.

Of course, there’s also the ability to upgrade the speakers in the car if the person wants to. Adding some additional pieces to the setup will ensure that the sound is just right.

Since many people are working on the go and staying plugged in, it makes sense to have soundproofing for the ultimate focus.

This is especially true once self-driving cars become more and more of the norm. What will happen is that many people will do work while they are traveling to work, and they want to turn the car into a mini library so that they can focus on everything.

What Does the Future Look Like for Soundproofing Electric Vehicles?

Some feel like electric vehicles eliminate the need to do any type of heavy-duty soundproofing. However, these cars are still going to have some problems, and they will only get worse as time goes on.

Once electric vehicles start to get older, they will also have a chance to wear out a bit and get louder and louder on the bottom.

The good news is that those really loud noises that can be super frustrating are gone. The engine is never going to be loud enough that it is causing sound issues.

In fact, many people who own electric vehicles understand that they can be driving a little too quietly down the road, causing pedestrians to not notice that they are nearby. Having artificial noise pumped out helps those sharing the road.

Improvements are always being made, and it’s getting closer and closer to making vehicles completely soundproof.

If any vehicles are going to become soundproof in the near future, they are definitely going to be the ones without a gas-powered engine inside.

Electric vehicles, by default, are quiet, but they have a chance to get even quieter.

How Much Does It Cost to Soundproof a Car?

Even with a brand new car, there are some unwanted sounds that no one wants to deal with when they are driving around. It gets particularly noisy on highways, but it can be a bit of a problem in residential areas as well.

One way to kill those sounds and have a much better experience overall is to soundproof a car.

While manufacturers are doing quite a bit to make sure that the car sounds pretty good right off the lot, there are others who are going to want to take it another step.

In this article, you get an opportunity to see exactly how much it costs to soundproof a car in various ways.

Some will work for specific situations better than others, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all setup. It’s important to try a few things and see if it ends up being best.

Soundproofing Doors

Doors can be one of the most frustrating parts of a car when it comes to sound. It’s one of the easiest ways for sound to enter, and manufacturers don’t always put the best type of material to kill sound in there automatically.

Soundproofing material that is very popular for doors includes using a mat, spray, or some type of foam.

All of the solutions work to a certain degree, but it’s recommended to opt for the latter two, since it can be hard to lay a mat down just right.

Keep in mind that it is generally recommended to treat all four doors in a traditional car. If there are any compromises, at least soundproof the front two doors.

More on soundproofing car doors!

Soundproofing the Trunk

Another vulnerable area for sound is the trunk. Since it’s not shaped the exact same way as the other parts of the car, it might not have the same type of soundproofing materials already installed.

That’s when a person needs to take it upon themselves to make sure that the sound is not too much to handle on a regular basis.

A trunk is a much easier spot for people who want to use mats since the whole area can be lined with the sound deadening pieces.

If it is done from the very beginning, it can make for a very easy process in general. They are going to mostly stay in place, but use some adhesive that’s easy to clean up to put it up against any sides that need extra treating.

Mats are easy to put all around the trunk, and they stay mostly hidden during regular use.

More on soundproofing your trunk!

Soundproofing the Interior Floor

Road noise coming from below is one of the biggest complaints people have when they are driving.

A brand new car can be a little problematic with the interior floor, as there is so much noise coming from below.

Road noise and heat will do a lot of damage, so that’s when reflective insulation options are the way to go.

Soundproofing car mats will be very effective in controlling sound. As well as the mat, using reflective insulation underneath is going to help even more.

It looks a lot like tinfoil, but it’s going to help with deadening the noise that is inside the vehicle. Not only that, but it also helps as a way to control temperature even more with another barrier.

That means the car will stay warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

The great thing about applying anything to the ground is that gravity can be used as a pretty convenient way to keep everything in place.

All it takes is a little bit of adhesive or Velcro to keep it all in place as well so that everything is not moving around.

Treat it well, and sound-absorbing mass insulation will last for a very long time. They need to be a little bit durable since so many people are stepping on it all the time, but it does the job the way it should.

Make sure not to leave any gaps on the ground, because it will really hinder the soundproofing performance of the material.

Try to cover the entire area and use up as much material as possible so that everything is protected. That way, there is no need to go back and make any changes along the way.

More on the soundproofing car floor. 

Best Vehicle Soundproofing Mats Available?


Since soundproofing mats have so many different uses, most are going to research at least one or two for certain spots inside a car.

Since a lot of brands put out some popular options, it’s very hard to pick the best. Fortunately, after going through all of the different options, these three stand out as perfect choices.

Dynamat Sound Deadener

Dynamat Sound Deadener Mat

There’s a reason why Dynamat Sound Deadener (Amazon) is synonymous with soundproofing in general. They do a great job of producing something that is affordable, effective, and easy to put down for just about anyone.

It is the original aluminum front, all black product that drivers have relied on for years. It does great controlling sound and vibration, and since it’s made of butyl material, it’s also heat resistant.

Another bonus is that it is completely odorless, so a person never has to worry about breaking it in before actual installation.

Noico Sound Deadening Mat

Noico Black Car Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats from Noico (Amazon) are a very high-quality sounding mats that people have been counting on for quite a few years.

What makes them pretty good is that they are very durable, and they don’t really add much bulk to the car at all.

They just simply slip in just about any car out there, and from there, people won’t have to worry about anything at all.

The brand is pretty affordable, which is good news for people who are trying to help with controlling sound without breaking the budget.

The versatility of the mats make them a perfect solution for just about any car owner out there. Even if they get a new car, they can then decide to make a change.

Kilmat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmat Sound Deadening Mat

Sound deadening mats from Kilmat (Amazon) company price their soundproofing option as one of the best for those who want high-quality mats that will last a long time.

They try to keep prices down as much as possible as well, which is excellent for those who are shopping on a pretty tight budget.

Flexibility is a huge part of any type of soundproofing mat in a car. In order for them to work in so many different locations, they need to have flexibility there so that people do not feel like they are not getting a close fit.

This material is very durable, extremely waterproof, and obviously helps out a ton with noise reduction.

Many people say this is the best value out there as far as empathy mats are concerned right now.

They are worth checking out for any type of vehicle, and they should be able to last a while without being compromised at all.

Best Vehicle Soundproofing Spray Available?


Simply put, a soundproofing spray can go in places that other materials can’t. It is a very tough situation at times to take care of soundproofing, but a spray is very flexible and can be pointed just about anywhere.

Most people will only end up using soundproofing spray in particular locations. Trying to use spray all-around a car can be pretty tedious, and some of those bigger spaces are better served by a mat.

Design Engineering Boom Mat Spray-on Sound Deadening

Boom Mat spray (Amazon) is great with noise and vibration control, but it also does a superior job of handling any type of temperature change.

On top of that, it’s very durable, which means that you won’t have to be constantly putting new spray-on in order to get everything treated.

All it takes is one single can to cover a pretty good area. On average, a person should get about 20 to 25 ft.² of coverage with a single can.

This is with one coat, but some people might want to put an extra coat down if they really seem to have a noise issue.

LizardSkin Sound Deadening

This sound deadening spray from LizardSkin (Amazon) might seem a little bit different compared to some of the other sprays, simply because it comes in a bucket.

You’ll have to put the material in a spray gun to start using it. It is a ceramic-based option, which means that it will be very hard to finish with excellent protection.

Like some of the other sprays out there, it helps with sound as well as controlling temperature.

It’s also a non-toxic option and environmentally friendly, which is great for those who are worried about that.

It might be the safest option to apply, which is great for those who are doing everything by themselves. It gets a little costly, but some people swear by the setup and will not use anything else.

3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating

3m car deadener

There are a decent amount of similarities between this spray and the others to make this list, but the 3M version (Amazon) is asphalt-based.

This is great for putting under the vehicle, in the wheel wells, and even in the engine compartment.

There is superior protection with an asphalt-based spray, and with some rubber as well, there is a bit of a barrier that will help stop any type of corrosion to some of the most fragile parts in a car.

The only drawback with this spray is that it doesn’t seem to go on as uniformly as for the other options out there.

It takes a little bit of practice to get that consistent spray that will look good for years to come. Make sure to use protection on the hands, because the product does stick to the skin and is very difficult to remove.

Best Vehicle Soundproofing Foam Available?

Foam is a happy medium at times when it comes to soundproofing. It is a little more flexible than putting down mats, but might not be as good as a spray.

There is a time and place for all these options, but it really just comes down to what type of set up a person is most comfortable with.

You might end up really enjoying soundproofing foam, and it can be use all around the car to help out. It’s extremely lightweight, flexible, and affordable when purchased in bulk.


From Dynamat is Dynaliner, a very popular insulator that comes in foam form. It is very lightweight and can be used on top of Dynamat Xtreme for even better soundproofing in general.

Not only does it help to control sound, but it reduces heat and can be used in multiple locations. No matter if it goes on the roof, the floor, the doors, or anywhere else, it works exactly as it should.

With three different levels of thickness to count on, everyone can have a customized solution that works for them.

With a trusted name like this, that’s been in the industry for so long, many shop here before going anywhere else.

SOOMJ Soundproofing Foam

This is a very affordable, heat-proof foam that is perfect for the car. A lot of people like the fact that it is great at insulating noise, and has the same properties as typical rubber foam.

The sound deadening material used by the company will allow proper usage in the heat and cold.

More people are going to offer this in warmer climates, but it really is a matter of how much effort a person wants to put into everything.

Everything is self-adhesive, and the foam is a little lighter than a typical mat that can be used for soundproofing in a car.

The versatility makes it usable in other areas as well, which is always nice.

Mega Zorbe Pro

Mega Zorbe Pro is a perfect solution for great soundproofing inside a car. It is lightweight, flexible, completely water resistant, and fights against any type of fire risk.

Not only is this used in cars, but is trusted in aircraft, marine vehicles, and other extremely important locations.

This solution ships in the form of panels, which is very convenient for working with a car. There is also a cheaper non-pro version, which provides a lot of similar qualities.

Those wanting the best of the best should spend a little bit of extra money for the pro, but either option works well.

Is Soundproofing A Car Worth It?


Every single improvement to a car is going to cost a little bit of money, but the vast majority of people are going to realize that it is worth it.

Not only will it sound better than complete silence, but any music that is played will be clear as well.

The more sound that is deadened the better off someone will be, but there comes a point where people don’t want to spend a ton of money to get minimal increases.

Budget Should a Person Have For Soundproofing Vehicle?

Most people will be able to accomplish a noticeable difference in sound by investing a few hundred dollars.

It really doesn’t take too much as far as materials are concerned, since there are a lot of competitors in the soundproofing industry that are all trying to outdo each other.

Shopping online is always the best bet, as the top deals are usually available. Not only that, but it’s very easy to read reviews and see what others are relying on.

Saving money is really pretty easy if you decide to install everything without getting a professional to help out.

There are definitely some professionals out there who will charge a good amount of money, but they aren’t exactly doing anything too crazy.

Putting some soundproofing material into a door cavity might seem a little tricky, but everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

Quality matters with soundproofing, because no one wants to have layers and layers of material that ultimately shrinks their car.

Less is more as far as making the car feel very spacious, so paying a little bit more for dense material that does its job might be the way to go.

How Much of a Noticeable Difference Is There With a Soundproof Car?

As mentioned earlier, the two main reasons why people soundproof their car is to enjoy fewer distractions coming in from the outside, and making the music sound better.

Even just a little bit of change will go a long way towards improving both, but it is important to have realistic expectations.

No, the car is not going to sound like a soundproof Recording studio by any means. There’s still going to be sound, and that is actually a benefit for drivers since they need to hear sirens and other alerts that might be happening outside.

It is so much easier to talk with soundproofing material installed, which is definitely a relief for a lot of people out there.

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are constantly yelling to each other even though they are sitting next to each other inside the car.

If you want to have a normal conversation like what would happen in the living room, that’s much more achievable with soundproofing material put down.

Anyone really looking to enjoy music will definitely benefit from soundproofing. One of the reasons why people have to turn up their speakers so much is because there are so many distracting noises drowning out what they want to hear.

You end up being the distracting driver that everyone else hates because the music is way too loud.

This benefits both the driver and everyone else, because the volume doesn’t have to be as high to get even better sound.

Way too many people invest in brand new speakers for their car, only to skimp on something like soundproofing.

It makes very little sense, as the speakers usually cost much more than the soundproofing material. Just a little bit of added layers will help out.

Soundproofing a Car Today

Anyone still debating on whether or not to soundproof their car should really go ahead and see what is out there.

Even a small investment is going to make a big difference, and everyone likes to see their money well spent.

It can be very frustrating to go with the latest trick to controlling sound only to see minimal improvement, which is why sticking with the best solutions matters.

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